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Europe’s chaos vindicates decisions Britain has made

For a country to tolerate Britain’s level of immigration with no far-right backlash is nothing short of extraordinary

21 November 2015

9:00 AM

21 November 2015

9:00 AM

To say that the Paris attacks could have happened in Britain is not enough. Such attacks are being attempted here with terrifying regularity —seven have been thwarted so far this year alone. MI5’s official assessment is that a terrorist attack on British soil is ‘highly likely’. Our security services have so far been very good at keeping us safe. But as the IRA famously put it, spies have to be lucky all of the time, terrorists have to be lucky only once.

So it is impossible for Britain to view events on the continent with any sense of complacency. Still, the Prime Minister was justified in pointing out last week that the more we learn about what happened in Paris, the more it justifies the policies that Britain has pursued. He could have gone further and said that the tragic direction of continental Europe over the last few years has vindicated several more decisions taken by Britain.

Sofia Helin, lead actress in the television series The Bridge, this week contrasted the generous immigration policy of her native Sweden with what she sees as Britain’s flinty-hearted approach. Sweden is taking almost 200,000 this year alone; adjusting for population, that’s like Britain finding space for a refugee city the size of Birmingham. The results? In Malmö, locals now escort Jews home from synagogue to protect them from attack by Muslim immigrants. The backlash is so strong that refugee centres are being set ablaze on a regular basis. The Sweden Democrats, a party routinely described as ‘neo-fascist’ by the press, tops the polls.

Yes, Britain has many problems, but not on this scale. Germany may be next, after Angela Merkel’s disastrous response to the pictures of a dead Syrian boy on a Turkish beach. Her declaration that Germany would welcome all Syrians served only to encourage more desperate people to make the potentially lethal journey across the Mediterranean. The resulting flow of human traffic involves precious few women or children, and many single men — including, it now seems, one of the terrorists who attacked Paris.

David Cameron’s decision to take only Syrian refugees from local camps, rather than those with the money to pay the people smugglers, now looks wise. It was wrong of the government to take just a few hundred asylum-seekers at first, but 20,000 by 2020 is a reasonable compromise. Taking all those who will come, the favoured policy of Swedish actresses and German chancellors, is not compassionate. It leads to more deaths, undermines public support for immigration, poisons community relations and risks turning a humanitarian crisis into a political crisis.

Nor is it compassionate to welcome Muslim immigrants and then shovel them to edge-of-city housing estates without job prospects or the hope of integrating in society. Britain takes more than 1,600 immigrants a day — but as workers, not charity cases. For a country to tolerate this level of immigration with no far-right backlash is nothing short of extraordinary. Immigration remains the issue that most troubles the public, but this mainly relates to practical matters such as housing, school places, GP pressures. While the Front National surges in France, the British National Party lies all but dead — its vote falling by 99 per cent at the last election. In Ukip, Britain has a proudly anti-racist populist party that refuses to do deals with Madame Le Pen.

The British jobs miracle arrived at just the right time. While Europe grapples with mass joblessness — a Petri dish for all kinds of social evils — Britain is witnessing the highest level of employment we have ever known. True, a good proportion of the new workers are Portuguese, Germans, Italians and Poles, who are making a mockery of David Cameron’s immigration target. But this is a problem of success.

George Osborne has taken too long to control public spending and cut taxes. But he looks like an economic genius compared with almost any of his continental counterparts. And his domestic rivals? John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, is planning to attend an anti-austerity march in London this weekend with Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance minister of Greece. As they rail against the policies of the last five years, they both might want to ask themselves whether Britain’s ability to escape the European orbit of economic decline is really a coincidence — or related to decisions taken in Downing Street.

Borders are now being reasserted all over Europe: between France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Germany and Austria and — as of last week — ‘The Bridge’ between Denmark and Sweden. Tony Blair made a great many mistakes, but at least he was persuaded to stay out of the Schengen agreement and the euro, retaining Britain’s border controls and the pound. Both have been invaluable.

Cameron could have done much more to speed up our recovery, promote social cohesion and protect the military he is now itching to deploy. But he has avoided a few of the disastrous mistakes his panicked European counterparts have made. Good government means taking the right decisions — but also avoiding the wrong decisions. And for that the Prime Minister deserves credit.

