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The view from New York tells me that Trump can win it

The lurid anti-Donald propaganda from the phonies in the media is having the opposite effect

21 May 2016

9:00 AM

21 May 2016

9:00 AM


 New York

I have never seen anything like it. If Adolf Hitler were running for president, he would match Donald Trump’s negative coverage. If Benito were in the race, his notices would be far more favourable. When The Donald emerged as the last man standing, certain New York Times columnists became unhinged. One hysterical woman pundit accused Trump of …not having any money. The one I liked best came from a colleague of hers, who is usually unreadable because of his wordy and flat prose. That particular fool had declared that the word Trump would never appear in his column. Once Donny baby had wiped the floor with his opponents, the fool did mention his name, describing him as ‘an unbelievable joke’. One Washington pundit had vowed to eat his copy if Trump got past a couple of primaries. He ate humble pie instead. The short little fat man who has never backed a winner except for the Iraq war (some winner), that mincing rat William Kristol, announced last year that Trump would drop out before the Iowa primary. Kristol’s predictions should be collected and distributed in schools. ‘How to always get it wrong and get paid for it’ should be the title.

In desperation, the Times came up with a Sulzberger buddy, another mincing rat of a fellow, one Steven Rattner, a chap who is not allowed to deal in stocks and bonds after an agreement with regulators following allegations of not-quite-kosher conduct about five years ago. Rattner wrote bad things about Trump and his taxes, but forgot to mention that Trump is allowed to deal on the stock market while he, Rattner, is not.

Mind you, the lurid propaganda against The Donald is having the opposite effect. He is now being attacked on account of his attitude towards women. He likes them, ergo he must be a rapist of sorts. A desperado at the New Yorker, one Packer (unfortunately for him not related to the Packer family of Australia), thinks Trump is the pits because he (Donald) is talking to white America, especially the less well off. That’s a new one on me. Everyone talks to minorities in the land of the depraved, but Trump is the bad guy because he talks to the less well off of the majority. See what I mean when I tell you the fourth estate is becoming unhinged?

I did not foresee the rise of Trump, although any clear-minded person should have. For far too long, working-class people have been dismissed as not smart enough, their passion rooted in racism, guns and beer. These same people have not had a rise in their standard of living since the Reagan era. In the meantime, the wolves of Wall Street have all become billionaires, while none of the Goldman Sachs lot and others of their ilk — the crooks who caused the 2008 recession — has gone to jail. So it was bound to happen, the awakening of the working-class white stiff who is now even told to let go of the silly old notion that the use of single-sex multiple-occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities should be based on a person’s biological gender rather than on the gender they believe themselves to be. (Well, that suits me perfectly. I now need to find out where Keira Knightley’s locker room is located.)

Yep, the Republican race is over and the journalists lost big time, but they refuse to admit defeat and blame the Americanknow-nothings for The Donald’s victory. Last week I went to a Republican party meeting on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The people were all well dressed, affluent and old — and to a man (and woman) they were for Trump. I was amazed. I would have thought the effete Jeb Bush was their type. And for the first time I felt that Trump might have a chance to win the whole thing in November. Sure, these people were Republicans, a minority in the city, but their distaste for the media was matched only by their dislike and distrust of Hillary. Perhaps the unfair coverage and biased reporting against Trump by the major newspapers and the TV networks have had the opposite effect. To the extent that a man may be judged by his enemies, Donald Trump emerges as a very good man. Those phonies at the NY Times and the Kristols of this world on TV have turned off a hell of a lot of Americans. Trump is a blue-collar billionaire who acts like a real person rather than the wind-up toys that posture inside the Beltway. The British media have not been far behind in deriding Trump. In our very own Diary two weeks ago, Petronella Wyatt called him a social climber. She should know. Her old man was the biggest climber in the UK.

