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What is to be done about a world where everything is for sale?

Nothing — until money goes out of style

20 September 2014

9:00 AM

20 September 2014

9:00 AM

Next time you read about an auctioneer’s gavel coming down on a $150 million painting bought by some flunkey representing the ruling family of Qatar, don’t ooh or aah, but think of those monsters in Iraq and Syria who have their children pose on video while holding up the severed heads of innocents. And no, it’s not a stretch — without Qatar’s gold Islamic State would not exist, not even in the movies.

Let me put it another way: had Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover given White House dinners for Al Capone, the outcry would have been heard all the way down to Patagonia. Yet, as reported in these here pages by Charles Moore, not only did the head of the family lunch with the Queen at Windsor, a cousin and his mother also lunched the next day at Windsor and caused a stir because they were not included in the Queen’s carriage. They sponsored Ascot this year, and Elizabeth Anson was their PR person. She burst into tears after failing to include them in the lead carriage. All I can say is shame on Ascot, more shame on Anson, and eternal shame on the stuffed shirts who forced the Queen to break bread with these characters.

They say Brits will do anything for money, but the rest of the Western world is just as bad. Just look at how a tiny Gulf nation of 250,000 goatherds managed to land the World Cup in 2022. To call the bribes Qatar must have paid to Fifa delegates colossal would be an understatement. But forget the 50-degree-Celsius heat and that football is unplayable in that hellhole, the scandal of modern-day slavery as practised by the Qataris is a far bigger depravity, overlooked by the West. In fact, calling foreign workers indentured servants is a euphemism; they are modern-day slaves. Foreign workers do not enjoy a minimum wage in Qatar, nor do they have any rights. They are not allowed to change jobs, however feudal the conditions, get a driving licence, rent a room or open a checking account unless they have their employer’s permission. Thousands have died while working in appalling conditions (hundreds of Nepalese alone), which provoked an investigation by the Norway-based Global Network for Rights and Development, which sent a researcher and a photographer. Last week the Qatari government confirmed that the two have been arrested and are in prison. So much for European influence in that sweaty hellhole.

In their craven search for money, Europeans have sold everything to these ghastly goatherds but their mother, because the Qatari gang is obviously not interested in the latter. Nothing is sacred, everything’s for sale. Qatar owns a share in Sainsbury’s, owns Harrods outright, owns a large share of Heathrow airport, large stretches of real estate in Knightsbridge and in the City it wanted to buy Claridge’s, has bought the French football team PSG and owns a share in Germany’s Volkswagen. Last but not least is the Al Jazeera TV network, one that poses as an unaligned network but in reality works for the gang called Thani.

So far so bad, but it gets much worse. In cahoots with the Saudis and the Kuwaitis, the Qatari ruling family allowed various so-called private businessmen to raise money for jihad. Saudi money funnelled through Islamic charities has been funding terrorism since the 1980s. Ditto the Kuwaitis. These private fund-raisers are an obvious charade. It’s the Kuwaiti, Saudi and Qatari ruling family’s money that ends up in terrorist hands. It’s called protection money. All three ruling ‘monarchies’ are basically illegitimate, and their power derives not from the people but from their oil and gas wealth and their ability to bribe Uncle Sam and other Western powers to keep them as heads.

The three desert satrapies had a falling out after the military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Saudis stuck with Sisi, the Qataris and Kuwaitis stuck with the Brotherhood. Qatar allowed the Taleban to open an office, and openly finances the bloodthirsty Islamic State. No matter how bloodthirsty and extreme the IS murderers became, Qatar chose to keep on paying and will do so unless the US Marines land and force the head towel to Guantanamo, where he belongs.

How have we come to this? Big oil had a lot to do with the First Gulf War. Saddam was our friend and ally yet we chased him out of Kuwait, which was sort of a province of Iraq when it was still Mesopotamia. The Israeli lobby ‘ordered’ the Second Gulf War — no ifs or buts about it — and Israel is enjoying the slaughter going on in Syria and Iraq almost as much as it enjoyed crushing Gaza. (Only 6 per cent of Israelis were against the invasion and subsequent killing of innocent people.)

What is to be done? That’s an easy one, but it will never happen until money goes out of style. Reading the riot act to Qatar, the Saudis and the Kuwaitis is an exercise in futility. If I were Obama — and he’s been a very good president in resisting the Israeli lobby that has been at him to carpet-bomb Iran — I’d overthrow the Qataris ‘pour encourager les autres’. But don’t hold your breath. See you at Ascot next year.