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  • amicus

    We have a better class of political leadership here than in most of the EU states. It has to be borne in mind that the competition is pretty weak – to say the least.

    • Bristol_Boy

      As are our political pygmies!
      A better class of political leadership? Britain’s future in the hands of these inepts? heaven help us all!

      • Sue Smith

        Political pygmies by name and nature.

    • hobspawn

      Bollocks, we just have the channel. It is time to splash a bit of cash on the Royal Navy, which is what really stopped Hitler coming.

    • Sue Smith

      “better class”? I think not.

  • Burkel

    The far right backlash in Britain started in 2002 as a BNP revivial, culminating in Griffin and Brons being elected to the European parliament in 2009. It then split off into the English Democrats, UKIP, Conservatives, Britain First, Liberty GB and the EDL marched through every town and city in the country. In this country, UKIP and the Conservatives took the far right off the boil. Before 2010, there was no alternative anti-immigration party to the national socialist BNP.

    • David Power


      Under the “Petition Parliament Scheme” the government is committed to granting a House of Commons Debate for any petition which receives over 100,000 signatures.

      There is currently an open petition asking the Government to;

      “Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated”

      This petition has already reached over 420,000 signatures and is set to become the most popular petition since the scheme began.

      To insure that our politicians take our legitimate concerns about mass-Islamic-immigration seriously, this petition needs as many signatures as possible.

      Link to Petition… https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/107516

      • BetterAndBetter

        Everyone, not even a single extra person allowed?

        • David Power

          If this is the only alternative is this



          • Sue Smith

            This link has done the rounds on social media – and people are quietly talking about it. All except, that is, the bien pensant who smugly get on with business, knowing they are absolutely right. Note that I said, “knowing” and not “thinking”; those two words have a discrete difference in meaning which tells us an awful lot about the bien pensant.

        • hobspawn

          Yes, like an alcoholic on the programme. Rules must be simple to work.

      • Mary Ann

        That’s right change our way of life, give into Daesh.

        • David Power

          We’re changing our lives because our lives are under attack. And we’re changing it for the better.

    • eat your greens

      Eating your greens will help anyone ‘with issues’ to get over it.
      Avoid brown food

  • Malcolm Stevas

    “Sofia Helin…. this week contrasted the generous immigration policy of her native Sweden with what she sees as Britain’s flinty-hearted approach.”
    Sure, our political masters are “flinty hearted”: this is why foreign-born residents are now 13% of the population, and the same figure of 13% describes the proportion of London’s inhabitants that are Muslim.
    “For a country to tolerate this level of immigration with no far-right backlash is nothing short of extraordinary.”
    For our electorate to tolerate this level of immigration and still keep voting largely for the Parties responsible is bizarre, and perhaps a sign of terminal decadence, a death-wish. Immigration is a big issue? You wouldn’t think it from the way they just keep putting the “X” against the same old Tory or Labour hacks.

    • hobspawn

      The reason is that immigrants and brain-washed leftist enemies of the country control a massively funded state broadcaster which is extremely effective at distracting everyone from the cuckoo in the nest.

    • Sue Smith

      You see, mass immigration is a self-fulfilling prophesy; muslim immigrants grow exponentially in number and are then able to vote for politicians to enable MORE immigration.

      Elegant in its simplicity.

  • “Such attacks are being attempted here with terrifying regularity —seven have been thwarted so far this year alone”

    I got this far until deciding to go back only a few years, to 7/7 or Woolwich. Is this the definition now of ‘another time’ or why something that happened when i was a lad happening now is ‘unprecedented’?

    Do the UK media and its pols know something I don’t, or do I know something they do not.

    • Mary Ann

      I wonder how many attacks by the IRA were foiled every year when they were at their height. I was amused when Maggie pointed out to an American woman hurt in the Harrod’s bombing that it was the American people who were funding the IRA, about the only thing she ever said that I agreed with.

      • Sue Smith

        “amused” by a terrorist attack? Now why doesn’t THAT surprise me?

      • Needs2Cash

        Yes, mainly from the fine city of Boston.