The Donald has not spent one red cent on polls in order to find out what people wish to hear. He is supremely self-confident and has a can-do mentality. America looks at the immigration disaster in Europe and suddenly Trump’s wall is not such a bad idea. In fact, it is a must. I am starting to believe that The Donald has a chance. Yippee!

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  • King Zog

    Great article. Vintage Taki: insightful, witty, subtly deprecating of self as much as other.

    Gotta love The Taki.

    • #toryscum

      If you haven’t already, check out Takimag. A whole website of what you describe.

  • Jingleballix

    As Christopher Buckley so astutely observes in his piece……if Trump wins, he may build a wall between US and Mexico……..if Clinton wins – then the Mexicans might.

  • Dynamo11

    Hillary is pissing off the wrong people, her attacks on coal has severely damaged her poll numbers in the key Rust Belt. Add to that principled anti-establishment young voters would sooner vote Trump than Clinton and you have an interesting election on your hands. I think will Trump will win it, narrowly mind but if he can pick up Ohio, Florida and Virginia along with the usual suspects then he’s done it.

  • SonOfaGun

    It’s the worst kept secret in politics.

  • Good stuff. Hilary has time to dig her own grave yet.

  • Central power

    One thing is certain. This year’s US presidential election will not be boring

    • Dave Cockayne

      Better stock up on popcorn. 🙂

      • davidblameron

        and cans of soda pop

    • davidblameron

      for a change

  • Sanctimony

    Trump may yet win this….. Bill will be unable to splash out on any White House interns’ dresses and Hillary will have to continue looking like a bulldog that swallowed a wasp….

    • Philip Fraser

      Yes Taki is absolutely right Trump will win, his plain commonsense and espousal of traditional values resonates with so many people, not actually just poorer white working-class ones. The elites in their bubble failed to see that from the word go, they also failed to see that their totally biased shreiking horror about him actually just delighted Middle America and actually heped Trump. Exactly the same dynamic can help the Leave campaign here, they must play the immigration card hard, it resonates v much with traditional Labour voters, note the shreiks of outrage from MSM, luvvies etc . when this weapon is deployed, it is the one issue they are truly frightened of. They must keep their nerve, you must expect heavy flak when you carry the fight to the enemy and have the courage to stick to one’s guns and push through.

      • Adam Carter

        I agree with you about Trump.
        I do not fully agree with you about immigration.
        I am a Vote Leave volunteer. For me the major reason for wanting to get out of the EU is the problem of where the power lies, and inside the EU power does not lie with the British electorate.
        I recommend to anyone Tony Benn’s 5 questions of power (easy to find by an internet search).
        Immigration can be a good thing; the problem is mass, uncontrolled immigration.
        If the UK could decide who comes in that’d be ideal – for example, Indian computer scientist -good, Pakistani goatherd- not good.
        German engineer- good, East European unskilled labourer- not good.

        • Dacorum

          “Immigration can be a good thing; the problem is mass, uncontrolled immigration”.

          When Vote Leave start to really push immigration as the major issue in the next few weeks, the message will be exactly what you want it to be – support for controlled immigration and an Australian style points system that meets our specific needs instead of mass, uncontrolled immigration.

          The big problem is not just mass, uncontrolled immigration but the lack of any effective immigration controls to deport illegals already here. Leaving the EU will allow us to be like Australia and bring in effective immigration controls for the first time since 1945.

      • Sanctimony

        England, sadly, is too overwhelmingly lower-middle-class to ever encompass a change that goes against the pernicious advice of their figurehead, Cameron, and we will be sucked into and engulfed by this fetid, stinking, corrupt organisation that masquerades under the banner of the EU.

    • Jonah Varlik

      “Bulldog that swallowed a wasp”. While this is brilliant and should live among famous quotes, I fear that certain people may sue you on behalf of both bulldogs and wasps.

    • Mandrake

      Or indeed a bulldog which has just licked piss off a nettle.

