Italy is killing refugees with kindness

The 'mare nostrum' policy has acted as a magnet for boat people; the crisis is only growing

6 September 2014

9:00 AM

6 September 2014

9:00 AM

The next time you eat a fish from the Mediterranean, just remember that it may well have eaten a corpse. As the Italian author Aldo Busi told the press just the other day: ‘I don’t buy fish from the Mediterranean any more for fear of eating Libyans, Somalis, Syrians and Iraqis. I’m not a cannibal and so now I stick with farmed fish, or else Atlantic cod.’ Personally, I prefer my fish natural, fattened on drowned human flesh, but there you go. I take the point.

Foolishly, last October Italy’s left-wing government became the first European Union country to decriminalise illegal immigration and deploy its navy at huge expense to save ‘illegal’ migrants crossing the narrow Sicilian channel in open boats from North Africa (Libya mainly) in order to bring them to Italy and thus the European Union — where most remain. Few get sent back: sent back where, exactly?

The decision to open the floodgates came in a moment of national moral panic after 366 people drowned in a single boat which caught fire and sank a stone’s throw from an idyllic beach on the island of Lampedusa, an exclusive resort favoured by the right-on rich. The dead included a mother who had given birth during the voyage and was still attached to her newborn child when divers found their bodies trapped inside the sunken vessel.

The policy change, driven by a perverted mix of human decency and political correctness, was pure folly: it has acted as a green light to wannabe boat people everywhere, whose numbers soar as the chaos in Africa and the Middle East escalates. The result is an exodus of biblical proportions out of Africa into Italy. So far this year, more than 100,000 boat people have arrived in Italy — two thirds of them brought ashore by the Italian navy. That is more than double the number who arrived in 2011, the previous record year. It is estimated that the total by the end of 2014 will surpass 200,000. So far this year Italy has deported only 10,000.

Italy’s boat people used to originate mostly from sub-Saharan Africa; but — thanks to ‘Mare nostrum’, as the new policy is called — they now also come from the Horn of Africa, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Iraq. The word is out: to get to Europe, get to Italy (via Libya).

To put these numbers into perspective, David Cameron has pledged to reduce net immigration to Britain to ‘tens of thousands’ a year by the next general election in 2015. He still has a very long way to go. According to latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, net immigration into Britain in the year to March 2014 was 243,000.

Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, thousands die crossing from North Africa to Italy in flimsy, unseaworthy vessels. A ticket, they say, costs between €1,000 and €2,000. The boat people do not just die by drowning. Those with cheaper tickets, confined to the locked hold of the boats, often die from carbon monoxide poisoning from the engine. Others die from stabbings and beatings as a result of the frequent fights that break out on deck.

According to the UN High Commission for Refugees, 1,600 boat people have died since June — 25 a day, roughly — crossing from North Africa to Italy. That figure is undoubtedly just the tip of the iceberg.

While the macabre crisis being played out in the Sicilian channel is great news for the Mediterranean fish population, it is a disaster for the EU. Italy is unable to cope. Its few temporary stay identification centres are full to the gunnels and it has been forced to house boat people in hotels and council flats. Each boat person costs Italian taxpayers €43 a day, says the government, which is €4.3 million a day for this year’s 100,000 (so far) alone.

Two weeks ago, a group of 100 boat people, who had been sent to a three-star hotel with pool in Sardinia, complained about Italian food, Italian mosquitoes and Italian heat. All but four then absconded from the hotel and disappeared off into the Sardinian countryside. If the boat people apply for political asylum, they can stay in Italy until their case is dealt with, but they are unable to work legally. Their latest ruse, however, is to refuse to say who they are, in order to leave Italy and reach a country whose welfare system is more generous and accessible — such as Britain or Germany. Police sources told the Milan daily Il Giornale the other day: ‘We cannot control them any more. We cannot even identify them.’ Increasingly, the police just dump coachloads of them at big stations such as Milan with no money or documents — and buona notte, arrivederci.

I was recently in the small frontier town of Ventimiglia en route for the Cote d’Azur by train. The station and forecourt area were chock-a-bloc with black and brown faces. ‘They want to get to France,’ a taxi driver explained. On my train from Italy to France there were no passport controls — thanks to the Schengen Agreement — and during the journey no one checked my train ticket.

Italy insists, with justification, that this is a collective European Union problem; but as so often — as indeed with the euro itself, for example — it is every man for himself.

Last week, the interior minister Angelino Alfano went to Brussels to thrash it all out with the bureaucrats of the Commission. Europe would do more to help Italy, it was then announced. Well, we have heard all that before. Alfano did at least get a small concession: permission from Brussels to destroy the boats that have brought across the boat people. Incredible as it may seem, this hasn’t happened until now.

As for the boats’ crews — the scafisti — their usual trick is to mingle with the crowd and pretend to be boat people themselves. Yet even if identified, they are locked up only for a couple of months and then repatriated and so are able to return to work.

A couple of years ago, I saved an illegal immigrant who was a 21-year-old orphan who had walked from Nigeria to Libya and got an open boat across to Sicily. His name was Tony and he was a Christian, and I was in a bar in Rimini when he came up to try and flog me packets of tissues. There was something about his eyes that got me and so I gave him €500 and found him a lawyer. He is now married to an Italian. But he, Tony, is different. He is personal.

There are no easy political solutions. Silvio Berlusconi, when prime minister, did a deal with Colonel Gaddafi to stop the boats setting off from Libya. It worked. But the deal went up in smoke when ‘we’ got rid of the colonel. Now, thanks to us, Libya is in meltdown.

Spain especially, Greece too, and even the Maltese, use force to keep out migrants. Just what, I wonder, would David Cameron do if confronted by an armada of boat people coming across the Channel?

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  • tafmmac

    Italy’s looney left wing government has caused this problem for themselves and the rest of Europe a typical do-gooder left wing policy that is devoid of any logic or common sense particularly seeing the state of their economy, they should look after their own people not worry about the problems of immigrants.

    • bionde

      Italy has leaders imposed by EU. Renzi was not elected – he made a coup over the previous leader of his party who was an EU appointed puppet.The Italian people are absolutely fed up with illegals being given better welfare than indigenous Italaains. Asylum seekers are being given housing by comunes when young Italians have 43% unemployment and no hope of ever leaving their parents house and getting a home of their own.

    • Jimmy

      What is cauing the problem is exploitation of these people – get it rght. it is the fault of every political party and government that still encourages exploiting africa.

      • Syntec

        In what ways is the West exploiting Africa, then?

        The Chinese are all over the African continent buying up whole swathes of it in preparation for long term population invasions from mainland China.

        They’re setting up businesses in every town and village, undermining the livelihood and profitability of African-owed equivalents.
        They’ve struck up lucrative deals with African despots for minerals and cheap labour resources.

        Of course, none of this reeks of exploitation as far as you’re concerned, I suppose.


  • Jay_Sands

    “Just what, I wonder, would David Cameron do if confronted by an armada of boat people coming across the Channel?” You’ll be able to find out soon exactly what lack of action will be taken – on Radio 4 this morning the story was that 100 migrants in Calais had tried to storm a P&O ferry travelling to the UK.

    • tinhatter

      Gutless pirck would do nothing, unlike T Abbott of Australia. It is v v heartless to tow people back or put them in detention, but if you do not expect to be over whelmed

    • Jimmy

      the UK is too politically correct to do anything because of human rights.
      asian muslims in the UK are going abroad to fight British and western forces then returning home to their council houses and benefit. the UK government are too scared to be called racist so they do nothing about it.

    • peterpiper

      What are migrants thinking? — that if they storm the ferry, it will cooperate nicely and ferry them over to the UK?

    • David Freestone

      Perhaps they should change the P&O logo saying the words ‘PISS’ and ‘OFF’ lol

  • It’s pretty well know among the illegal immigrates that once into any part of the EU under “Refuge status” they can obtain the necessary papers to travel to the UK and receive better benefits and housing.

    • Jimmy

      good, if there is stupid benefit system in the UK let them exploit it.

  • zanzamander

    Is anybody even vetting these people? It this not just a form of Jihadi invasion?

    Italy can be generous with its security, lets face it, not many of these people will end up staying there. No, the first opportunity they get, they’ll be heading for Britain and we’ll end up picking up the pieces – literally.

  • Sku

    Italy should be towing this lot back to Africa they will soon all end up in the UK on Benefits that I can t get

    • Jimmy

      good, the UK has enough money in banks kept by africa leaders. no one talks about that.

      • David Freestone

        Not to mention all the money the banks get from taxpayers, too. What a wonderful world we live in :OP

  • Marvin

    The refugees and asylum seekers in Calais are getting bolder and more violent to try
    and get into Britain, knowing very well that no one will retaliate in any physical way to
    stop them. So the are encouraged to try.

    • Jimmy

      what goes round comes round. To every action, there is an equal and oposite reaction. western countries destroy their lands and steal from them, they migrate and destroy yours

      • Moderator

        I blame live-aid. It allowed millions of people who would have died to breed and now we have a Sub-Saharan population set to double in just 30 years. What we are seeing is young me, who no one wants.

        • Jimmy

          Live-aid is a very good publicity for the likes of CNN and BBC to portray Africa as being a charity case of the west whereas trillions of dollars in resources are being carted away behind the scene by western companies exploiting natural resources.

          If you are sill taken in by what the media has fed you since you naive and docile birth you are infact a simpleton. Go to Africa and look around properly for yourself.

          • Shel

            My god man, take your self hate and go and live with your people in Africa. You don’t deserve the civilization of Europeans.

          • Jimmy

            Shel, humanity started from black people and that is where it will end.

            If you look carefully, no matter what the west (and now East) throws at Africa it still stands in strenght.