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  • Doggie Roussel

    Were I to comment in the manner or style of Taki, I am quite sure that I would be moderated immediately.

    However more power to his elbow… his opinions about the shoeless peasants from the Gulf are pertinent and appropriately significant.

    What really provides the most powerful emetic, however, are the tail-coated sycophants who pander to these ill-mannered, presumptuous oafs and boors. To witness the array of bloodstock agents, trainers and other assorted hangers-on bowing and scraping to these people in the paddocks of Ascot or Newmarket is a study of the most grovelling servility.

    Ut non penitus obturetur os abyssi, aut etiam sordidum…

    Or for Taki’s benefit:

    Προκειμένου να εμποδίσει το στόμιο της βαθιά, ή ακόμη και βρώμικο..

  • Ken

    Absolutely excellent: he tells it as it is. How pathetic that people like Cameron kowtow to the Arab despots. Saudi Arabia is a brutal dictatorship. And this is the main unafraid to criticise Israel too – why is he not editor of a national newspaper?

    • Malus Pudor

      Because America is run by the Jewish lobby and the USA and the rest of the world labour under the perception that the Jews have the patent on persecution, the camel drivers have most of the oil and anything else is irrelevant.

      Has no one ever heard of Stalin, Pol Pot, Ruanda or the slaughter and persecution of the natural American Indians or the Aborigines in Tasmania and Australia..?

      As Taki might say… go figure…

      • jjjj

        Ah…the whine of the person who cannot bear to conceive of the Jews as deserving of sympathy. Everyone knows of the terrible crimes of Stalin etc. And you know this very well. But only the paranoid such as yourself thinks its all a Jooooooooish conspiracy.

        • StJohnMalta

          You should go outside your JIDF Jerusalem basement, and understand that there are still European Traditional White Christian men who have not fallen into your degenerate sodomite-multicultural-self hating propaganda of the last 40 years. There is not a single Western media,Financial institution,Film studio, political party that is not a puppet of yours. Enjoy your last decade of domination Sir, it will end sooner that you think.

          • jjjj

            No, you and your ilk will end up in the same way that your heroes ended up in Nuremberg in ’48-9. You scum will never achieve your plans.

          • Malgus

            Our “plans”? What “plans”?

            Since when is wanting to be left alone some grand “plan”?

            AIPAC is the smallest, but most well funded, lobby in Washington. They enjoy influence all out of proportion to their numbers. They buy Senators and Congressmen at will.

            Members of Congress, both houses, who are J()wish are also dual citizens. US and Israel, if you go by what the Israelis say (that every J()w in the world is also a citizen of Israel). That means their loyalties are divided. It also means if you get enough of them in Congress, then Israel can rule us by proxy.

            Only about 2 to 3 percent of our population is J()wish, but we bend over backwards to accommodate them and that little pi$$-ant country, Israel.

            J()ws run Hollywood and the vast majority of the media. They control what we see. They own the porn industry, which eats at the soul of the Republic. They run the banks, including the Fed, our central bank. They run the IMF, the World Bank, the EU banks, the Bank of England.

            I don’t want to rule the world. I just want a place for me and mine to live, free from the interference of any other group – INCLUDING j()ws… I want to be LEFT ALONE.

            Some grand plan…

          • Malus Pudor

            You really do overfow with the milk of human kindness, don’t you… you bring to mind a friend of mine, who declining an invitation from a hooker on the streets of Tel Aviv, was accused by the virago of being an anti-Semite.

          • jjjj

            Now come on, you know that story is utter rubbish: You don’t have any friends. Posters of Hitler and sperm flecked potraits of Himmler don’t count.

          • RWJ

            Hear Hear.

        • Malgus

          “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

          Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

          You were saying something about a “Joooish conspiracy”?

          • jjjj

            Utter false, made up quotation which pathetic scum like you lap up.

          • Malgus

            Oh, I’m sorry. I cited who said it (Ariel Sharon), who he said it to (Shimon Peres), the date he said it and who reported it (Kol Yisrael radio).

            You howling “Utter false, made up quotation!” does little to advance your position. Don’t like what I said? Then PROVE IT WRONG. Your response is like a 3 year old child stamping his foot and saying “Nuh-UHH!”…

            You just have your panties in a twist because one of your own dared speak the truth, and you don’t like it that people like me know it.

