Lesbos: the tourist island where half Greece's migrants land

Dispatches from the beach: ‘The smugglers don’t care what happens – they just put you on the boat and say: go’

1 August 2015

9:00 AM

1 August 2015

9:00 AM


A young woman in a headscarf stumbled over some rocks and onto the beach. She stood there, rigid, stunned, then burst into tears. A grandmotherly German tourist hugged her. ‘It’s over now, you’re safe,’ she said. ‘You’re in Europe.’

A Burmese man from the same boat looked around anxiously and asked: ‘Will the police here beat us?’ It was after dawn on the Greek island of Lesbos, the sun glinting off the turquoise sea, an idyllic holiday-brochure landscape of hills with whitewashed houses. But the Turkish coast is so close that you can see it, and so this tiny island has become the front line in Europe’s migration crisis. Hundreds of people arrive here every day in rubber dinghies. The UN says more than 185,000 illegal migrants have come to Europe by sea this year, 100,000 of them entering Greece, half of those making landfall on Lesbos.

We watched another dinghy come in. People waded ashore; the last of them punctured the boat to sink it, as instructed by the smugglers: this is a one-way trip, the boat a disposable asset for the Turkish mafias behind this operation. A Greek fisherman rushed into the water to retrieve the valuable outboard motor and the refugees walked up the beach, taking their first shaky steps on European soil. They were met by a British expat, Eric Kempson, who handed out water, croissants, wet-wipes and dry clothes. Originally from Windsor, he has lived on the island for 16 years, making a living carving olive-wood knick-knacks for the tourists. With his ponytail, he made for an unlikely Mother Teresa, but his house looks out to sea and he has been moved by what he witnessed there.

‘The currents are very strong,’ he told me. ‘When we get a swell up, it can be vicious.’ One day, the waves were so high that even the fishing boats did not venture out but still the smugglers sent five boats across. The fifth did not make it. It folded in half about a mile out. ‘The front end of the boat went up in the air and the back end went up in the air… with a few people left in the middle. Then everyone was in the water. You could see the splashing — these people can’t swim. I watched for 20 minutes. There was nothing we could do.’ A helicopter went out looking for survivors but found none. ‘I’ve watched those people drown,’ he said, choking up. ‘That last boat was mainly women and children.’

The refugees represented a cross-section of the world’s conflicts; Syrians and Iraqis, Afghans and Somalis. There were economic migrants, too. My Syrian friend Yilmaz had arrived on Eric’s beach the day before, and he told me there were Algerians and Moroccans in the holding centre with him, all pretending to be Syrians to get refugee status. ‘They have even practised their Syrian accent,’ he said. Yilmaz painted a fascinating picture of the smuggling operation, as seen from the inside. A 24-year-old student with dreadlocks, he arrived on Lesbos with a group of 20 Syrians. Most had fled the war, of course — Yilmaz was even imprisoned by Isis — but they had been in Turkey, some for years. There was a barber, a musician, a labourer — they could not go back to Syria and none could find decently paid jobs in Turkey, so they were making new lives in Europe.

We sat on a quayside crowded with sleeping refugees, tourists stepping gingerly around them. His journey had started with an Arabic Facebook group called ‘Wanderers Bus-stop’. For its 40,000 members, it is a clearing house for people-smugglers and migrants. ‘It has everything about how to go to Europe,’ said Yilmaz, ‘from the first step to the last.’ Yilmaz got a telephone number off the page and went to meet a man on ‘smugglers’ street’ in a small town on Turkey’s Izmir coast, the one just visible from Lesbos. From there, his group of 20 was split up into taxis and taken late at night to the edge of a forest. They headed for a torch signalling from the trees and they found themselves among 150 people. The smugglers tried to force Yilmaz into a tiny launch with 67 people on board. There was room for perhaps a dozen people to fit comfortably. He and his friends thought they would drown so they jumped out, insisting on waiting for another boat. ‘The smugglers don’t care what happens — they just put you on the boat and say: go,’ said Yilmaz. ‘It’s easy money for them.’

He and each of his friends were charged $900 each — sometimes the cost of the ticket is $1,000. Money-changing offices in Turkey provide shady escrow accounts. The migrants pay the cash to the money-changer, who gives them a code word. Once in Greece, they phone the smuggler — Yilmaz was told to say ‘Coca-Cola’ — and he collects his fee. There were 45 people on the boat Yilmaz finally took — $35,000–40,000 in takings after the cost of the boat and outboard motor.

On a busy day, a dozen such boats can arrive in Lesbos from Izmir. The profits are immense. People-smuggling may well be more lucrative than smuggling drugs, and a lot less risky. No wonder the Greek authorities can’t stop the refugees from coming.

On Lesbos, the boats’ arrival is a tourist attraction, people gathering on the road above the beach to watch. ‘Just fack off, you dirty people, roo-nin’ our ’oliday,’ shouted a peroxide blonde woman with an Essex accent as a group of migrants struggled over the lip of the hill onto the road. Moments later, though, they were handed bottles of water by Bob, a holidaying former British Army sergeant with a regimental tattoo on his forearm.

The locals are as divided as the tourists. Eric Kempson told me that one hotel-owner was quietly putting up refugees and feeding them. But Eric has also had his tyres slashed by members of Golden Dawn, the Greek far-right party. The police had even threatened to arrest him for handing out supplies on the beach. ‘People blame us for the problem,’ he said. ‘They say if you didn’t help them, they wouldn’t come. This is ridiculous. They’re not coming because someone’s handing them a cheese sandwich when they get here.’ He thought the European Union should put on ferries to stop migrants from drowning.