            Overpopulation, ebola and HIV laced in vacines, imposing pro-western leaders, exploiting resources won’t last forever.

            Western economies and people are dying, Islam is wrecking havoc on that civilization and it will end in decades.

            The best punishment for western countries is multiculturalism, and that is happening today – Amen to that!
            There was a time in the west when overpopulation was a major issue, today it is the reverse, the west in receding in age and the people now look more to Africa and Asia for economic survival.

            Your days are numbered mate!

          • Shel

            No dude, whites evolved to be able to live in frozen cold regions which is why the skin is white and eyes are blue. The blacks can’t survive in those regions. They will die without parasiting off the whites. The frozen cold areas are where the whites will go on as a civilization.

          • Jimmy

            you are more stupid than I first thought.., you are an infant…when you grow up we can debate…
            you have the mental intelligence of a door knob

          • Shel

            go off yourself to Africa you self hating dweeb. It’s where you belong with your fellow 70 IQ’s.

        • Shel

          You know it makes me think that whites benevolence with Food Aid is why they are targeted for extinction or at least whites will be weakened to the point that the last remaining white civilizations will live in Greenland or Iceland, at that point to weak to feed any one but themselves. A race that causes overpopulation of humans on Earth are probably the most dangerous race that exists. You can thank those idiots in our government for feeding the 3rd world for the extinction of whites and white nations. Once the whites are gone, the 3rd world will go back to killing each other and starving (the Asians are not stupid enough to feed them) and 4 billion will quickly reduce to a few hundred thousand.

      • Marvin

        You show your ignorance about the world and history. The nations that went round conquering and settling were the strong evolved and
        superior nations. Have you not heard of “survival of the fittest”. It is nobodys fault for certain cultures who were backward, illiterate and
        stuck in the past. If you feel that way then why are you here? You know where the EXIT is.

      • Crumbs

        Jimmy, you appear to be suicidal. Please don’t drive.

        • Jimmy

          I am not the one worried about migration here, infact I am happy with what is happening, you are the suicidal one here. go ki.ll yourself.

          • David Freestone

            Then you’re a damned fool. Why don’t you go to Calais and tell them they’re all welcome?

          • Jimmy

            Don’t have to go to Calais, I preach it everyday and everywhere.
            Europe deserves to experience the same thing it inflicted on many 3rd world countries…invasion!
            The good thing is no comments or actions can stop it! IT IS TOO LATE!

          • Shel

            Jimmy will be the first one who’s head they hack off when they take his country.

          • Jimmy

            You are a coward!

          • Shel

            I hear the muslimes saw heads off pretty good with a blunt knife, I hope you’re up for it.

      • scpnel

        North African nations invaded Spain and Southern Italy and depopulatee large areas of the European Mediterranean coast – via kidnapping and enslaving Europeans. Does that mean that colonialism – which did not last as long – was paypback for that? Or is human history full of examples of the strong screwing over the weak?

        From my understanding the only examples where the Strong decided to try to Stop screwing of the weak can be found in Western Civilization – ie British efforts to stop slavery. A lot of the concepts that bleeding heart anti-western morons feel they should strongly defend are products of Western culture – human equality, tolerance, freedom of religion etc. What these surprisingly stupid people fail to realise is that the fact that Western Civilization is not perfect does not immediately make it the source of all evil. Travel the world and witness the culture of 3rd world countries for yourself. If you have half a brain you will see levels of ignorance, racism and misogyny that would make the most ardent Tea Party Supporter blush, but then again in a reflection of your own racism you would probably never hold these cultures to the same standard that you hold western culture.

        • Jimmy

          Western Civilization is not perfect does not immediately make it the source of all evil???

          If it is not perfect it will perhaps appologies to people it enslaved, subjugated, colonized, ripped off, stole from, murdered in large numbers and STILL pillaging.

          Not perfect??? There are French troops stationed in many East African countries at the time of writing this…with the sole aim of ensuring French and European companies control the resources in those countries and that the elected-rigged leaders are pro European! The same people get on boats from Senegal and Mali and Algeria destined for Europe and you blame them for getting on boats???

          America has just raided Iraq for no reason other than oil and murdered over a million Iraqis…while the EU are telling the Turks to stop fleeing Iraqis cross their border into the west!!!

          There are countries in west Africa where European oil companies are lifting unMETERED crude oil then dumping the waste on the doorsteps of the same people they are ripping off, the people get on boats destined for the west where their commonwealth is taken and you blame them for getting on boats!!!

          Can you not understand why some muslims might actually want to become suicide bombers and kill you and themselves just for the sheer carnage you continue to visit on them!

          Many idiots here do not get a full picture before opening their brainwashed mouths, they have been informed most of their lives by CNN and BBC and then come here to troll nonsence insulting our intelligence!

          Majority of the problems of the world is caused by the west, get used to it!
          -If there is a war being fought in the world, the guns will be supplied by the west. And in most cases that war would have been caused by the west or something the west did in the past.
          -Those people on the boats flee something the west caused economically, politically, socially and even medically.
          -HIV and ebola were made in western labs, the evidence is very clear. You cannot reduce the population of some coutries using your vacines programs. That right is theirs.

          You will not win this war, these Africans will win it. They started humanity and they will end it. They will migrate and populate the west and they will make all the west multicultural and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

          • huh?

            They started humanity, you mean the hearchic, egoistic tribes?

      • huh?

        So it is all about destruction, and yet despise many comments made about this.

    • Jimmy

      getting bolder and more violent?
      If only the French soldiers guarding uranium mines in Niger republic, oil fields in west Africa and diamonds in the Congo were only getting bolder and violent rather than
      -imposing leaders who help them steal from the Africans
      -pollute lands they steal from
      -test virus programs for population control
      -shoot at sight demonstrators who question French soldier on their soil
      -seek accountability of how their resources is being siphoned…

      did you say getting bolder?
      The Western soldiers have killed millions of Africans for resources and money dating back centuries and we are discussing bolder???

      You sir are a rank moron!

      • Marvin

        Ever heard of survival of the fittest, most intelligent and most evolved. Whose fault is it that evolution has taken a lot longer to effect the intelligence of certain species. History is about what happened in the past. If these species have not evolved enough to govern their own countries and their people’s in a civilised manner and rob their own to live in palaces and have their own jets and shop in Harrods, then do not blame anyone else for the lack of their own evolution in life.

        • Jimmy

          Well you now have survival of the fittest on your doorstep,
          how much more fit can one be if they risk all to get to the west where their stolen resources are being taken.

          They are now breeding with your women, setting up shop, utilizing the same monies you took from them.

          All hail the survival of the fittest, all hail Africa!

          • Marvin

            How fit does one have to be when they are rescued a mile off the coast of Libya. These are not the fittest but the most desperate running away from their own unevolved people who treat them like dogs. Savages wanting to live in a world of humans.

          • Jimmy

            well get used to the savages living among you pal.

            You can’t seem to be able to stop them changing your countries into multicultural societies. They must be doing somethings right.

            And your women seem to love them….lol

            It’s too late…

          • Marvin

            Not exactly true, they breed with their own kind once, impregnate them and run for the hills because they are too ugly to have sex with them again. That’s why there are so many single savage women with six kids from different male savages.

  • Blindsideflanker

    It shows that the post war consensus of asylum no longer functions in a time of mass movement of people.

    Asylum was a blank cheque written by past generations that we have no hope of honouring. Unfortunately we have a political class who are not big enough men to be honest about it. We dangle this asylum carrot in front of desperate people and not surprisingly they think, ‘yeah I’ll have a bit of that!’

    We need to stop offering asylum, to stop the pull factor of the asylum system.

    In addition need we to elect a Government that is serious about controlling immigration. Today we are told 50,000 illegals have disappeared, and the Government isn’t bothered. We have illegals trying to storm ferries is Calais, and told we have to build Birmingham’s all over the country to house all the immigrants.

    The failing British establishment have lost control of immigration and asylum.

    • Jimmy

      what you need to do is stop exploiting them, stop stealing their natural resources, stop imposing dictators who favour the west and oppress the people with a view to helping western countries steal their resources.
      then you will not need to do anything about asylum.
      the way navie o xym0rons like you describe it you’d think you are innocent and these people just wake up one day and decide to go to the west

      • Blindsideflanker

        Typical comment from a West hating bleeding heart.

        Much to your surprise you may find that it was the West which gave African resources a value, previously to that they didn’t have a value. They didn’t steal them, they put a price on them. The real theft is that of Africans stealing from Africans, some particularly rare and expensive raw materials used in mobile phones command such a high price that African war lords fought for control of them, sponsored by Uganda and Zimbabwe, and of course there were the blood diamonds.

        As for imposing dictators on Africans, go and name one!

        • red2black

          Idi Amin, ex-Sandhurst? Not sure if he was ‘imposed’ (?)

          • Blindsideflanker

            No, try again.

            Thought people would have come up with Mobutu by now. but it would have meant a debate about Patrice Lumumba. Mobutu’s predecessor, if he was mentally unhinged.

          • red2black

            Can I phone a friend? (tee hee)
            All I can say is that there must be many extremely serious problems in Africa that have caused these present-day migrations. They’re not something people enter into lightly, whatever opinion we may have of them. Thanks for your replies.

          • Roger Hudson

            I thought he was a SSgt in the Kenyan Rifles?
            Idi Amin, proof that MI6 never had an assassination, 00?, unit.

          • Jimmy

            I have to admire the naivety and total ignorance of mugs like you…you provide me a constant source of laughter with your childish docile and bamboozled nature. Many like you live through life without knowing what is going on in it…fair play to you!

            But of course if you want to know more, do some research…avoid BBC, CNN and neo con materials…go to the source for a change

          • red2black

            Well, they were questions asked. Apparently Sandhurst denies that he was ever a student there. It seems Amin imposed himself. Thanks for replying.

