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The Age hits peak moron

12 November 2016

3:39 PM

12 November 2016

3:39 PM

Snip20161111_19Ok, I know I’ve already declared The Age dead. It is. Its former readers are just waiting for Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood to complete the formalities by shutting down the Monday to Friday print edition.

But in the meantime, it’s carrying on in some ghastly kind of half-life. It really needs its head chopped off, a stake driven through its heart and its mouth stuffed full of garlic.

Which brings us to the nub of this piece. The Age has run a Christmas cuisine story pointer off its front website page headed “Are stuffing and dressing the same thing or not?”

The paper’s target audience in its death throes, of course, has been backward millennials.

But I never knew they prepared the turkey for December 25 by tipping a couple of bottles of Kraft Thousand Island up its jacksy before bunging it in the oven.

That would have a special taste indeed — a special taste, perhaps, for what are sometimes euphemistically called “special children”?

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