Greek officials and policemen I spoke to seemed sympathetic to the refugees — but also keen to get rid of them. The migrants take a ferry to Athens. There, according to Yilmaz, there is a thriving market in forged documents. The going rate for a British passport is €2,500, he said. ‘The documents are from Iraqis who are resident in the UK. They change the photo.’

After 28 days on the road, Yilmaz triumphantly posted a Facebook picture of himself in the German town of Osnabrück. His dream is to make it to London. England is more difficult to reach than any other part of Europe, he told me. But the English Channel is not an insurmountable obstacle.

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Paul Wood is a BBC correspondent.

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  • q-pantagruel

    We are witnessing The Camp of the Saints ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Camp-Saints-Jean-Raspail-ebook/dp/B00QKNDV9S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1438244330&sr=8-1&keywords=Jean+Raspail ) right before our eyes. Raspail’s prescience is amazing in the accuracy of the detail. Though taking place more slowly in our reality, the plot is the same as are the characters. If our plotline doesn’t change radically and soon, we shall witness a similar end. Wake up.

    • berosos_bubos

      What is your first language?

    • Richard

      I did not know of this book. I wonder that it isn’t banned in the UK.

      • Damaris Tighe

        It was first published in the 1970s (when I read it). At the time I thought it a bit unpleasant but it has turned out to be amazingly prescient.

  • Zululi

    They left from Turkey? What are they running from there?

    • BoiledCabbage

      lack of benefits, lack of an NHS, lack of free housing, education etc etc…..

      • knight

        So true and plenty of white females to rape and take as booty.

      • Yavver

        There is an NHS in Turkey these days and it performs better than the British one. Education is free…etc etc. Refugees from Syria are entitled to free medical treatment.

    • Patrick Roy

      ISIS is one of the primary beneficiaries of smuggling.

    • knight

      They should have stayed in Turkey amongst other Muslim’s

      • Yavver

        Actually the Turkish coastline is swamped by boatlines of these people arriving. They are not (for the most part particularly the ones from Myanmar) coming overland to the Aegean.

    • knight

      They should have remained with other Muslims in Turkey.

  • post_x_it

    I thought that the current generation of “secure passports” are supposed to be safe from forgery. I’m astonished to read that you can still simply change the picture and get away with it.
    I would be less surprised to hear that they give the passports to people who look quite similar to the person in the picture, without actually changing the picture. I wonder how many get into the UK that way?

    • Tom M

      A friend of mine is a magistrate in Yorkshire. She tells me that it is not unknown for people of a certain ethnic origin to arrive in court charged with motoring offences and claim mistaken identity. They usually get off.

      • post_x_it

        Not to mention all the driving test scams etc.

  • Patrick Roy

    I wonder if Greece could go back in time would they have joined the European project… This is what it has netted us all.

    PS Paul Wood your BBC tone is lovely and tugs on the heart strings. The reality is that radical Islamic gangs have ripped these peoples’ homes apart, and these gangs need to be destroyed.

  • Smiffy51

    It us time the wealthy muslim nations started taking these people.

    • Gilbert White

      So an elderly German grandmother happens to be on the shore of barren Lesbo to give a motherly hug, what crap, and how so?

      • Oddsbods

        Barren Lesbos????

      • Robbydot1

        It’s written by a BBC corespondent.

        • froxfields

          Qutie true, perhaps he is looking to get promoted?

      • knight

        Obviously a Nazis Grandmother, with ties to Islam.


      • rightrightright

        Sounds like a Yasmin Alibhai-Brown anecdote.

    • bionde

      I agree but I can’t see it happening. The immigrants are either the wrong sect of Muslim or they are coming deliberately to overwhelm by numbers. Look at areas of cities in the UK already which are very dominantly Muslim and look at the numbers of children they have and the bringing over of relatives and brides and you can see how in twenty years time it could easily be a Muslim dominated country with all that involves to women’s equality, prejudice against gay people,sharia law, forced marriages etc etc etc.
      I fear it is already too late to save most of Europe. It will either become a caliphate by default or there will be massive civil unrest followed by a religious war.

      • Civil war, without any doubt. But – always expect the unexpected.

      • Richard

        In the rest of the world, kindness is weakness. Kindness includes taking seriously international obligations.

        Europe is finished. It punishes crime by pelting people with marshmallows, and rewards attacks on its values if they come from people of darker complexion. I am a white person from Africa, so am quite clearly able to see the contempt with which the rest of the world sees this continent, and how degenerate it really is. The thing is, of course, it is impossible to discuss anything with Europeans or Brits, as their heads are so firmly embedded up their own bottoms that one simply has to leave them to die.

        • bionde

          It is difficult for the bleeding hearts to see clearly when their vision is obscured by the lining of their collective rectum.

        • thomasaikenhead

          This would be the Europe that accepted so many Jews fleeing the Russian pograms?

          • Richard

            140,000 are reckoned to have moved here. How does that compare in scale with what is currently waiting to move here?

          • Infidelissima

            The Europe who put all of their contributing, assimilated, actually enriching Jews into ovens and gas chambers, and then invited millions of muslim parasites into their countries, that one.

          • thomasaikenhead

            Your ignorance of Jewish history is shameful!

          • Richard


          • Infidelissima

            why would a Jew, know about jewish history, when a jew-hater is so much more informed…LOOL
            phack off, cockroach, not interested in your mu$$ies&neo-nazi version of ‘Jewish history’, tell it at your nearest mosque, they’ll love it

          • thomasaikenhead

            Oh dear, just the latest ‘pottymouth’ who cannot understand the concept of free speech and who struggles to accept others have a different point of view?