          • Jimmy

            Amin, was a non commissioned officer and attained the highest rank an African could in the British colonial army, a warrant officer. towards the end of colonial rule, there was a shortage of Ugandan army officers so he was given a direct commission as a Lieutenant. He never attended Sandhurst to become one.

            At the time no African could attain political or military power without being pro-British, so he worked for the British initially as a stooge and a spy.

            He was later to become Anti-British obviously due to the abuse, pillaging, exploitation, pogrom and massacre of the British.

            Although his ways are crude and primitive, he taught the British a good lesson in life of how the monster you created will later consume you.

            Personally I like him for his deportation of Indians and other Asian from Uganda.

          • red2black

            I did read up a bit, but not really someone of any interest to me. I had a laugh back in the day reading the Private Eye book written in pidgin English about him, but beyond that; good riddance. Thanks for the clarification about Sandhurst.

        • Jimmy

          The only way to stop them is genocide and with the way many European countries are weak, politically correct and naive it’s checkmate!

          Most European countries built their economies from slavery and exploitation of Africa’s resources. The Africans do not have to fire a single shot to take over yours.

          Karma I say!

          • Cloud Dweller

            Bullshit !

          • Shel

            Go live in Africa moron, you don’t deserve the safety of European civilization.

          • João Costa

            Well not true. Africans did enslave White people. The whole of Iberia had it’s coastal area pretty much de-populated due to slave raids. But instead of moaning around we built some teeth to defend ourselves. Ohhh and no white slave descendant population is found surviving nowadays… Guess that human resource was pretty much been depleted no?

          • Jimmy

            There are no African enslavement of white people today, FACT!
            There is economic, social and political enslavement of black people by whites today, FACT!

            You cannot impose western-backed leaders who help deplete the resources in favor of white nations and expect the people not to seek better lives where their resources end up.

            Switzerland, UK, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and many western countries hold stolen funds, looted resources, and western exploited monies in banks used to provide for western citizens, many Africans who live in Europe add extra value and the ones on social welfare have a serious right to it.

            The issue has to be looked holistically and many dumb and naive Western people are too stupid to realize these facts because they get their information from CNN, BBC and very false reporting.

          • João Costa

            Actually there are white slaves in Africa today. Brazil has recently unveiled a sex workers traffic network held by the corrupt General’s Mafia of Angola. Their main occupation was to traffic sex slaves to Africa’s elite, from South America. FACT

            As for economic enslavement, once again Angola subverts the logic. In the past 15 years or more Isabel dos Santos as been buying up chunks of the Portuguese economy. Many of those companies (banks mostly) are resource drained (by the new owners) leaving them in precarious situations and sending many people to the unemployment. Not only there you have an example on how Africans exploit Europeans, but as for political dominance you have the main political parties being funded by shady Angolan interests, as the ongoing investigations point out. FACT

            It’s wonderful the world isn’t as maniqueistic as you wanna portrait it…

            And about the funds in the so called fiscal paradises; that was not the topic. All i mentioned was the white slaves phenomenon. So don’t try to manipulate the talk and divert from the main topic. That’s intellectually dishonest.

            I have made my point so from now on…

            “Don’t feed the troll…”


          • huh?

            You will degrade your host and eventually live in poverty again, or you go back with your knowledge you display here and defend your rights there.

      • Stevie Mac

        Without Europe, Africa would have no electricity, cars, or modern medicine…and most Africans would be either farmers or hunter gatherers living at subsistence level. Poverty is preexisting. Europe has brought the modern world to Africa.. Furthermore, kelptocratic dictators are common in Africa and they aren’t installed or always supported by the west. There is huge inequality in African countries because of kleptocratic leaders and elites who don’t share the wealth. The western institutions may have attached harmful conditions to IMF loans but the loans were also stolen by the corrupt leaders. The west may have supported dictators but democracy only exists in numerous African countries due to the west- its a complex world. Africa now has GDP growth and has done for the past decade largely due to selling(!) their resources but living standards are not rising much because of population growth. I am not a supporter of colonialism and I know the west oppressed and exploited the colonies. The west has a lot of responsibility for the state of Africa, good and bad, but everything isn’t the fault of external forces. The are internal factors too why Africa hasn’t developed as much as it could have since independence.

        • Jimmy

          Get your facts right before spewing rubbish: You have not done enough research, Europe media controls your mind.

          Without Europe Africa will have electricity from Asia, South America, Middle East.

          What is wrong with subsistence level living? many parts of Eastern Europe, middle east and Asia live like that and with less polution and heathier lifestyles. China is a superpower yet most of its population live on farming and that subsistence level you mentioned.

          It was European companies that started stealing resources, polluting the environments and installing puppet local leaders to control the economies in Africa.

          Countries like Egypt and Mali were empires in their own right and built civilizations you can only dream of today. Mansa Musa the Malian king is listed as the richest man that ever lived and he brought prosperity to his people long before your criminal ancestors showed up.

          Most stolen wealth from Africa does not end up in local banks, they are in vaults in Switzerland and high streets banks in Europe used to pay your social security, defence budgets and lifestyle so people like you can have the guts to come here and show your ignorance.

          • Stevie Mac

            No, without Europe, nobody would have electricity. The technology comes from Europe/the west. Same with cars, tvs, trains, the internet, mobile phones, modern medicine, modern science, modern industry, as well as democracy. The modern world was invented and developed in the west and then spread to the rest of the world. Yes, Europe dominated and exploited the rest of the world (and I think that was wrong) but also eventually spread all of the things listed above. History is more than a simple, one sided narrative.

            When you blame all of your problems on ‘the west’, that is also too simplistic.

            When people lived at subsistence level before the modern age, the life expectancies were very low, people were much shorter due to worse nutrition, there were lots of diseases which nobody understood scientifically, they were illiterate, and famines wiped people out. Apart from that, maybe it was a good time. China is trying to develop to the level of the west, like Japan and Korea has.

          • Jimmy

            Do some proper research and stop basing your ignorant arguments on shiny things around you in today Europe.

            Long before any knowledge of electricity existed people were aware of shocks from electric fish. Ancient Egyptian texts dating from 2750 BC referred to these fish as the “Thunderer of the Nile” That was the orgin of electricity.

            Acknowledge Egypt, Africa, Middle East and Asia in the development of Europe. Europe will be nothing without these places! Most European technology and ideas were stolen from conquered lands. Mathematics and algebra being some of them. If Europe did not undermine and hinder the progress of these places it will not be what it is today. Today there is a fair playing ground and Europe is struggling to compete. Europe will be what Africa is today in decades to come.

            Some of the oldest people in the world are in the 3rd world, people who reached over 100 years on subsistence living in Asia and Africa.

            Go do some travelling and stop getting your information from CNN and BBC.

          • Shel

            Entire European and Asian nations have been destroyed by war and somehow they managed to rebuild prosperous nations rather quickly. Yet your 3rd world IQ of 70 Africans can’t build prosperous nations now or ever.

          • huh?

            And yet Asia won’t let you in either.We pay taxes for social securities, not some bank, you are not the wise man you think you are, go and research the percentage of beneficiary of your claims, lets say your claims are not ours.

        • Cloud Dweller

          Very low I.Q. of black Africans and Whites read Zionist newspapers/TV/movies and are brainwashed.
          No blacks in Europe. George Soros is responsible.

  • Wow… Europe is a mess

    • Jimmy

      yes, and it caused the mess in Africa that is now being visited on it

      • Shel

        They Chinese own Africa now you fool! They will be harsh rulers.

        • Jimmy

          Own Africa? You must be getting your news from the same sources that indoctrinated you all your life and made you a walking ignoramus!
          I say the blacks, Indians, whites, chinese, Lebanese and who ever else owns a stake in Africa.
          If you think only the Chinese do you are a simpleton.

          • Shel

            oh poor baby, did it hurt your feelings that other races have invaded Africa too? and enslaved them and the Arabs chopped the balls off the black male slaves? and the blacks were savagely killing each other before any one even knew they existed? must break your heart to have more races to hate besides the evil whites.

        • Jimmy

          you’re not going to get off that lightly…and you can’t do anything about it, that’s the beauty of it…lol

          • Shel

            No moron, the Europeans will emigrate to other European nations once the Africans destroy Europe. These boat savages will need to learn to survive in their own nations once all the Europeans have gone away won’t they? If you think Europeans will stick around and live with 3rd world IQ of 70 people, you should look at South Africa, 75% of the Europeans have left the country and it is sliding into chaos. The black African government can’t even keep the power running, the police are inept and corrupt and it is now the murder and rape capital of the world.

          • Jimmy

            Well many Europeans migrate to Australia, Canada, Scandanavia, Russia, Eastern Europe…AND GUESS what? There are africans, blacks, asian, latinos waiting for them there!!!

            I am sure any african country with chaos has the hands of western countries behind it…you don’t know because all your info comes from CNN and BBC.

            You sir are a walking talking shitting bamboozled pleb

          • Shel

            There are no negroes, asians, latinos in Iceland, Greenland, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, and most of the eastern European nations. You are a moron especially if you think white flight won’t occur. It always does. When the economic collapse occurs, they 3rd world invaders will be left in the cold to fend for themselves. They will die off due to their low IQ’s which is why they never left Africa in the first place.

          • Jimmy

            no research before writing out of your rectum…an infant. door knob

          • Jimmy

            no debate with infant sorry, you are a door knob

          • Shel

            your genes have been selected for extinction Jimmy. that is the fate of those who hate themselves. so go kill yourself, a trip to Africa, and they’ll do the job for you.

