Ukip is here to stay – especially if Labour wins

We have entered an age of four-party politics

18 October 2014

9:00 AM

18 October 2014

9:00 AM

British politics is rather like one of those playground games of football where one match is being played lengthways and another sideways. The two regularly get tangled up, making it very hard to work out what is happening. This dynamic in politics will continue all the way to polling day because an electoral system designed for a straight two-way contest is now having to accommodate a four-way fight.

First past the post coped reasonably well with three-party politics. When a coalition was needed in 2010, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats could put together a comfortable working majority in the House of Commons. But four-party politics promises to be far less clear-cut. One secretary of state predicts that the support of at least three parties will be needed to guarantee a working Commons majority for the next government.

The cause of this complication is Ukip. It has succeeded in turning English politics into a four-party system; it has been in double digits in every poll since February and, privately, many Liberal Democrats accept that it will get a higher share of the vote than them at the next election. Ukip has also achieved what so many said that it would never be able to do, winning a parliamentary seat under first past the post.

Douglas Carswell’s resounding victory in Clacton means that Ukip has a representative in the Commons. A Ukip member can question the Prime Minister, put down amendments to legislation and serve on a select committee. The Greens have demonstrated that having an MP doesn’t automatically change everything for a party, but Carswell is a formidable parliamentarian: he will leave his mark. Ukip cannot be dismissed as a protest party any more.

Ukip is also defying received wisdom by making progress in the north. In Heywood and Middleton last week, it came within 600-odd votes of defeating Labour. This, until the Clacton result hours later, was Ukip’s best by-election performance. But it was also part of a broader pattern of Ukip becoming the opposition to Labour in the urban north; just look at the number of northern second places that Ukip has secured in by-elections in this parliament. Labour expects this trend to continue and those involved in planning the party’s 2015 campaign acknowledge that Ukip is becoming its major challenger in swaths of the country. Ukip in the north is stylistically quite different from Nigel Farage; no one could mistake it for a gathering of the local golf club executive. Instead, it is a protest-driven party. It campaigns nimbly on specific local issues and taps into a sense that people’s views have been ignored for decades.

Interestingly, one of those involved in running Labour’s campaign in Heywood and Middleton says that Farage’s visit in the final days of the campaign retarded Ukip’s momentum by reminding voters of the national political angle to the contest. Ukip’s high command believe it could win around 25 seats at the next election; two more than the SDP-Liberal alliance in 1983. Half a dozen feels more realistic.

However, if it triumphs in the Rochester and Strood by-election, all bets are off. Taking this seat would be far more of an achievement than Clacton, where Ukip had everything going for it. Its candidate was an incumbent MP who is so popular locally that he probably would have won regardless of which party he stood for. Also, the constituency’s demographics were perfect for Farage’s revolt of the stakeless. And, as it was a by-election, the Tories could not credibly claim that if you voted Ukip locally, you would get Labour nationally. To top it all, after seeing that Ukip was on course for a thumping victory, the Tories decided to run a low-key campaign.

Ukip does not have all of these advantages in Rochester. It is another by-election, but Mark Reckless isn’t as popular an incumbent as Carswell and is far less suited to the pressures of a by-election campaign. The seat’s social make-up is also not particularly Ukip-friendly. The Tories won’t duck this battle either. As one senior figure in Downing Street declares, ‘We have no option other than to fight it with everything we’ve got.’

Westminster Tories are hesitant about their chances but Kentish Tories are far more confident. They are convinced that Reckless is beatable. One claims that, until his defection, Reckless was best known locally for having been too drunk to take part in a Commons vote on the Budget in 2010.

If the Tories can win in Rochester, it will be a huge fillip to party morale. It will have the same effect on them that holding Eastleigh had on the Liberal Democrats, persuading the faithful that it is going to be all right on election night. It will also put the pressure back on Ed Miliband, with people questioning why, months from a general election, Labour couldn’t win in a part of the country that has traditionally swung between them and the Tories.

But whatever happens in Rochester and Strood, I suspect Ukip is here to stay. The sense of alienation from the political class that is driving support for it isn’t going to go away soon. There will be no solution to the issue of EU immigration to Britain until the EU renegotiation; and even a successful renegotiation is unlikely to result in the kind of derogation from freedom of movement that Boris Johnson says he favours. Indeed, in the short term, immigration to Britain from the Continent is likely to increase because of the return of the eurozone crisis.

