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PM in the Last Chance Saloon

9 March 2019

9:00 AM

9 March 2019

9:00 AM

Australia, we’re told, will soon be under a government of thieves and constitutional vandals, pledged to change laws from the Rudd-Gillard era to benefit industrial thugs, impose massively increased taxes, deplete industry, mining and farming while outsourcing immigration to criminal people-smugglers already begun by their Phelps/Shorten Medivac Act.

Polling and betting indicate a landslide for a party which will, over a decade, impose a special burden of close to half a trillion dollars to placate the gods of the false global warming religion, only one of the many burdens with which they will devastate the economy .

That landslide will attract the usual  bonus votes from a system designed to deliver world’s best-class electoral fraud. Add the latest rort, recruiting neo-com (neo-communist) candidates disguised as Liberal independents.

As a result, younger Australians will be doomed to live in, if not the Venezuela, the Argentina of the South Seas. Even their food will be expensive, imported and potentially tainted.

There are three reasons Australians are so blindly stumbling towards this disaster.

First, the politicians have turned too many once proud and independent Australians into dependents for negative taxation and welfare, badly-delivered ‘services’ and minute, nanny-state regulations. They have been assured that  there’s no problem today which can’t be solved by Canberra legislating and handing over a swag of money.

Second, the march of the neo-coms through the institutions, education, media, law, etc., has significantly lowered standards and perverted the truth.

Third, the capture of the Liberal party by the LINOs, Liberals In Name Only, to impose a Labor-lite agenda.

It’s no surprise then that voters uninterested in the minutiae of swamp politics — most of them — think all politicians and their agendas are much the same. So the undecided are easily persuaded they might as well give the other creatures in the swamp a turn in government.

Meanwhile the ABC and Fairfax constantly campaign against the Liberals. Fortunately, News has woken up to what a Shorten government would be like so there’ll be no repetition of anything like  the Australian campaigning for Rudd against Howard, parroting the ‘precautionary principle’ to give respectability to the global warming hoax.

Now, while editorially conservative, News Limited, including Sky, employs some pro-Labor commentators and seems unafraid to report each side’s weakness.  With balanced news reports, comment on  Macquarie Media Network is mainly but not totally conservative.

But the apparently intractable problem for the Liberals is that for those less interested in politics, probably a good  majority and including the crucial undecided, most of their news comes not from print but from TV with only internet glimpses. Whether national or commercial, TV political news is reported from the gallery in the heart of the swamp. Both in selection and content, it is anti-conservative, essentially neo-com news. And this is what the majority sees.

This explains the polls; the people who would be horrified by Labor are being kept in the dark.

This is grim but not insuperable. In 1999, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy faced something stronger, an extremely aggressive and determined print and electronic media which outside of Alan Jones and a handful of commentators was 100 per cent republican. Yet the No case still won by a landslide.

The reason you’re not breaking through to the voters, Mr Morrison, is your own fault.

If you want to win, the first thing you should do is take Tony Abbott into the cabinet to replace Christopher Pyne who shouldn’t be there since he’s abandoning ship. The second thing is to change the agenda obviously on Abbott’s advice.

Drinking in the Last Chance Saloon, you’re wrong to think appeasement is the solution, basking for example in congratulations for making Ita Buttrose ABC chairman. Surely you know feeding the tiger (the ABC not Ms Buttrose) is fatal. You won’t change any votes and Ms Buttrose won’t change the ABC — still hopelessly biased, competing unfairly with newspapers and uselessly with commercial broadcasters.

You’re a better campaigner than Turnbull, but frankly, that’s not saying much.

Eating pies, wearing caps and showing you’re one of the boys is all very well but, as Menzies and Bjelke-Petersen showed in different ways, not necessary.

To break through you need to emulate Donald Trump, in substance and not in style. Offer, as Trump did at Gettysburg, a real and alternative agenda and by  appearing with Abbott you’ll give every sign you’ll deliver it.

Gettysburg persuaded me that Trump was right and Trump would win.

You’re wrong to think you’re bound by the deals you made with the LINOs to get the leadership. As you know, you’re quite capable of being ruthless as you were when you switched allegiance from Abbott to Turnbull. We told you at the time that was foolish and not to believe  most of the commentariat. Turnbull was always on the nose with Liberal voters as was soon shown in the North Sydney by-election.

The answer now is to be ruthless, but this time for sensible reasons – to win and to save the people. Give up feeding the neo-com tiger to get votes. Spending billions more on Snowy 2.0 is money down the drain, like the NBN or the submarines with yesterday’s technology on the never-never. And no one is going to change their votes.

The only way for you to break through is by coming to the attention of a sufficient number of voters who will notice, particularly the uncommitted and those traditional Labor voters who are annoyed that they’ve been replaced in the affections of Labor politicians by an assortment of inner city elites, millionaire union thugs and foreign communist oligarchs.

This you can only do by promising the program long enunciated here — bring back immediately the cheapest energy in the world, tailor immigration to our needs and capacity, with priority for eligible South African farmers, drought-proof the continent and thereby significantly mitigate floods, restore traditional educational standards, defend the country instead of raiding the funds to shore up seats and make elections honest.

That way you’ll win.

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