  • LawrenceinArabia

    future generations will look back in disgust at our weakness and naivety (it that’s what it is) and rightfully hate us for the ‘New Europe’ we are leaving for them

    • Hobbeldehoy

      except there wont be any future generations because they will be bred out of existence

      • LawrenceinArabia

        i hope you are wrong and our people wake up before its too late, though its already long passed the point where this would be an easy task

      • Moderator

        Sub-Sahara Africa is forecast to at least double its population to 1.5 billion by 2050. So many people, so little demand for them.

      • Ian

        You are 100% right.
        In France 1 in 3 babies are muslim and that’s from a base muslim population of 10%. GB, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria are heading down the same path. Birth rates of muslims far exceed that of the locals. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out that the western christian culture is doomed. Ironically it will be the likes of the gays, women and non believers who’ll be the first to suffer.

      • Guest

        Even if that is true, there will still be future generations; they will still be our descendants. Just saying.

      • Stevie Mac

        There will still be future generations. Even if they are not 100% white or European, they will still be our descendants and they will still be human. Just saying. Eventually everyone in the world will be mixed race probably if we don’t destroy ourselves first. there will be no (or only a negligible amount of) pure Africans, Europeans or NE Asians.

        • Mary Woll

          A point only relevant to racists. Me, I couldn’t give a toss which skin colour I see or what set of genes another person has. I do care deeply about European sivilization, though. And at the rate the barbarians are coming, reproducing and imposing their culture on us, European sivilization is already kneeling – primitive sharia courts are already legal in European countries, we have gender divisions in European schools, enforced by primitive-culture parents in accordance with their ignorant and dysfunctional misconceptions about women’s and men’s place in society; “halal” food as staple diet for all in European hospitals and prisons, primitive clan based mob justice is replacing law and order in a growing number of European no-go areas, legitimate critizism of religion is banned or subjected to self-imposed ban due to death threats from the barbarians who unfortunately are allowed to live among us, we are forced to accept open misogyny for “religious reasons” etc.

          The skin colour the barbarians come with is irrelevant. The dysfunctional, anti-humane and anti-democratic culture they bring with them is not. The barbaric cultures that are allowed to flourish within our sivilization must be stopped at every turn. Every time they request special rules, special food, special pray brakes at work; every time they demand exepmtion from the rules that apply for all in our European sivilization, we should be firm an say no. For every little trivial matter in which they are granted special treatment, their barbaric culture grows stronger. As Salman Rushdie said: We must all stand up for the right to wear mini-skirts. The right to wear mini-skirts is trivial in the big picture, and is not something many people would view as essential. But if we allow mini-skirts to be prohibited – universally or in certain areas – we have already started on the slippery slope of decent towards a society no European would wish his children to live in.

          • Cloud Dweller

            Learn how to spell and then help send blacks back home, I would love to live in South Africa…but black gangs are hacking Whites to death every day down there while they sleep.Read about it !

          • Mary Woll

            Am learing… Lucy Lamamour and JohnPedant have both been most helpful. 🙂
            Mary Woll.

          • Lucy Lamamour

            So much to say…. Without being able to spell civilisation. How quaint.

          • Mary Woll

            Dear Lucy Lamamour,

            First, I apologize for my spelling errors. English is one of the four foreign languages by which I sometimes muster up courage to communicate, in spite of my proficiency in these languages being well below a native level. I openly admit that my proficiency in English, French, German and Italian has considerable improvement potential.

            Second, given the above, I am grateful for any correction of language mistakes be it grammar, spelling, syntax, idioms etc. that I commit communicating in foreign languages. Unfortunately, many English, French, German and Italian native speakers have proven to be so polite that their good manners prevent them from correcting my mistakes – hence my mistakes are given free reign to pollute my foreign languages like weeds in a garden.

            Third, you comment that I have much to say. By which I interpret that you found my post unneccessarily long? I apologize also for this; I thought that posts on the Internet did not have a size limit, and also that one could choose which post one wanted to read. If there is a size limit that I have exeeded, and/or if you are obliged to read a whole post that you do not want to read, I am sorry for breaking the rules and thereby forcing you to waste your time reading a post you do not want to read.

            Fourth, since you so kindly sacrificed your politeness in order to improve my English, I will try to make amends for my wrongdoings by inviting you to continue the discussion in my native language Norwegian – if you still feel hurt and you suspect that this is a dubious endevour, I can assure you the number of language mistakes will be very few and that the protection of your linguistic sensibilities will be given high priority. I truly hope that I can make amends this way:

            For det femte, det er alminnelig internett-etikette å diskutere sak heller enn form – slik veloppdragne mennesker alltid har visst vedrørende enhver diskusjon, samme hvilket forum diskusjonen foregår i. I et forum som internett er denne regelen enda viktigere enn ellers, da forumets art gjør at mennesker fra alle samfunnslag og med alle kompetansenivåer møtes og diskuterer i et omfang de aldri gjorde i tradisjonelle diskusjonsfora. Nedlatende kommentarer om andres språknivå vil derfor enda lettere enn i andre diskusjonsfora oppfattes som mangel på saksargumenter. Om en er uenig i andres argumenter, er det derfor på internett enda viktigere enn i andre fora at en forholder seg til meningsinnholdet heller enn til formen.

            Best regards,
            Mary Woll

          • JohnPedant

            A wonderful magnanimous and courteous reply from Mary Woll. Since you invite corrections, let me respectfully correct ‘free reign’ to ‘free rein’ (the metaphor is equine not monarchical). This is a very common error, frequently made by native speakers, and it is no small tribute to you that you sound just like one. Your command of English is much better than my command of any language that is not my native tongue.

          • Mary Woll

            Thank you for the enlightening correction, JohnPedant. I actually assumed the expression was linked to “reign” as a reference to the excercise of sovereign power can seem somewhat logical, at least for some of the applications of the expression. Giving your horse full freedom of movement by loosening the reins falls much better into place though; thank you again. 🙂
            Mary Woll

          • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

            Civilisation/civilization… that depends where you live. Only the uneducated do not know that.

          • huh?

            So little to say, only to avoid the content?

          • marxistgulag

            Only I can be racist,I am a proud white man.

        • Cloud Dweller

          You are weak !

        • Shel

          Actually the Asians are smart enough to not allow alien immigration. The blacks kick whites out of their nations or kill them. The Asians will still be pure so will the blacks and Arabs in Africa. It is the whites that will be gone in to oblivion. Which will be the end of European culture and civilization.

        • Rhonda Shepherd

          Is that what you want? Your European DNA outbred out of existence to leave the world a virtual PLANET OF THE APES run by savages under a one world sharia law caliphate. No more beautiful Swedish women with blue eyes and blonde hair. Only the same dark skinned, wool hair , monkey features of African and arabic muslim monkeys under a satanic demi god and a barbarian pedophile named Mohamed? That’s what you want? Flee to Europe. You can have it now. Why wait?

          • Stevie Mac

            wow you got all that from my comment?

      • Rhonda Shepherd

        No FOOL. They will be SLAUGHTERED out of existence and your women raped and pregnant with African savage DNA.

    • Jimmy

      your future generations will also be ashamed of your evil exploitation of these people to unsettle them and make them want to migrate here.
      why do you think your government is tolerant to these people? Because they steal from them and create wars in their countries that make them want to migrate.

      • LawrenceinArabia

        Rubbish! these people were exploiting and killing each other long before the white man even arrived (and will be doing so long after we have left).

        • Jimmy

          they may have been but the white man continued the tradition even till this day.

          • huh?

            Everybody ?

        • LawrenceinArabia

          Jimmy, you clearly hate the UK – I just scrolled down and seen you make similar reply to every post which proves my point

        • Bretuoba

          Idiot, wasn’t it europe(NATO) and America that bombed a Libya to powder 3 years ago precipitating the current immigration? Yes Africa has its issues, but only a bigoted racist like you would fail to recognize western imperialism and the harm its done to the African continent.

          • Lawrence in Arabia

            not a “bigot”, not a “racist”, but a “bigoted racist” lol

          • Cloud Dweller

            Blacks are the racists pal..Wake up .

      • Moderator

        Who exactly is exploiting them? They come from countries that have over populated and have no need for so many people.

    • Cloud Dweller


  • William_Carson

    As Several EU Country come out of recession the So “Refugee” problem will escalate beyond its present record levels and they will use Italy France Spain as a spring board to the UK and Ireland

  • Damaris Tighe

    This was predicted with remarkable accuracy in a novel published in the early 1970s called ‘Camp of the Saints’.

    • Stuffed-up-SA

      Yes it was and the liberals went so far as to try ban the book!! Europe is over between the Jihadists who want islamic states in Europe and the illegals crossing at the rate of the black plague – what will be here?

  • Stuffed-up-SA

    Well Europeans think they understand africans. You will see them implement segregation policies once they have 15-20% of these people in their countries and by then it will be over

    20% population from africa will become 40-60% in less than 25 years under the right conditions – food, stability, no birth control and no war

    Its no wonder wars and diseases are so prevalent in these countries, its to cull the masses. Why is it so hard for the European to wake up and see the pattern

    They arrive, breed, dont work then want the laws from their own countries in the foreign land – they want to have what didnt work in their own lands which is why they sort to leave their lands – then fighting breaks out – then no one wants to employ them, then they resort to violence and stealing blaming Europeans for being racist and not wanting to assimilate them into their society

    If you want a good lesson – look at south africa before apartheid they were doing the same things for africans in different home lands and those coming down from northern africa

    Europe to put it bluntly is fukced and will go into the dark ages in the next 20 years

    • Hobbeldehoy

      you got the crafty Zionist Jews to thank for that. look up Barbara Lerner Spectre and see if I’m wrong.

      • Syntec

        Indeed, we more superior intellectuals are entirely aware of where the blame lies.

        However, our ‘Islamic brethren’ will, no doubt, be taking care of them in the near future since as we know, they all delight in playing suicide games and they breed like rabbits, of course.