            We ALL understand the bitterness, anger and frustration of right-wing extremists who see it all going wrong as the P5+1 deal is signed, Bibi is ignored, Israel and the IDF are exposed aas being considered to be both irrelevant and impotent and Israel is more politically and diplomatically isolated than ever before.

            How hard is it to accept that the state of Palestine is having success after success, the BDS movement gets stronger and stronger and all the while Israel fails to in friends and influence people?

            Try to look on the bright side, at least the myth of the Jews controlling the media , the idea that Jews are more intelligent than anyone else and the ‘Israeli Lobby’ has been shown to be false?

          • Richard

            My belief is that Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, etc., need to be free from British oppression and racism. Why should they not enforce Islam if they are the majority? Why should they not segregate in schools? Why should they not teach that Jews and Christians are kaffirs? Just because those areas USED to be inhabited by British people doesn’t mean a thing. And don’t try to settle white British people there again, because that is really an invasion, meant to suppress the cultural and ethnic expression of Islamic Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, etc.

            Decentralisation from Westminster is going to be lovely-jubbly. I am really looking forward to seeing what it brings, and how those of your ilk will deal with it. Mostly it’ll be by converting to Islam, and hitching a ride on the new hegemonic power’s train, I imagine. But for the rest of what is left of the West, it’ll be illustrative. Tower Hamlets will look like a picnic by comparison.

          • Wh0_Is_J0hn_Galt

            I can’t wait to see what the Indian Sikh and Hindu majorities who form Birmingham’s population and are the wealthiest class of people living in the city have to say about Muslims trying to take over. They wont roll over and take it up the back side like Christians, they’ll happily wipe them all out then go home have dinner and go sleep with a clean conscience.

          • Damaris Tighe

            The Europe that atoned for its sins against the Jews by allowing in millions of Muslims who wish to do harm to the few Jews that remain.

          • patrickirish

            Yes. I think you are correct. Revenge is partly behind this.

        • Barzini


          But even in Africa, Whites voted for their own destruction….

          Propaganda is string and effective

          It’s those behind the propaganda who are the problem, they know exactly what they are doing

        • Pacificweather

          Yet, still, you can’t resist doing it.

      • Brogan75

        I have the same fear. A real pity.Hope it will be quick.

      • knight

        Never late as many instances in history where a few stood up against many.

        One of the best is where lots of Victoria Crosses won where just over a 150 stood ground against about 4000 Zulus. One should watch the movie Zulu

      • Child_of_Thatcher

        The best we can hope for is white people fight back. There will unfortunately be ethnic cleansing on a massive scale or we will be extinct.

        • bionde

          I don’t think it will be so much on racial lines as religious. The Muslims have never had an enlightenment and are stuck in a medieval time warp. There plenty of Hindus and Buddhists who can attest to this.

    • knight

      No they think Allah is the same God as the Christian God, so make them walk on water back to Arabia, that way we do not have to worry about boats

      Comparing Jesus and Muhammad (Jay Smith)

    • Infidelissima

      muslims don’t help their own, they kill their own

  • thomasaikenhead

    The UK helped topple the Gadhaffi regime and is now upset that Libya is a failed state and a people-smugglers paradise.

    The UK participated in active military intervention by the West in Afghanistan and Iraq creating millions of refugees, many of whom are now making their way to Europe and the UK.

    When will David Cameron be held to account for his role in the Libya disaster?

    • Patrick Roy

      Meh, these people are animals who’ve been killing each other in the desert for centuries. The biggest destroyer of all the ME is radical Islam, promoted by Saudi Arabia. Did the Saudis have oil? Yes they did. Did they create a good economy? Did they take the advice of Kissinger? No they did not, they used it all to create a garbage welfare Islamic hell-hole. And to spread Wahabbism wherever they could spread it. Their chickens will come home to roost. Don’t be a serial self-loather, Thomas.

      • thomasaikenhead

        Classic dehumanising technique to refer to another group of humans as ‘animals’!

        A perfect sign of arrogance and stupity as well as the very first rule of war is;

        ‘Never underestimate the enemy’.

        Israel has done precisly that several times in the past and has paid a very, very heavy price for doing so!

        Try not to make the same mistake again?

        • Patrick Roy

          Well Thomas, go on over then and join your civilised brethren in their global humanitarian efforts. Which country? I’ll buy your ticket.

          • Richard

            We can share that cost.

          • bionde

            I’ll chip in to get rid of fathead

          • Damaris Tighe

            Count me in.

          • thomasaikenhead

            Ticket to Israel please?

          • Richard

            Israel is too civilised to qualify.

          • thomasaikenhead

            That is certainly an issue that can be debated!

          • Richard

            Comparing Israel to a single Islamic country will probably help you in your decision.

          • Zhang Wei

            Certain events over the past days would suggest otherwise

        • mohdanga

          Didn’t Israel defeat the Muslims every time they attacked??

    • mohdanga

      Err, the Taliban harboured and encouraged Al Qaida, so whose fault is it that ‘the West’ intervened in Afghanistan? But like good dhimmis we should have just taken 9/11, right?

      • thomasaikenhead

        No, the US SHOULD have addressed the issue with Saudi Arabia!

  • Tom M

    Just imagine how much easier it will be for everybody when Turkey is admitted into the EU.
    Letters to Jean Claude Juncker to hurry him up with their application. That should solve the problem.

    • Gilbert White

      Good job you do not know the exact amount the Turks have already received in the pre nuptial payouts.

