Turning back refugee boats saves lives - as Australia found out

By being tough on illegal migration, my country has cut out people-smuggling — and preserved public support for resettlement of refugees

12 September 2015

9:00 AM

12 September 2015

9:00 AM


Most ordinary Australians are shocked that our immensely civilised country is reviled in polite society here and abroad, when the world has so many blatant human rights abusers. The latest accusation comes from a New York Times article complaining that our policies on asylum-seekers are harsh, insensitive, callous and even brutal, and urges European nations not to copy them. Yet the policies on border protection of Tony Abbott and John Howard before him should be a lesson to Britain.

At the heart of the matter is a firm but fair post-war policy that mass migration is conditional on government control over ‘who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come’, as Mr Howard famously put it. Our population has grown from 7 million in 1945 to about 23 million, largely because of influxes from abroad, especially Asia in recent decades.

Our large-scale immigration intake, in conjunction with an orderly border protection policy, is a declaration that Australia is in charge of its destiny, never mind what any charity, UN committee or Guardian letter-writer demands. If the compact with the Australian people is undermined, public support for high levels of immigration will collapse.

Consider the Howard government’s experience from 1996 to 2007. In the late 1990s, some 8,000-plus people are known to have paid for unauthorised passage to Australia. The result: Pauline Hanson — Nigel Farage without the sophistication — was able to fan the flames of racism. But when a Norwegian freighter, the Tampa, packed with asylum seekers from Afghanistan (via several ports), entered our waters in late August 2001, Mr Howard refused them entry.

That upset the metropolitan sophisticates: he was denounced as an Antipodean Enoch Powell. But his stance won praise across middle Australia, guaranteed a third election win on the trot, and consigned Pauline Hanson to the ash heap of history.

The tough border-protection laws he imposed included temporary protection visas, mandatory detention and refugee camps on Nauru and Christmas Island.

The measures were severe, but Mr Howard rightly argued that deterrence against the people-smuggling racket required firmness; even, if necessary, harshness. At the time, many critics said Mr Howard’s response was a sledgehammer to kill a gnat. But although the numbers trying to enter Australia illegally were relatively small at that point, it was likely that they would have increased significantly thereafter, especially if entry was perceived to be relatively easy.

That is why Mr Howard’s decision to curb the illegal and immoral trade was so prudent. During the second half of his premiership — the period following the Tampa standoff in 2001 — unauthorised boat arrivals stopped, while the rate of legal non-discriminatory immigration doubled. This flowed directly from a sense that we were deciding who is allowed to come here.

When Kevin Rudd broke an election pledge and ended Howard’s Pacific Solution, the disincentives were removed, Australia was seen as a soft touch, and the people smugglers were back in business. From 2008 to 2013, more than 50,000 people arrived in unauthorised boats, and more than 1,000 died at sea.

That all changed two years ago, when Mr Abbott won power and began to reintroduce many of the Howard-era policies, including the deployment of the Australian navy and customs officials to turn back boats. The result: the boats have stopped, lives have been saved, thousands have been released from immigration detention and smugglers have had to look elsewhere.

It also means that public confidence in our immigration programme has been restored — meaning most Australians have no qualms whatsoever about accepting 12,000 Syrian refugees over the coming weeks. When it comes to the resettlement of refugees, Australia leads the world on a per capita basis.

The conclusion from the Australian experience is that those who benefit most from tough border protection are the immigrants who come here fairly and legally. Strict controls help dampen down xenophobia, and ensure that decent treatment is given to those seeking the nation’s hospitality. If only you Poms had not surrendered your sovereignty to Brussels!

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Tom Switzer is a former editor of The Spectator Australia.

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  • Rik

    Hear hear!!!! I would sell my soul to see GB led by politicians whose policies and principles lasted longer than the next headline or twitterstorm.We have seen so many u-turns they must all be dizzy.

    • It was most instructive that Cameron collapsed into a blubbering heap as soon as the photograph of Aylan Kurdi’s body was published. However, at least unlike the slime daubed European politicians, he did insist that the only people who would be eligible for residence in the UK would be people that WE choose from camps in the Middle eastern region itself. The pity is that as soon as the rest of the EU give papers to the swarm of people they have let in, they will be able to wave their EU passport at the UK border and walk right in here anyway. I wonder how many of these English Speaking Syrians will remain in Germany once they have an EU passport.

  • octagon<3

    This is the correct and humane approach. The UK had it right along, it was the rest of Europe that didn’t offer aid to build UN camps. On top of that, how does supplanting the population of Syria to Europe fix the void when Syria is stabilized? I have a feeling a lot of refugees are not going to want to leave after having tasted the good life in western Europe.

    • Sue Smith

      “The good life”? And how long do you think THAT will last?

      Nobody has mentioned terrorism. All these people flooding in is the gift which just keeps on giving for IS.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Forget turning back; machine gun um.
    Just trying to ingratiate myself with you neocons out there.

