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No borders, no country

23 February 2019

9:00 AM

23 February 2019

9:00 AM

If we don’t have borders, we  don’t have a country’. Not many Western leaders would join Donald Trump in declaring this fundamental principle and very few have actually secured their borders. Unusually, Australia has been blessed with three  such leaders, Howard, Abbott and Morrison.

This principle has just been abandoned by the federal parliament. In doing so the majority of politicians have demonstrated yet again that representative democracy in Australia has been captured by an alliance of malignant forces determined to act against the national interest.  That alliance stretches from neo-Marxists camouflaged as Greens, the sinister foreign-funded GetUp!, a Bill Shorten-led Labor Party which has contemptuously turned its back on its core constituency, various Labor-preferred ‘independent’ politicians posing as Liberal-inclined, too often the LINOS — Liberals In Name Only — to a vast chunk of the commentariat. In Give Us Back Our Country I described them as the AAA, the Anti-Australia Alliance. If that were harsh, the correctness of that appellation has been demonstrated this month in Canberra.

The greatest achievement  of  Coalition conservatives in reining in the Turnbull juggernaut was that however much they moved to the left on other issues,  they would in no way modify Abbott’s signal achievement in securing the borders.

Secure borders rest on three pillars, Howard’s Temporary Protection Visas and Offshore Processing, with Abbott’s contribution, widely condemned and ridiculed when proposed, turning back boats. Aptly described as a three-legged stool, once one pillar is weakened, the system collapses with the borders rendered insecure. That’s what happened under the Rudd and Gillard governments in which Shorten served as a minister. As a result, criminals brought in over 50,000 illegal immigrants at a cost of over $16 billion; at least 1,200 adults and children drowned.

Our politicians are not only failing to work in the interests of the people of Australia, they are not even working. Unlike the rest of the nation and unlike the American Congress, they did not bother to turn up from early December until well into the second month of 2019. And then they repeated what they had previously done. Like Nero, they fiddled  while Rome burned.

In 2017, they spent inordinate time on increasing the legal recognition of  same-sex relationships. If this were a matter for legislation, constitutionally it was for the states and certainly not Canberra, notwithstanding the gratuitous advice of the High Court.

Rather than attending to national issues, such as turning a cheap energy nation into one of the most expensive and  leaving Australia defenceless, the politicians listened to the self-selected leaders of a non-existent community, with Bill Shorten even using the threat of youth suicide if parliament did not cave in and rush through legislation. With the alleged huge demand and the threats of suicide, the politicians must have believed  there was some enormous backlog of demand among the young. Not so; from 11 December 2017 to 30 June 2018 there  were 3,149 same-sex marriages with 1,057 participants over 60 and 119 over 75.

56.3 per cent were between women. The median age overall was 39 for women and 48.5 for men, significantly older than in traditional marriages where the corresponding figures were 30 and 32.

After their leisurely Christmas break this year, the majority again demonstrated that their first concern is not for Australians. Genuine representatives would have been looking at that disaster of monumental proportions in North Queensland, which incidentally, should be a new state so it could use its wealth to look after itself. There, after years of drought, the region was subject to massive flooding which could have been significantly mitigated by the measures which sensible, concerned politicians doing their job should have taken to drought-proof the country. With more than twice the size of the state of Victoria under water, about 500,000 cattle have been killed without the manpower to bury them. Fences have been swept away, sheds and machinery irreparably damaged.

When the tsunami struck in Indonesia’ within days we gave them $1 billion. Our foreign aid program today is over $4 billion a year. The Turnbull government gave $444 million to a tiny foundation without tender or apparent application  to ‘save’ the Great Barrier Reef.

Here we have a national disaster and what do the politicians do? Why has it been left to that people’s tribune, Alan Jones, to call for the government to grant $500 million in compensation and to demonstrate that on a preliminary cost-benefit analysis that the nation would be ahead?

Instead, the priority of the politicians was to ram through the work of a novice politician with three jobs, the unconstitutional Migration Amendment (Urgent Medical Treatment) Bill 2018 which is obviously designed, whatever the proponents say and whatever camouflage is employed, to end offshore processing and consequently open the borders.

This will result in the transfer of all illegal migrants at taxpayer cost from their generously-endowed lives with more than adequate medical facilities on Nauru and Manus, better than many Australians enjoy, to Australia, which includes Christmas Island.

This demonstrates that rather than having concern for salt-of-the-earth Australians at the end of their tether, these politicians are more concerned for the accomplices of criminal people-smugglers in evading our laws. These include some with criminal records and some with terrorist intent. They all flew into Indonesia as tourists so that they could kick in the door to get into our country as economic or, as is far too common, welfare immigrants. Notwithstanding the assessment that some are refugees, the fact is that none are unless the rule is that ‘once a refugee always a refugee’. Once they arrived in Indonesia, a safe country, any refugee status melted away like the passports they claim not to have.

Which brings us to our political class. Have we ever had worse? We urgently need to operate on this class and endow them with the common sense and decency common to rank and file Australians, qualities lost somewhere in their transmutation into politicians.

Solutions based on proven successes can be seen at https://www.change.org/p/david-flint-give-us-back-our-country 

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