        …whose airport was chosen by al-Qaeda to provide the 9/11 airplanes.

        Probably a coincidence.

      • Pioneer

        You are deluding yourself with false comparisons.

        Unless there is a major change of course, you won’t be able to retire to Spain -it will in a state of permanent civil war.

        EU exit is imperative.

  • BetterAndBetter

    1 million likes on the British First facebook page.

    • Sue Smith

      Deep. Really, really deep. Not shallow and narcissistic or anything.

  • Chris

    Just because the Tories or Labour are in power doesn’t people aren’t annoyed with immigration or the state of affairs within the nation. Our FPTP system means we’re stuck with 2 party dictatorship.

    The Speccie should withhold its slap on the back for its precious Tories.

    • Bristol_Boy

      But the FPTP problem wouldn’t matter if more people woke up the corrupt and self serving liblabcon. It is only a problem because the majority of the people refuse to remove the problem, for whatever reason, gullibility, naivety, brain washed, uninformed, blind die hards, apathy or just plain stupidity!

      • robertsonjames

        Please, please, please go to the electorate in 2020 insisting that there is such a thing as LibLabCon and that Corbyn is identical to the Tories. The absurd suggestion in 2015 that Miliband was just the same as Cameron helped UKIP struggle to win any seats. The same ludicrous claim now Corbyn is Labour leader will make UKIP sound even more mired in wingnuttery and even less able to break through at Westminster. So do please carry on.

        • Bristol_Boy

          I think I wrote ‘if’ not when, the inbred stupidity to vote for one or the other of failed parties will ensure the parasites survival and Britain’s decline.
          The greatest danger to Britain are the people themselves!

    • Sue Smith

      I think you meant “shouldn’t” withhold…..

      And there’s a kernel of truth to your comments.

  • Pioneer

    The article could have been titled:

    “It might have been even worse”

    • Jenki


      ”It might have been even worse”

      But it will get worse…. much worse!

  • Gilbert White

    I thought it was illegal to reinstate borders?

    • Christopher-trier

      It is permitted in times of crisis to prevent public order from spiralling out of control.

  • Anthorny

    The article is a correct assessment of how the government has made the right decisions relative to our hapless EU leaders. But it does sound ominously like the self-congratulatory twaddle I remember hearing from Ian Blair, the former Met police commissioner. He said on BBC radio what a great job was being done with community policing and counter-terrorism. The very next day we had the Islamic terrorism of the 7/7 tube bombings.

    So it’s no time to say what a great job we’ve done. The enemy is here and now and amongst us in ever growing numbers. As reported today, 21.3% of British Muslims have never worked. Ever. And with ISIS enjoying around 31% support from Syrian “refugees”, Cameron’s 20,000 illegals are set to be both a further massive economic burden and security risk. Along with the cost, events in Paris prove that the risk is so great that there should simply be no accommodation of Syrian Muslim “refugees” whatsoever.

  • Clive

    I love Saga Norén. She is in the tradition of Mr Spock and Seven of Nine. She is a character with reason and without emotion. Like most luvviespeak, though, this is emotion without reason.

    At last we are looking at immigration in a rational way. There has been an imbalance for centuries between the developed world and the developing world. Now the developing world has caught up technologically enough to see our backsides in the distance. That same technology has enabled journeys that would have been extremely difficult even 50 years ago.

    The Third World are catching up technologically but not politically or socially. Not in governance. Islam flourishes in the Third World partly because it creates some order in a corrupt world – as Christianity used to in the West. Much of the tone of international politics from the Third World is resentment of the very colonisation that in many cases improved their civilisation in exchange for raw materials. It is ironic.

    That resentment has fed back into Islam. It is ironic that among Third World populations – though not necessarily governments – the USA is seen as the arch-colonialist in the West. Everything the Americans do is seen as some kind of post-colonial plot to impose their will in a master-servant colonial-type relationship. Europe is seen as an American surrogate which for the most part is true.

    We tend to overlook Hindu nationalism, for instance. Its message is that India would have been much better off without the British. It also feeds authors like Madhusree Mukherjee and her book ‘Churchill’s Secret War’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/soutikbiswas/2010/10/how_churchill_starved_india.html. It has killed Muslims in larger numbers even than IS have killed anyone.

