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ANZ, Maria Folau and the joke of the year

25 June 2019

4:16 PM

25 June 2019

4:16 PM

Want to hear the joke of the year?

A bank — bank, mind you — is giving public lectures in morality and what is acceptable and not:

Netball New Zealand has said that Silver Fern Maria Folau has not breached any of the team’s policies, after one of the team’s major sponsors raised concerns about her support for husband Israel Folau’s crowd-funding campaign.

A spokesman for ANZ, which sponsors both the Silver Ferns and New Zealand’s netball league, told stuff.co.nz that the bank does not support “the views of Silver Fern Maria Folau”. The spokesman added that these concerns have been expressed to Netball NZ…

ANZ, please STFU and go back to your rorting, thieving and other varied forms of dishonesty and criminality implementing the findings of the Royal Commission into the financial services sector.


How ANZ are in touch with ordinary Australians, courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald:

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