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It is political correctness, not maniacal bigots, that will end civilisation

The liberal media are more concerned about the reaction to the ruthlessness of Isis than about the ruthlessness itself

28 November 2015

9:00 AM

28 November 2015

9:00 AM

What does one do, attend or refuse a party after a tragic event such as the recent Paris outrage? My son happens to live next to Place de la République, where the massacre of innocents by those nice Islamists showing off their manhood took place. He was having dinner with his two little children when the shooting started. Luckily, they’re all OK, but I spent a terrible couple of hours trying to get through after the news came over the TV screens. The next evening in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Costume Institute was celebrating The Art of Style with a black-tie dinner honouring Jacqueline de Ribes, the international style icon whose dresses are being exhibited there.

I was of two minds, then decency prevailed and the whole thing was called off. It would have been pretty ridiculous. Hundreds of dead and wounded in Paris, and we fat cats dressed to the nines celebrating a Parisian lady who has dressed well for most of her 86 years. Consumerist lust 0; good sense 1. It also saved me from a hangover, as I loathe fashion and fashionistas and alcohol is the only antidote.

Just before the massacre of innocents, Curt Schilling, an American sports announcer and analyst, was suspended by ESPN for equating Muslim extremists with Nazis. It seems that mass-murderers acting on their God’s orders should not be slandered as Nazis, who acted on their Führer’s dictates. Go figure! Nor (according to effete hacks of the lefty persuasion) should Donald Trump be closing mosques that preach hate against us. Nor should Muslims that do likewise be registered.

It sounds crazy, but the liberal media in Europe and in the United States are more concerned about the reaction to the ruthlessness of Isis than about the ruthlessness itself. Stand up and take a bow, political correctness. You will have done more to bring about the end of our civilisation than the maniacal bigots that are perpetrating these horrors daily. And if you think comedy is dead, think again. The Brussels clowns who thought up the system of passport-free travel throughout the states that signed the Schengen agreement are huddling to find ways to assuage the suckers — us — after a summer of chaotic migration. Just think of it: billions and billions of euros have been collected by the bureaucrooks in Brussels over all these years, thousands of laws have been passed, the southern half of Europe has regressed economically to the early Fifties, and their greatest achievement, their most cherished accomplishment, has been to enable us to travel around Europe without having to flash our passport.

I read somewhere that someone said that Angela Merkel has blood on her hands. She sure does. She makes a moral case for Saudi Arabia not allowing women to be in politics. And what about that prehuman Australopithecus by the name of Jean-Claude Juncker, a malodorous cesspit discovered somewhere in Luxembourg whose reaction after the Paris catastrophe was to remind us that we should think of migrants and their plight. When history is written long after the collapse of Europe, those two will have replaced Nero and his fiddle. It will be Angela and Jean-Claude inviting in more hordes while the place goes up in smoke.

Let’s face it: Europe’s open-border arrangement is effectively an international passport-free zone for terrorists. They can come in, murder at will and make their escape. It is like hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe. And they have been responding to it with alacrity. Human traffickers and drug dealers haven’t been doing so badly either — thank you Jean-Claude and Angela yet again. And it all starts with the so-called elite.  When we vote no it’s ignored and another vote is called for. The garbage of Brussels has totally lost touch with the people that pay their enormous salaries and expense accounts, and we in turn no longer feel represented.

Lastly, how come there are no resettlement schemes in the immensely rich Gulf states? How come Saudi Arabia, that feminine paradise where teenagers are crucified for holding up the wrong sign, hasn’t taken in a single refugee? Why haven’t Europe or the US demanded that the kleptocrats in Saudi who financed Isis at the start live up to their moral obligations to their fellow Muslims? Because morality and the Saudis don’t go together. Whores, palaces, jets and yachts, yes – but not morality.

They say democracies are slow to anger – but once they rise to it, all hell breaks loose. Yes, and there is a Santa Claus. The EU has literally killed democracy in Europe. Our anger at what happened in Paris has the bureaucrooks shrugging their shoulders in annoyance — at us. Who cares? It’s Europe, and what counts is the central power in Brussels,. The rest is just stuff, nonsense that will go away. Next time you see a Brussels bureaucrat, aim some spittle at his face. I’ll pay your fine.