    We fete Narendra Modi because of market forces but we must be careful of leaders like him. He is not that far in beliefs from Robert Mugabe. It has become a staple in ex-colonies to blame the former colonial power for any malaise that afflicts them

    Many of the earlier generation of ex-colonial immigrants see the world through this lens. Their children don’t, for the most part. Some have inherited the ex-colonial resentment coupled with a contempt for their parents for failing to do anything about it. They join Islamic State.

    These resentments will recede over future generations but we do not need more of them. We should not want immigrants from ex-colonies any more – anyone’s ex-colonies. They are potentially dangerous. We should wait for governance and political maturity to catch up in those countries.

    • trobrianders

      You think too much. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with rating the threat of this or that foreign leader or peoples. We should turn inwards and rediscover the steel that brought us our success in all fields. We are our own worst enemy if we don’t.

      • Clive

        ‘Rediscover the steel’…. and do what with it ?

        Needs thought, I believe

        • trobrianders

          Think back to a time when Europeans acted according to their own traditions and beliefs and not the international socialist beliefs we are acting with now.

          • Clive

            I don’t know when you mean

          • Sue Smith

            “Think” back? Come on now, don’t be a hypocrite.

        • hobspawn

          “‘Rediscover the steel’…. and do what with it ?”

          First have the guts to state publicly that…

          – islam is the problem causing hatred and bloodshed throughout the world

          – the Quran is the source of the violence

          – the murderers are following the book’s strict instructions

          – jihad is not a spiritual war

          – there can never be moderate muslims because the quran forbids it

          – there can be no British moslems because our law does not allow commitments to murder (islam)

          – the ingrained backwards cultures that we have imported are the problem

          – the collapse of Christianity, the crucial civilising influence in this country is the problem

          – integrating the immigrants we already have will take generations of determination

          – bombing Syria is pointless when we have a populous violent fifth common in our own cities

          What we need to do is…

          – make the BBC license fee voluntary

          – dramatically reduce welfare spending

          – repeal all the EU socialist red tape which is killing Europe’s economy

          – increase spending on defence

          – increase tax on non-commercial energy use and decrease dependency on Saud

          – close the borders and tightly control immigration to reintroduce national security

          – stop pouring aid money into the swiss bank accounts of corrupt warlords

          – deport muslims to muslim countries

          There, that’s a start. Steely enough for you? Of course, nobody is going to vote for the measures which can save our country now. It’s over.

        • Sue Smith


      • Mary Ann

        You can’t turn back time, we can no longer invade countries and kill most of the locals as we used to, it’s not the done thing.

        • trobrianders

          European civilisation that has prospered over centuries and provided you with all you need to live a fulfilling life was not built on your soppy socialist ideals. Your ideals are what are sapping the life out of it.

        • Sue Smith

          “it’s not the done thing”. Like last year’s wardrobe accessories, maybe?

      • Sue Smith

        “You think too much”! Priceless.

        What you have are domestic policies which are a direct result of NO thinking at all.

    • Sue Smith

      This is a very good appraisal of the situation. I don’t know about the Indian PM, but we certainly do lots of business with the Leader of the Chinese Communist Party!!

      I did hear only this morning that 3 million Pakistanis died during the “partition”. Where do we get this romantic notion: ‘developing’ world GOOD, developed world BAD?

      Stupidity on steroids.

  • Blindsideflanker

    The praise is going to politicians, but really it should go to the British people, for it would have been so much different if the political classes thought they could get away with it. As it is they have got away with too much and imperriled our nation.

  • MrBishi

    This article appears not only to tempt fate but also to throw down a challenge to ISIS.
    Forgive me if I fail to see the sense in either tactic.

    • jeffersonian

      A Chicken like you wouldn’t.

  • douglas redmayne

    There will be a backlash, it just hasn’t happened yet.

  • Lady Magdalene

    I think this is the first time I have ever seen a member of the MSM admit that UKIP is a proudly non-racist, populist party.

    The Spectator, like the rest of the MSM, joined in the smear and slander attacks on UKIP before the General Election, accusing us of racism and bigotry.