    • Sue Smith

      Your suggestion may turn into a reality in Europe in the very near future. Then we’ll know where to look!!

      And, in keeping with faulty grammar, is faulty logic. Failing to understand the nuances of the illegal trade in human immigration and the nexus between “fleeing” and “demanding” has escaped you. Oh, never mind – I expect it doesn’t suit your particular agenda at the moment.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        Women, no sense of humour, irony or over-statement for effect. A deliberate and extremely provocative exaggeration intended to call into sharp relief, theattitude of sociopaths that comment on these pages. Brits, right: Hate filled people with humanity running on empty.
        Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

        • Sue Smith

          I apologize if I mistook your intention. It’s just that I feel passionate about this issue – not for myself, I’m over 60 – but for my children, and theirs.

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            Doin’t worry, luv. In print it can be hard to distinguish between irony and a hole in the ground.

          • Sue Smith

            A hole in the ground? Luxury; we lived at the bottom of a lake and every day we licked lake clean….

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            Proof of Brit test: Verbatum quote from the Pythons’ “Four Yorkshiremen”.
            Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

          • Sue Smith

            Oh God, let us celebrate this wonderful humour in the dying days of the Britain that we know!!

            The atrocity that is this Muslim invasion is aided and abetted by a complaint and complicit media; I frankly do not know what is worse – the new arrivals or the politiburo which passes for the BBC and left news media these days.

            Doomed to repeat the lessons of history.

        • Labour Mole Catcher

          Why do you keep on calling yourself a “Japan Alps Brit”, when you are obviously just a Japanese bloke who live in Japan (and also a bit of a saddo really)?!

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            Japan Alps Brit
            Brit residing in the Japan Alps region of Japan as a resident abroad. Obvious surely even to the meanest intelligence.
            “you are obviously just a Japanese bloke who live(s) in Japan”
            Only to you, looney.
            You make so many unforced errors I really do wonder if English is your first language.
            Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

          • Labour Mole Catcher

            What is “a resident abroad”?! One of your World-famous made-up slogans (TM)?!

  • King Zog

    John Howard… Balls. Of. Steel.

    • Sue Smith

      And humanity to go with it. And Labor continually fails to understand that if they undermine the current arrangements they will lose the next election – no matter how bad they see the current government performing.

      And I predict another wave (pun intended) of boats in the wake of deciding to take Syrians. This will test Labor, who’ve pretended in a recent conference to support ‘turning back boats’ but who are not to be trusted because of their Green supporters. Their language was patently equivocal on the matter!

      Do not trust a Labor government on national security – EVER. Middle Australia – the people who change governments – are adamant they don’t want illegal immigrants riding on the coat-tails of the truly persecuted and exploited. One observer called them ‘self-selecting immigrants’. Very true. You have them entering Europe in their thousands as I write this.

      No person has a right to enter any country for economic reasons and demand to live there.

      • john donnelly

        apart from the white people from Europe that colonised Australia and the Americas obviously.

        • Sue Smith

          The white people were being punished – remember. They were not economic migrants!! You Brits made it a penal colony.

          And, coincidentally, they brought progress (in case you hadn’t heard) which included – but are not limited to – television, computer and heart transplants. America fared even better. I’m not sure what the life expectancy is there now but I think it’s an improvement on that of the American indians up to the 19th century.

          You in Europe can look forward to terrorism, TB and probably Ebola virus. Good luck with it all. I’ll just go and drink my coffee out on my deck right on the Pacific Ocean, east coast of Australia.


          • Tellytubby

            We sent them there as punishment because it was such a desolate, harsh, untamed place – despite people having lived there for over two-thousand years before. The odd thing is that the whiteys made it one of the nicest places to live in the world in just a hundred and fifty years.

        • King Zog

          Colonisation and immigration are not the same thing. There might be a debate about whether colonisation was a good or bad thing. Immigration in itself (leaving aside refugees for a moment) is neutral, however. It’s the level that matters, and the effect on the host nation.

          • Sue Smith

            Quite right. And the original ‘invaders’ of Australia (this is how our aborigines refer to us) were not in significant numbers – arriving in small dribs and drabs over decades – and were totally self-sufficient. And, to my knowledge, they didn’t bring sectarian violence with them – or internecine warfare.

            I submit that your invaders of Europe will be relying on YOU, and will not be self-sufficient.

          • Rex

            Nor were they coming to mooch off a welfare state run by Aborigine taxpayers.

          • Sue Smith

            Look, it’s always a complex issue when one race arrives and takes over a country from another race – as is going to happen in Europe. Some will integrate nicely, many will not. From my point of view, the law shouldn’t bend over backwards – as it does in western nations- to help victimize minorities and place punitive costs upon taxpayers. You quickly realize that lawyers and other vested interests are parasites who make a “nice little earner” from all this!!