  • Tom M

    I get more incensed with this as time goes on. If they tried to cross from Turkey to Greece by road what would happen? Would they be just allowed to pass freely into the EU?
    I presume they would be stopped and sent back from whence they came (otherwise there’s no point in trying your luck in a risky boat trip).
    So why is it that if they arrive by boat all of a sudden the rules change?
    Why aren’t they being returned to Turkey? What sort of lunatic asylum is this EU?

    • knight

      Turkey wanted the world, starting with Black Sea and Serbia as buffer to Russia. Russia supported Armenia and Serbia.

      We all know what happened to Armenia, Genocide that Genocide was coined from this.

      Serbia is almost lost thanks to the UN and United States after the 1992-1995 war. No one cared what the Muslims were doining to them.

      Annexing of Bosnia, with many Serbian Christians stuck in Bosnia, where Austrian Muslim troops took over from the declining Ottoman Empire. The Austrian Muslim troops applying harsh conditions of Dhimmitude on the Serbian Christians.
      I heard that Arch Duke Ferdinhandcand and Slav wife Sophie was to remove the harsh conditions on the Serbian Christian in Bosnia.
      Arch Duke would never been allowed into Serbia as Austria was not in good relations.
      Austria hated Arch Duke Ferdinhandcand for marrying a Slav. His children would never have the throne. They also hated him for wanting to remove the Dhimmitude Status on the Bosnian Serbians.

      While all this was doining on the Kaiser loved the Muslim lifestyle, even training the Turkish troops.
      The Young Bosnians, under the Black Hand started WW1 by killing the Arch Duke and wife Sophie. Gave Austria a reason to go to war with Serbia

      I still say the Black Hand leader was really working for the Muslims, heard he was converting royalty to Islam, although he was under Serbia.

      Just like today there are betrayed with those converting to Islam

      Hard to prove this many years after and all gone.

      Even with WW2, Muslims had there fingers in the fat, with the Grand Mufti and Hitler. The Muslim Handschar Waffen SS had lots of attrocities in the Balkans, that still played out in the 1992 war.
      War of the Pigs
      Serbia War 1912

  • edlancey

    What a surprise, a BBC correspondent is a gullible, beggar-loving PoS.

  • Mark

    The BBC position on this question is surely contradictory.

    Either the UK is in the grip of fiendish Tories cutting health and benefits, denying children a decent education and causing services for the vulnerable poor to be cut back or terminated……in which case importing more needy people is clearly against the interests of the vulnerable and poor already here.

    Or the UK is a well governed, wealthy nation whose current native and resident populations live lives of luxury untouched by personal or international debt, a land of plenty where austerity has been banished forever by the popularly elected Tory government. A land of such plenty, wealth and good government that the millions of potential new residents and citizens from Africa and Asia can be easily accommodated and their needs met with no impact on the lives of the native population.

    Can’t be both can it ?

    • Patrick Roy

      You said it bro.

  • berosos_bubos

    Why is the spectator employing people from the bbc?

    • Patrick Roy

      Uh, yah.

  • berosos_bubos

    So if no mainstream parties wish to deal with this then expect the fascists to do well throughout the eu.

    • WTF

      Those lib###tards don’t understand that if they allow unfettered immigration then extremist opposition is a given and it will all end in tears !

  • Mark

    The Greeks could stop the boats. The Aussies have managed it.

    A political decision has been made to accept the invasion of Europe.

    A proper journalist will find out about who, why and how that decision was made.

    The journalist in question won’t be a BBC employee.

    • Patrick Roy

      Here is your answer :: UN proposals for population replacement via migration. Look at the specific country reports to DISCOVER WHAT’S IN STORE FOR YOU!!!


      • cartimandua

        The UK already has 2xs the population of Canada. We NEED a diminishing population. Water is finite and we are already short of it and we import too much food for safety.
        That UN report is disgusting and absurd.
        The answer is to put downward pressure on population and have short term work visas and mean it where there are genuine labour shortages.
        They are never going to be unskilled labour shortages.

      • rightrightright

        The UN is a predominantly Black and Brown third-world cabal. They would take that line, wouldn’t they?

  • DennisMcScumbag

    Fugue for a darkening continent.

  • WTF

    An accurate description here would be an “intrusion of cockroaches” according to wikipedia and there’s a bunch more at Calais trying to crawl into the UK !

  • justlookin

    I have been to Lesbos – it’s not worth saving, nothing to see there at all, one mediocre watchtower if I recall correctly, that’s it. It’s a great place to send an unloved relative into retirement, Malta comes close second.

    • Gilbert White

      It has a load of European endangered birds and animals though.

  • Alex Williamson

    These people should be repelled at gunpoint. They have no business in Europe. For the tiny number that are genuinely fleeing conflict there are plenty of safe countries in North Africa and the Middle East. They should go there. They are only coming to Europe looking for a hand out. To hell with them.

  • Cincinnatus

    They were met by a British expat, Eric Kempson, who handed out water,
    croissants, wet-wipes and dry clothes. Originally from Windsor, he has
    lived on the island for 16 years, making a living carving olive-wood
    knick-knacks for the tourists. With his ponytail, he made for an
    unlikely Mother Teresa, but his house looks out to sea and he has been
    moved by what he witnessed there.

    Just remember no good deed goes unpunished. One day Mr. Kempson will discover his island paradise is no more, as the Muslims he has welcomed impose shariah on the island inhabitants.

    • Oddsbods

      Just remember also that there is a world of difference between complaining about a distant situation and actually standing by and watching unconcernedly as someone suffers right next to you (or giving them an extra kick). Do unto others as you would be done by.