    I look forward to The Spectator issuing a public apology and putting the rest of the media to shame.

    • The_Missing_Think

      “I think this is the first time I have ever seen a member of the MSM admit that UKIP is a proudly non-racist…”

      That’s the root problem, people like you are passively pro English minority England.

      You’re shoulder to shouder with – yes, with – Telemachus, Fabian Solutions, the BBC, etc, when put to a stress test.

      That fact, makes you part of the problem, not the solution.

      And spare me any cognitive dissonance about the washer woman pleb classes, with means with, and you’re seethingly proud of it.

      • Bristol_Boy

        What utter twaddle.

        • The_Missing_Think

          Twaddle based on fact.

          With your ‘facts’ based on emotional twaddle.

          This is easily proven to be the truth, as you, and Lady Kipperlene refuse to face reality honestly, as it truly is:

          “White Britons ‘will be minority’ by 2066, says professor”


          • Bristol_Boy

            And you are wishing that on us are you? with fools like you it’s no wonder we have the political parasites that we have.
            And by the way, it’s ostrich.

          • The_Missing_Think

            “… admit that UKIP is a proudly non-racist, populist party.” – You and Lady Kipperlene.

            So clearly, it’s you and Lady Kipperlene that are wishing minority status on the (British) English race, and not me, and it’s me that is calling you all out, as the subservient politically correct leftist Kippers, that you “proudly” are.

            UKIP will never ever have a policy to deal with the race crisis of England, they are too busy celebrating diversity and their status as, I quote, “a proudly non-racist, populist party”.

            Did you up-tick that statement by mistake, not really understanding it?

            You cannot deny you both hate the BNP intensely, nor can you deny you respect and support the French equivalent, FN. Even though both have the same Nationalistic polices.

            Thus, the original statement I made, (if you’re prepared to accept that facts trump emotions, which I very much doubt), is 100% logically true, the Kipper anti-British / English Nationalist, are very much a big part of the English race crisis,

          • Bristol_Boy

            You really need help.

          • The_Missing_Think

            It’s you that’s trumping facts, (see quote and html link), with emotions.

            That’s a sure sign of a severe mental illness, as fully sane people accept awlward facts, and don’t pretend they don’t exist, as you and UKIP are doing about the 2066 factor.

            Hope this helps, but severely doubt it will.

          • Bristol_Boy

            I don’t need help, as I said it is you that does.
            Spelling being one area, ‘awlward’

          • The_Missing_Think

            You’re trumping facts with your cry-baby emotions, no more evidence is required, sane people simply don’t do that, or even dispute it… as you are.

          • Mary Ann

            Yes, because we are not having enough babies, with the Western European birth rate at 1.6 we will be extinct in 10 generations if we don’t increase the birth rate, it’s simple arithmetic.

          • The_Missing_Think

            The Great Plague of 1665 was taken in our stride.

            The existence of baby boomers after WWII, also shows that the British population can replenish itself when needed.

            You know we’re one of the most densely populated countries, and the infrastructure is over, not, under loaded?

            The additional importation from 1948 onwards, was completely un-needed, whereas, a real land fit for heroes, probably would make all the difference.

          • Sue Smith

            In Australia the birth rate is 1.8 but I doubt that as we already have plenty of muslim immigrants here with multiple children. My husband believe they fudge it or don’t answer correctly when the census is collected.

            I’m intrigued by the .8 though; perhaps it’s only partial people who make these immigration policies in the first place!!!!

          • Pioneer

            The population should be smaller.

            You have no evidence that it will become extinct. You are repeating loony leftist memes. As usual.

          • Maureen Fisher

            Because women choose careers over babies, something the third world aren’t allowed to do. Why do you think Islamists discourage girls’ education. The world population and especially the population of this country is unsustainable anyway. Fewer babies are required, not more.

    • Anglocynic

      Don’t hold your breath!

    • Mary Ann

      I will believe it when Farage stands up and apologises to all those foreigners on trains he doesn’t like.

