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What was that about a gun, Senator Di Natale

19 February 2018

8:37 PM

19 February 2018

8:37 PM

Greens leader Richard Di Natale and his faithful amanuenses at the ABC and Fairfax Media have been hyperventilating since George Christensen’s harmless, if poorly-timed, Facebook post on Saturday living out his Clint Eastwood fantasies.

They even reported him to the AFP, who effectively told them in that strange argot only used by law enforcement bodies, to go root a boot and stop wasting their time.

After all, any observer of politics knows that Christensen talks a big game, but doesn’t really get past the talking. But that didn’t stop the usual bedwetters leaving the sheets soaking wet and the mattress in need of a few days drying out.

At the same time, however, socially aware Sydneysiders can wander along to Darlinghurst’s Stables Theatre to see a jolly little piece of agitprop wittily entitled Kill Climate Deniers.

What does its promotion material include? This:

What was that about a gun, Senator Di Natale? Your pals’ weapon looks a hell of a lot more deadly that Christensen’s — or even Inspector Harry Callaghan’s. Have you informed the police?

Illustration: Warner Brothers.

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