            I remember the old Foghorn Leghorn from Bugs Bunny Cartoon show. The old rooster used to put the dog on a rope and the dog would always extend the rope to its limit in order to get at Foghorn. Well, that’s how I see the modern welfare state – providing the rope which will always be stretched beyond its limit to enable more and more by way of benefits and ‘rights’.

            It’s a slippery slope to disaster. Tonight on a program a lefty was bemoaning spending cuts affecting the poor in Australia. A clever economic correspondent replied, “well, the poor get most of the government’s money – you would expect that to be the first place to find cuts”.

            No, the left and its bandwagon of victimology won’t ever accept that. And the intelligent correspondent observed, “not until there’s a crisis will this ever change”. SO TRUE.

          • Rex

            At least your country’s showing some backbone for the immigration problem. Lefty thinking holds that everyone must be saved from their own mistakes (not saying the Syrian situation is the fault of people fleeing it – but it isn’t the fault of Europe either)

          • Sue Smith

            Yes, the people of Europe will pay with their wallets but also their culture. History has shown this time and again.

            Unfortunately, the Left can only EMOTE – it is incapable of THINKING.

            We are going through a crisis of capitalism at the moment and the Left is on the rise. But they have nothing to offer, save the old nostrums which failed to work every time they were invoked. Think North Korea, Cuba, Russia et al. China is the only exception but there will be limits to the One Party state when it comes to capitalism. I think we’re seeing those limits now.

          • Rex

            I often wonder, what’s it going to take for First World leftists to open their eyes and get rid of their white man’s guilt? Something that makes 9/11 look like a bar-room brawl, set off by groups that they’re welcoming with open arms today? Or will that also be blamed on ‘Western imperialism’?
            Their capacity to self delude seems endless.

          • Sue Smith

            I don’t care if they delude themselves; it’s the rest of us I worry about. And there are plenty of precedents. Remember the Bolshevik Revolution and the worst social experiment the world has ever known which arose from that? All of it from lefty so-called idealism.

            At least Fascism isn’t based on a written treatise!!

        • andyrwebman

          They didn’t have a right, in a sense. They did it by armed force.

          Nobody in any established country would want the injustices of their nation’s birth repeated back at them. Certainly not out of a sense of karma for the actions of our ancestors.

          That’s why we seek to deny people the right to enter in an unrestricted manner. Better to be unfair than to be a victim.

    • john donnelly

      John Howard the Immigrant !

      • King Zog

        Immigration is not the issue. Uncontrolled immigration is the issue, particularly when (as is frequently the case) it threatens the cultural and – yes – ethnic identity and cohesiveness of the host. Of course this compromising of the host culture might not be down so much to the immigrant population itself as those members of the host (liberals, cultural marxists, SJWs – the usual suspects on these pages) who view cultural cohesion as, to varying degrees, a bad thing.

        • DellerboyNZ

          These lines led a piece on a primary school in Wellington NZ.

          “Christmas and Easter celebrations are out, while Chinese New Year and Diwali are in for a Wellington school meeting the challenges of cultural diversity”

          ..and I thought the purpose of early schooling for migrant and refugee groups was to prepare students to take their places in the host community.

  • Mc

    “Most ordinary Australians are shocked that our immensely civilised country is reviled in polite society here and abroad”. Reviled by SJWs and virtue signalers.

    The fact that the flow of people stopped after Howard’s policy was implemented is a relatively good indicator that many were economic migrants, not refugees. This is born out by the fact that most people at Calais are working age males who don’t want to remain in France. The real clincher is that it costs thousand in people smuggling fees to get to the West – fees that are almost certainly expended in the expectation that the migrant will get work asap in the West.

    Even if every one of the migrants was a genuine asylum seeker, there is a limit to how many refugees can be absorbed and assimilated in the West. Based on the approximately 5 billion people living in the Third World, there must be many tens of millions who would theoretically be eligible as asylum seekers – a frankly unsustainable number to absorb each year.

    • Sue Smith

      Economic migrants; EXACTLY.

      • Common Porpoise

        This is the official UNHCR headcount of the “migrants” crossing the Med to bring us joy.


        It reveals that the migrant stream is comprised of 15 per cent children, 13 per cent women and 72 per cent young males coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia and Pakistan in that order.

        • Sue Smith

          That last statistic is terrifying!! Absolutely TERRIFYING.

          • andyrwebman

            Not quite. What it more likely means is that the women aren’t in danger at all – the men are crossing over by the risky route and looking to bring their women over when they have their papers sorted out.

            Economic migrants.

        • Callan

          Well Soubry and one or two others will be clapping their hands. Those who make their way here, and there will be more than a few, will according to her and her accomplices be coming to make a valuable contribution to the economy. Except 80 per cent of Somalis and 70 per cent of Pakistanis already here are on welfare. Perhaps the others will be more industrious. In the interests of our thriving, ever expanding multi cultural, diverse communities we must hope so.

  • Sean Grainger

    Not having known there was an upside-down version of the mag please could we get some occasional guest articles.

  • Suzy61

    ‘If only you Poms had not surrendered your sovereignty to Brussels!’