  • anyfool

    Sofia Helin, lead actress in the television series The Bridge,
    I do love it when these silly luvvie actresses like this one here, publicly stand up and ask for future women to be denied a life of freedom, that is a direct result of allowing Muslims to take control.
    All women should take note, when sharia law is given equal status, it will be, given the current population projections, rape and beatings will become the norm, no ifs, no buts.

    • David Power

      I predict that the United Kingdom will have its first legal stoning, by the year 2050

      • Sue Smith

        Meanwhile, there is epidemic levels of illegal stoning already taking place; it’s called ‘drug abuse’.

    • Sue Smith

      “How do you solve a problem like Sha-ria”? (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

  • Patricia

    “For a country to tolerate this level of immigration with no far-right backlash is nothing short of extraordinary.”
    Why does backlash have to be described as right-wing ? Maybe people are concerned about the shrinking countryside, school places, NHS places and their disappearing way of life ? Normal non-political fears I think.

    • Caractacus

      All of which are knock on effects from massive, uncontrolled immigration.

    • Sue Smith

      Everybody I speak to – everybody, conservative or Labor in Australia – is appalled about what’s happening in Europe and does not want uncontrolled immigration here.

  • stuartMilan

    there isn’t go to have to be a “far-right” backlash from the British. with large-scale Muslim immigration, we’re IMPORTING the far-right

    • Needs2Cash

      Full Sharia with its free housing, free energy, free clothing and free food is right wing?

  • Chingford Man

    I wouldn’t be too sanguine. There has been no backlash so far, because the massacres took place in Paris, not here. 100 people dead at Westfield or on Oxford Street might be a different matter and then no one will dare to suck up to Cameron as you are doing here. As someone said below, the enemy is already here.

    PS, Cameron wants us to stay in the EU and keep freedom of movement. Once those Jihadis who have already arrived in the EU get their passports they are free to come here.

    • Mary Ann

      That will take at least 5 years, after all that time they will have little to gain from coming here.

      • Tom M

        Why do you think a jihadi needs to “gain” anything by coming here. What did the perpetrators “gain” in Paris except mayhem.

        • hobspawn

          Mary Ann doesn’t care what happens here in five years time. She’s going to emigrate as soon as she turns 18.

          • Chingford Man

            In 2025 then?

          • Pioneer

            Where to? If things carry like this the whole of the “West” will be a catastrophe.

            I doubt Taiwan or Japan will take the likes of Mary Ann.

      • Sue Smith

        Time to pull that head out of the sand. Personally, I don’t care what your beliefs are but I DO care about the impact on society of its being wrong – and it IS wrong (no pun intended).

      • Pioneer

        You are expecting civil war will have broken out before 5yrs?
        EU exit is crucial.

  • jim

    A disingenuous acknowledgement ….A more honest editorial might have expressed the point thusly: if we had a lot fewer muslims we’d have a lot fewer problems. Massive damage has been done.Mass immigration on the whole has had a negative impact.Anyone who cheer lead this mass immigration is at best a fool.Anyone who used the term islamaphobe is a dangerous fifth columnist. Admit that islam IS the problem and act on that basis.Such an editorial might then start to address the question: what the h*ll can we do now? Let us admit that undoing the damage will be messy.Admit it will involve forced removal of many many people.Admit that if we don’t cull the moslem presence in our cities we’re doomed..Specific measures against the moslem community are called for.We can start with banning the immigration of cousins for marriage. None of these measures are compatible with EU law. There is a referendum coming.You know what to do.

  • Chingford Man

    Does anyone know how many articles on immigration were uploaded by the Spectator in the month running up to the general election? (Remember it was one of the most important subjects to the public, according to opinion polls.)

    The answer is zero. I remember pointing out at the time that the 3 legacy parties were determined to suppress any discussion of the subject because they wanted desperately to suppress the potential UKIP vote. Throughout the election campaign, the Spectator was so obviously mobilised behind the Tories it was as if Lynton Crosby was signing off its coverage.

    So here we have this incredibly important issue in an election year, and the legacy parties and their media supporters worked together to prevent any public discussion of it.

    • Clive

      What’s new ?

      Why have we never had serious discussion of the English population density or legalising drugs – policies that would make a dramatic difference to our country.

