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The poor unloved, ignored Grauniad Austria

31 August 2016

1:00 PM

31 August 2016

1:00 PM

The poor old Grauniad Austria — The Guardian Australia, to non-media types.

Not only did its parent, the Guardian Media Group, announce a jaw-dropping record £173 million pre-tax loss earlier this year.

Not only is its traffic dropping despite the fact that it’s free.

Not even its natural audience among Fairfaxistas fleeing the dumbing down of the once great Sydney Morning Herald and The Age read it. Fairfax foreign affairs correspondent Daniel Flitton appears to feel free to present what it carried close to a month ago as news.

“It is Kevin Rudd’s manifesto to cure the world’s ills – how he might have built a ‘Team UN’, if only Malcolm Turnbull had not stood in the way of his quest to become the next secretary-general,” Flitton writes today.

“In a report that offers a fascinating insight into what might have been, Mr Rudd, now describing himself as ‘an ordinary, global citizen’, has delivered a 65-page personal blueprint for restoring faith in global diplomacy.”

The report, Flitton continues, has been written by Rudd after “serving as the head of an ‘Independent Commission on Multilateralism’ for the past two years.”

It bears a remarkable resemblance to a piece Rudd wrote about his “10 principals to reform the United Nations before it’s too late” that appeared in The Guardian Australia on August 8, what he described as “the task I have sought to address over the last two years as the chair of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism”.

Clearly no one noticed it — or Flitton feels to take the punt.

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