      • David Freestone

        This is nothing to do with the bloody Jews ! :OP

    • Tony Okoro

      Why look back to 1908, maybe you should go back to 1508 and count how many white people were in South Africa. I doubt you would have found many.

      • Alexandrovich

        And, as I’m sure you know, you wouldn’t have found many black people there either. What do you think made blacks curious about what was happening in the South of their continent? Why do you think they subsequently migrated there? Why did it become the richest part of the continent?
        So many questions, you’d be forgiven for thinking that its history was complex.

      • mohdanga

        And how many blacks, Chinese, Muslims, Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalians, etc, etc were there in Britain 500 years ago?? Yet it’s Okey-dokey that they are allowed to invade and colonzie white Europe but heaven forbid a white settles in Africa, that’s racism and hegemony. Why is diversity so great when it only involves white countries being subsumed byn non-whites?

    • Jimmy

      you read CNN and BBC too much, go to the source and do some research.

      most wars in Africa are sponsored by white western people for resource control, the weapons for the wars are also from western countries. while the wars are being fought you will always find western energy companies and weapons dealers in the next camp. Hell Maggie Thatchers son even tried to overthrow a country in Africa for its resources.

      Most diseases in Africa are from western labs, and they are part of the Kissinger memos, biological warfar testing and pharmaceutical companies to test and sell drugs.

      You sir are very very very naive and you need educating!

    • Syntec

      Don’t be so pessimistic. Europe is NOT fukced as you put it.

      White people are extremely inventive and have been renowned for it for centuries.

      Even a small native population can win against seemingly impossible odds precisely if they happen to belong to a race with superior IQs.

    • Shel

      my guess is whites will all have to go to Iceland or Greenland. Hopefully the savages won’t follow us into the frozen lands. There are still places we can go one our countries are gone to the 3rd world.

  • happymike Chester

    The decency of the Italian people , breath of fresh air reading the hate merchants spell out their bile .

    • Stuffed-up-SA

      Hate merchants or racists code name for those who speak the truth. If you want to silence the truth just call someone a racist

    • bionde

      The blindness of Left wing Italian politicians stuffing the Italian people.

    • Coastliner

      The idiocy of the left encouraging countless hundreds of thousands of welfare vampires to come and suck the life out of every white country in the world built on the back of their own people’s sweat and blood. What self loathing, hateful creatures the vile leftists truly are – to the very last one. Bile? we’ve all got gallons of the stuff to spew – and rightly so!

    • cremaster

      Why do you have to pollute the air with the stench of your white genocide Marxist cr*p?

  • Spectre

    Fall of Rome.

  • Arthur Rusdell-Wilson

    “So far this year Italy has deported only 10,000.” And how many illegal immigrants has the UK deported this year? Can someone find the statistics? Italy doesn’t seem to be doing everything wrong.

    • eitreB

      No Italy gave the Lampadusa refugees 500€ each and put them on a plane to Hamburg Germany where they are causing severe problems. Italy doesn´t need to deport them because the are all heading North.

      • David Freestone

        Yes, then west, then we’ll be stuck with the buggers. No change there :OP

  • bisolabliss

    I particularly enjoy reading all your contributions, but not a single one of you posted the obvious most important question: Why are they all coming here?

    Let’s ponder on that and while ‘we’ are at it, here are some follow up questions:

    Who and what destabilized their natural habitat for them to want to migrate here?
    Why was their natural habitat destabilized?
    Who gained and continues to do so from these destabilizations?

    And lastly, why was the concept of ‘Asylum’ created to begin with?

    • tinhatter

      V good question, what has destroyed their ‘habitat’ as you say (they are humans not animals) is a high birth rate, Western exploitation of their natural resources, aided by a corrupt elite. That is the push factor, they have no future in their lands. The pull factor is a rich West who hand out the dole regardless of your needs. The birth rate of most of the world is dropping like a stone, this new ‘movement of the peoples’ will end, but we can only hope that it will end before the new ‘Roman Empire’ of the West (and all that is good about it) collapses.

    • David Freestone

      Because some damned fool told them the UK is the land of milk and honey where everything is free. Idiots !

  • Ken

    The only answer is, one, to stop rescuing people and, two, if they make it to Italy to send them back in the same boats. Not our problem if they choose to sail the Mediterranean. Italian cities are full of black criminals and beggars.

    • Jimmy

      And Africa cities are full of white resources thieves and exploiters. Even missionaries and charity workers are criminals and spies.

  • Tony Okoro

    The tragedy of this mass migration is the short sighted nature of our politicians who actively pursue policies which destabilise large parts of the world and then expect the populations to stay put.

    At least the writer of this article had the good grace to mention the effect of the wanton and totally unnecessary destruction of the Libyan regime under Gaddafi has had on migration to Italy. The deal which Gaddafi did with Berlusconi was effective in reducing migration from Libya. Libya itself was hosting millions of African workers and so provided an opportunity for many poor migrants from other parts of Africa to make a living irrespective of how often harsh treatment meted out to them.

    Prior to Libya, the invasion of Iraq led to another massive wave of migration from the Middle east as did the West and their allies backing for armed groups to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.

    The rise of the Islamic State and their intolerance of any sort of diversity in the middle east is compounding this exodus.

    The tragedy is not that the wave of migration is on the increase, but that the west by their actions have largely precipitated a mass destabilisation of settled populations leading to many tragedies on our high seas.

    • tinhatter

      Most of the migrants are sub Saharan Africans, I didn’t know ISIS were fighting down there ? No, the West has only opened up a Pandora’s Box in the Middle East that has been kept shut for 100’s of years. We didn’t cause the Sunni/Shia split.
      The W did many bad things in Africa & the rest of the world, but Africa has been exploiting it’s own people (same too all the world) for most of it’s history with no help from us.

      • red2black

        “The West did many bad things in Africa and the rest of the world…” Well done for admitting it. The West has been exploiting its own people for a long time as well, with no help from Africa.

    • FootLong

      These parts look the way they do only because of their own populations. It´s as easy as that, there is no other reason. And now these same people will turn our continent into the same mess. If Europeans become a tiny minority Europe will look like Detroit.
      China has lifted 400 million people out of poverty all by itself in the last 30 years and neither credits nor blames the West for anything.

      • Agrippina

        China had the sense to operate a 1child policy. They had worked out that high birth rates do not solve probs. Perhaps the africans and asians could follow suit. Esp the ones that have come over here and persist in having large families and want bigger social homes to live in. Cut the child benefits (only introduced after WWII to increase birthrate), working tax & child tax credits.

      • David Freestone

        That’s good, only another 600 million to go lol

    • mohdanga

      It’s always the fault of the whites in the West, isn’t it? In the future we’ll keep our noses out of the Middle East and Africa and let them sort things out themselves…..I imagine the flood will be ten times the size it is now.
      Funny how these ‘migrants’ never try to get into Saudi Arabia, China, UAE, etc….why do they all want to come to the West? Why not head to Algeria or Morocco?
      If Muslims would stop attacking the West (hint: that’s why we went into Afghanistan and Iraq) then maybe we wouldn’t respond.
      Assad didn’t need the bidding of the West to start killing his own people, nice try.

      • red2black

        We intervene when Western interests are under threat. Access to supplies of oil and gas for example, including a plan for the construction of a trans-Afghanistan pipeline from Turkmenistan to India.

        • mohdanga

          What were the Western interests under threat in Bosnia and Serbia in the 1990s?? We protected and saved Muslims there. How about the response to the 2004 tsunami and every other natural disaster in the past 50 years? It’s always Western aid first on the scene.
          And it makes perfect sense to build a pipeline from a Muslim country through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. No problems there at all, Afghanistan is a stable country with no history of terrorists who would certainly not impede a pipeline with oil bound for the decadent, infidel West.

          • red2black

            So the West never intervenes to protect its interests?

          • mohdanga

            Uhh, no, did I say that? Every country protects its own interests, especially tyrannies and dictatorships. Why should the West not be able to act in its own interests while non-Western countries act in their own? I don’t think there’s a single country on earth that acts in a selfless, altruistic way…but I might be mistaken.

          • red2black

            I’d suggest that some of the poorest countries are unable to protect their own interests, even internally, and that acting in a selfless, altruistic way is virtually impossible for them.

  • Spectre

    Sink the fucking ships.

    • omnissiuntone

      Gosh, you’re a charmer, aren’t you?

      • Spectre

        I aim to please… and sink ships.

    • Jimmy

      some are sinked, they just don’t make the news.

      • Spectre

        So the border guard isn’t completely useless?

        • Jimmy

          they are not completely useless just as the Africans are very reproductive, more kids are being born by the second and will be on their way shortly.

          They are the most survivable people on the planet. You can sink their boats, infect them with biological experiments like AIDS masquerading as immune programs and steal their natural resources but they have comebacks, you are looking at some of them

          • Spectre

            What nonsense. Still, I hope they do come – when the people of Europe see their countries being overrun by savages maybe then they’ll have the courage to overthrow the traitors who led them to this pass.

    • David Freestone

      At last, a positive idea lol

    • Shel

      soon they will be, when the native Europeans take back their countries.

  • MissDemeanor

    these poor immigrants, they come from such horrific war-torn and famine-ravaged places, that they have to leave their women and children behind and exclusively travel in mobs made up of men between the ages of 16-40…..

    • Jimmy

      get the story right, they come from exploited countries that western countries have destroyed.

  • keithy

    Uncontrolled immigration will destroy Western nations and our democratic way of life.
    If Europe wishes to allow this then Britain must act alone to close its borders. We need zero immigration and zero tolerance of illegals entering our country. This may sound harsh and selfish but the alternative does not bear thinking about.