    • David

      Spot on.

      I really like The Spectator and have almost subscribed several times – there are some great writers and thinkers. But the obvious anti-UKIP, pro-Cameroon bias just keeps stopping me getting my credit card out. It’s like a house magazine for ‘thinking Tories’, rather than ‘thinking people’, and therein lies the rub.

      UKIP are shambolic in some ways but have been absolutely bloody well right about immigration and this is the critical ‘fault line’ on which the Tory party sits. It just needs a small tremor, such as one Paris-style outrage, and the sky falls in for the Conservatives – and then what will the Speccie say?

      We need to stop mass, uncontrolled immigration from the EU. And the only way to do this – the ONLY way – is to leave it. For me, that’s why Cameron’s ‘renegotiation’ is utterly meaningless grandstanding, and shows he’s more interested in political messing around than defence of our realm.

      • trobrianders

        The belief amongst those who don’t wish to halt or reverse immigration is that all shocks, even Paris style outrages, will be absorbed by an apathetic public. The jury’s still out on that one.

      • Lady Magdalene

        Same here. I won’t subscribe because of the blatant bias against UKIP; the smear and slander campaign it joined in with pre-election and the fact that the Speccie is little better than the Conservative Party’s house magazine.

    • Sue Smith

      Might I suggest to you this represents but one flank of an entire conspiracy of silence throughout the democratic world?

    • Pioneer

      Yep, the media are part of the problem.Some of them might come around, slowly, far too late of course.The BBC seems beyond redemption.

  • WTF

    An attack is only a matter of time as is a back lash.

    Cameron needs to leave the EU now as their laws on immigration are dangerous to our security let alone all the fiscal issues with a bankrupt EU. Close the borders to Jihadists, clamp down on radical Islam, intern ALL home grown Jihadist and there’s a slim possibility we’ll escape an atrocity like Paris.

  • Bob Harris

    The Spectator in “Nigel Farage was right” shocker? Strange times indeed.

    • Sue Smith

      Was that meant to be a pun?

  • jeffersonian

    ‘In Ukip, Britain has a proudly anti-racist populist party that refuses to do deals with Madame Le Pen.’

    Unfortunately on this issue UKIP, let alone the mainstream media, hasn’t quite kept up with developments. Marine Le Pen has successfully cleansed Front National of all her fathers’ anti-Semitism and other rather murky tendencies. Today one of her key lieutenants in the success story that is FN is gay for crying out loud.

    Marine Le Pen’s party is a social conservative (with the odd modernist patch) one that more than anything, is a patriotic and nationalistic movement asserting fidelity to the original French revolutionary values, something which really makes her a ‘radical’ in the true sense of the word: wanting to the return to the roots. And in a world with a pro-Islamist in the White House, wobbling sissies in most of Europe’s chancelleries, a migration catastrophe, open Islamist warfare, perhaps this is Marine’s moment?


  • boiledcabbage

    Every country in Europe is one attack away from social disaster, except France where its already happened: 700+ house searches, 160+ under house arrest, more than 100 weapons – but of course that level of radicalisation / infiltration could never happen in Britain, could it?

    When will this country stop pretending that multiculturalism has been an outstanding success?

    • Sue Smith

      Perhaps France will now develop the intelligence to reflect, “be careful what you wish for”. But I doubt it.

  • freeth1nk3r

    ‘In Ukip, Britain has a proudly anti-racist populist party that refuses to do deals with Madame Le Pen.’
    What a load of nonsense! This should read ‘In UKIP, Britain has a racist party which is a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. What a sickening display of arrogance, based on false intepretation of the facts.

    Please show me any econometric evidence in peer reviewed academic journals which shows that immigration has harmed the UK economy. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary (google it) and NO evidence in support of the idea that mass immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe has hurt our economy.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    “Spies have to be lucky all of the time. Terrorists have to be lucky only Once’ and there lies a big problem

  • Mongo

    the UK is, and always have been, among the most tolerant and compassionate nations in the world. That tolerance has been ruthlessly exploited, not least by our own elected politicians

    our own politicians have forced us to become a less tolerant people through their reckless, ill-concieved policies. That’s what’s so tragic about all this

    • Sue Smith

      I agree with this. And it proves that if you give people an inch they’ll always take a mile. That old adage holds much truth for refugees and multiculturalism.