  • Augustus

    Those who fear Donald Trump winning seem to have no idea how much the left keeps giving people reasons to vote for him. When Obama became president the whole world seemed to rejoice. Why? Because Barry Soetoro has made quite a mess of things, and will quite possibly be considered one of the worst presidents ever. If Trump wins it will be to a large extent thanks to Obama.

    • enoch arden

      It isn’t the “left”. You cannot classify the US elite entirely controlled by the Saudi trillions as “left”. Unless you assume that the Saudis are “left”. In his main views, Trump has much more in common with Sanders than the latter with Hilly. Protectionism and isolationism against neocon globalism.

      In a similar way, Brexit cannot be discussed in terms of “left-right”. It is patriots against the admirers of the Euroempire. The 4th Reich is neither right nor left. It is evil.

      • Dave Hill

        The “4th Reich”? I prefer “EUSSR”.

        • enoch arden

          You sound like you are ambivalent about the results of WWII. Besides, the genetic link between the EU and the 3d Reich is well known and documented. A Bonapartist paranoia. Charlemagnia.

          • Dave Hill

            “Charlemagnia” – a splendid word!

          • enoch arden

            When quoting, respect intellectual property.

    • clive

      Obama,the most “Incompetent” president EVER.

      • davidblameron


    • Jonah Varlik

      Certainly the worst US president in history, and given the influence of the US, quite possibly the worst president ANYWHERE in history. A ridiculous Caligula type.

  • WTF

    The Democrats are not scared of Trump winning, they are scared of him succeeding once he’s won, that’s their biggest fear.

    • davidblameron

      the globalist neo-cons too, his mere presence in the Oval Office would expose their plan.

  • Sid Falco

    Unhyphenated Americans will vote for Trump in their droves. The hyphenated scroungers, thieves and losers will have to settle for rioting this time round.

  • Sinceyouask

    Whatever the political considerations, the truth is that Trump is one Islamic atrocity away from the White House.

    • Sanctimony

      It happened last Friday, didn’t it ?

      • Sinceyouask

        Fortunately or not, given the world view of much of America, I was thinking of something in their own back yard.

    • john700

      The Islamic atrocity is in the White House.

  • Jacobi

    Trump may well win. That would be a laugh.

    And he will be interesting either way. What he says is credible and should have been said decades ago. It is not however to the liking of the seriously moneyed controllers either in the USA or in the UK for that matter, or to the hysterical female lobbies, that is about 1.2 % of thinking female readership

    Trump’s wall is not such a bad idea. Sadly, it is too late for that in Europe as we are all going to find out shortly.

  • charles kinbote

    Taki is trying his hand at a traditional Greek form of divination in order to pick the next POTUS. Analyzing the works of assorted journalists and pundits is a form of copromancy, albeit of the virtual variety. I would suggest that he try his hand with the real stuff; it would be advisable to be present when the sample is being produced. The Donald has been known to promise yet fail to deliver genuine goods.

    • clive

      My friend,you had better hope that the”Do Nothing,Career Politicians”don’t try to stop”The Voters”from getting what they want and that is Trump.
      Trump for President, Hillary for Prison – 2016

  • Fritz123

    Why can trivia like pc have such an effect?

  • The Great Satan™


  • davidblameron

    Why is the late Herr Hitler brought up a lot lately? He died over 70 years ago. His regime died too and cannot be precisely replicated but attempts have been made by a series of fringe groups to create something similar all without success.
    But onto the subject of the US Presidential Election on November 8th, it would be an equal mistake to elect Trump as to elect the ghastly Clinton woman but she appears more likely by far because she would be the Left’s choice.

    (I recommend a book by Taki called ‘The Greek Upheaval’. The best analysis by far of the seven years Colonels’ junta, 67-74)

    • Ingmar Blessing

      On defense of Chancellor Hitlers administration, the first three quarters were quite successful.

      Come on, it’s Sunday.

      • davidblameron

        just the small point of him being mad from the start, there’s footage of him making speeches even before the putsch and it’s obvious to a fool, he was crazy then.