    • Syntec

      It would be a starting point, I suppose,albeit an extremely belated one, unfortunately.

      At the same time, there are so many millions of Third Worlders swamping the British Isles and Europe already having been allowed to continually invade since the end of WW11 and not to mentioned their breeding habits now into 4th and 5th generations, Europeans would have to start compulsory repatriation programmes across the board as well.

      Of course, we shall have to wait until an ethno-nationalist political system takes over the EU and I suspect one will indeed do so in the not-too-distant future.

      • FootLong

        What about the United States in this scenario? Do you think the Americans would stay put and accept compulsory repatriations? I doubt they would. The New York Times and others would have them fired up demanding action.

        • Syntec

          I presume you mean it’s White Americans who probably wouldn’t stay put and accept compulsory repatriation of Third Worlders. Unfortunately, you’d be correct. Too many White Marxian Liberals with a suicidal agenda are to blame with the rest being too sheep-like as can be found in pretty well all White nations across the globe.

          The best that can happen in the case of the United State, is White succession, I’m afraid.


        • peterpiper

          Compulsory repatriation is common in the US, much more so than than the UK. According to official reports, over 330,000 people were “removed” last year, –> https://www.ice.gov/removal-statistics/

          • David Freestone

            What a shame we can’t do that in the UK :OP

      • Jimmy

        now you know how it feels to be invaded.
        get used to it, they are here to stay

        • Syntec

          What a stupid statement to make! Obviously, you are not capable of comparing like with like.

          No White nation in history invaded any non-White territory literally by the millions even over several centuries. There were never as many millions of White occupying non-White territories at any given period in history as there are non-Whites occupying White homelands most particularly within the last 7 decades.

          Furthermore, the majority of non-Whites doing the invading of White homelands since 1945 belong to nations that took back their own countries from under White rule and banished those Whites occupying them.

          We do not see institutions/establishments in non-White lands catering for Affirmative Action/employment quotas, etc, resulting in situations where Whites and their offspring are allowed to increasingly form the majority presence in such institutions/establishments and the reason is precisely because they were kicked out after independence and not permitted to immigrate especially in hordes of millions, get granted citizenship with voting rights along with unrestricted property ownership rights, etc, and be permitted to hold high-powered and influential positions within such non-White territories.

          By the same token, if non-Whites saw fit to exercise their natural rights to take back what is rightfully theirs and banish their alien White invaders, by those same natural rights laws, White nations are entitled to do precisely the same and banish their non-White invaders.

          • Jimmy

            absolute ignorant rubbish.

          • Syntec

            Can you disprove ALL the facts I’ve stated if you don’t want to be seen as ignorant and uneducated yourself?

          • Shel

            They don’t just kick the whites out of black African nations, they slaughter them. and now they want to invade our countries and get free stuff designed for our own people. Double standard. The Arab Muslim nations are so awful, they have NO DIVERSITY because they kill all non-Muslims.

    • mohdanga

      Britain should close its borders and Cameron should stop immigration. What would the EU do?? I mean, really, what would they do? Nothing!!

      • Jimmy

        it is too late, migrants are breeding more kids than indegenous people. you left it a bit late

    • Jimmy

      and what about uncontrolled exploitation of africa’s resources?
      meddling in governments and politics, creating viruses to test on them so you can reduce their population and your pharmaceutical companies can sell drugs?
      what goes round comes round d0rk

      • NotYouNotSure

        Whatever happened in Africa for better and for worse, that does in no way justify them taking over European lands.

        • Jimmy

          unfortunately history always has a way of repeating itself. Europe has already been taken over.
          Get used to it or emigrate

          • Syntec

            History only repeats itself if deliberately engineered and brainwashing of new generations succeeds.

            Therefore, The European situation didn’t arise by coincidence or by fate. Europe and its native peoples have been, in fact, deliberately targeted for destruction and genocide.

            Europe hasn’t already been taken over as the native peoples mainly still rule their own nations and still form the greater demographic proportions nationally, but the urgency to save Europe, its native peoples and European civilization is still very much a priority as time is fast running out.

            The fight for European preservation and survival will, almost certainly, escalate into bloodshed on a massive scale with the inclusion of weapons of mass destruction no doubt so there’ll be no winners in this end game.

            There’s no escaping this eventuality because the Ashkenazim crafted and engineered the whole thing from the get-go.

          • Ian

            There’s been no conspiracy or engineering from outside Europe, just people in the west blindingly making multiculturalism, immigration and refugee policies that have opened the door to now see the door has been blown off it’s hinges with no way of stopping the influx. That’s of little consequence anyway, the end for western european christian culture is already in sight. Birth rates of euro muslims compared to locals is seeing to that. France has a 10% Muslim population but with 33% babies born muslim…… you do the math.

          • peterpiper

            In Hungary and Romania, people have been saying this for years about the Roma-Gypsy population, that they will be swamped with Gypsies due to their much higher birth rates. Now they have found a solution. Most of the ‘Roma’ people are packing up and moving – legally – to the UK.

          • Syntec

            I did not say it was from outside Europe. Read my post again, please.

            Incidently as it happens, the architects of this genocide DO actually originate from outside Europe.

            Yes, there most certainly has been a conspiracy and a protracted plan for the genocide of European people and their civilization. You simply are NOT studying the history relating to this fact thoroughly and comprehensively enough. Perhaps, you don’t want to because deep down you know I’m right.

            I HAVE, on the other hand, done the necessary research by the way.

        • Jimmy

          I am not the one facing an African, Asian and middle eastern invasion. Europeans are.
          Europe should do some serious soul searching about their past and present policies where these people are coming from and perhaps redress some of the issues. Otherwise with your low birth rate you are finished.

          • Syntec

            You might not be facing foreign invasion at the moment, but I can assure you, you’ll be facing Indian, Middle Eastern and Oriental invasions before this century is out.

            On the question of Europeans this is nothing to do with low birth rates and other such excuses on the part of the Western ruling elite which were used to justify mass non-White invasion to begin with. Mass non-White Third World invasion was a planned agenda as far back as approximately 120 years ago.

            The architects/orchestrators of this mass non-White invasion into White homelands and only White homelands are the Ashkenazim aided and abetted by traitorous Whites who are in the back pockets of said Ashkenazim. These traitorous Whites are the ones driving Cultural Marxism (an Ashkenazi invention) aka as Multiculturalism, the weapon of which is Political Correctness. Communist Globalism incorporating cheap labour is another tentacle of this agenda.

            Besides, if it were low birth rates only, why not simply hire foreign labour on a strictly temporary basis, not allowing permanent stay and the granting of citizenship under any circumstances until sufficient natives were suitably trained to fill the required employments posts across the various spheres.

            Where refugees are concerned, why not stick to a strict policy of housing them in one area and in special camps instead of allowing them to wander anywhere and everywhere at will, knowing they’ll deliberately lose themselves in the country to avoid being returned when situations improve in their own lands of origin.

            The Western World has to collectively start growing a real spine not a cardboard one and start ignoring the United Nations/International Human Rights one-way street outfits (dominated by non-Whites), giving them the two fingers and worse. After all, non-White countries themselves, especially Semite ones do just that and get away with it with impunity.

            I agree with the setting up of an alternative United Front of Indigenous White Nations organization and getting to hell out of the Ashkenazim-led New World Order racket once and for all, an alternative global ethno movement which is already in formation for precisely that purpose as it happens.

          • Jimmy

            I worry about now, that’s all i care about.
            the west deserves it and that is what you are going to get. rammed up the back side…lol
            Thing is you are powerless to stop what is coming to you

          • Syntec

            “I worry about now”


            Typical Trotskyite dead-end attitude.

            Powerlessness is merely a passing phase.

            When the tide turns so do fortunes because corrupt and traitorous governments get overthrown and their minions executed. So do ditto Opposition outfits.

            That’s what is really on the cards all over the West down the road from now.

            ETHNO-Nationalism is by far much nobler, stronger and superior because it is life-embracing and survivalist while Marxian Liberalism is the ideology of zero self-esteem, self-loathing, self-abasement and death wishing.

            It is ETHNO-Nationalism that will win ultimately.

            Basically, what I’m saying is that undesirables and illegals will be given two choices either to go home buoyanted by financial incentive – or die.

            As for brain-dead Marxian rabble, they’ll be sent packing along side their non-White pet-projects back to the dung heaps of this planet from where their pet-projects did a runner.

          • Brent Rossiter

            Listen to yourself. YOU are the only contributor on this forum, LOL-ing with glee, at the misfortune or “comeuppance” of others. Nations and individuals. Making out you’re some caring liberal, when you are just a sick pathetic…. whatever the hell you are.

      • Syntec

        What are you waffling on about, you stupid cretin and anti-White racist.

        Firstly, there is no proof that the Western world is creating viruses to test on non-Whites so as to reduce their populations.

        if that were the case, why would the Western world make commitments to
        financial and material aid to the extent they do, thereby helping extend
        the lives of non-Whites instead of polishing them off as you allege,
        you idiot!

        Thirdly, wouldn’t that aid be better spent at home rather than wasting it on the Third World?

        they are hardly going to create viruses to reduce Third World
        populations and at the same time allow the Third World to swamp the
        Western world thus bringing these viruses back in with them.

        What a prat!

        • Jimmy

          Karma mate, Karma. The west will feel the pressure…the same pressure they apply to Africans…now it’s your turn to get poked up the jacksack.

          The wonderful thing is that they will do it without firing a single shot.

          • Syntec

            What pressure is the West applying to Africans?

            Do you mean the way Africans are invading the West?

            The doling out free social benefits, housing, education and healthcare by Left Liberals to these invading parasites at the expense of the indigenous peoples of the West?

            How long before the natives of the West truly rise up and take back their homelands just like those Africans did with their lands in the past?