  • King Zog

    “Sofia Helin, lead actress in the television series The Bridge,
    this week contrasted the generous immigration policy of her native
    Sweden with what she sees as Britain’s flinty-hearted approach.”

    Again with the virtue signalling. Utterly insane. INSANE. The death by a thousand cuts. The slow destruction of a culture, of a civilization, of a language – and yes, of an ethnicity.

    How many more? 500,000? 1,000,000? How many is too many?

    • Mongo

      typical luvvie. Sweden is committing national suicide, but I bet it doesn’t affect her much.

      I’ll take the “flinty-hearted” approach

      where’s Alf Garnett when you need him!

      • King Zog

        Unfortunately he died last week 🙁

  • trobrianders

    It is extraordinary but in a terrible way. It merely confirms the power of leftist indoctrination that passes for public discourse.

  • Augustus

    “Our security services have so far been very good at keeping us safe.”

    All degrees of anti-terrorist operations are of limited use until people in authority call the source of the violent madness that is eating away at our freedoms by its name, and say that Islamist terrorism is very much part of Islamic teaching. Throughout the West Muslim children are taught, and Muslim adults are told in mosques, that according to the Koran all humanity must submit to Muhammad and the infidel must accept Shariah law; that holy war (jihad) must be waged on behalf of Islam; and that taking part in jihad brings with it the reward of the benefits of paradise. Muslims are taught that the Abode of Islam (Dar al-Islam) must be expanded by the sword through the Abode of War (Dar al-Harab) into the Abode of the Infidel (Dar al-Kufr). They are taught that they, the believers, are prohibited from submitting to the rule of the infidel, except as a temporary tactic, and that agreements with infidels are only provisional, a mere prelude to eventual subordination of the infidel. These are by far the most effective production lines of anti-Western Islamic terrorists. Current Western indifference to this long anti-Western history must end, and the significant impact for today’s world that the crucial milestones in the life of the Prophet Muhammad have had on contemporary Islamic fundamentalism must be revealed to all. When Muhammad, along with his loyalists, fled from Mecca to Medina, not to integrate and blend into Medina’s social environment, but to advance and spread Islam through conversion, subversion and terrorism, he gathered a critical mass of military might to conquer Mecca and from there launch Islam’s drive to dominate the world. The same megalomaniac aspirations which today, after 14 centuries, are still as strong as ever.

    • Ambientereal

      I ask myself how our politicians still don´t understand that islam is not the religion of peace muslim try to tell us. As you well say, every muslim is a weapon pointed against infidels and waiting to be fired by some radical. Muslim are brainwashed thugs that don´t know mercy. Many say islamistc terrorists are an exception but it is well proven that they are the rule. Islamic terrorism is taught in every mosque and in every islamic country their leaders enjoy terror attacks. Your comment summarizes very well all evil from islam. Our politicians only need to read it and find (easy task) proof of it to be fully convinced of its truth.

  • Ivan Ewan

    Here’s an idea. Let’s have our French-style nationwide crackdown on domestic jihadis BEFORE, rather than AFTER they kill a bunch of people? And I don’t bloody well care if the police need help from the army or not. They can pay the bill out of their pensions. If they wanted to be comfortable after retiring, they should have been less cowardly policemen.

  • Chamber Pot

    Why bomb Syria when our enemies are massing within our borders ? It makes no sense at all.

  • Maureen Fisher

    The Bridge is supposed to be set in Malmo but never shows a single Muslim or any immigrant of any description. The “baddies” are always white.

  • Mr B J Mann

    “that’s like Britain finding space for a refugee city the size of Birmingham.”

    But where can we find the space for that?

    The UK is already one of the most densely populated real countries (ie ignoring city-states and tax-haven islands) in the world, never mind Europe!

    Italy could take in 19 MILLION refugees and stiil have a lower density than the UK, France, if I recal correctly, 50 MILLION!

    But that’s in comparison with the whole UK, and not England, where most of the immigrants are aiming for, and which has a much higher population density still!