      • Richard

        If you have lived in Africa, you soon learn that it is either them or you. You can always tell the recently arrived Europeans and Americans (though fewer and fewer of those), still in the glow of the white world. You watch as it turns to seeing reality, then turns to disillusionment, then sometimes bitterness.

        The first lesson is: kindness is weakness. The second lesson is: advantage will be taken of you from day one if you appear altruistic. Get those two things right, and you’ll survive.

        • Mark

          Same in the Arab world.

          • Gilbert White

            Same in Tower Hamlets.

        • Damaris Tighe

          I’ve been mulling over your very interesting comment. I think it must explain the complete lack of gratitude & respect offered by many third world immigrants to the host country which bends over backwards to accommodate them.

          • Richard

            If you have ever watched troops of baboons, you will see that every so often challengers come along to test the cohesiveness and strength of other groups. If they perceive weakness, they will attack to gain whatever advantage they can over the rivals’ territory, females, etc. If you know anything about what happened in Rwanda, you will know about the mass-rapes of women that occurred in the refugee camps, where people were considered vulnerable. This was to dilute the identities of the vanquished group. In Europe, this is happening all the time, as we retreat and yield up to people from Africa and Asia. Just because it is done through politics doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Our weaknesses are the same as the weak baboons, though expressed differently, and misinterpreted culturally as strength. We are trying to play croquet in a wrestling arena. Their presence here, as far as they are concerned, is a sign of our yielding to them, and so of our weakness. As far as we are concerned, it is a sign of our strength (“we” used as British and other European government policies): however, our “strength” is what is destroying us, so how can it be “strength” by any definition?

            This book is worth a read. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Time-Machetes-Rwandan-Genocide-Killers/dp/1852429887

          • Damaris Tighe

            But didn’t the same pattern of behaviour occur between fellow Europeans in Bosnia?

          • Richard

            Probably. We are all primates. It would simply be the extent to which our civilisation intervenes that attenuates the behaviour somewhat. I don’t know enough about Bosnia, but of course there was the added complexity of the Islamic dimension. And of course the proven dimension of sub-Saharan African men having much higher testosterone than ethnic Europeans or Asians, which inclines to violence. There is also the influence of the “warrior gene” which limits the way the brain deals with aggressive impulses, too.

            The general point is that the Left tries to ride roughshod over reality, and of course it always comes a cropper, taking the rest of us along with it. We are not all equal, and we are culturally different. You cannot simply pick and mix, like sweets in an emporium.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Your reference to higher levels of testosterone is interesting. I’ve noticed the contrast between the ‘it’s a fair cop guv’ attitude by the typical English criminal (the tradition of ‘going quietly’) & the violent, hysterical reaction of many young black men when arrested (I’ve seen this for myself). I’m now wondering whether the difference is due to testosterone.

          • Richard

            Testosterone, and an inability properly to control its effects. The “warrior gene” has been used in court as a defence by people as mitigation. In Africa and some other parts of the world the law is very harsh, and the police act very harshly, because they are adapted to this sort of behaviour. When these people come to Europe, the levels of enforcement and policing are like child’s play to them, and so they commit crime left, right and centre. Ever wondered why black crime is so high in the UK, and so much lower in Africa? Ever looked at the behaviour of black children in African schools, where they are beaten by their teachers, and their behaviour in the UK, where they are given marshmallows when they do wrong?

            You are dealing with a very, very primitive group of people, with high sex-drives, low levels of control, and intelligence that is a couple of standard deviations below the population into which they have come.

          • Barzini

            It’s true what you say about the left…….

            However, the people who are truly behind this mass immigration and the ridiculous propaganda we see in the media do believe a word of what they are saying.

            They know exactly what they are doing. For them, lefty liberals are useful idiots who can be manipulated to serve a purpose, but the true enemy is those behind the propaganda – they are as race conscious as they come….

          • Jay Igaboo

            “However, the people who are truly behind this mass immigration and the ridiculous propaganda we see in the media do not believe a word of what they are saying.”………
            True–wonder what trice THEY belong to?

          • Jay Igaboo

            Having the warrior gene , ridiculously high testosterone levels myself, and having worked in Cameroon and the apartheid RSA, I’d say most of your posts above are correct.
            With a few qualifications:
            kindness is not always construed as a weakness if you have the presence that makes others realise you are not a typical White liberal fool;
            my testosterone level made me a sh/t magnet but that effect grows exponentially when it is accompanied by low intelligence.
            Sub-Saharan Africans, as you will know, are ON AVERAGE about 35 IQ points below the White average.
            Much as I liked many Africans, I much as I wish them well in their homelands, I much prefer them in Africa.
            Not here.
            We don’t need the thieving, rape, witchcraft killings, corruption and fiddling that are the curse of Africa.

          • ‘ere we go

            Indeed. That’s why perpetrators are prosecuted for war crimes. (Unless you are Blair or Bush of course). But now our system of law and order is breaking down under the pressure.

          • licjjs

            “We are trying to play croquet in a wrestling arena,” That is a very pithy way of explaining our plight.

      • ‘ere we go

        The boat people are a mixture of men, women and children who really are fleeing war or famine, and others who may include among their numbers trained terrorists heading for EU countries, to commit horrific acts of violence. The US would be far more tough on them I think?

  • 1664averygoodyear

    Give me a sodding break. I don’t come here to read dewy eyed profiles of these parasites from some moronic journo who’s swallowed their bull hook line and sinker. They’re not freedom fighters – they’re leeches.