            When it does, what do ya reckon will happen to the free handouts and goodies currently being showered upon your Negroid brethren?

            Don’t be too optimistic about no shots being fired yet. The real business of taking back the West is only just beginning.

      • Marvin

        You Thicko. We have helped them with Live Aid etc for 60 years and
        they still breed like rabbits when they can’t feed themselves. Do you think that they should keep breeding like animals.

  • tinhatter

    Take a look at the policies in Australia. Labor dismantled the Right wing policies, there was a load of boats, they then hurriedly put the whole thing back, then the right wing took over and towed the boats back. After a year the boats have stopped. Look out Europe, they are coming to you !

  • Michael Ray

    I hear the French Government are threatening to close the Port of Calais unless the UK does something about the would be migrant chaos there.I wonder why they want to come to the UK.Do you think it’s the nice weather?

    • Sue

      Lets close Calais then. Sorry holidaymakers and businesses but we have to start somewhere, something has to be done.
      Move the waiting area for ferries two hours drive into France and you are only called forward when your ship has docked. ie no stopping until you are on the ferry.

      • David Freestone

        I wouldn’t even let them ON the bloody ferry, just tell them there’s no room at the inn, now piss off!

  • Bonkim

    May be the navy should patrol the Med and torpedo the Refugee boats.

    • David Freestone

      They can’t, they’re too busy rescuing the poor little bastards :OP

  • Lowell D’Souza

    The writer of this article seems to be a very inhuman person to write such rubbish. It seems okay for him if someone to falls off and dies in the middle of nowhere rather than try to live with some sense of dignity. Where is the humanity??? We also forget that it was the war mongering of the US and the European countries in the Middle East and North Africa that have lead these people to leave their rubbled homes in the first place. As Gandhi had said, “There is enough for everybody’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

    • will91

      “Living with dignity” I don’t think there’s any dignity in been marinaded in European social security benefits you’ve never contributed to.

      Your second contention, the lazy assumption that it’s “all our fault”, lets pretend for a moment that it was true. Do we therefore have to be subjected to unlimited, unchecked, unskilled immigration for all time?

      The problem in the region is fundamental Islam which is currently ravaging one country after another.

      • Lowell D’Souza

        Its “trying to live with some dignity”. Policies are made for humanity to live and not we live for the policies. For a universal fraternity we need to help each other out. If your toe is injured, you do not say “suffer little toe” because the upper body is fine. But your whole body feels the pain of the injured toe. Like wise in a global fraternity, we help those in need. We try not to leave them to die something which the article suggests we do.

        • will91

          It’s a touching sentiment.

          In that case why don’t we just invite the entire region, hell the entire third world to live in western democracies. Come on over guys!!! Don’t worry about working to better your own societies. These people wouldn’t be dying in great numbers if they challenged the ideology of militant Islam which is throwing the region into disarray. After that they can begin the challenge of adopting the institutions and freedoms which make the west the west. That would be the best way of helping themselves out.

          • Lowell D’Souza

            My point is against the inhumanity of the written article which suggests that certain human beings should be treated as less and not worth saving whatever the costs.
            Instead about worrying about losing our humanity we are so worried about our “structures” and our so called “safe havens” that I’m quite sure, not having the former (i.e. fraternity) we will surely lose the latter (i.e. the structures – western democracies, pension benefits, and the like) too.

    • Blindsideflanker

      So its our fault that the African population has risen from 250 million in the 1950’s when they got independence to 1.5 billion now. And its our fault , on independence, they voted themselves left wing governments who economically crippled their countries within a decade.

      • Lowell D’Souza

        Why go back only to the 1950’s? Why not dig a little deeper? Which continent sought to colonise the world? & hence impart to the world their way of living and thinking?

        • Blindsideflanker

          There was no written language in sub-Saharan Africa until the terrible colonisers came along.

      • red2black

        ‘Africa has not always been stagnant. In the 1960s and 70s, when all the supposed structural impediments to growth were present and often more binding, it actually posted a decent growth performance… …The real cause of African stagnation in the last three decades is free-market policies that the continent has been compelled to implement during the period.’ Ha-Joon Chang

        • Blindsideflanker

          Please don’t try to rewrite history. Just look at Ghana, at independence it was a rich country with a stable constitution, that was until the left got charge of it under the left’s heroic figure of Nkrumah (Islington council has put up a blue plaque for him) who managed to bankrupt the country and wreck the constitution with his scientific socialism within a decade.

          Your rhetoric might go down well with your comrades, and not be challenged by the BBC . but a lot of us know better.

          • red2black

            Steady on. No ‘rhetoric’ on my part; it’s a quote from Ha-Joon Chang. If you don’t agree with it, then fair enough. I’ve no party political axe to grind and don’t regard my friends as ‘comrades’. Even so, thanks for replying.

          • Blindsideflanker

            Sorry my mistake, I presumed as you were posting the quote it was a position you were supporting.

          • red2black

            I think there’s a degree of truth in what he says, and in what you say. It’s important that views and opinions are allowed to be challenged.

          • Blindsideflanker

            I don’t believe there is. In 1961 in Ghana ,Nkrumah launched the Ghana National Construction corp, then the State Steelworks corp, then the State Gold Mining corp, then the State Fibre Bag corp, then the Vegetable Oil Mills corp, then the Ghana Fishing corp, then the State Farm corp, By 1966 he had launched more than 50 state control corporations. No doubt Ha-Joon Chang would be listing this as growth, he probably ignored the fact that these were all run by Nkrumah cronies , all done on borrowed money, and all lost shed loads of money, that meant they couldn’t meet their debts, debts Gordon Brown had us let them off.

            And this was a story repeated many times across Africa.

          • red2black

            Point taken.

  • Agrippina

    EU needs to wake up, the young of our nations cannot find jobs or afford to buy a home. Refugees are given higher benefits than nationals and social housing for life.

    The asylum legislation needs to be revised. As soon as hostilities cease, the ‘guests’ will be sent back to rebuild their homelands, as per Prof Collier in his book Exodus.

    As to the migrants, do not come here looking for an easy ride. We did not wake up one day and a benevolent ruler gave us the rights we enjoy today. They were fought for over centuries, many died, but that is how you develop into a progressive modern nation.

    Thus, you must stay in your own country and fight for a better system of govt and rights/responsibilities. People here in the West need to vote for govts that will put a stop to this freeloading. The antipathy towards migrants means that there will be civil unrest thanks to the useless govts of past 50yrs.

  • anyfool

    The current Italian government with all its lunacies is Milibands Labour administrations blue print.

  • allan edwards

    At the beginning of both world wars , the british army was unprepared for war,but ,,the signs were there that a major conflict was imminent.The rest is history.
    I have my opinion that our british government /army is totally unprepared for what may be a global terrorist war, ww3.The signs are there , the threats are alarming.
    Our military strength has been diminished at a startling rate but once again we can see the spread of anarchy throughout the world.
    sorry if I appear to be an alarmist , hope I am wrong…….

  • pius ledenye

    Well,all u care 24/7 is food no wonder obesse is the killer number one in europe what a shame.

  • Cincinnatus

    The station and forecourt area were chock-a-bloc with black and brown faces. ‘They want to get to France,’ a taxi driver explained.

    And ultimately the UK.

  • John

    Solution – round them up and immediately return them to Africa. The more we accept asylum them more will arrive. There is an endless supply willing to live off the EU.

  • William Murphy

    Let’s not forget the typically idiotic intervention of Pope Francis who urged the luckless residents of Lampedusa to receive the never ending stream of refugees as Christ Himself. A more anti-Christian policy would be hard to image.

  • LC

    I’m an Italian conservative but let’s please get real:
    There is no loony left government in Italy. Angelino Alfano, albeit a tw*t, is on the right of the centre and has no interest in pandering to the leftist vote. These migrants come here from Libya, where you can’t send them back because there’s a civil war. They don’t disclose their nationality. You just can’t send them back, because there is no place to send them. And you can’t leave them die in the Mediterranean either: as soon as they reach Italian waters, it’s Italy’s responsibility to act morally and rescue them. And if you just leave them alone, they would reach our shores uncontrolled and free – that’s far worse. We should tighten our repatriation policies, but other EU countries (I’m not talking about the overcrowded UK) should share the burden.

    • mohdanga

      “You just can’t send them back, because there is no place to send them.” They came from Libya, send them back there! If Italy is somehow responsible for accepting ‘migrants’ that don’t disclose their nationality then obviously the same should hold true for other countries as well. Turn the boats around and send them back to Libya/Tunisia/Egypt and let them deal with it.
      When the numbers reach 1 or 2 million will Italy still have a ‘moral’ responsibility to accept them??

      • LC

        They are not Libyans, they are illegal in Libya too. Libya has the same right to turn them away – and they will do so. We have deals with other countries as we had with Libya before we had the brilliant idea of ousting Gaddafi.
        Furthermore, the current unrest in Libya makes it impossible for them to grant the migrants the basic necessities to survive. Heading the boats to Libya is as bad as leaving them sink. In least grim scenario, it would mean giving political pawns to the radical jihadis in charge now.
        If “we” don’t sort out the mess we did in Libya, there is no other way.

        • mohdanga

          Agree that intervening in Libya was not a good idea. However, many of these ‘migrants’ are from sub-Saharan African countries, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc that have nothing to do with intervention in Libya. When does the West’s responsibility to act end? I never see Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Indonesia, Brunei, etc, all wealthy Muslim countries offereing assistance to their Muslim brothers.

          • LC

            The ‘wealthy’ Muslim countries are intolerant b*stards. We should always keep in mind this. Just look at how the Qataris treat their immigrants.
            Anyway, Western responsibility ends in Libya – that’s where we should have kept the door closed. We should be able to send the ones who cannot prove they’re political refugees back to, Libya being assured they will be repatriated – alive – from there. At the moment, we can’t do that.