        • Jonah Varlik

          Of course, looking back over 70 years it’s clear that while the Germans lost the war, the Nazis won and took over the world. Cathy Warwick was probably mentored by the ghost of Josef Mengele

        • Sanctimony

          The Germans… all 50 million of them couldn’t see it then…. and they can’t see it now !

  • redbear22222

    Trump is one of the few potentially influential politicians willing to contemplate a handbrake on islamification of (part of) the west. For that alone, he should be lauded and forgiven his more … marginal attributes.

    The remainder of politicians and the mainstream media in the west seem unbelievably determined to ignore the existential threat that islamification poses, but plenty of citizens are getting a clear idea right now, particularly in countries like Belgium, Germany, France and Sweden. After all, these demographic changes are completely … and … utterly irreversible. And demographics is destiny – just ask the native american indians.

  • Agree with every word (even the Keira Knightley comment).

  • redbear22222

    Trump is now ahead of Clinton in the latest 22 May abc/Washington Post poll: 46-44… following the same trend as the Fox and Rassmussen polls a few days earlier.


    What the US mainstream media hasn’t figured out yet is that their obvious hostility towards Trump has weirdly become a major advantage for him, because the media is so loathed by voters and their attempts to slime him are so transparent.

    You have to wonder whether the fiasco of the NY Times hit piece on ‘Trump and women’, which became a farce when some of the women actually started speaking on the cable news networks, could’ve worked out any better had Trump fed the story to the NYT himself. All the egos in the traditional media are having a very hard time accepting they’re not as influential as they thought they were. Trump has learned from the toughest press of all – the New York tabloids – and is now playing the nationwide media at will.

    • Dynamo11

      The media though is caught in a rock and hard place. Trump sells, this is a fact. Yet for the more liberal outfits their coverage and attacks on him are genuinely driving his popularity up. They clearly value the financial rewards rather than the political ramifications

  • Dynamo11

    Trump will win, Clinton is the most unfavourable Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter, the simple fact that 15% of Dems polled said they’d concretely vote Trump over her says it all (meanwhile the #NeverTrump movement has raised just 4% for the reverse). Trump has a lot to thank Sanders for as he’s split the Dems internally as well as pushed Clinton further left than she ever intended.

    I think it’s becoming clear Clinton’s campaign was intended to tackle a Low Energy candidate like Jeb Bush essentially recreating the 2008 election. Trump, like he did to the Republicans, has completely turned the best laid plans on their head and it’s fantastic

    • charles kinbote

      It appears that American voters will turn out in record numbers come November, thanks mainly to the “Trump effect”. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will exercise some form of rational thought before voting.

      Democrat candidate Adlai Stevenson: (on seeing a placard which offered him the support of all thinking Americans) “That’s not enough; I am going to need a majority”.

  • Sanctimony

    Trump… the inheritor of Jefferson… it’s beyond parody

  • davidblameron

    However much (vociferous) support Trump has, he cannot build a big enough constituency.
    Unfortunately, that ghastly woman will get the Oval Office unless the law catches up with her.

  • GertrudeBell

    Just got back and I fear Taki is right.

    If only the lurid rubbish we are being fed by the remain camp had the same effect here.

  • Random Ami

    When you remove what has been the biggest liberal strength which served them well in the last 2 elections they are left with nothing. That strength was basically these: identity politics, political correctness to frame the conversation, and un waivered support of the 90% of the media. Liberals live and breath on identity politics and grievance (blacks, Latinos, gays, single women, etc).

    Trump has been a very clever candidate. His focus are three major issues that have been relegated to just talking and flip flopping points, avoided and covered up under the disguised of political correctness to suppress its dissemination. These are issues that go straight to the heart of this republic which are:

    1. LAW AND ORDER: Uncontrolled illegal immigration. The hot potato no one dare to address to the core for fears of losing votes, for PC or for fears of losing the cheap labor.

