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Dutton earns respect on South Africa

14 April 2018

9:00 AM

14 April 2018

9:00 AM

Mariandra Heunis should be enjoying her life with her four children and her husband, Dennis.Only there is no Dennis. In October 2016 he was shot dead in front of her by two thugs who also fired a shot at one of their daughters who was offering up her piggy bank to save her daddy.

Five days after this atrocity Mariandra gave birth to their first boy.

Australia’s Minister for Immigration and Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, instinctively relates to white and coloured South Africans, because they are specifically being targeted by a Marxist regime that has been thoroughly permeated by the SACP (communists) since the 1960s, amply illustrating that fact over the past 24 years since their corrupt regime commenced misgoverning the country.

As Dr H.F. Verwoerd (PM 1958-66) said : ‘Communism has one aim in Africa, to make the black man resent the presence of the white man.’

What else can you make of a former state president, Jacob Zuma, dancing and singing, ‘kill the Boer’; of one of his politicians urging in parliament ‘to bury them deep’; of fascist EFF leader Julius Malema  threatening to cut the throat of whiteness; and of the present president Cyril Ramaphosa urging, successfully, to have a vote passed engaging in land appropriation without compensation? In other words, land theft.

In a brilliant piece, ‘White South Africans deserve protection from racial violence too’ (The Australian 6 April), Maurice Newman unleashes on some of Dutton’s critics.

Human rights activist-lawyer Julian Burnside, and the extreme left Greens leader Robert Di Natale, are quick to demand illegal boat people who pay people smugglers to come here have the right to stay, but downplay the need to assist those who seek to come here legally due to persecution at home.

In wanting to provide extra help, Dutton speaks for most Australians in effectively saying he wants to help people who value-add to this country rather than those from areas that have not helped social cohesion, citing South Sudanese criminal activity in Melbourne and Muslim-Lebanese violence, noting that of the last 33 charged with terrorist related crimes, 22 come from this background.

At a 3,000 strong rally in Perth, on April 8, Aaron Stonehouse MLC encapsulated why Australians care about the issue.

‘It is simple: white farmers are being attacked, their own government is fuelling the fire and hardly any other government or organisation is talking about it.’

As the sole Liberal Democrats member in the Upper House of the WA Parliament, Stonehouse said he cared about the issue because of his libertarian, Christian convictions and the fact that Australians and South Africans had a shared history and values as part of the West: ‘The right to speak your own language, farm your own land and teach your own values are values that motivated the Boers to trek inland and build themselves new nations.’ Stonehouse was right to say that those who attended the rally were motivated by love, not hate, and that Australians were not prepared to watch a minority group being targeted.

His speech echoes Dutton’s sentiments and was one that should have been delivered by the foreign minister, Julie Bishop, but she has been weighed in the balance before and found wanting . ‘What Armenian genocide… we don’t recognise that,’ was her fatuous remark about victims to the worst holocaust prior to the Second World War.

Bishop’s insipid lack of resolve on the South Africa issue, and PM Turnbull merely expressing ‘concern’ (without giving any extra visa entitlements to the beleaguered SA minority) both allow the ANC to claim that Australia has retracted Dutton’s statements. However, two federal Liberal MPs – Ian Goodenough and Andrew Hastie – have presented a letter to the duo, reminding Turnbull and Bishop that other Australians seek far more from them. The letter presented by a diminutive and articulate WA local government councillor, Chamonix Terblanche, is a clarion call to remind the inept ANC regime of their responsibilities, something the foreign minister should have done, far earlier.

In part it labels new RSA president Cyril Ramaphosa as irresponsible and creating instability with his call for land appropriation without compensation, worsening an already volatile situation. It further reminds the Australian government that RSA is in contravention of the UN Minorities Declaration in its failure to protect their minority; instead exposing them to danger with racist hate speech, including in the parliament; and that the failure of political will of that regime makes it incumbent for immediate intervention and humanitarian assistance from the international community.

One would have thought that this would be a fertile field for Labor, but Bill Shorten’s mealy-mouthed efforts are simply pathetic. The Opposition leader’s  response is to say ‘There are some media reports that would indicate some farmers are experiencing difficulty… I also read media reports that other South Africans can be the victims of crime.’ (The Guardian, 16 March). He followed that up by saying it was not something Australians are talking about. In horse racing parlance this is called running dead and Labor is a disgrace bereft of any input on the unfolding crisis.

Perhaps it is ironic that Dutton, in standing up for a minority, has made himself a target. Unlike Bishop, who holds a safe blue-ribbon Liberal seat (Curtin, WA), the Home Affairs & Immigration minister is in the very marginal seat Queensland seat of Dickson – and will be a prime target of left wing organisations, like GetUp! at the next federal election.

Leftist media hacks who are quick to accuse Dutton’s genuine concerns as ‘dog whistling’ are not slow to do the same.Jason Wilson (The Guardian 16/3) considers Dutton’s wish to fast-track visas for white South Africans started on the far right with News Corp papers!

In a classic guilt-by-association attack, he further lambasts the Minister because some neo-Nazi magazine mentioned white genocide in South Africa 10 years ago! That apparently makes Dutton guilty of being a fascist. Maybe Wilson could have used Julian Burnside’s doctored photo of Dutton, dressed as an SS officer, to go with his ‘story’. Such is how the Mad Left, in Australia, debases Dutton’s finest humanitarian instincts and ignores the very real plight of South Africa’s minority. To them white South African lives don’t matter. But to the silent majority they do.

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