Perhaps the circumstances in which Ukip would prosper most would be if Labour won in 2015. With continuing EU immigration and a Miliband government having to make significant cuts, Ukip would have a chance of breaking through in Labour’s northern heartlands. At the same time, any post-Cameron Tory leader would come under pressure to offer Ukip some kind of accommodation in an attempt to ‘reunite the right’.

A few years ago, it was possible to think that coalition — by bringing the Liberal Democrats into government — would herald a return to two-party politics. But it is now clear that we have entered an era of four-party politics. As a result, no party is likely to get more than 35 per cent of the vote next May​.

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  • John Carins

    Some home truths here. UKIP voters are not concerned about who wins the GE because even if Labour win their policies will alienate more people into the UKIP fold. A win for UKIP in Rochester could be beneficial for the Tories. As UKIP becomes a more electable proposition, Conservative voters in northern Labour held seats are more likely to vote UKIP and possibly deny Labour those seats. This prospect could make Miliband fall short at the finishing line.

  • Ukippers have two questions to answer:

    Do you want a referendum?

    Do you want to win it?

    If the answer to both is yes, then they need some serious introspection as to whether their dismal little cult is constructive toward those ends.

    • Hole_in_One

      I think there are more questions than that, tbh. Such as:

      Do you want hugely significant curbs put on immigration?

      Do you think the other parties will continue to do nothing until they see UKIP as a significant threat?

      If the answer to both is yes, then they need some serious introspection as to whether their dismal other choices are constructive options.

    • William Pit

      Rather than have a referendum it would be better for the UKIP to have a working majority in parliament in order to carry out the necessary legislative enactments to restore our self government.

    • Robert Andersen

      Nope. Only one way to get a referendum is to get some kippers into Parliament. To many lies to believe in a referendum. It will never be given, at least not fairly.
      Dosen’t matter if labour get in 2015, just means a stronger UKIP by 2018 (since the Socialists would have finally finished off the country the parliament wouldn’t runs full term).

    • Catalpah

      Not if it means Cameron negotiating our exit from the EU.

  • Bert

    UKIP are a sham.
    They are intent on destroying the only real chance of an in out referendum – why?
    If they were serious they would support a Tory election win and then argue like hell for a no vote. I and many could support that and thank them for it.
    Trouble is if we do leave Europe the NIge and Pals have no reason to exist or suck off the public tit any more and I think they quite like things the way they are.

    • Tom Hewitt

      The principled UKIP of five years ago would have jumped behind the Conservatives at the first chance of an in/out referendum. Now they are just in politics for themselves. Like the rest of them…

      • Bert

        They should change their name as it no longer meaningful.
        I suggest PUKE. Part of the UK Establishment

        • Tom Hewitt

          UKIP couldn’t be more establishment:

          Nigel Farage – publicly educated,

        • Robert Andersen

          aahhh Bert… do u come on here for a virtual fisticuffs… is it a bit scawy in the real world?

      • John Carins

        UKIP of 5 years ago wasn’t in the strong position it is today. Also, look at Lord Pearson’s piece in which he claims that an offer was made to Cameron. Cameron chose not to enter a pact and went on to describe UKIP as “fruitcakes” and “loonies”. UKIP has decided now to be a force in UK politics because people are seeing the truth behind their message and because they were spurned by the Conservatives. As far as the referendum is concerned, UKIP and its followers just do not believe the plausibility and sincerity of the Conservative offer. .

        • Tom Hewitt

          If Cameron is only in it for himself as some people say he will have to offer a referendum lest he be defenestrated by his party. It is not logically consistent to claim he is only in politics for his own power and then to say he will budge out of holding a referendum.

          • John Carins

            I didn’t say Cameron was in politics for himself nor did I say he will “budge” out of holding a referendum. I don’t follow your point or logic.

      • Robert Andersen

        THERE WILL BE NO REFERENDUM!! Have you not understood that by now??

        • Tom Hewitt

          You are right if UKIP carry on damaging the eurosceptic cause as they are now there will be no referendum.

          • Robert Andersen

            Have you tried reading what you just wrote?
            UKIP damage the eurosceptic cause?

