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Violence. Blame. Can we make our minds up please?

6 June 2017

2:22 PM

6 June 2017

2:22 PM

Hands up, who’s confused? What is our national response to violence meant to be? We have a real problem with misguided blame games.

Eight minutes it took the British police to get control of the terror attack at London Bridge. Eight officers and 50 rounds of bullets. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack which killed seven and injured 48, 21 critically.

To anyone lighting a candle, changing their Facebook profile picture, or still refusing to point the finger of blame where it belongs, wake up.

ISIS claimed responsibility: the clue is in the very first letter.

Still, confusion and limp lettuce reaction prevails.

Shorten slammed Hanson’s fierce response to the attack as “crass, idiotic and disgusting”.

Was he on a different planet?

On Saturday night, London Metropolitan Police Service issued an alert to Londoners to “Run, hide, tell”.

That it has come to this, Shorten, is the only “disgusting” element of our vile new reality.

Hanson said, “Australia is tired of Labor, the Greens and the Liberals RUNNING their campaign that Islam is good for Australia. Australia refuses to HIDE the fact that terrorism is related to the Islamic teachings in the Quran. Australia is tired of TELLING both sides of government that Islam is incompatible with Australian values.”

That’s not crass, nor idiotic or disgusting.

That is the truth.

This was not Anzac Day where young, foolish Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied interrupted respect with inappropriate comments.

This was a Saturday night where deranged Muslim activists invaded a social Saturday night with murder.

Invasion, everywhere.

To anyone lighting a candle, changing their Facebook profile picture, or still refusing to point the finger of blame where it belongs, wake up.

We are at war.

This war is not overseas in a foreign country where troops are deployed and dropped while other sit in wine bars and go about their everyday lives.

It is in many countries, waiting and watching for dark opportunity around a hideously vast number of street corners.

Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi posted, “When I first warned that Britain and Europe were committing cultural suicide many years ago, the media, Liberals, Greens and Labor were all competing in rush to condemn the truth. Alas too many still refuse to see the problem in our own midst. We need to defend our values, defend our culture, accept the problem is directly inspired by Islam and plan accordingly.”

That’s not crass, nor idiotic or disgusting either.

That, also, is the truth.

Meanwhile, screeching on the sidelines, The Guardian bizarrely writes, “Mrs May gave her most explicit pitch today [Monday] to policing thoughts rather than acts. This is a bad idea. It rests on a strategy to counter ideology rather than one that counters terrorism.”

The piece bleats about “need for unity”, and adds, “Mrs May should not have lumped together murderers and peaceful Muslims who are simply observant rather than violent.”

Then, is it “crass”, “idiotic” and “disgusting” to enquire what exactly our response to violence is?

Tell me, why is it acceptable to lay blame for domestic violence at the feet of an entire gender. Yet, we “should not have lumped together murderers and peaceful Muslims”?

Remember when government funded lunatics Our Watch circulated a meme saying, “Let’s stop framing victims as daughters and sisters and start framing rapists as brothers and fathers”. They had no issue then with “lumping together”.

Fools, you speak no sense.

Ah look, today it has been announced that Chloe Shorten has been named Our Watch Ambassador. Will she be lunching with Gillard from Beyond Blue?

We are at war – but not with men.

Walk away with your spiteful division, because we should all be united in the real fight, the blazing war with Islamic terror.

Why will Shorten and wife so swiftly wear white ribbons of supremacy, yet refuse to lay blame firmly where it deserves in this instance?


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