          • jjjj

            Did you hear it on Kol Yisrael? Do you have an official transcript? You scum put out tons of information all of it fake about the Israelis and Jews. You also take things out of context. You Neo-Nazis and Islamists will be taught a lesson soon.

          • Malgus

            LOL! Right, I heard it on Kol Yisrael because the radio signal reached all the way to the US and I just happened to be listening in the middle of the night…

            The video of him saying it – shot by Israel’s Channel 10 – is over on Rense if you care to go watch it. Apparently, he didn’t know they were filming and spoke the truth. In addition to Rense, if you type into any search engine “Ariel Sharon Israel controls the US”, you get almost a MILLION hits. 🙂 It’s all over YouTube, too…

            You’re really reaching, trying to convince yourself he never said it. But, he did. Sorry, but you can’t stop the signal. Or the truth.

            Face it, boy. You just got served the truth, in a bowl with a spoon. By a lowly goy… and a German one, at that.


          • jjjj

            Stands to reason that you pathetic scum would follow Rense, you and your fellow pigs dreaming of the Fourth Reich. The Soviets treated your kind with too much kindness in ’45.

          • Malgus

            I fail to understand how you have “proved” Sharon’s remarks were false or fabricated. He was recorded saying them by an Israeli television station. It was broadcast on an Israeli radio station. It was rebroadcast here in the US, which is where I first heard it.

            All you seem to be good at is playing the Nazi card – “Reductio Ad Hitlerum” – and throwing around pejoratives, insulting people who don’t share your opinion or grovel to j()ws…

            Despite you’re efforts at trying to make me angry, you have failed. In fact, it is you who are enraged – going by your comments and insults – and why? Because we have no fear of you, we know the truth, and we speak it freely…

          • Malus Pudor

            Methinks thou doth protest too much !

          • Londonian

            Prove it wrong, Malgus? To paraphrase Bertrand Russell, just because you can’t prove there isn’t a china teapot in elliptical orbit round the Sun doesn’t mean there is. There is also a principle of English law: he who alleges must prove. That leaves you to prove the “facts” you cite.

          • Malgus

            Wait… what?

            You’re kidding, right? Did you even read this thread? I didn’t “allege” – I cited chapter and verse – who, what, when, where – I referenced VIDEO FOOTAGE of him saying it! It was broadcast in Israel and then rebroadcast here in the United States! How much more “proof” do you need? You want me to go dig up Sharon’s putrefying corpse, wake him up and force feed him pork chops until he tells the truth? But, I get the feeling that you’d just make up more excuses about him not actually saying it or that his undead zombie corpse saying it wasn’t “proof” enough…

            I’ll bet that even if Christ Himself floated down on a cloud in front of you and miracled the video footage out of thin air just for you, personally, you’d probably say it was ‘alleged’ or that someone faked it…

          • Londonian

            Temper, temper.

            Send me a link to the footage and I’ll believe you. Until then, it’s just Nazi propaganda.

          • Malgus

            Heh.. nice try.

            1. You are mistaking my in-credulousness for anger. I’m not angry. I’m halfway shocked anyone could be as intentionally obtuse as you are pretending to be.

            2. You mistake my mocking you for anger. Wrong again. Your type deserves only mocking derision, mostly to illustrate your dis-ingenuousness.

            3. I cited chapter and verse re: Sharon’s quote. You allege that this didn’t constitute “proof”. I showed that you were and are wrong, and that it DOES constitute proof.

            4. Now you ask me to do your work for you, even though I specifically went out of my way to backstop my points – Israel’s Channel 10 recorded the footage. Israel’s Kol Yisrael radio broadcasted it – I even gave you a time/date stamp. The BBC in America rebroadcast it shortly afterwards. I’m not going to do your homework for you anymore.

            5. Playing “The Nazi Card” in an attempt to dare me into doing more work for you is a non-starter. You won’t get any traction there. As far as I’m concerned, what I wrote was gospel. And, you playing The Nazi Card has backfired – since it was Kol Yisrael that broadcasted it first, then that makes them guilty of airing “Nazi propaganda”, not me…

            You want to see the video? Then do what I did – hunt it down. Or write a nice letter to Kol Yisrael asking them for the transcript. Or don’t. I could care less. I’m done doing homework for you people…

            Sharon said it. It was recorded and broadcast. It happened. THE END. If you all are so deluded or are such raging hypocrites that you have to accuse everyone who mentions it of being a Nazi, then I pity you…

          • belphegor69

            “A million Arabs are not worth the price of one Jewish fingernail.” – Baruch Goldstein.