          • Tom Hewitt

            As UKIP has done better in the polls support for leaving the EU has actually fallen. And that’s because many moderate voters who are unsure about the EU are switched off from supporting exit because they associate it with UKIP. UKIP and Farage are very divisive and a winning coalition supported by over 50% of the electorate will never be assembled whilst they are seen to be at the helm.

            And the obvious other point is they damage the eurosceptic cause by increasing the chance of no referendum and the europhile Ed getting in.

          • JulianTheSceptic

            As his ‘promise’ of a 2017 referendum is predicated on having a settlement to vote on, and it isn’t legally possible to take back powers within the EU, there will be nothing to put to the people.

            Even in the unlikely event of the Bill passing AND Cameron getting re-elected, there would need to be some fancy legal footwork to get out of holding a referendum. The favourite excuse would be that the EU Intergovernmental Conference discussing treaty change had to cover several other matters, and regret that the 2017 date would be missed.

            Don’t blame UKIP.

    • Harryagain

      You really think CMD would lead us out of the EUSSR?
      Pigs might fly.
      You can tell when he’s lying, his lips are moving.

      • Bert

        An in or out referendum is going to happen if Tories get in next time. Its the only chance we will have to remove ourselves from the EU.
        UKIP has become the Black Opps unit of the Labour Party?

        • Robert Andersen

          Seriously, it’s not hard…

        • saffrin

          Bert, voting Tory gets us Labour, as seen in Middleton recently.

        • Major Plonquer

          Will it be a cast iron referendum or just an ordinary one?

          • Tom Hewitt

            What would be the point of been of holding a referendum on a treaty that had already been ratified and enacted (Lisbon)? It would just have been a waste of taxpayers money.

        • Mode4

          The Tory party is a complete sham, Dave’s absolutely not interested in reducing immigration, exiting form the EU. he’s looking forward to moving into a highly paid job in the EU. The referendum will never happen under Dave. He made the exit in 2017 to make it even harder to exit. the man is a traitor to his Country, assuming it is his Country.

    • saffrin

      Cameron’s promise on a referendum is as much a sham as his promise to cut immigration to the tens of thousands.
      Cameron is simply playing for time while he, Clegg and Miliband continue with the grand Brussels plan.
      Brussels and their LibLabCon fifth columnists are the biggest threat to Great Britain since the 1940’s.
      May 2015 is going to be another Battle of Britain.
      UKIP are going to win, hands down.

      • perdix

        I suggest you take your tablets.

    • AdH2011

      I can understand people wanting somebody to vote for apart from the Westminster elite who have zero in common with the general public.

      However, I think Euro-sceptics are cutting off their nose to spite their faces here – a referendum in 2017 is easily winnable whether the main parties are behind a ‘yes to leave’ vote or not. Anti-establishment UKIP would be the perfect party for the public to rally behind.

      A split right wing vote in 2015 is going to let Labour in the back door which could quite easily lead to a decade or more in power once they get people addicted to the government teet again.

      • Major Plonquer

        Teets with no milk tend to be very ugly.

    • William Pit

      If David Cameron and his Conservative Party are so sincere about a referendum on British Self Government, after he has renegotiated the terms of Britain’s membership, why does he not state clearly now what he will require from the European Union? The only answer I can think of is that he is not sincere. As for the Conservative Party taking us out of the European Union, this is a lie. A Conservative government would seek to leave the European Union by the mechanisms allowed in article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. Under that article the rest of the European Union dictates the terms of our exit. Article 50 is a trap. Cameron may know it, or he may be too dumb to understand.

      • Catalpah

        I agree.
        Have you read Gerard Batten’s book ‘The Road to Freedom’?
        In it he lays out all the long term problems that will happen, if we use Article 50 to leave the EU, including continuing to have to allow ‘Freedom of Movement’ for EU citizens.
        You can bet that Cameron will not understand the problems and will fall into every trap set for him by the EU.
        The only way to leave the EU is to declare a unilateral withdrawal and just leave.

        • JulianTheSceptic

          We need BOTH Article 50 and prompt withdrawal.

          It’s not either/or – the first is needed to make the EU27 discuss the post-EU relationship with us. It only commits us to withdraw in line with our own constitutional requirements – not to any fixed timescale.

          The EU is actually committed by both the Lisbon Treaty and WTO membership to the freest possible trade with us AND if anything the continuing reduction of trade barriers,

          Ideally we could agree withdrawal within 3 months, and a 4-5 year period of close co-operation where we wind down the current relationship (e.g. joint R&D projects) in a smooth and organised way.

