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Roz Ward, Safe Schools, not so so safe streets

20 November 2016

10:08 PM

20 November 2016

10:08 PM

Snip20161120_2Could that be former Safe Schools supremo and general hard-left ratbag Roz Ward engaging in a bit of biff in the middle of Melbourne’s Swanston Street as part of an anti-Trump rally on Sunday afternoon?

Answer: it appears so.

See, she’s even clutching copies of the Trotskyite rag she moonlights for, Red Flag.

Parliament is back on Monday. Perhaps Coalition MPs might like to use Tuesday’s joint party room meeting to inquire yet again: how the hell did a conservative government sign up to Safe Schools’ extremist program of social engineering — and what steps are underway to prevent similar catastrophic blunders from occurring in the future.

The only drawback is that Malcolm Turnbull flies in from Lima early that morning so Barnaby Joyce won’t be in the chair.

They may have got a decent answer that way.

Image: Facebook

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