Rod Liddle

We’re losing the cat-and-mouse terror game

26 August 2017

9:00 AM

26 August 2017

9:00 AM

I wonder how Mohammad Khan is getting on in his legal action against Virgin Atlantic. Mo — a Muslim, the clue’s in the name — was waiting to board a flight when he started ‘harmlessly’ talking about 9/11. There is no reason to believe he has any connections with extremists, but he was kicked off the flight because of security concerns and had to fly out of the UK with another airline. Although he was later offered a refund, he is now suing, claiming he was ‘racially and religiously profiled’ by the Virgin staff. ‘I know this wouldn’t have happened if I’d been a white man in his sixties,’ Mo complained. No, probably not. But if the world were comprised entirely of white men in their sixties, then 9/11 might not have happened. The world might also be a nicer place to live, although there might be too many bridge tournaments for my own taste.

It is axiomatic that white men in their sixties are privileged oppressive bastards, but it is also true that they have been remarkably quiet of late. No white men in their sixties were suspects in the recent carnage in Barcelona in which 15 people were killed and scores more injured. The police instead were looking for people who look a bit like Mo — Muslim men in their twenties. Nor were older white folk implicated in the knife attack in Turku, Finland, in which two women were murdered and eight people injured. Nor yet in the attack in Hamburg in which one person was killed and six injured.

In all of those cases the police were after people who might well be called ‘Mohammed’. They don’t give out the names of suspects anymore because everybody knows it’s probably someone called Mohammed.

You may have missed the attacks in Turku and Hamburg — they didn’t get much coverage in the press. And by the time you read this there will most likely have been another couple of outrages not carried out by white men in their sixties in one or another European city. And you may catch a BBC news report, buried well down the running order unless scores of people have been murdered, in which the murderers are described as ‘terrorists’. That derogation will not be expanded upon. They are just terrorists and it all has nothing to do with Islam. Murdering people because of their religion, or lack of it, or persecuting them because of their gender or sexual preference or because they are Jewish or because they have decided they are no longer happy to be called Muslim — none of that has anything to do with Islam. Even if, to a greater or lesser extent, these things happen in every Muslim country in the world.

There have been no violent demonstrations by lefties against the murders in Spain, Finland or Germany, nor will there be. A poisonous ideology was responsible for the horrible attack which left one person dead in Charlottesville and that ideology was quickly and correctly identified by the liberals who then went on the rampage, denouncing it. A poisonous ideology was also responsible for the far worse attacks on the continent, but there is only a deafening silence from the left and, indeed, from our leaders. We are being groomed to accept these outrages and to believe that nobody is really to blame. Just people who have been ‘radicalised’ through some mysterious process, as if they were every bit as much victims as the people they killed. An ectoplasmic and existential threat to us all, not really emanating from any creed or place. Just a random hazard. As the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan put it, hell, this is just the kind of thing you have to live with if you reside in a big city. It comes from nowhere, it is simply climatic, a nasty little quirk which we must all learn to abide, being murdered at a bus stop for being whitey infidel. And each time it happens — by which I mean three or four times every week — the reports drop further and further down the news agenda. The Hamburg stuff didn’t even register over here: oh, it’s them again, and someone else is dead. Move on. And if it ever is mentioned there will always be some lefty halfwit spouting off in the press, to remind us that Muslim murderers murder more Muslims than they do white folk. Ah, OK. So that’s all right, then — get things in perspective. We can all spot the non-sequitur in that assertion, but we say nothing and do nothing. Just let in more and more people of whom a sizeable minority wish us all dead: a policy akin to institutionalised suicide. Literally.

Groomed. Has your child read Moggy’s Coming yet? That’s a book being distributed to infant school children in order to prepare them for the next Muslim attack. It features a school of mice being menaced by a large cat and includes some words — to be sung to the tune of ‘Campfire’s Burning’ — about what to do: ‘Moggy’s coming, Moggy’s coming, we’re in danger, we’re in danger, run hide and tell! Treat the hurt mice, treat the hurt mice!’

There is also a poem which advises the toddlers on how to deal with wounds inflicted by this ‘cat’. ‘You can pack a wound and press/to stop the bleeding for success!’ The cat just looks like a cartoon cat; it isn’t screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ or anything. The cat is simply a random hazard, nobody and nothing to blame for its murderous existence just beyond the school gates. It’s just what cats do. They kill mice. Part and parcel of living in a big city, isn’t it, Sadiq?

And still more and more ‘cats’ pour into Europe and into the UK. The grooming has been occasioned because we made this mess for ourselves and have neither the political inclination nor the will to call a halt. And because our politicians are terrified they might be called ‘racist’ if they grasp the nettle. And so we live in a bizarre state of denial. Here’s my bet — Mohammed Khan wins his case.

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