          This would save a stock market disaster on both sides of the channel.

          • Catalpah

            I’m too worried about how Cameron and the Tories would negotiate our withdrawal to allow them anywhere near Article 50.

    • JulianTheSceptic

      As his ‘promise’ of a 2017 referendum is predicated on having a settlement to vote on, and it isn’t legally possible to take back powers within the EU, there will be nothing to put to the people.

      Even in the unlikely event of the Bill passing AND Cameron getting re-elected, there would need to be some fancy legal footwork to get out of holding a referendum. The favourite excuse would be that the EU Intergovernmental Conference discussing treaty change had to cover several other matters, and regret that the 2017 date would be missed.

  • Terry Field

    Labour in government under Balls/Billimand will firstly deny the debt; there will be a crisis of Sterling, a relative failure of the attractiveness of British debt will have a ruinous coupon rate applied in a way the government will not be able to influence once the market has taken a view.
    A rise in rates will result in a collapse in the capacity to fund the debt without cutting at least 150 – 200 billion form spending.
    Despite what socialist idiots say, the market rules ok, and doubly so in respect of financially incontinent debtor nations.
    That so-caled government (rather a ship of fools) will collapse, and the evacuation of Labour support will be greater than a personal evacuation under the influence of the most powerful enema.
    Labour is finished, because the socialist state is utterly unviable.
    The debt profile is un-repayable in terms of party politics in the traditional mode. Deflation in Europe and Chinese secondary banking implosion – even if controlled – will hit UK growth and that will make the debt even more unsupportable.
    The polls say the debt is 16th in peoples scale of importance and the NHS is first – they are blind idiots – and they will vote ‘the’ Labour in – but the ensuing collapse will follow quickly.
    Britain is in a crisis of finance of dimensions most people have no concept of.
    The centre cannot hold.
    Then UKIP will be more significant.
    But the British condition will have become a nightmare, and the causes are home grown, not caused by Europe.
    WE spent without limit.
    WE de-industrialised.
    WE ruined our education system
    WE destroyed the moral basis for economic actions.
    WE were conditioned by the degenerate left to hate our own history.
    Not Europe.
    UKIP is not the answer; the answer might begin to appear if Labour were reduced to a rump, but that – clearly – will not happen at this election.
    Buy the votes, ruin the State. Aristotle knew it well. 2500 years later, we must re-learn it

    • GenJackRipper

      As a swede I can say that your analysis sounds solid since we have almost the exact scenario here.
      A “conservative”-liberal government fell to social democrats because of it loosing support to our UKIP/Sweden Democrats. New social democrat-Green government is a disaster with very low parliamentary support and will probably fall soon.

      • Don MacLeod

        Poor Sweden, you will be the first EU nation to be an Islamic Republic. What happened to that beautiful country I visited in my student days.

        • Terry Field

          I suspect Oldham will break away and form a Caliphate sometime next year.

        • pdhan

          Swedish Muslims make up 5% of the population, most of whom aren’t practising believers. And even among the faithful only a tiny proportion would want an Islamic Republic. Don’t worry about it.

          • Airey Belvoir

            Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe, due almost entirely to Islamic immigration. Terror of being thought racist means that the media never comment on the ethnicity of offenders, and the police are ineffective for the same reason. Sweden is the canary in the coal mine for the rest of us.

        • GenJackRipper

          Don’t know about that; there a worse places in England, France and Germany Not to mention The Netherlands and Belgium.

          Still, the tide seem to slowly be turning now all over Europe. We might just avoid that.

      • Terry Field

        The condition of western finance and economy is so severe that one has to ask whether the management of the economy, and recovery to stability over what must be the very long term can be accomplished at all, when democracy itself may collapse under the corrupting effects of socialist politicians who condition the population to believe that all others than themselves are evil, corrupted oppressors of the poor. In reality the polar opposite is the truth, but one requires intelligence, intellectual honesty and education to realise the truth, and that is not given to most.

      • Cooper1992

        I hope that UKIP are keeping a good eye on what is going on in other European countries politically.

        A lot of what is happening here in the UK has already happened in other countries. In other words they are further down the line and thus may well show UKIP the future.