    • Shawayne

      Did you not internalise the Prime Minister’s (the British one) numerous statements in the House? Let me remind you of your selective failings to recall undisputed chain of events.

      Borders? closed, see Calais
      Brussels? they don’t own drones
      Immigrants? we’re not in Schengen, Syria is also not in Schengen, Munich is, Vienna is, Hungary is, Serbia isn’t, Turkey isn’t – did not being in Schengen prevent the undisputed chain of events? How?

    • Johnny Dangerous

      We didn’t surrender it – we were betrayed by backstabbing bureaucrats who acted against all British laws without any mandate form the people. I hope one day they are hung for treason.

      • Sue Smith

        The Green compassionistas in the UK and Europe – dictated to by the shrill but impotent UN – is the real reason. Australia has stared down immensely vicious cant from these quarters.

        We know who we are and won’t be cowed. Activists and lawyers are the real ‘baddies’ in this scenario. Australia will not tolerate such oligarchs being in charge of immigration policy – now or ever.

      • David Prentice

        Gordon Brown sneaking in late to railroad through the Lisbon Treaty springs to mind when the word treason is bandied about.

      • Callan

        Have a look on Youtube at the interview with Enoch Powell by Robin Day as the results of the vote on admission to the EUSSR were being declared. Enoch sets out chapter and verse how the public were being deceived and the awful consequences of the UK being drawn into this unholy union, especially its loss of sovereignty.

      • Bertie

        When that day hopefully arrives – give me a call.I’ll happily man the gallows and send them off to meet their makers.

    • Sue Smith

      They’d now be, well, Brussels Sprouts!

  • DellerboyNZ

    In the wake of Abbott reintroducing the Howard policies, we had the most outrageous comment from an Indonesian official speaking on (you guessed it) Al Jazeera.
    He said that Australia should be taken before an international tribunal and asked for an explanation of its reneging on its UN Refugee convention obligations.
    Indonesia is not a signatory to the Convention and nor are its fellow Muslims in Malaysia.
    The unmitigated gall.

    • Sue Smith

      He’s just playing politics (as so many of the compassionistas are); either that or he’s just not intelligent enough to understand the DIFFERENCE between ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘economic refugees’. Our former foreign minister, Bob Carr, is intelligent enough. He called this out some time ago.

      Tom Switzer – all round champion, btw.

    • ebonystone

      “Indonesia is not a signatory to the Convention…”

      Nor is it a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which one would think obligatory for any member of the U.N.

      • DellerboyNZ

        They enjoyed clipping the ticket of those who transited through on their way to Oz. That little lark is over.

        • Sue Smith

          I’m bawling because it’s cold and rainy at the Serbian/Hungarian border and hoards of Muslim males are cold and wet. God is great.

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          • Gilbert White

            The Indonesians are inflicting misery on their neighbours with land clearance and the resultant haze. Just this ceasing for this year would allow Crighton to flood the Cosmos with plastic bags until our sun becomes a Red Dwarf.

          • Sue Smith

            A catastrophist!! Let’s hope you don’t have anything really serious go on in your own life.

          • Have you noticed that 80% of them are very able bodied and between the ages of 18 and 30 and ought if they had any decency to be in Syria fighting for their country and rebuilding a decent society?

          • Sue Smith

            It infuriates me – especially since the women (3rd class citizens) have been abandoned to the mercy of predators. Not a good omen, it has to be said.

            Another thing that totally galls me is that news reports say “Europe is in free fall, flip flop doing nothing” and THEN “huge condemnation for Hungary” because they’re ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING to protect their country. So, do something but don’t actually do anything!!

            I fully expect the tourism trade for Europe to dwindle to a trickle within the coming year.

          • Ambientereal

            Hungary, Poland and the other east European countries should try to preserve the bit remaining of old Europe, so that we could have a sanctuary there after west Europe becomes full islamic.

          • DellerboyNZ

            The Eastern group know from recent history what it’s like to have an alien culture imposed on them. Known as the Soviet Union!
            Not quite on topic but there are reports of Christian Iraqis and Syrians scared of going into the camps because they are attacked by Muslim refugees.
            You’d think that Muslims intent on going to Europe would be trying to burnish their tolerance credentials.
            But then, maybe they’ve figured Europe isn’t going to stick up for Christians anyway.

          • Ambientereal

            Right!! I didn´t thought about it, but it is true, those countries have a lot of experience in “being invaded”. As for the tolerance of muslim it is an oxymoron.

          • vbgvcgcgbcxf

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          • DellerboyNZ

            When Israel built walls to keep out marauding Muslims there were outcries reverberating in the corridors of the UN and the Pope, made a prayer stop at one to emphasise its inhumanity.
            A European country does it and as Annie Hall would say:
            ‘La de da, la de da. la la’

          • Sue Smith

            Alternately, “talk to the hand”.