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  • JoBennetts

    Well said, Taki. We are ruled by fools who are in thrall to the emperor’s new clothes and to hades with democracy.

  • Paul Carolan

    If ISIS is 21st century Nazism then the PC brigade are their Quislings. You are right that this is where our ire needs to be directed rather than at ordinary European Muslims who may not be moderate/integrated enough for our taste. It is one thing to have to deal in a multi cultural society with immigrant groups who struggle to sufficiently distance themselves from the enemy. It is quite another to have to face a highly educated white section of the elite that is betraying our values and freedoms for fear of offending such groups. How many more victims of terror will have to be slaughtered before this kind can recognize that there is an ongoing war against a real enemy that requires them to chose a side to fight for?

  • edithgrove

    All common sense and welcome, especially the offer to pay my fine.

  • Simon Fay

    Not much to disagree with. Doesn’t look like I’ll fulfill the actuaries’ projected lifespan for me, one way or another. Just hope I can take some Quislings with me.

  • Emilio Lizardo

    The west has been Feminized, what do you expect.

  • Davedeparis

    Because PC attacks freedom of intellectual inquiry and speech, it both attacks Western Civilization at its core and makes it impossible to respond sensibly to Islamo-fascism. Terrorism in turn inspires even more insane Political Correctness in order to somehow depict Islamo-fascists as victims.

    • Marvin

      Precisely! PC and multiculturalism has made the modern white man feel extreme guilt about their own historical past, hence
      insisting that their lands are infested by a race of people that are being encouraged to obliterate our way of life.

    • Desperate Dan’s Porridge

      All part of the vicious circle of socialist nuttery.

  • Desperate Dan’s Porridge

    Political correctness, fascism disguised as good manners.

    • Icebow

      It’s cultural treason. Should always be in quotation marks, since the ‘correctness’ is of the left rather than the right.

      • Desperate Dan’s Porridge

        Quite right. Those socialist nutters love to oppress and control with every fibre of their nasty, vindictive and spiteful beings.

  • Anthorny

    The BBC, the EU’s version of Russia Today, is embracing all that is EU including the multicultural obsession.

    The latest casualty is Tim Wonnacott. He’s been booted off Bargain Hunt for his triple crimes of 1) whiteness 2) maleness and 3) gettingonabitness.

    Anyway the BBC has a formal process for all this in their Diversity Action Plan 2015-16 (I’m not making this up). The diversity programme is funded to the tune of £2m from license fee revenue.

    So white male ageing indiginous types are being systematically replaced with those exhibiting more “diversity”. You could call it “indigenous cleansing” by the corporation.

    • Icebow

      Tim? Unforgivable.

    • Observer1951

      He was actually kicked off for being extremely rude and obnoxious to people working on the film crew. Still let’s not let your rant get in the way of the facts

      • Mr B J Mann

        But he never bit one.

        I he bit one of his team the BBC would have made him DG!

  • Cagiva Mito Aprilia Rsforum

    ha fancy this being on Yahoo , who are doing there up most to destroy humanity via PC madness .

    ian dunt ??

    • Marvin

      The man who emerged from the lefty’s liberal sperm bank.

    • Michael North

      Is “Ian Dunt” real or is it just a piece of rhyming slang?

  • Stee

    Jeez, I was beginning to think it was only me who felt like this…………………………

  • Marvin

    Maybe it is time to change my newspaper. How refreshing to read the other side of social insanity for a change. What on earth has happened to the western human race in the last fifty years. The majority seem to have somehow acquired a myopic altruistic gene in their biological make up and have the urge to hug every Ebola and HIV victim, and invite Armaggedon into our world.

    • Tom M

      I fear it is what happens when there is a lack of wars to occupy people’s minds with what is important.