        Specifically this is the case in France, Denmark, Sweden and that shining beacon of hope against Brussels: Norway.

        What is happening in these countries now is what will happen in the UK next year.

        2015: Labour government, 2020: UKIP government.

      • sirnigelgresley

        Our professional politicians overlooked the fact that the majority of the British are still, at heart, conservative, despite their personal, political affiliations. Londoners are not a majority of the electorate and the majority of Londoners is rapidly ceasing to be British.

    • English Majority

      The Debt should be wrote off.

      • Terry Field

        No, you idiot, it should not. read my other notes on what should be done. AND go to school, plainly you have never been in a classroom, idiot.
        Written of, not Wrote off, slob.
        God, how do people like you get to join this otherwise august company. (and just in case, I know it is October!)

      • Major Plonquer

        I agree 100%. I mean what do all those old people need with pensions anyway? If their pension funds were stupid enough to buy government bonds they should all just starve to death.

  • Lady Magdalene

    I lived in Strood for a couple of years and I dispute that this isn’t good UKIP territory.
    The area is strongly working class; Strood in particular, Rochester a little less so. There are small villages, which are quite isolated up towards the estuary, which are strong communities but have poor services. Some of them are quite run-down.
    Much of the Constituency looks prime UKIP territory to me. I’ve been there twice, helping the UKIP campaign …. and I haven’t found anyone with a bad word to say about Reckless.

    • cedric wymeswold

      I agree with you. As someone born in Rochester I can attest that this is not the sort of Garden of England constituency with a true blue population. Strood, for instance, must be one of the poorest places in the South East of England and has seen a lot of post-industrial desolation and dereliction. I think the Tories are deluding themselves if they think this is very different to Clacton. They have set themselves up for a big fall.

  • robertcp

    I don’t like FPTP but it did cope well with three-party politics. From 1983 to 2005, the UK had governments with majorities and there has been a stable coalition since 2010 (I know that the Major government lost its majority towards the end). It is likely, however, to become a lottery when there are several major parties. Perverse results could include coalitions made up of parties that did not win the election and do not represent a majority of the voters between them.

    • weejonnie

      However each election has been shadowed by a significant event

      1979 – Winter of Discontent
      1983 – Falklands War – and SDP splitting vote
      1987 – SDP splitting vote
      1992 – Nothing much – other than Neil Kinnock blowing it big time
      1997 – Tory sleaze and ‘new kid on the block Tony Blair’
      2001 – Tories still unelectable
      2005 – Tories recover slightly
      2010 – ‘I agree with Nick’ debates – ‘that Bigoted Woman’ – result coalition
      2015 – ? Ebola, ISIL (or any other major Islamic attack in the UK), UKIP (Child rapes in Urban Areas), Improving UK Economy, European Economic Collapse

      • red2black

        2015 – UKIP splitting vote / Conservatives splitting vote?

  • global city

    ‘Received wisdom’…there is not wisdom in the MSM and many ordinary folk have tried to tell our speccie part of the MSM that the received wisdoms about UKIP were a million miles off course, but you were more interested in listening to each other.

    You are all now trapped in your own awful narrative, not able to distinguish between bubblehead opinion and the long established facts.

    The double blow for you all is that not only are you entirely wrong about the UKIP zeitgist but your long held stereotypes of northerners is also stuck in some 1950s’ film.

    It is actually quite irritating.

  • Kazakhkhanate

    UKIP is against a referendum on EU membership because it will
    be as fixed as the previous one. Any of those old enough to have taken part in the EU Referendum of 1975 will
    remember that the Yes campaign
    to stay in the EU was financed by the Government, the EU and the European Movement. The Labour Party was split on
    the Issue so that the anti movement
    had no public funding. A very unlevel playing field indeed.

    pretend that David Cameron – a man who used to wear cufflinks with the EU
    flag is ever going to change. Since the Ukraine fiasco the EU now has blood on its hands due to the two False Flag
    attacks, the first in Maidan Nezalezhnostit and the second the downing of flight MN17. The only exit from this
    group formed for the pretence of economic prosperity must come from
    the General Election ballot box and the only Party that is going
    to free us from the shackles of the EU its Red Tape, crazy laws, monetary
    waste, corruption and blood is UKIP.

    • perdix

      ukip – against most everything and in favour of little. God help the UK.

