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Where the division of identity politics gets you

21 May 2019

7:53 AM

21 May 2019

7:53 AM

It was Labor’s political owl Graham Richardson, who, just a couple of weeks before the event, was promoting his presence on the election night panel at Sky News, promising to be smiling, at last, over a Labor win. It was also Richo who was first to admit he got it wrong and to honestly admit what the less experienced Richard aMarles seated next to him on the election commentary panel, tried to defer to infinity. Labor had lost.

But not even Richo counted the real size of the victory for the Coalition. It is arguable that the Coalition ‘won’, or saved, all those seats that were destined by the pundits to go to Labor. A dozen maybe. The landslide was trumpeted by the media, with the singular exception of Spectator Australia’s editor Rowan ‘The Oracle’ Dean, as he should now be known.

Labor ‘lost’ those seats and with it, the hope of its self-determined destiny to bulldoze Australia’s democracy.

The people have spoken: A party that is so dense that it insists on calling franking credits a ‘gift’ from the government and expects to be taken seriously must never take power.

A party that is so incompetent that it persists with a destructive policy to deconstruct negative gearing (despite the lived experience proving it unworkable) should never be allowed near the government benches.

A party that plans for the wholesale destruction of Australia’s industries and agriculture to achieve nothing more than a show of anti-carbon dioxide emissions fervour, must never be allowed near policy making.

A party so captured by the fetish of identity politics that it is oblivious to the erosion of freedoms is a definite danger to democracy.

Well spoken, Australia.

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