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12 May 2018

9:00 AM

12 May 2018

9:00 AM

Beria born again in the usa

You could have thought the central feature of French President Macron‘s visit to Australia was his reference to the Third Lady, Lucy  Turnbull, as ‘delicious’. By this he obviously meant  ‘charming’ or ‘delightful’, as délicieuse can be used in French in reference to a person. Even if time cannot be found these days to teach French because much more important subjects take precedence, e.g., gender fluidity, global warming, the British invasion and the white male heterosexual problem, reference to a dictionary would have clarified his usage.

There were other, more important, issues. First, given that Macron is a fervent believer in the theory of man-made global warming, how can he justify emitting vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere from his private jet, equivalent to that of close to over 300 fare-paying passengers, all to lecture the world on this well-worn subject. Why doesn’t he just do this on France 24 TV? And surely, the Élysée could afford to employ a fact-checker so that he never again repeats the ludicrous claim he made in Sydney about islands sinking. More importantly, this was an opportunity to review the Turnbull government exceeding even Labor in its raid on the defence budget to prop up government seats in South Australia, especially Christopher Pyne’s. If buying 12 submarines for $50 billion with their nuclear engines ripped out weren’t enough, the fleet still won’t be fully delivered even for the naval review in 2045. This, probably by King William V, will be to celebrate the centenary of the 1945 Victory over Japan. It may well be that the government has available intelligence that  we will not need the fleet to defend the nation before then. But on this they have a duty to inform us. There is yet another reason to re-open this extraordinarily unwise deal. It is surely elementary that we should only make major arms purchases from our closest allies. France has a record of not providing essential support, including crucial spare parts, when, in the view of the Quai d’Orsay, her foreign policy so demands.

The campaign to overturn the legitimate American presidential election continues. It’s not just the Democrats who won’t accept the result, it’s the mainstream media and a corrupt cabal within the FBI and Department of Justice. We are not just interested observers, this is of crucial importance to Australia.

It is not since Ronald Reagan that we have had a President so determined to make America great again and so effective in doing so. We have been blessed since settlement in that we have either been part of or close to the dominant world power, speaking the same language and sharing essentially the same values. A restoration of the hegemon makes us stronger.

Now at last, senior Federal Judge T.S. Ellis is demanding to see the secret retrospective blank cheque terms of reference that purport to allow special counsel Rob Mueller to behave as if he were some American reincarnation of Lavrentiy Beria whose theme was ‘Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime’.

An unpleasant feature of doing business in the US is that you always have to be ready to pay off some ambulance-chasing lawyer who has made a career in persuading greedy plaintiffs to make unsubstantiated claims for which the lawyer will take a large share of anything recovered.

This is exacerbated by the fact that costs are not usually awarded against a losing plaintiff, so there is every incentive for such litigation.Given that disposing of such claims is part and parcel of doing business, it is not at all inconceivable that President Trump was not aware at the time when his attorney and former executive Michael Cohen settled a claim by a pornographic actress.  The extraordinary thing is that the mainstream media are moralising more about the payment of $130,000 in this completely private matter than they ever did over the transfer of $150 billion to the mullahs in Teheran, as well as the plane-loads of cash sent by air including one amount of $1.3 billion. And the mullahs hardly paused in chanting: ‘Death to America’.

‘Why do they hate our farmers?’  was the name of a chapter in a book I co-authored with Jai Martinkovits, Give Us Back Our Country. ‘They’ refers to so many of our politicians and the enviro-nazis they are want to employ to persecute our farmers, even using satellite surveillance as if our farmers were the enemy.

One Queensland farmer, Dan McDonald, has just been fined $112,000 for feeding his cattle with the fodder, mulga, which grows freely on his land.

Not satisfied with being able to wage this degree of persecution, the Palaszczuk government, paying off Greens preferences in city seats and even admitting it has not done any analysis whatsoever of the social and economic impact of the laws, has moved against our farmers, lock, stock, and barrel as if they were the new Kulaks.

The government rushed through legislation which locks up 1.7 million hectares of developed farmland with no compensation. The weak-kneed LNP has refused to give a categorial assurance that it will repeal the legislation. Just google ‘A Story From The Heart Of Queensland’, and weep for our farmers, the salt of the earth.

Note that the Palaszczuk government did not only depend on Greens preferences to be returned. Only two weeks before the election, Rite-On, a new and minuscule conservative version of GetUp! discovered that One Nation was preferencing the LNP last in most LNP-held seats. Through their own how-to-vote cards, social media and robo-calls, they advised One Nation voters to preference the LNP.

According to a detailed analysis, where they campaigned the preference flow to the LNP increased by 11.16 per cent, which could well have ensured the retention of 4 LNP seats.

Imagine their impact if they’d had the funding and the support of politicians, like Christopher Pyne’s on one notorious occasion, which GetUp! has enjoyed over the years.

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