      • Caps Lock

        A more ignorant post would be hard to find. You obviously believe the waffle put out by the BBC. UKIP is in favour of lots of things. Try reading their policy statements from the website. Then come back when you have an idea what you are talking about.

    • DaHitman

      “EU Referendum of 1975”

      The EU didn’t exist in 1975 you plank so the British public have NEVER had a Referendum on it!

      • Kazakhkhanate

        You were saying?

      • Paul

        DaHitmans been hit to hard and can not see “European Economic Community Referendum of 1975” and thinks it states European Union………….Lol

    • Catalpah

      Even if the Tories get a majority in the 2015 GE and hold an In-Out Referendum in 2017 and the country votes ‘Out’ –

      would you trust Cameron and the Tory government to negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU?

    • davidjwebb1969

      the downing of flight MN17.

      I like how you can’t even get the flight number right you stupid old mentalist.

  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    “There will be no solution to the issue of EU immigration to Britain until the EU renegotiation.”

    Oh dear, looks like James has swallowed the bait.

    • Foxy Loxy

      Did you expect anything less?

  • Hello_Old_Sausage

    Labour will win next year. They will cause so my damage so quickly, they won’t complete their first term in power.

  • Mukkinese

    Go UKIP!

  • UKIP follows Venitism!


    venitis@gmail.com, http://venitism.blogspot.com

    Venitism is a new anarchist
    paradigm which integrates economics, ethics, and spirituality.

    Black Hole: Taxation is armed robbery that feeds the black
    hole of political corruption; it’s the perfect index of corruption and tyranny.
    Only evil governments tax citizens and companies.

    Constitution: The only
    purpose of a constitution is to protect citizens from government abuse. Reform
    treaties of a confederation, such as the Lisbon Treaty of EU, not voted by the
    citizens are null and void.

    Political corruption is proportional to the square of the size of the

    Democracy: Every democracy is eventually
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    • Noa

      Are you from Venis?

  • rtj1211

    We’ve actually entered an era of six- or seven party politics, since the SNP are here to stay, so are the Greens and you can be sure that Plaid Cymru will have representation too, not to mention the Northern Irish representation.

  • I can’t really imagine Cameron as Prime Minister.

  • George Smiley

    “Interestingly, one of those involved in running Labour’s campaign in Heywood and Middleton says that Farage’s visit in the final days of the campaign retarded Ukip’s momentum by reminding voters of the national political angle to the contest”

    Suggesting maybe that at a GE when Farage’s face will be everywhere it may have a negative effect on the UKIP surge?

  • William Pit

    “and even a successful renegotiation is unlikely to result in the kind of derogation from freedom of movement that Boris Johnson says he favours”
    Is this the same Boris Johnson who has repeatedly called for an amnesty for illegal immigrants? ( In fact one already exists under the term earned citizenship).
    Boris Johnson’s unprincipled opportunistic attitude is a symptom of the governing establishment and why it is so despised by large sections of the population.

  • dalai guevara

    “we have entered an age of four party politics”

    … which inadvertently means the end of FPTP as a system to determine political representation in a Parliamentary setup.

  • English Majority

    Listen: If Labour win, they’ll finish of what’s left of democracy. They’ll ensure, behind the scenes, that UKIP key figures and members are attacked, undermined and harrassed.

    They’ll use all the shadowy means at their disposal.

    We need to remember that Labour is now, largely, dominated by blacks, Muslims and other immigrants. And they are willing to do ANYTHING to destroy the native people.

  • Bonkim

    The test of whether UKIP is a real Political Party or just a protest group in between General Elections will be clear in 2015.

  • Major Plonquer

    By 2020, UKIP will have completely replaced the Conservative Party, largely because the Conservative Party is not a conservative party while UKIP is a conservative party. In fact, UKIP is the only conservative party. Most of the regions of the UK are naturally conservative, even the bulk of Scotland. The reason the curent political regime is failing is because we don’t hav a conservative party to vote for. When we’re finaly free from the EU, UKIP will chage its name to the United Kingdom Party and the Conservative Party will become the Social Democratic Party which is a much more honest description of what they really are.

    • Tom Hewitt

      How is a luxury goods tax, protectionism and opposition to private competition in the NHS conservative?

  • George_Arseborne

    UKIP will gradually wipe out the Tories.