  • Patricia

    “He and each of his friends were charged $900 each — sometimes the cost of the ticket is $1,000. …. according to Yilmaz, there is a thriving market in forged documents. The going rate for a British passport is €2,500, he said. ‘The documents are from Iraqis who are resident in the UK. They change the photo.’”

    Aren’t these “migrants” supposed to be poor, ill-nourished and desperate for the basics in life? Most UK pensioners and low-paid workers would have a job stumping up that sort of cash… and did the Iraqis who hand out false documents come here for that purpose?
    I think someone is having a game with us.

  • Scradje

    Hard not to sympathise with the Essex woman.

  • Patricia

    “His journey had started with an Arabic Facebook group called ‘Wanderers Bus-stop’. For its 40,000 members, it is a clearing house for people-smugglers and migrants. ‘It has everything about how to go to Europe,’ said Yilmaz, ‘from the first step to the last.’ ”
    That says it all – it’s a big business operation run by sharks for those using Europe as a soft touch. These people are obviously promised the moon and stars when they get to Europe. Next stop – Calais.

    • ItinerantView

      According to the Danish Integration Minister Inger Støjberg, a Frontex list of benefits per country is used by smugglers, uploaded to a price-comparison like website- featuring what type of government-funded accommodation, how high unemployment benefits are etc- Oliver Lane reports her as saying: ‘that the level of knowledge illegals had about their level of entitlement was so complete, that asylum seekers were arriving from half way across the world, at Danish asylum centres- already knowing even how many towels they could expect to receive free from the state.’

  • IainRMuir

    “shouted a peroxide blonde woman with an Essex accent”

    Interesting how stereotyping is acceptable when it suits, isn’t it?

    Very BBC, that.

    • Richard

      I once saw a television programme on the BBC about racism. This was followed by an advertisement for an upcoming programme in which German women were all described as being overweight with unshaven armpits. The only thing they obsess about is skin colour: the darker the skin colour, the more unable you are to make comments, apart from entirely positive ones.

      • AverageGuyInTheStreet

        The times they are a changing though. Multiculturalism is a very recent invention – in the early days it was a novelty having Africans and Asians in large numbers here in our country. There were problems from the outset of course, riots, and those British unfortunate to be on the bottom rung- Liverpool Dockers for example, were the first to to be at the sharp end of a policy designed to destroy the British working class. But “racism” was invented to drive a wedge into any British who dared to protest, we needed them to drive the buses after the war apparently (pretty sure the war ended in 1945). Fast forward through 5 decades of this madness and we have many cities that are now third world. We have violent crime, a drug epidemic, knifings, shootings, muggings, gang rape, AIDS, muslim organised drugging and raping of 10,000s of English girls, we have savages decapitating a soldier, we have muslims killing scores and maiming 100s on the London transport network, Mohammed the most common baby’s name, electoral fraud, Sharia courts, Sharia areas, halal food forced on us unknowingly, Trojan horse plot in schools, madrassas, FGM – we have terrorist leaders living in million pound rental accommodation at the tax payers’ expense, on and on and on it goes. How on earth there haven’t been 1,000 English Anders Breiviks yet I have absolutely no idea. In the early days of the multiracial invasion a massive benefit of the doubt was extended to the incomers, even though they were coming from backwards lands that had contributed nothing to the modern world. I sense that now, finally, even among left wingers, the camel’s back has had one too many straws. We’ve all had way more than enough of our country being trampled over by every Ahmed and Fatima and don’t just want a halt but a reversal of the damage. Its sad for the tiny proportion who have come here because they genuinely love this country and have integrated well. But as the saying goes, give em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. The legal system and race relations industry has handed them yards and yards of rope and they’ve gone and done just that. Now its payback time.

  • Augustus

    “But the English Channel is not an insurmountable obstacle.”

    As we’ve seen at Calais this week. Plus the fact that internal borders of fortress Europe are like a Swiss cheese, full of holes. It won’t be long before half sub-Saharan Africa just walk its way into the UK unhindered, especially when the fencing is a piece of cake for them. The gendarmerie in Calais is understaffed and probably thinks ‘bon voyage’ then we’ll be rid of them. Delays at the Eurotunnel costs the European economy millions per day. For that money you could, for example, get a most effective Israeli fence. One that does work, which also has the advantage of pissing off all those Lefties.

  • thomasaikenhead

    “A Burmese man from the same boat looked around anxiously and asked: ‘Will the police here beat us?’ ”

    Why has a Burmese man come to Europe as an illegal immigrant?

    • rightrightright

      Likely a Rohingya Moslem who doesn’t want to go back to Bangladesh.

    • Patricia

      “”A Burmese man from the same boat looked around anxiously and asked: ‘Will the police here beat us?’ ”

      Can’t believe he didn’t know anything about where he was going.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Why can’t the UK MSM grasp that Burma changed to Myanmar in 1989? The BBC use Myanmar, so it must have HMG’s seal of approval. Didn’t you get the memo, Paul? Flash to 21st century real politick reality and drop the colonial imperialism, there’s a good chap.
      Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

      • Labour Mole Catcher

        What a bizarre obsession for a supposed British expat!

  • Ahmed

    What’s happening needs to be understood in context. Turkey has taken on 2 million Syrian refugees, Lebanon (a much smaller country 1.5 million). Similarly those escaping Eritrea are escaping a dire situation.
    Why I mention this, if we list the number of refugees taken in by countries the highest European country is #15.

    • Mark

      Yes Ahmed, now for a bit more context, how many of these refugees are Europeans or share a European cultural value like Christianity?

    • patrickirish

      Yes but. How many become permanent citizens, get UK style benefits etc. as Milton Friedman said- a country can have social services or open borders. It cannot have both.