      • Marvin

        There are plenty of dangers that our tiny little planet faces from the Universe, like “Roaming Stars”, yes that is something new to me. Yet we are facing Armageddon from a race of primitive, ignorant, medieval, dogma ridden
        savages that are invading and defeating the modern powerful western races by plain and simple, but clever manipulation and destruction due to the bleeding hearted liberal ignorant fools in this world.

        • Tom M

          True, but then there is nothing new about great empires being brought down by primitive savages. The Roman Empire being a good case in point.
          For an interesting view of our chances as a species I recommend “Our Final Century” by Prof. Martin Rees. He explores the possibilities of the human race surviving anther 100 years and what it might be that eradicates it. BTW he doesn’t rate climate change much at all.

          • Marvin

            Thanks Tom M, I will definitely get the book. I am aware about the great and mighty empires being overrun
            by barbarians like the Huns, the Goths, Saladin, The Knights Templar, The Persians etc. But! what is occurring now is an invasion by the same backward type of race that have not advanced or evolved in the last 1400 years which is being invited and encouraged open heartedly by a race of guilt ridden white Cretins who just do not wish to or have the slightest intellect of the consequences of the Pandora’s Box they have opened. Climate change if true, we have the technology and intelligence to at the worst slow it, and at the best control it, but this other problem is eternal strife, chaos and mayhem that possibly Enoch Powell was on about.

  • DaviddeAngelis
  • David MacDonald

    Brilliant article. From someone who’s not afraid of the truth. The truth that the scum in Brussels are so terrified of.

  • shammini

    Spoke the mind of many around the world.

  • craig_oz_land

    You think it’s cracy political correctness and total chaos because they have no clue what “they” are doing. “They” know exactly what they are doing and this has all been planned. When you know what the plan is, it all makes perfect sense. Let me tell you, it’s pure evil. Don’t misunderstand me, most of the pawns are just that, clueless reactionaries. But there are some that know the plan. If you understand the money trail you understand the plan. This is all a proxy war. Who the players are on the news are not the real players. What the agenda looks like in the news is not the real agenda. Forget everything they are telling you and look at what is happening.

    • Richard

      Could I just ask: how do you know this? If we are living in a world in which what we see is not what is really happening, how are we able to work out what is really happening? How do we access “reality” if it is not visible or knowable, in other words? Surely anything else is speculation?

      • craig_oz_land

        Hi Richard, if you do the research the truth starts to become clearer. The more you search the clearer it becomes. Why, because when the evidence starts to corroborate other evidence the facts start to emerge. Look at the US Federal Reserve, the Word Bank, the US banks, world wide banks, IMF, TPP TISA TTIP. The root of all evil is greed. Follow the money trail and those with the most money and that will lead you to the source of evil. Wars are very profitable for some companies and governments. There are a lot of resources to be had from the war booty.

        • Richard

          Surely not all wars are simply set up in order to gain profit? I am reminded here of illness and the role of doctors. Doctors don’t create illness (usually!) but they do charge handsomely for its dispatch. I think profit and war are hand-maidens, but not parents and children.

          • craig_oz_land

            Ok, Richard, let’s talk specifics. Pick an example, you might pick a noble righteous one, chances are it’s easier to pick one that is not. Then we can analyse it.

          • Richard

            The Israel 1967 War? Or the taking of the Sinai Peninsula by Israel? What about the Vietnam War? Or the Korean War? I don’t see any profitability at stake in those. Colonial wars were certainly to safeguard resources, rather like the Kuwaiti business in 1990/91, but I am not sure about all wars. Most seem to me to be about power. All human endeavour is predicated on power relationships, principal among which is of course economic power. But profit in the narrow sense of making money from the war in the short term does not seem to me to be characteristic of all wars. It would be neat if war were so easily deconstructed, though.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Where did all Britain’s wealth go after the world wars?!

          • Richard

            Rebuilding, welfare state, destruction of Imperial Preference (removal of tariff-free trading zone), aggressive trades unions with the rise of socialism…

          • Mr B J Mann

            So nothing siphoned off to the States, then?!

          • craig_oz_land

            Not well researched on the 6 day war. Looks like it was a conflict over borders and territory. Agree that was most likely not over resources.