    2. ECONOMY (Trade). Even if in full support of competition and globalization trump has managed to emphasized in trade to FAVOR American domestic industries and labor force, instead of being detrimental to it, which is what has happened in the last 20 years resulting from all those trade agreements.

    3. DEFENSE: Clarity and no gray areas about Islamic terrorism. None of that avoidance of feelings hurt.

    His cleverly has consisted in penetrating through the dense net of identity politics by ignoring the attacks based on political correctness and counterpunching it, specially by destroying the media credibility and exposing it for what it is: an arm of the democrats. This is precisely where both Romney and McCain failed. Truth is conservatives have been trying all means to make their voices heard (polls, election of a GOP in Massachusetts , 2 won congressional election, TP revolts, etc) only to be insulted and bullied with the liberal eternal identity card politics (war on this, war on that). Not this time, trump has been the perfect tool to channel all that controlled and silenced anger, which is why none of the attacks on him have worked against him. If anything have helped him.

    • Philip Fraser

      Yes that’s exactly what I was saying in more succint form above, it has been a very clever and brave strategy. I think a good analogy is with martial arts combat, when one’s opponent is much bigger and stronger than you, you must employ methods to get him to effectively use his own size and strength against HIMSELF.
      The opponent is the political establishment and MSM and the method of attack is to call out PC and identity politics. The screaming denounciations of the MSM have been the strength of the opponent being used against himself….the more MSM ran these “Oh Trump said this isn’t it terrible.. Shock, horror” the more Middle America was watching and cheering him on. The elites are so out of touch with public opinion they did not have a clue that that would happen.

      • Mandrake

        Excellent analogy.

  • I remember an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ where Bart ran for class president against school swot and softie, Martin Prince. The Prince campaign came up with a negative ad slogan ‘A Vote For Bart is a Vote For Anarchy!’. Meanwhile, Bart HQ came up with a positive ad slogan for their candidate; ‘A Vote For Bart is a Vote For Anarchy!’

    That is the Trump effect. People are sick of the status quo and the liberal establishment. It takes a long time for the tectonic plates to shift, but they are shifting and a Hillary victory (with the help of embittered old shrews and Hispanics who can smell the Reconquista), will only add to the pressure

  • Mandrake

    Rattner’s stocks and bonds conduct was indeed quite kosher, by his non-goyim peer-group standard.

  • Mandrake

    Apart from a backlash against the professional political nomenklatura, it’s also about illegals and terrorists. And as for a pause on Muslims, Trump can invoke the following:

    “8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens.

    Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

  • Norton Folgate

    Already the forces of the left in the UK are preparing to hold their noses and come to an accommodation with Trump. This fresh in from Dalston: http://bit.ly/1U8I6X8

  • davidblameron

    Trump v. Madam Clinton, the first time the US voters have had to choose between a pair of looneys.

    • enoch arden

      Do you prefer Sanders?

      • davidblameron

        I missed him, two looneys and a has-been or is it might have been?

        • oldoddjobs

          Oh, they’ve always seemed crazy to me!

          • davidblameron

            315 million Americans to choose from and the nation ends up with a trio of real oddballs.

        • enoch arden

          I guess you like the current one. A vegetable cannot be looney. Medically impossible.

          • davidblameron

            where did I suggest I like the current one?

          • enoch arden

            You are ambiguous. Do you prefer looneys or vegetables?

  • Jojje 3000

    Not only can he win, it’s highly likely that he will win, US voters wisely almost always alternate political parties and now it’s Republicans. Expect lower taxes, shrinking government, reduction in benefits, less self-pity laws etc, i.e. anything that will make PC leftists nuts.

    • davidblameron

      That’s a good way along the road to why he hasn’t a chance.

  • Anonymous Coward

    “…the wolves of Wall Street…”

    In a column by Taki? Truly the world has been turned upside-down.

  • Fritz123

    There is allready a wall at the Mexican border and Obama is kicking them more out than the German “new-right” is dreaming.