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One-world government

4 May 2019

9:00 AM

4 May 2019

9:00 AM

There now remains just two weeks of campaigning before we, the public, decide whether it will be Labor or the Coalition that will sit on the Speaker’s right for the next three years. Perhaps now might be a good time for us to take a few moments to lift our eyes from the domestic fray and to turn our attention to the wider world. Let us allow our imagination to lift us up far above the earth’s surface, soaring into the stratosphere like a golden eagle, enabling us to scan the far horizons of time and to see events both of the past and yet to come. From way up there what will we learn?

Looking back, we’ll see plainly that the onset of the Industrial Revolution in England from the late 18th century, harnessed to entrepreneurial spirit and the principles of free enterprise and international trade, resulted over the next 200 years in the most spectacular rise in the prosperity and living standards of almost the entire population of Western or Western-style countries. Nearer to the present day we’ll see the post-World War II emergence of supra-national bodies such as the United Nations, along with all its hydra-headed agencies, and the European Union. We’ll notice the way in which the UN and the EU usurp and accumulate power from sovereign nation-states by stealth and attrition. Why have none of the leaders of those nations who have lost powers in this way demanded of these supra-national bodies that they publicly declare what they ultimately intend doing when they have obtained ultimate power?

From our lofty perspective we don’t have to ask that question. We can see further and more clearly than most so we already know the answer. The undeclared aim is one-world government – and you may rest assured that it won’t be the Gettysburg version of ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’. A former British Labour cabinet minister and EU Commissioner, Peter Mandelson, once famously said ‘We are now entering a post-democratic age’ and he wasn’t kidding. Their vision of the future is one where power resides solely with a global elite of politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders.

For one-world government to be achieved the concept of the nation-state must first be discredited.

How better to perpetrate this than by taking advantage of events, and encouraging policies, that will require Western developed nations to take in more and more asylum-seekers; to adopt effectively an ‘open-borders’ immigration policy; and to transfer wealth to developing nations of such magnitude as to make its citizens wonder whether there was any point in spending their whole working lives building up the wealth of the nation and its standard of living in the first place.

Now zooming in, we see that a number of policies have already been put in place to undermine those Western democracies like ours that are the most likely to resist the dismantling of the nation-state. We watch the world refugee industry being put into overdrive by the UN following a series of crises, often described by the EU as ‘beneficial catastrophes’, such as those in Syria, Iraq and sub-Saharan Africa. Pressure is being brought to bear on Western countries to dramatically increase their annual intake regardless of compatibility with the host nation, or any lack thereof. Indirect pressure is also applied through the financing and encouragement of well-intentioned but naive refugee support groups and individuals.

Closely allied to the refugee industry is the wider immigration industry and here the UN and the EU march in lock-step. In the period 2015-2017, following Angela Merkel’s invitation to migrants to come to Germany, no less than 1.5 million – more than 40 per cent of them young adult males from predominantly-Muslim countries – registered in Germany alone. But this figure is dwarfed by the UNHCR’s claim that there were 59.5 million displaced persons worldwide in 2015, all of whom were potential immigrants to be dispatched to any host nation that could be found. Meanwhile, the UN continues to press its Global Compact on Migration hoping to persuade nation-states to pass legislation handing over to them the exclusive power to decide who should enter the country and on what terms.  This attack on Western nations is seen at its most blatant in the USA where highly organised caravans of invaders, funded by national socialists such as George Soros, from most countries of Central America as well as a sizeable number from as far afield as Africa and Afghanistan attempt to cross illegally the Mexican/US border. Latest statistics from US Homeland Security show that in the six months to March 2019 nearly 500,000 illegals were what they call ‘SouthWest Border Apprehensions’; and that’s only the ones they caught. We can see that this is a determined international conspiracy aimed at destroying the will of the United States to defend its borders but we also see that it has met its match against an even more determined President.

As we take one last look before turning for home we find ourselves over Paris.  It’s not Saturday so the city isn’t burning; it’ll be another 24 hours before the long-running battle between les CRS and les gilets jaunes is resumed. How ironic that the Paris protesters are fighting against government taxes aimed at combating climate change, whilst the political leaders of so many countries that signed up to the Paris Agreement didn’t raise the slightest objection to emission reductions of up to 50 per cent that could only be achieved by closing down much of their economies, and to handing over a substantial slice of their revenues to developing nations who were free to emit as much as they liked.  We already knew that what was previously known as ‘global warming’, until melting glaciers started re-freezing, was the biggest hoax in the history of mankind.  Our last vision was of a world population angry at having been brainwashed and demanding that all those responsible be held accountable, amidst a flurry of bought-and-paid-for climate scientists trying to distance themselves from their own papers and reports. We returned to ScoMo and the Bill We Can’t Afford with the words of former Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, in our ears, ‘The largest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity is no longer socialism. It is instead the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism.’

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