            The Vietnam war was more an imperialistic one and a battle between Communists and the US. However it was a civil war more than a northern lead offensive. Sure the arms were coming in through the north, however it was a war of hearts with a good proportion of the Vietnamese wanting an end to the Imperialist occupiers and self determination. That’s why the US conventional war strategy was a failure. The US “enemy” (the Vietnamese freedom fighters) led by Ho Chi Minh used the Communists in the main as they were the best ally to ensure Ho Chi Minh regained independent control of the country from Imperialist control. How much of that was for economic gains I am unsure.

            Skipping to the ones in the Middle East, since Bush seniors time and the following ones have been virtually all about resource control. I have read the Hussein was going to start dealing in Euro with oil sales and ditch the US currency. Gaddafi I was told was going to do a similar thing with gold as the exchange. That didn’t go down well. That along with lots of resources in those countries made it a great reason to justify some wars there.

  • Nick

    Who, in their right mind, having read ‘The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan’ would think ‘That’s a good idea, let’s implement it’. This is what we’re dealing with, and the future doesn’t look good….

  • new_number_2

    Yep, those “gender fluid” teenagers organising petitions to stop Germaine Greer speaking and get Zoolander 2 banned will be the end of civilisation.

    • MacGuffin

      All is all!

  • Tom M

    You have my vote Taki. If you plan to march on Brussels let me know I’ve had enough of them all and then some.

  • Knight of Tipton

    ‘Let’s face it: Europe’s open-border arrangement is effectively an international passport-free zone for terrorists. They can come in, murder at will and make their escape.’

    Couldn’t agree more. Shame nothing will change, our overlords are in denial.

  • Cobbett

    I wonder how Taki’s allowed on such a lefty publication as the Spectator…sadly, totally right.

  • Richard

    The real problem with political correctness is that it prevents people addressing the real issues at hand. Instead, it sublimates everything into Leftist ideology. In this way, problems just keep growing, until there is no way to avert disaster. That is where we are now. It is symptomatic of a diseased society, in truth, in catastrophic decline.

  • trace9

    Well I’ll take this ‘risk’, but where’s yours? You can’t fight without risking Something – & all he wants is a paid human shield.

  • monsieur_charlie

    Taki, you’re right about the symptoms of the problem, however, you are wrong in thinking that Brussels have made a mistake with Schengen. This is going exactly as planned, in the same way that the chaos surrounding the Euro is. Very soon they will announce a “plan” that will solve these problems by creating a United States of Europe, with absolute power over more than 500 million souls.

  • Fritz123

    The tower of Babel.

  • Mr B J Mann

    “Curt Schilling, an American sports announcer and analyst, was suspended by ESPN for equating Muslim extremists with Narsties.”


    He was s1andering the Narsties!

  • John Hynds

    Democracy – yes, us, we have to take the blame for voting these snivelling, Stockholm Sympathiser, treasonous criminals into power. The answer is simple, vote them out & elect hard line, anti Islam legislators into power everywhere. Islam is a religious – political, resource grabbing power of violent conquest, control & psychopathic misogyny. Moderate Islam – Muslims only exist because they are located in civilised, western, secular states that allow this practice. Moderate Islam is an oxymoron – a myth, moderate Muslims are either cowering in fear of retribution or are practicing vile Islamic Taqiyya duplicity. Islam is evil & needs to be surgically removed from western civilisation, then we need to get out of the Arabian states & leave them to their own devices. This region has a prehistory of barbarity & waring & always will, have nothing to do with it.

  • Hamburger

    Actually Saudi Arabia have done their bit. They have taken three refugees.

  • ASarchus

    The end time is nigh for the quislings of the EU – and they know it. They are running scared now and doing everything they can to shut down any dissenting voice – like arresting a retired general https://www.rt.com/news/331722-french-general-piquemal-trial/ for expressing his political opinion. It cannot be stopped now though. The cork is out of the bottle and in won’t go back in again. The tide is rising and it will become a tsunami as more and more ordinary people suddenly wake up and realise what the people they elected to look after their cultures have done.

  • Paris Lonhern

    What a fantastic piece of writing…