    • cartimandua

      There are peaceful places in Africa. Its rubbish to say everyone in Africa has to leave it.

    • Gilbert White

      You could transmute half the population of cramped Israel into wide empty Eastern Anatolia, Ahmed and make it flow with milk and honey like in the Bible within a few short decades.

    • wince

      That may be so. But irrespective of this, all that they should expect is a hot drink and a sandwich; then promptly to be sent back to the place of their embarkation.

      The majority of these emigrants will be Muslim and the time has come to resolutely conclude and declare, ‘sorry, we have too much Islam here as it is – and we are having trouble enough with that’.

      You can give the benefit of the doubt and say that most or many of these are not fanatics and are reasonably (within the parameters of a universal perspective of morality, not a relativist one, i.e. ‘for a Muslim’) moral persons and inclined towards equality for all. But here’s the unavoidable truth: since they are Muslims, they are the yolk and albumen that Islam swims in. Islam is the yolk and albumen that supremacist, murderous, fanaticism swims in. Experience has proved, painfully, that less is better than more of this ideology.

      It may be the case that some of these emigrant are fleeing the fanatics of their own religion. But their religion is, as I’ve alluded above, is, in real terms and in its mainstream iteration, an unvaryingly extreme ideology. Europe, and especially the UK, has, for overlong had an indiscriminate immigration policy. So for those – Muslims and non-Muslims alike – who are fleeing IS or other extremist iterations (less remember, IS and say, Hamas, are of a similar moral standing), they will likely find here, as did Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the selfsame people they are trying to avoid who, through Western politicians’ connivance, remain in positions of equal power or even greater, and are ready, waiting to oppress them.

  • knight

    Time for all to take up the Labarum Cross as worn by Constantine the Great after his vision.


  • knight

    This Bible verse does not prevent us driving them back as long as we do not become like the animals, they are. Sorry animals for classing them alongside you, as I know the animal kingdom would not want this Cult.

  • Cyril Sneer

    Alternatively they could always apply for access/residency through the usual legal channels and avoid being beaten or drowned.

    • cartimandua

      That might require having a skill we are short of.

  • asdfff

    “He thought the European Union should put on ferries to stop migrants from drowning.”

    misguided fool

  • Brogan75

    When is someone putting Turkey in front of their responsibilities? They are not a government-less Libya. They are accomplices of this disaster.

  • Ron

    New World Order to ensure by 2060 Europe is Muslim.

  • Disqus6a11fb

    ‘I’ve watched those people drown,’ he said, choking up. ‘That last boat was mainly women and children.’

    It is the women and children we must hope die. They are the greater threat to us.

  • knight

    Everyone has a learning curve, by learning history and what is true.

    Know the truth and fight back. Like with how Arch Duke Ferdinhandcand was shot, that led to WW1. When one researches history one can see lots, including other countries, as Armenia, Serbia, where East meets West.

    War of the Pigs
    Serbia War 1912
    Austria sends in Muslim troops to the Annexed Bosnia.
    Dhimmitude for the Serbian Christians caught in Bosnia
    Young Bosnians under the Black Hand.
    Still think the leader of the Black Hand was acting more for the Muslims, even where reading he helped convert Royality to Islam.

    Turkey wanting the Black Sea, and Serbia to have a buffer to Russia. Then to re-establish the declining Ottoman Empire and have a world Jihad.
    Wrong for any country to deny the Armenian Genocide. Genocide was coined by Raphael Lemkin out of the Armenian Genocide.

  • Ivan Ewan

    How cuddly.

    Shame that these war-ravaged refugees will inevitably aid in the creation of those self-same conditions in Europe, turning France into Lebanon and Spain into Syria.

  • ferryroman

    there will Read More

  • Simon Morgan

    ‘It has everything about how to go to Europe,’ said Yilmaz, ‘from the first step to the last.’ – The most important information being how to get on the ‘asylum’ list and the gravy train as quickly as possible.

  • Jacobi

    The naievity concerning this whole invasion of Europe is astonishing and can be summed up in that “nice” German woman’s embrace.

    These “poor” refugees have variously admitted to forking out between $1000 to £5000 for the journey. they are either not poor or are being heavily financed. Some are genuine refugees, most just economic migrants who ought to be in their own countries helping their local economy, and a substantial number are Muslim religious immigrants, well financed and with the intent of establishing the Caliphate by fair means or foul in Europe and the UK.

    The time has come for NATO to grasp this problem, establish internment camps throughout Europe including France, allow sanctuary to the genuine refugees, and transport the others back to where they came from.

  • Not Telling You Uk

    Or “we don’t care, we land anywhere, destroy our Passports, open our Legs and you owe us a living for life, tough!”

  • Child_of_Thatcher

    The answer is staring you in the face. DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT. For goodness sake one of these scammers is from Burma. Nearest safe country for asylum, we are being swamped. Australia went from 450 boats a year down to 1 by turning them around and sending them back!

    • Gilbert White

      Australia still does not have perfectly sealed borders, Indonesian women can arrive in twos and threes and end up by sending milllions of rupiah back to their families within a short time. The thing with this westernized border penetration is how easy it is to do this. You see confused pensioners being microscopically processed at airports and you wonder how it is possible for illegals to work the system. There must be some plan or agreement in operation we are not privy to. Australian immigration seems to have some sympathy for elders visiting relatives but of course Heathrow with the dark zombie !ike automata make the situation a third world one for most.

    • Jacobi

      We have to differentiate between genuine political refugees and the rest, the rest being economic migrants who are rejecting their own people, and Muslim would-be terrorists.