  • jack

    Greece owes 240 billion Eu to the ECB and other lenders. Why not just simply accept their claims to ownership of the Elgin Marbles, in leu of payment in full. Thus Greece gets to wipe its debt clean, and the ECB gets something at least to show for their generosity. Removing the treat of greek default in this manner would greatly increase the stability of the european banks and economies. It would boost the economy and give Greece a second chance to get on with life. It also avoids moral hazard (assuming the loss of the Marbles is sufficient punishment for Greek profligacy). The money given to greece will never be repaid anyway, so there is really no loss to the Europeans in accepting the art as a form of payment (except on paper). Furthermore, by this method, the ECB can get at least something,. The ECB gets clear title to some great art, and the brits get to keep their looted treasure on display, the greeks (and other european creditors) get a help with their economy, and finally we all get to end this stupid law suit.

  • Captain Pugwash

    The future of Britain is not bright with the status quo lib lab con. The reason for this being the final outcome is that Britain will have no option but to leave the EU and quickly or become extinct. It is clear from recent events that the British people will fight for their survival. They do not want to be morphed into a communist EUSSR. What is also clear is living standards will continue to decline if we continue on the current path. Immigration is fuelling demand to such an extent that it will lead us to bankrupty. Housing and the associated costs are now beyond the normal affordability for most people. Wages cannot keep up and standards will continue to decline because of the larger and larger debt placed on one of the necessities of life. 5 million extra people have caused this effect. The in work benefits given to British born and non British people is unsustainable. Most people are on low incomes, pay little or no tax and still cannot afford to live. The state is picking up the tab but for how long can this continue? The health service is in crisis and costs more every year. The numbers using the service are increasing much faster than resources and will continue to do so until the service collapses. Schools are in crisis where standards are at an all time low with poorly educated teachers trying to impart their feeble knowledge onto a disrespectful and overcrowded classroom and that’s if your child is fortunate enough to be able to find a local school place. All caused by immigration. Only a fool cannot see the link. While we remain in the EU, there is no bright future. The liblabcon all promise the world and deliver nothing and their policies are basically the same. Love immigrants, love EU, love the NHS. The truth is deceive and dupe the electorate and enjoy the gravy train of the British puppet government. Let our grandchildren sort out the problems we don’t want to tackle. People want hope and a return to self governance. UKIP are the only hope. It’s not about left and right anymore, it’s about right and wrong!

  • global city

    James doesn’t understand poor people, so he assumes that UKIP will have to swing to the left in order to suck their votes out of them as the poor have no aspirations so must see nothing in what UKIP now offers… he also sees politics in that oh so infuriating and limiting left-right prism……presumably wot he lernt in uni.

  • davidjwebb1969

    Ukip has also achieved what so many said that it would never be able to
    do, winning a parliamentary seat under first past the post.

    Wake me up when a true UKIP candidate wins a parliamentary seat as opposed to a Tory traitor.

  • Fuarach Blas

    Good grief!
    Nice to see it’s not just Scottish no voters who are politically ignorant…or is it brainwashed?
    Either way,hell mend ye.

  • Mike

    The Tories are as bereft of ideas in countering Ukip as that norwegian blue parrot was bereft of life and they are desperately hoping that smears and lies will eventually stick. This time around, the electorate is sick and tired of lies and spin from Cameron and is ignoring any attempt at smearing Ukip.

    In fact, after Borrosa ‘bit** slapped’ Cameron over immigration the whole country knows the score now even if they didn’t before. They haven’t any honest counterpoints to Ukip and are damned if they say nothing and damned if they lie instead. Couldn’t happen to a ‘nicer’ bunch of shysters and they deserve what ever comes their way at Rochester & Strood.

  • bugalugs2

    Nice to see the odds lengthening against the Tories … guess they’re not putting their money where their mouths are …

  • bugalugs2

    It really is an interesting sign of how scared the Tories are that they are saying before the by-election that they are going to give it all they’ve got. When they lose they will have screwed themselves by such rhetoric.

  • Swanky

    Has anyone else noticed that Mr Farage seems tremendously amused and wondrously pleased and immensely entertained in all the pictures we see of him? (I mean no disrespect in this: I am a double-cream, triple-ply, quadruple-bypass UKIP girl, and I think that the party is the best thing Britain has had since the invention of the original Bovril (now sadly defunct, as it has no meat in it).