      • Ambientereal

        Probably they don´t know what is a signature. As well as they don´t respect the given word, they won´t respect any signed document. They are the most shameless liars.

    • Frederika Steen

      No matter who says it, the suggestion of being called to account for our breach of international law (as well as common decency) is the right call!

      • Sue Smith

        With the emphasis on the “common”.

      • DellerboyNZ

        That’s like giving Hitler the right to prosecute the Allies for bombing Dresden.

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    • kevinlynch1005

      Indonesia lecturing Australia on ITS obligations to the dispossessed? Tell that to the East Timorians!

    • Ambientereal

      Why am I not surprised?, no muslim country will respect “any” international law, right or convention. They take part in international organizations but they don´t feel part of the international community. In fact they try to “own” the international community and fully islamize it. I am repeating lately everywhere the word “reciprocity” because if there is no reciprocity, the right and/or law shouldn´t apply. I respect you “then” you respect me.

  • Tim Ireland

    I am very fortunate to have quickly met John Howard a few years ago.
    John Howard is Australia’s greatest Prime Minister, followed by Hawke, Menzies and Abbott.
    Thank you so much Mr Howard.

    Come on Britain – LEAVE THE EU

    • Sue Smith

      Agree. But the horse has largely bolted.

      My son has also met Howard. The former PM asked if my son was related to an erstwhile international cricketer. In short, he made an attempt at friendly conversation with my son. Very impressive.

  • tykegirl

    Not to fear Tom, I’m quite sure that vast numbers of Germans, Brits, French and other sane Europeans are in no way condemnatory of the Australian approach to controlling its borders. Amazing that the Americans, who are in large to blame for the current chaos in the ME, and who appear to be doing as much as nothing to take large numbers of refugees, dare to start moralizing.

    • Sue Smith

      It’s the meat and three veg for “The New York Times”. Moralizing is their stock in trade. Don’t let it get you down!!!!!!

  • imbenfogle

    fair enough – this has changed my view!

  • ohforheavensake

    Australia turns back migrants.

    The irony is too much to bear.

    • mohdanga

      So because white Brits settled, founded, and built modern day Australia into one of the best countries in the world, they should be forced to accept millions of non-assimilating 3rd world Muslims? Yes, yes, we know, the Brits annihilated the aborigines, blah, blah, blah. And when the Brits arrived they found a functioning first world society with all modern amenities. Perhaps the ‘migrants’ from Syria could go to an uninhabited part of Papua New Guinea and do like the Brits, start their own country. Oh, wait, no free stuff there.

    • Sue Smith

      Glib, but unintelligent because lacking understanding and nuance. People who says things like this have allowed themselves to be so easily propagandized about what is good for them. LOL

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Austria – Australia

      • Sue Smith

        Both countries beloved by me, and lived in by me!! Alas, it’s’ jeder auf wiedersehen Osterreich!!’ Mein Gott, die Menchen auf Osterreich!!

    • andyrwebman

      Why wouldn’t they? Who wants to go the way of the aborigine?

  • Uusikaupunki

    “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.”

    – Will Durant
    American writer, historian, and philosopher (November 5, 1885 – November 7, 1981).

    • Zoran

      Just because they built the Taj Mahal they get a good press.

  • WTF

    “Most ordinary Australians are shocked that our immensely civilised country is reviled in polite society here and abroad”

    I can assure you that most in the west applaud Australias tough but fair immigration policies and wish our lame leaders would follow suit. The only ones that don’t are race baiting lib**tards on the left that none of us give the time of day to anymore and give them a good verbal slapping when ever they open their mouths.

  • Cincinnatus

    Our large-scale immigration intake, in conjunction with an orderly
    border protection policy, is a declaration that Australia is in charge of its destiny, never mind what any charity, UN committee or Guardian letter-writer demands. If the compact with the Australian people is undermined, public support for high levels of immigration will collapse.

    Refreshing to read a common sense statement on the issue of immigration.

  • northernwoman


  • Terence Hale

    “Turning back refugee boats saves lives – as Australia found out”. Advertising may be the reason why “pig’s ears” won’t to be silk shirts.

    • Sue Smith

      If your grammar was up to scratch we might be able to fathom what you mean. Back to the drawing board…

  • Captain_America

    As a connoisseur of finely bottled and properly aged ironies, it nevertheless surprises me in conversation with the “open borders” supporters, how much they castigate the brutish Neanderthals who want to severely restrict immigration as being afraid of losing their lifestyle (as if that were something bad). Challenge those same bien pensants to alter or modify Their lifestyles (for the greater good), and wait for the howls of accusation (of being a H8ful Bigot.)

    • Sue Smith

      Yes, and the thing which strikes one is that THEY are so full of hatred themselves. If in doubt just peruse the comments page of the Guardian and see what vile cant these (mostly youngsters) are spewing. They’ve been comprehensively propagandized, and it shows!!!

      • Captain_America

        If I may be permitted to echo a favorite shaming cry of the Left, “H8ers gotta H8”. (Their illiteracy being founded on Twitter and their attention span on seven-second video clips may have some accountability here.)

