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30 June 2018

9:00 AM

30 June 2018

9:00 AM

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to be present at the launch of Kevin Donnelly’s vitally necessary new book How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia, an occasion which saw eloquent speeches by Alan Jones, Tony Abbott and the author himself. I agree with virtually everything Dr Donnelly has written and spoken yet in a sense his position reminds me of that of Solzhenitsyn in Russia whose One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, the most influential book to circulate at all freely in Russia from the time of the Revolution onwards, was published in 1962 yet communism itself did not even apparently collapse in Russia for a further 27 years.

Basically full-scale communism is a political system imposed entirely by force: no rosy communist utopia has ever existed anywhere at all in our world nor will ever do so. Anyone who has formed an ability to reason should rid themselves promptly of credence in such fictitious nonsense. As Dr Donnelly understands full well, and opposes utterly, what post-modernism constitutes is purely and simply left-wing totalitarianism by stealth. Likewise the tutors and so-called academic boards which so happily reject the idea of degree courses in Western Civilisation are simply neo-Marxist fronts whether they care to admit this or not.

Like termites in wood, Marxist teachers burrow tirelessly, chewing away at the vital organs of our democracy with the openly avowed intention of causing its structural collapse. In a fortnight I spent once at Einasleigh in a remote area of Queensland, half the town’s fine old wooden buildings had simply become piles of rotting wood and dust. Not necessarily an edifying sight – but neither is that of endlessly creeping Marxism in our educational system. Yet if the Australian of June 19 is right, voters of all political persuasions back university courses which teach the established wonders of Western civilisation and it is very largely their tutors and already brainwashed students who resist this. Why in God’s name have we allowed our tertiary as well as secondary and even primary education systems to be almost entirely captured politically? A recently qualified primary school teacher I know was  ordered by her school head to vote ALP. All teachers are overdue for reminding that children belong to their parents, not to them. We are not yet quite a communist state where the rule that children belong to the state has generally been applied.

I have been involved in the ‘culture wars’ even before I first took up writing professionally more than forty years ago. On the whole, Western populations fail to recognise what is happening to them because the true issues involved are usually cleverly concealed in deliberately misleading language. Sometimes the language is deliberately more or less impenetrable as in the case of ‘deconstruction’ which was widely taught in Australia. Yet the true issues are all fundamentally the same: the whole of post-modernism is an attempt to impose Marxism, neo-Marxism, communism – call it what you will – by stealth because the West long ago rejected undisguised versions of the foregoing. Indeed, communism’s more alert minds accepted even ninety years ago that they stood little chance of establishing undisguised communism by force in Western democracies. So alternative, surreptitious means had to be devised. Most properly educated minds understand this by now yet often – and unforgivably – choose to turn a blind eye leaving the task of pointing out the obvious to people like Kevin Donnelly – or to best-selling American writer Paul Kengor whose lucid texts have exposed what is truly happening time and again. How about the following? For Lukacs… the key to undermining Western civilisation was not the factory emancipation of the working classes that Marx and Engels fingered, but the culture. ‘Politics is only the means’ Lukacs wrote, ‘culture is the goal’. He further said that ‘the inability to sell Marxism to the world meant that a new means would be needed to bring down capitalism. Class-based economic warfare would take a back seat to an assault on Western civilisation. That was where the rupture had to take place’. Could the author be any clearer? In a following quote from another writer, Ralph de Toledano, Kengor goes on the destruction of the West, from which a phoenix-like Marxist utopia would arise was to be achieved by the combination of neo-Marxism, neo-Freudianism, Pavlovian psychology and mass brainwashing, wrapped up in what euphemistically became known as Critical Theory. 

Do you grasp the whole horrible story? In the foregoing lines we see the entire matter stated absolutely clearly. Here is indeed precisely what we are dealing with – or failing fatally to do so – in a high percentage of contemporary Australian universities and schools.

Wherever it has taken root, communism has been imposed by force. In no single country has it ever been ‘the will of the people’. In no country anywhere has a socialist/communist ‘utopia’ ever existed, yet this is the baseless dream peddled to millions of today’s students under the guise of post-modernism. For utopia read brutopia. If you have never read The Black Book of Communism correct this fatal omission tomorrow or sooner. Where has any communist utopia ever truly existed? What about lovely tropical Cuba?  The book details the horrors which were inflicted there – especially perhaps in the case of women and adolescents.  Or what about Cambodia which is rather closer to home? Probably the ratio of those killed to the population at large was the highest ever there. Which particular current history course at an Australian university adequately covers the story of the infamous Cambodian ‘killing fields’? Thanks to our educators Australia is programmed to plunge before long down a very dark hole.

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