      Internment is the only answer, and I mean internment.

      Not fences round the tunnel that a five year old could climb over or under. But properly guarder controlled internment camps managed by armed police and /or soldiers.

      Then we can sort out the deserving for the others.

      • Jay Igaboo

        Why SHOULD we take “genuine political refugees?
        In 1941, my mum, dad and oldest brother were blitzed out and fearful of invasion. They stayed and my dad fought, they didn’t run off.
        Let Africa and the Islamic nations take care of there own.
        Asylum seekers generally piss on us in return for our generosity.

        • Jacobi

          I did not say “take” but differentiate. Now some, but probably not many, do deserve care, at least temporarily.
          Otherwise I agree with you. The proper place for the vast majority of refugees should be in their own country fighting local tyranny and as for the so-called economic migrants, if they have the energy, initiative and money to make it to Europe then that should be directing all that to building up their own local economies
          What we really have to look out for is the well-organised, financed, and directed, Muslim invasion of Europe, probably loosely controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and channelled through Lybia and Turkey, with the objective of establishing the Caliphate throughout Europe and the UK.

          • Jay Igaboo

            Fair ’nuff .
            You occupy a reasonable position.
            One doesn’t wish to be inhumane, but at best our open- door policy to asylum seekers is sentimental and suicidal idiocy( at best) and a malign attack on the British people at worst.
            We cannot, indeed should not take all of the world’s basket cases.
            I regard the attitude of both immigrants (and especially those given asylum) should be one of doing their very best to fit in with us and to add to our common weal- not least out of gratitude.
            Any time I have worked or been posted abroad that was my attitude.
            I regard asylum seekers to be like someone provided with a shelter from a storm.
            You don’t abuse your host, and when the storm eases, you leave.
            The history of asylum seekers in Britain one of biting the hand that not only that feeds you, but which defends nurses and cossets you.
            Since at least the granting of asylum to the Frankfurt School emigres who fled Nazi Germany( possibly earlier)
            the response has always been on of hatred and subversion.

  • Ron

    Tesco are taking over security at Calais with new message playing on loud speakers,such as
    Unexpected immigrant in tunnel,remove immigrant before continuing, Please take your back pack,Bomb can be placed in bag,Thank you for coming to England.

  • scampy

    Why are they not running to islamic paradise in Saudi or the very modern Emirates?

  • Jay Igaboo

    I suspect that “Just fack off, you dirty people, roo-nin’ our ’oliday,’ shouted a peroxide blonde woman with an Essex accent ” is a journalistic fabrication, a carefully chosen working class stereotype that would make the “average” Spectator less sympathetic to “her” point.
    Most working class folk (I’m one) are more concerned about our country being ruined by Third World/Islamic immigration, as well as the lesser employment opportunities. housing costs, hospital beds available, etc.
    The pony-tailed, bleeding -heart hippie needs to understand that encouraging illegal immigrants, even by rendering a small act of kindness, is very human, but short-sighted.
    The less hostile treatment they receive, the more they will come.
    As Camoron might have put it, the more free honey gets laid on, the greater the swarm.
    Can I have my country back please, and can I also not be browbeaten, lied to and manipulated into thinking along PC lines?

  • Yavver

    A Syrian Arab called Yilmaz? Uh! Something wrong here.

  • Steve

    ATTENTION: There is a rumor, that when arriving in Greece, migrants can get documents that allow them to travel freely anywhere in the European Union. This is of course NOT true. The smugglers that spread this rumor are lying and are trying to mislead the refugees, as they only care about easy money. It is a business for them. In fact, thousands of people that arrived in Greece, they got stuck there living in harsh conditions, because there are checks on the borders and it is impossible to cross them to get out of Greece towards a western European country. Although Greek people are friendly, Greece, being in a difficult financial situation, can not handle and accommodate more immigrants. In my opinion, staying in Turkey is more preferable.

  • WTF

    Apart from Greece, Calais is the next biggest problem for illegal immigrants. I have the perfect solution to this problem and it involves Jean-Claude Juncker the President of the EU and the country where he was born.

    Herr Juncker who was proud to use Luxembourg as a money laundering country for big corporations like Starbucks or Google and he could use Luxembourg as a processing centre for all these illegal immigrants. Luxembourg is centrally placed in Europe, its close to the EU head quarters in Brussels and it would help Euro politicians to empathize with all these poor immigrants.

    How about it Mr. Juncker, volunteer your country to help these poor people !!!!

  • ItwasBlairwotdunnit

    “The documents are from Iraqis who are resident in the UK. They change the photo.” Precisely the problem. The dam has burst and there is no going back.

  • Sunset66

    Some of you posters are really special
    What would you do to solve the problem
    Send them back to sea possibly to drown?. We could watch on TV
    Not give them food or water?
    Stand aside and let the first child die?
    Put them in a camp forever?

    The truth is there is no straight forward solution
    If they get to the UK you are forced to look after them as many have no papers or documentation

    I know that must disappoint many of you from Eichmann school of refugee aid

  • tolpuddle1

    Does “Lesbian” now mean a migrant ?

  • jen246

    Its very easy to show compassion and kindness to illegal immigrants (for the most part) and “refugees” (stand up please), when you know for sure they are only using your island as a stepping stone to go elsewhere. Would he feel so welcoming if they all decided they like Lesbos and wanted to stay?
    Now there is the true test of humanitarian kindness

  • DiMu

    The micro-level of personal tragedy intersects with the macro-level of asking Europeans to assist in their own cultural and economic suicide.