  • Bonkim

    Have to admit the Australian solution works and in the long run help failed and failing societies to sort out their own problems than rely on outsiders telling them what to do.

    Sustainable solutions will only be developed by those affected – free aid and outside intervention de-motivate people and if they see Britain or Europe attractive on the TV and Web decide to sell all and pay people traffickers to get out.

    The trick is not to offer cheap and easy options – those affected by Assad should be helped to set up a force in Syria and supplied with Arms to get rid of Assad and set up a sustainable society there. Europe, the US and other developed countries went through various wars and revolutions over decades/centuries to achieve the enlightened development they now enjoy – blood-letting is the first requirement to achieve long term stability – something for nothing people achieve little and will live in voluntary apartheid, and will be a burden on Britain/Europe, also potential fifth column supporting various factions including ISIS battling it out in the Mid-Eastern war-zones.

    Merkel and Junker will disappear soon and the rest of Europe will pay for their misguided charity.

    • Sue Smith

      Don’t fool yourself that Merkel feels “charity”. She’s just been bullied into what she’s doing. Read her article from 2010 in the Guardian about the “failure of immigration” in Germany.

      That’s how she REALLY FEELS.

      • goodsoldier

        I wish I could believe you, but I don’t trust her. She is setting up a catastrophe which will lead to communism, something she has always been at home with.

        • Sue Smith

          Today I’ve been reading an incisive article written by a journalist for “The Australian” newspaper by a correspondent who has been sent to Germany to investigate this. She claims that there are deep divisions within that country over refugees and that PEGIDA is on the rise, BUT increasingly aattracting ordinary Germans and not just right-wing nationalists. The people of Dresden, in particular, are in the front line – their history has excluded them from much of the world because of The Wall and they’re not used to foreigners. They are resentful of money and homes given to refugees when even the poorest Germans are not entitled to them.

          One Pakistani “refugee” she interviewed (go figure!!) claimed he was ‘disappointed; I expected a house and money and these have not been given to me”.

          Any leader who ignores any or all of these issues is doomed to failure. I’d mortgage my house on it.

          I’ve been around long enough to see quite a bit (over 60) and it can come as a big shock to people when a government everybody in the media seems to think is doing good is thrown out by the silent majority. Watch this space!

  • ebonystone

    “…although the numbers trying to enter Australia illegally were relatively small at that point, it was likely that they would have increased significantly thereafter,…”

    Just as, if Europe takes in a million “refugees” this year, next year there will be two million demanding entry, and more after that.

    • Sue Smith

      And then some!! This time from much further afield.

      • Common Porpoise

        Flights from Iraq to Turkey are being increased from 5 to 8 per day.
        And they are all full.

  • Frederika Steen

    Yep, Australia has not selected refugees for settlement, not one, in its “generous resettlement program” from the 13 000 growing pool of fully UNHCR processed refugees and registered asylum seekers in the Jakarta Office SINCE 1JULY 2014.
    Meanwhile, boats of desperate people- refugees , asylum seekers and maybe some tail gaters- have been illegally intercepted at sea and secretly turned around or towed to Indonesian waters by armed Australian Navy/Customs boats. Yep, the nation built on post WW2 immigration, still inviting 190 000 + a year, rejects brave and vulnerable asylum seekers because it prefers to control . Yep , happy to breach international law and persecute the persecuted in the name of absolute control. I am ashamed.

    • Pioneer

      You should be ashamed of that post

      • Sue Smith

        Lefties know no shame. They are too busy being nailed to a crucifix of their own making.

        • Frank Marker

          And what would they be able to moan about at their tedious dinner parties with others of their ilk?

    • Sue Smith

      Your conspiracy theory is the typical cant of the left – without foundation and designed to unseat the Coalition and weaken the borders. Since you don’t value your own culture why should you try to protect it. Self-loathing politics – or what passes for it.

      And the “tail gaters” are a large bulk of those people. Avert your eyes, though. Remember what your old Labor luvvie Bob Carr said about them. Well, look it up on Google.

    • A Alan

      I read your regular letters in the Brisbane local newspaper the Courier Mail on this subject. Sadly like many of your ilk in Australia and the UK you choose to live well away from the consequences of the policies you advocate. You live in the nice leafy middle class and expensive suburb of Chapel Hill which is hardly the place where immigrants and asylum seekers are going to be resettled or head to. Your children if you have any will not see the standard of their education suffer as the excellent local state schools at Indooroopilly or Kenmore will not be overrun with children who cannot speak English. Again the excellent doctors surgeries at Kenmore Village and Chapel Hill will not suffer from a huge influx of immigrants, allowing you and your family to continue to enjoy first rate medical care. The poor residents of Inala or Woodridge which already has suffered from racial problems (no white people involved I should add !!) will be the ones who see their community facilities overwhelmed and will experience the brunt of thousands of immigrants with an alien culture which at times is openly hostile to Australia.