          • NotYouNotSure

            I would rather be an intolerant bastard and have my people surviving, than worship the tolerance gods which means our daughters are being raped and us as a people will eventually go extinct.

        • David Freestone

          Let the bastards drown, then, no more problem :OP

    • Damaris Tighe

      As in so many cases in the world, Italy’s ‘morality’ is being used against her. Migrants will come knowing that the rules say they ‘can’t’ be sent back. You’re stuffed by your own rules. The west is killing ITSELF with kindness.

      • LC

        Listen, I’m not saying it’s right or positive, and I’m not saying it should be like this forever either. I’m just saying that until there is no government in Libia to make deals with there is no viable alternative.
        It’s not like if people shout “sink the f*cking ships” loud enough the problem is solved.

        • Dave Cockayne

          Actually, if they start sinking the ships instead of just shouting sink the ships the problem will be solved.

          Spain and Greece use force to keep them out, Italy should as well or Italy should withdraw from the Schengen Area and keep them all in Italy.

          We do not want them, stop playing pass the parcel.

    • David Freestone

      Why don’t you ask Brussels? They appear to be in control of other nations, including the UK? :Op

  • TommyUK

    It’s a shame Italy just don’t kill them. No one wants these scroungers.

  • Magz Zara

    Many people asked for all immigration to be stopped a few years ago when it was obvious it was spiralling out of control. What part of ‘poor people heading en masse to richer pastures’ did some people not believe? Our troops should have been brought back from the Middle East to fight this silent invasion.. our very own war..

  • nebero

    Selfish old man! God created earth for human beings!

    • Bob Gehrking

      You better get to Libya you clown.

  • NotYouNotSure

    This is really not fair, with the collapse of Libya (a war the Spectator supported with glee) all these endless number of people have just found easiest route into Europe, which is through Libya/Italy. What is happening amounts to an invasion, you have people moving into your land against your wishes and they will ultimately transform these lands. Until people get this PC carrot out of their behinds they will keep coming, it will never stop unless this is met with force.

  • roccolore

    And how do these people thank Europe? By attacking the very people that help them.

  • Liberty

    There are far too many for this to continue. Chaos, overpopulation, brutality, poverty etc amongst 100s of millions of people ensures that Europe will be destroyed long before the immigrant flood ends by natural causes. So, the only solution is to send surveillance drones to find illegal boats, send another boat to tow them back to North Africa, give the occupants 100 euros each, scuttle the boat and leave. do this indefinitely. For the UK, the sooner we leave the EU the better but that won’t happen if Labour win the GE.

  • Australia stopped the boats about 8 months ago. They were coming between 2008 and 2013 under previous p*ss weak Labour (socialist government) – once the Conservatives got in – THE BOATS STOPPED.

    It can be done. We turn the boats around and send them back now, we place economic migrants (aka asylum seekers) into safe/free (but not rich) countries in our region – eg Papua New Guniea. After this move, the economic migrants (aka refugees) numbers droppped and most of them even went back home.

  • PatrioticAustralian

    Blow them out of the water!

  • NotInMyLifetime

    Pseudo-intellectual Marxists have taken over control of the Western world. They need to be found and removed from whatever office of persuasion they infest. From Europe to the US all the way down to Australia.

  • Guest

    The overwhelming majority of Europeans want Europe to stay white, just as most Africans want Africa to be black and most Asians want Asia to stay Asian.
    If it is racist to say to the Baltic nations, “Hey, you do not want to import blacks. From our experience in the United States, they are more trouble than they are worth. Look at the crime statistics by race, and follow your hearts: Stay White!,” then I’m a racist, and I have plenty of company.

  • Child_of_Thatcher

    Fancy giving an illegal E500 and allow him to stay and screw an Italian whore too. Thanks a bunch Nicholas you traitor

  • Gordon King

    The paradox that no one can grasp is that the so called ‘refugee crisis’ in the Mediterranean is happening because life is getting better for Africans and Arabs, not worse as everyone believes. It is rising incomes in these countries that enable increasing number of people to afford the investment to emigrate. Even when they could justifiably claim to be refugees, an increasing number of these refugees can afford the fees charged by people traffickers to claim asylum in countries where they will enjoy a high standard of living.

    The problem of Third World emigration to rich countries will only get worse because incomes are rising fastest in the poorest countries. Here are some examples of GDP real growth rate for 2014 taken from the CIA World Factbook: Chad 9.6%; Cote d’Ivoire 8.5%; Mozambique 8.5%; Ethiopia 8.2%; Sierra Leone 8.0%; Gambia 7.4%; Tanzania 7.2%; Nigeria 7.0%; Burkina Faso 6.7%

    This explains how these people allegedly escaping from intolerable poverty and disease can afford to pay $2600 to people traffickers. $2600 goes a long way in Africa. With that much money you could build a new house, start a business or send your children to school. Instead they calculate that they could gain a greater increase in their standard of living by investing it in emigrating to a rich country like Germany. Such is the difference between incomes Germany and Africa that a cleaner in Germany would live better than a middle class person in Africa. Here is a comparison of incomes in Germany and Mali from the CIA World Factbook:

    Mali per capita GDP in 2014 – $1,600
    Germany per capita GDP in 2014 – $44,700

    This is an income difference of 28:1. We are always being led to believe that they are so desperate to escape intolerable conditions in their home country that they are compelled to go to such extraordinary lengths to reach Northern Europe. In reality it is income differentials that bring them here, because by crossing the Sahara, staying and Libya and crossing the Mediterranean they are putting themselves in greater danger than they would experience if they had stayed in their own countries.

  • Fred

    the only way to stop these poor people from dieing in the med and filling up europe with skillless wandering of the countryside and being of no use whatsoever, is simple. You have to send them back to Lybia as soon as you rescue them, they will soon get the message they are not wanted. instead right now with assylum system as it is they all think they are wanted and are dieing for the PC BS . This is not good for Europe and its not good for the assylum seekers. the other option is for the west to go to Africa and install good governance at gun point, so these people can build a decent life in their own very rich countries.

  • flashrob

    WHAT “EUROPE” needs TO DO ….to “as effectively HANDLE THE IMMIGRANT CRISIS…”

    the “boat people” are coming to you … “obviously” because THINGS ARE “SO BAD WHERE THEY ARE ESCAPING FROM…

    a. cut a “credit agreement” with the govs of those countries… TO SET UP AID … “there” ….JOB TRAINING… barracks shelters…BASICALLY “EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR THEM IN ITALY/SPAIN…wherever…BUT YOU CAN DO IT “without them adding to slums and crime IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY…

    b. it’s cheaper that way… and YOU CAN WEAN OUT THE “more productive of them” WITH THE ONES “that respond best” to JOB TRAINING -for instance- CAN GET “GREEN CARDS, etc.” to WORK IN ITALY/SPAIN…wherever…

    c. get “EU support and “language training” from OTHER EU countries AND SHARE THE RESPONSIBILITY…

    d. like some “potential emigres can be “trained in a trade” but learn TO SPEAK POLISH, OR SWEDISH OR ITALIAN…whatever… BUT ALL THIS DONE IN “ENCAMPMENTS IN THEIR NATIVE COUNTRIES….that you cut a “financial subsidy DEAL with those countries governments…etc.

    are YOU GETTING THE “PICTURE HERE???” …on how TO BETTER HANDLE THIS “BIG PROBLEM that you have…and which is “getting OUT OF CONTROL!!!

    (I’m an American… by-the-way…TRYING TO HELP YOU A BIT…)

    • David Freestone

      What? More aid? Aren’t these black neanderthals getting enough already? :OP

    • King of N.Z

      Retard ,give them green cards ? Have you ever left your Midwestern farmhouse you horses behind,I think you should invite them to your house and allow them to sleep with your wife and daughters while you train them to do your job,when they’re all trained up and good to go you should kneel down in front of your new buddies and let them hack your stupid head off with a blunt teaspoon.

  • Jesse Rothbeind
  • crossbow

    What is taking place is a deliberate invasion and destruction of the West. Rather than sending soldiers to invade the West, Islamic militants of the Middle East and Africa are deliberately driving their spawn to the West, which the West accepts as asylum seekers and refugee immigrants. To get others to act of their behalf, westerners persuade them, but non-westerners force them, and Islamic Arabs and Africans in control are deliberately forcing their people to invade the West.

  • Dav singh

    The countries that bombed Libya, Syria and even destroyed Iraqshould be made responsible for the influx of immigrants, UK<FRANCE<USA<CANADA and Australia

  • Cloud Dweller

    Europe is for White humans only.All sub-Saharan blacks must be sent back to Africa.
    Africa is beautiful and the natural resources are plentiful.The blacks have never been able to build anything for themselves.What of the billions of dollars sent by hard working Americans and Europeans?What has happened to all of that money?
    Do not give me that racism card………..Whites do not owe blacks anything !

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  • marxistgulag

    This mass third world immagration is intentional, all put in place by the wonderfull tribe,that hides behind every traitor politician,owning the msm is nothing new to these shadow crawlers,we are being wiped out.

  • Greg Thomas

    Yes, you are absolutely right: thousands of so-called “boat people” die crossing from North Africa to Italy. But they should try to draw the winning ticket to a new life in prosperous Europe! It is clear that they have not got other chance to escape the current chaos in Africa. Moreover, the risk from natural disasters (earthquakes, storms, floods or droughts) and its consequences: poverty and epidemics – is the highest in Africa now
    And their number will only grow, affecting more and more countries there
    It is absolutely impossible to stand against it as most of African countries are either war-torn or suffered from severe political strife and local dictators. So there is really only one way out for poor Africans now: to remove to prosperous Europe…

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