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Latham’s law

27 October 2018

9:00 AM

27 October 2018

9:00 AM

I’ve found a solution to the world’s problems. We need to get David Duke to say the following words: ‘Political correctness, identity politics, cultural Marxism, climate change hysteria and the Paris Agreement are all very good things governments need to implement.’ By the standards set in the Senate last week, the Left would never again be able to support these policies. They would have to disown them as a product of White Supremacy.

How does my ingenious scheme work? Let’s start with the role of David Duke, America’s best-known neo-Nazi. He holds his meetings in a telephone box but that doesn’t deter the Left from pumping up his importance.To impose language control on the rest of society, they need a convenient whipping boy, someone whose words can never be repeated in polite company (even if you didn’t realise he ever said those words). The Duke Dictionary is the ultimate PC weapon for the Left. It allows them to veto any statement by people they don’t like, as long as Duke once said the same thing.

Pauline Hanson ran into this problem in parliament recently, when she moved a seemingly innocuous motion condemning anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation. She also declared ‘It’s okay to be white’. Initially, the Liberal party voted with Hanson, while white-hating Labor and Green Senators opposed the motion. The next morning Liberal MPs woke up to hear the government being denounced on the ABC and in the Fairfax press for supporting a ‘neo-Nazi motion’. Apparently Duke once used the ‘It’s okay to be white’ slogan, as did some equally obscure far-right websites in the United States such as 4chan. That was enough for the Morrison government, with a heart the size of a caraway seed, to panic and reverse its position. It was a classic exercise in political correctness, with the Left controlling the language and views of its opponents through a phony guilt-by-association scare.

It proved yet again how, on the issues that matter, today’s Liberal party is scared of its own shadow. As incredible as it may seem, the party of Menzies and Howard walked into the Senate on Tuesday and voted in favour of anti-white racism and against Western civilisation. The only people in Australia who knew of the Duke/4chan connection were Labor and Green staffers and ABC and Fairfax journalists googling frantically to work out how they could discredit the Hanson motion. They pulled off an absolute scam.In reality, Hanson was responding to the recent surge in discrimination against white people in Australia. She had no knowledge or interest in a handful of nutters in the United States.

On social media there have been thousands of references to ‘white male privilege’ – the new racist and sexist language of the Left. In the Senate itself, Sarah Hanson-Young and the disgraced Sam Dastyari have attacked people simply because their skin colour is white.Across the Australian public sector, ‘diversity’ employment quotas have been introduced, wiping the principles of merit selection. The best person for the job no longer necessarily gets the job. White people often apply for positions and promotions knowing they have no chance of getting them. In emergency and protective services, such as the NSW Fire Brigade, Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force, merit has been abandoned in favour of ‘diversity’. Entry standards have been weakened, especially in the testing of physical strength. This not only disadvantages white men but also imperils public safety.

During his time at the Human Rights Commission, Tim Soutphommasane cajoled companies in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs to introduce racial employment quotas discriminating against white people. His theory was that if Asians are 10 per cent of the Australian population, they should have 10 per cent of jobs in the big law firms. Yet in a free society, people should be able to chose their own career paths, without a racial commissar like Soutphommasane standing over them. Most Asian families want their children to become doctors, engineers and scientists, not lawyers. The new racism and discrimination against white people in Australia has been a disaster for social justice. It has created bitterness and division by putting skin colour at the centre of public debate and public policy. The time-tested notion of a ‘fair go’ in this country, based on the virtues of individual merit, has been abandoned.

Like most Australians, I deplore any focus on something as meaningless and superficial as skin colour. Anti-white racism is no better than the sickness of earlier forms of racism such as apartheid and slavery. I don’t blame Hanson for trying to fight back, for trying to restore the principles of meritocracy. I’m still stunned the Liberal party could vote against her. They have placed themselves on the wrong side of the culture war, in alliance with the feral Greens and Labor. Still, perhaps there’s a silver lining, the ultimate inconvenience for the Left. In his speeches, David Duke has also said, ‘to solve unemployment we need to create more jobs’, that ‘school results need to improve’ and ‘cancer is a terrible disease’. If they are going to be consistent, this marks the end of the Left’s commitment to full employment, quality education and medical science research. If a neo-Nazi said these things, they can never be repeated in Australian politics.

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