      Perhaps if you signed your letters ending in the suburbs Bankstown (Sydney) or, Coburg (Melbourne) or, Inala/Woodridge in Brisbane, I and many other readers might have a little more respect for your position. You are no better than the Hampstead Liberals from London.

      • Frank Marker

        And they are always so, so, ‘Ashamed’ of their country or government too. You would think that moral superiority, a euphemism for snobbishness in my book, would wear them down after while. No such luck.

    • Freddythreepwood

      How ashamed are you, Frederika? Ashamed enough to allow an immigrant family or two share your own home? Ashamed enough to booger off to another country, where you won’t feel so ashamed? What we wouldn’t give for a ‘Yep’ to that!

  • Michael Crawford

    Dear Tom, though much of what you say is undoubtedly true I can assure you that there are many very reasonable Australians who are neither “comfortable” with ongoing high levels of immigration (an unholy alliance between business interests and the bleeding heart left) nor allowing 12,000 culturally alien people to make Australia their permanent home.

  • thomasaikenhead

    The irony is that the foreign policy that saw David Cameron collude with Sarkozy to topple Gadhaffi resulted in Libya becoming a failed state.

    As a result, Libya is now a major transit point for illegal immigrants coming to Europe.

    The sight of these illegal migrants in the Mediterranean, coupled with the sight of them later at Calais trying to get to the UK, coupled with the fact that the EU is trying to foist so many others on to the UK from Eastern Europe, means that British people want the government to take control of the borders of the UK.

    As a direct result, they are increasingly likely to vote NO in the EU referendum!

    David Cameron is frantic to get a Yes result, but when he fails to do so, Tory right-wingers will demand his resignation as Prime Minister.

    The chickens are coming home to roost, David!

  • Sue Smith

    Our Channel 10 news tonight carries a sensational allegation (headlines) that the father of the drowned 3y/o, his brother and mother is a people smuggler. At the very least he is culpable for their deaths which I and others with half a brain have long suggested.

    I only thank God that adults are in charge of Australia’s immigration policy!!

    • Common Porpoise

      Sadly I fear I’m too old for Australian immigration to let me move there. One of the last bastions of sanity now.

      • Sue Smith

        Don’t think for a minute we didn’t have (and continue to have) enormous battles with the lefy bien pensant – those aggressive inner urban lefties who are COMPLETELY self-serving. Their utopian model of society, based on Marxism, and with them at the TOP of the tree is an ongoing and aggressive struggle.

        The average Aussie just won’t have a bar of them; the average Joe (as we call them) who fixes your plumbing, drives a truck, delivers the mail – these are the fair dinkum people who can’t stand the lorry loads of bullshit which passes for politics these days.

        • Zoran

          Helps to explain Sydney’s Gay Pride event (there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one)

          • Sue Smith

            Yes, it turns out they really wanted to be just like us all along!! Anyway, ‘asylum seekers’ have blown that all off the agenda – thank God. I was so bored!!

  • Common Porpoise



    THE father of the three-year-old boy whose lifeless body washed up on a Turkish beach was allegedly a people smuggler and was at the helm of the boat when it foundered, killing his son. Australian broadcaster Network Ten has aired allegations that Aylan Kurdi’s father Abdullah was a people trafficker who skippered the vessel which capsized off the Turkish coast.

    An Iraqi woman on board the boat, who lost two of her children, made the allegations from Iraq early Friday morning. It was alleged they had paid US$10,000 for the trip.

    Zainab Abbas, via her Sydney based cousin Lara Tahseen, told 10 News the boy’s father was driving the boat.

    “He was a smuggler, yes, he was the one driving the boat,’’ she told Network 10. “He was a smuggler, yes, he was the one driving the boat,’’ she told Network 10.

    And it’s not just on Breitbart. Australian newspapers now carrying this story. Get it out there.

    Will there BBC touch it at all? Not a chance.

    Aylan Kurdi: Drowned boy’s father accused of being people smuggler in charge of boat that crashed


    THE father of the three-year-old boy whose lifeless body on a Turkish beach shocked the world was allegedly a people smuggler and was driving the boat when it crashed, killing his son.

  • Smiffy51

    Well done Australia.

    I am deeply concerned for our children’s futures when Britian becomes muslim, thanks to uncontrolled immigration.

    We only have to listen to Anjem Chowdray’s hate speeches on Youtube to know what is coming.

    • Sten vs Bren

      You can spend your days watching Anjem Chowdary on Youtube and spooking yourself or you can seek to rejoin the actual world where most of us have worked out that he is utterly irrelevant.

      • andyrwebman

        He is a symptom of a greater movement – the more extreme edge of it, but still very much part of the fold.

        The exponential growth of Islam within our society continues, and whether or not most Muslims think well of Chowdary, they nonetheless prepare the ground for an Islamic state of some kind.

        So whether or not Chowdary is “utterly irrelevant” is not the point – the point is that the country is edging towards an Islamic state.

