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28 November 2016

7:12 PM

28 November 2016

7:12 PM

the age christmas treeForget the tyranny of low expectations. The opposite happens at The Age. As its standards plummet, the paper soars to new heights of idiocy.

Mind you, today’s effort will take some beating. “When should you put up your Christmas tree?

When should you put up your Christmas tree and — wait for it, wait for it — a video of “Christmas tree decorating hacks“, complete with the insightful advice “There’s a bit more to it than simply hanging up ornaments”.

Of course, it seems to have slipped The Age’s mind — or consciousness, perhaps, as we really shouldn’t credit it with anything associated with intelligence — that Christmas is a Christian thing and Christmas trees are very European and (whisper it) white.*

Perhaps it can trump itself — or is that word “trump” a micro-aggression to Age types? — with a special feature that will balance the ledger: Kwanzaa Down Under.

*Christmas trees also thrust into the sky, but we’ll leave that one to Clementine Ford.

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