Who hires the most stretch limos?

13 October 2018

9:00 AM

13 October 2018

9:00 AM

Global warnings

How much time do we have to save the world from catastrophic climate change?

5 years         (according to the WWF, 2007)
5 years         (International Energy Agency, 2011)
3 years      (Christiana Figueres of the United Nations, 2017)
12 years   (IPCC, 2018)

Doctor the figures

The NHS estimated it had been defrauded of £1.29 billion in 2016-17. By whom?

NHS staff


Home stretch

What percentage of 25-34-year-olds can afford the cheapest local properties with the aid of a mortgage worth 4.5 times their salary now, compared with ten years ago?

2006 / 2016
59 / 35
59 / 56

72 / 57

65 / 71

West Midlands
68 / 73
East Midlands
73 / 77

78 / 79
Yorks & Humberside
79 / 84

Source: Institute for Fiscal Studies

Doubts Remain

What do business leaders think of Brexit?

May 2016: Being in EU is a positive for 37% (ICSA Governance Institute poll)
June 2016: 37% of SME leaders support Brexit and 38% oppose it (TNS poll).
June 2016: Of 33 FTSE 100 leaders, six are planning to vote Leave and 23 to vote Remain (Korn Ferry Survey).
February 2017: 31% say Brexit will have no effect on their business but 58% say they are already suffering (Ipsos Mori).
August 2018: It’s ‘poten-tially damaging’, say 42% (ICSA Governance Institute)

Limo limits

Twenty people died when a stretch limo crashed in New York state. How many such cars are there and who hires them?

— In 2014 US manufacturers (who make nearly all stretch limos) produced 4,340.
— Californians hire the most stretch limos (16 per cent of the US market).
— In Britain, those built before 2001 must be speed-limited to 100 kph.
— There is no requirement to fit seat belts in side-facing seats.

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