  • Sten vs Bren

    We don’t take immigration advice from colonials! Gordon Bennett, that much should be obvious.

  • aspeckofboggart

    Convicts, crooks, cowards.

  • Freddythreepwood

    ‘he was denounced as an Antipodean Enoch Powell’

    He couldn’t have been paid a higher compliment.

  • Would that Europe had politicians with an iota of common sense and a bit of spine. It ought to be obvious to anyone with an IQ over 85 that an endless swarm of people will migrate illegally to Europe unless we operate determined campaign against illegal immigration. There are a billion people in Africa who would be much better off in Europe. Most of them have smartphones or a pal who has one and they can go onto the Internet and see how we live. Increasing prosperity in Africa means that more and more of these people have the means to make the journey AND THEY ARE DOING.

    Even taking the example of so called refugees from Syria, there is a potential for several millions of people to migrate northwards through Turkey or westwards via Libya. ALL of these people who arrive in Greece or in Italy are economic migrants since all of them have passed through safe countries and are nolonger entitled to claim that they are asylum seekers. But hark! Idiot European politicians have now redefined the term refugee to include people who were poor and want to be rich…. Do they have any idea what they are unleashing? How many more babes will drown in the Mediterranean because their parents consider it worth the chance to put them into a pathetic plastic inflatable and set off across the sea? What passes for government in half of Europe disgusts me. Populist idiots suffering some kind of emotional disorder that renders their critical faculties void, emote about a single child drowned in the surf at Bodrum by greedy parents who preferred to take a chance in Europe over safety in Turkey. “All may come”, they say, and they will. Be sure of it they will come unless we stop the whole thing by purposeful and determined action.

  • anka

    The sinister business EU is encouraging: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/in-a-turkish-port-the-smugglers-room-is-over-there/2015/09/11/e8babd70-56fa-11e5-9f54-1ea23f6e02f3_story.html
    If Merkel is so concerned with refugees lives, why not sending the boats to Turkey to pick those up, instead of playing into the hands of traffickers?

  • Dominic Stockford

    Good article, nice concluding sentence.

  • Vilmos Magyar

    TBF tho how is this relevant for europe that deals with land migrants, in much larger quantities no less

  • Sue Smith
  • bob rivers

    You will regret the day you allowed even those 12,000 arab muslims; they are a cancer and will seek to undermine Australian society from within. Send them back to the mideast to an arab muslim country.

    • Ambientereal

      I believe the admitted syrians are mostly Catholic. Australians have already had a lot of trouble with muslims. Remember the kid with a chopped head that was the son of an Australian muslim?

  • Child_of_Thatcher

    The author has a go at Hanson and by association Farage but seems unable to grasp that without people like Hanson this successful policy would have never happened. Without Farage Britain would not now be getting a referendum and chance at taking its sovereignty back from Brussels.

  • Rockingham

    Instead of boats picking them up, they should have intensive patrolling of the waters off of North Africa, and escorting them back to where they came from, we all remember the pirates off Somalia, holding ships and people to ransom, they solved that by sending hundreds of ships to patrol the waters, they can do the same with all these economic migrants.

    • Ambientereal

      Exactly, and it could give some extra side effect, that is to make navigation in the Mediterranean sea safer.

  • Ambientereal

    This is sooooo obvious. By adjusting people to the law we always do a good job.

  • Muttley

    The trouble is that lefties here and all over Europe don’t have the slightest interest in saving migrant lives. They want to use the crisis, as they use every other opportunity, to show how great and good they are, and how bad and racist anyone looking for a real, pragmatic solution is.

  • Snowmuncher

    “If only you Poms had not surrendered your sovereignty to Brussels!”

    Brussels only prevents controls over EU immigration, which is not the problem as long as the EU is not further enlarged and especially not enlarged to include Turkey. Although if the 1.5 million estimates into Germany from Syria this year who will bring their large families to make it 7 million, then when they get German / EU citizenship, I wonder how many will move to London? This was the route of the family of Amir Abase, one of the 3 Jihadi brides who left London to marry a head removing ISIS Jihadi.

    The main issue is non-EU immigration from developing countries such as those in sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the Indian sub continent, which in terms of scale, cost and social cohesion presents major problems.

    Non-EU immigration into the UK since 1991 has been 6.5 million while EU has been 3 million (ONS gross data).

    Other than that it was an excellent article although as far as I’m concerned it was preaching to the converted. I would point out that the use of the word “severe” to describe “temporary protection visas, mandatory detention and refugee camps on Nauru and Christmas Island” is overstating it by a long way. “Strict” would have been fine.

    Fewer emotionally incontinent Simon Schama types influencing decisions on border controls by blubbering “they are h u m a n ” on national TV (usually the BBC).

    • Snowmuncher

      The 1.5 million migrants for Germany this year and the possible total arriving of 7 million was leaked by the German press from a confidential German government report. in October 2015.