            “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – Ariel Sharon

            “Gentiles Exist Only To Serve Jews” – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

            “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” – Bibi Netanyahu.

            That’s what all the IDF trolls say: We Made It Up

            Nevermind it is Israeli reporters, on Israeli news channels and newspapers who are bringing us these tidbits.

        • RWJ

          The Russians freed many jews on their way to Berlin……how stupid that was.

      • RWJ

        Ain’t that the truth….

    • jjjj

      So people are afraid to criticise Israel? Every newspaper (possibly with the exception of the Times) engages in an orgy of criticism of Israel (some of it very justified) and yet someone who writes against Israel is lauded as some subversive hero. Paranoia much?

  • jim

    Yes because the americans are so very much concerned with justice – the fact of the matter is that isis is just another scape goat for them to steal & plunder as much as possible. Let’s not forget the oft-forgotten slaughter of over 100,000,000 native Americans by the same people you are calling to for justice and the unashamed support of Israel in it’s continued Holocaust of Palestinians.

    Money is king, not just theirs but yours too. Praise your lord.

    • WFB56

      “Let’s not forget the oft-forgotten slaughter of over 100,000,000 native Americans …” You win the prize for the most seriously demented comment of the year, maybe the decade.

    • jjjj

      Holocaust of Palestinians? Funny that the birth rate keeps on going up. You need help to cure you of your antisemitism.

  • Liz

    A few days ago this guy was referring to ugly prostitutes as the dregs. Social justice campaigner, he ain’t.

  • jjjj

    Taki, to say that the Israeli lobby ‘ordered’ the second gulf war, even without the hyperbolic ‘no doubt about it’ is the utmost rubbish. Of course you want to push the meme that the Jooooosssss control the US in the name of Israel, so you take a few policymakers who happen to be Jewish and turn them into svengalis who can dupe Bush, Cheney, Rice, Blair etc. Of course the inconvenient truth is that they were low level policymakers who submitted options to the Gentile decision makers who weighed up the evidence and decided that Saddam and his sons were a menace to the world.

    As to Gaza, sorry Taki that more Israelis didn’t die or were maimed. Of course, a brilliant man like you thinks that Israelis went about their lives while playing a massive computer game. You have no idea what it was like having to run to the shelter every few minutes not knowing if the Hamas rockets will fall on their heads. You have no idea of the evacuation of Israeli towns which was hardly reported here. But to a hater as you, it would have made no difference. Jews in your book must always be victims.

    Why don’t you stop listening to your mates, the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece or stop dreaming of how you would have wanted to be a German soldier in Paris in 1940 and calm that hatred for the Jews that infests almost every piece you pen here.

  • Paul Ingrams

    You may be right about the politics and you may be right to be angry, as we all may be, but your language is racist and wholly reprehensible. I am astonished this article got past the editor.

  • RWJ

    Well…..everything is for sale in he UK thanks to the Tory’s. Power company’s, transport and even the Tory’s themselves. Big fat envelope full of cash in their pockets gets a piece of England and a Peerage.

  • Gentleman Jim Crow

    We should just invade, run a union jack up the flagpole, and take their oil off them like we did in the good old days.

  • ADW

    Lucky old Taki, who can afford his principles. The less fortunate sell what they can to get by, whether it be a slice of Heathrow for millions or their labour for a pittance.

    • little islander

      The rest of us are not lacking in principles.

  • kevin bjornson

    If this is what passes for conservatism (or realism), may the gods help us.

    Complain all you want about Islamists and corrupt Arab regimes. Why drag Israel into this, they didn’t contribute to the problem at all. Why defend the Iran regime, as if they were better than the rest?

    For a breath of fresh air, please visit the Libertarian Defense Caucus website:

  • dalai guevara

    The Battle of Minorca days are over, Taks – I suggest we opt for simple modern-day surgical air strikes now. Pour minimiser le ‘collateral damage’.

  • Angel

    Read the Bible, and what Jesus says about the synagogue of satan.
    The jews…or fake jews
    Listen to Pete Peters