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Unlike the big boys the Spectator Australia called it way before

20 May 2019

12:27 AM

20 May 2019

12:27 AM

About that Labor landslide…

Remember how the Berejiklian government would just hang on or be swept away in a tidal wave that would come crashing down on Canberra?

Remember how this was the climate election?

Remember how green-leaning independents were going to sweep away a string of Coalition members along the string of the Murray-Darling system and either their city cousins would take seats like Greg Hunt’s Flinders, Curtin in the West and the Greens themselves repaint the Liberals bluest of blue-ribbon seats, Kooyong and Higgins?


Well, don’t forget that their ABC, the SMage, The Guardian Australia, the Project, the taxpayer subsidised empires of those left-wing Melbourne millionaires Morry Schwartz and Eric Beecher got it all so wrong – and the Spectator called the election correctly.

April 27: the campaign proper gets going:.

April 29: The polls give a warning.

May 4: slipping on the downhill run.

May 13: when they’re not acting Labor-lite, these Liberls have a damn good message.


May 14: Shorten’s shifty – and looks forced. Morrison couldn’t be happier.

May 15: Just days out, and ScoMo’s bang on message.

May 16: It’s looking closer.

May 17, election eve. Revealed as a pretender.

May 18: home and dry.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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