Václav Klaus: The lies Europe tells about Russia

An interview with the former Czech president, possibly the West’s last truly outspoken leader

27 September 2014

9:00 AM

27 September 2014

9:00 AM

Václav Klaus has made a habit of saying things others shy away from saying, but it doesn’t seem to have done him much harm in the popularity stakes. Quite the opposite: the 73-year-old ardently Eurosceptic free-marketeer has legitimate claims to be regarded as the most successful ‘true blue’ conservative politician in Europe over the past 25 years. He was, after all, prime minister of the Czech Republic from 1992 to 1998 and then his country’s president for a further ten years, from 2003 to 2013.

So when we meet after a typically hearty Serbian lunch — at the International Science and Public Conference in Belgrade — I am keen to ask if he has any advice for David Cameron and the British Conservative party.

‘I was invited to a conference last year in Windsor which was called the Conservative Renewal Conference,’ he says. ‘I made a speech in which I asked the question: “Do you really need a renewal — or don’t you think it would be sufficient to have a return?” My speech stressed the need to return to standard conservative ideas and approaches. I am afraid the current leadership of the Conservative party are not exactly doing that.’

Klaus’s message clearly resonates more with activists than with the serial ‘modernisers’ at the top of the party. ‘After I had finished my speech, two or three older ladies came up to me and said, “It was like Maggie’s speech!” So I find the Conservative party now rather confused in its ideas. The party is playing with the green ideas in a way I can’t accept.’

Klaus is not too keen — to say the least — about another element of the ‘modernising’ agenda. ‘The same-sex marriages and all that stuff about family, to put it broadly, is for me another tragic misunderstanding by the current leaders of the party and I am very sorry about that.’

We move on, inevitably, to Europe. What effect does Klaus think a British referendum on EU membership — and the prospect of a UK withdrawal — might have for the Continent? ‘It would send a strong signal. I was very angry, even in the communist era, looking at Britain from the outside, from behind the Iron Curtain, that Britain decided to leave EFTA to join the EEC in the early 1970s.’

It was a Conservative prime minister, Edward Heath, who took that momentous step. What, I wonder, does Klaus think of the present Conservative leader’s line on Europe? ‘I have met Mr Cameron several times and I am not so sure about his credentials on the EU. I understand he must somehow reflect the division in the whole country and in his party, but nevertheless I don’t think that in a secret ballot in a referendum that he would vote yes [for Britain to remain in the EU] — but this is only my guesstimate.’

Listen to Klaus in full flow on the absurdities of the EU and it’s hard to think why any sane individual — on left or right — would want their country to stay in it. ‘A few days ago I studied the names of the EU commissioners under Mr Juncker, and their portfolios. We in my country say that 16 is already too high for having meaningful portfolios. But the EU now has 28, more than in any country in our part of the world. If you look at the names of those portfolios, I really don’t believe my eyes. The former Estonian prime minister is a commissioner for digital markets. As an economist I really don’t know what the term “digital markets” means. Plus there is another, a German politician, Günther Oettinger, who is the commissioner for “digital economy and society”. We would laugh in the communist era to have such names for the members of our cabinet. I can’t imagine what these commissioners are doing.’

I put it to Klaus that in the bloated and bureaucratic EU economic model, we have the worst of all worlds — one which pleases neither genuine socialists, nor Thatcherite free-marketers, and he readily agrees. ‘What we have in Europe now is not the German Soziale Marktwirtschaft — the social market economy — but the German model deteriorated by another adjective, “ecological”.’

‘I started my political career after the fall of communism with a well-known slogan: “I want to introduce markets without adjectives.” There was a big fight in the country about this phrase. They said, “Klaus wants to introduce markets without social policy.” “No,” I said. “There can be a social policy, but the slogan means a market economy with an additional social policy and not a social market.”The sequence of the words is all important. At present we are going deeper and deeper and deeper into the ecological and social market economy.’

Whatever we decide to call the current system, he adds, it clearly isn’t working for Europe. ‘I am really shocked to see leading EU and European politicians pretending that everything is OK, which is ridiculous and funny,’ Klaus says. ‘I recently read an article by a well-known German economist, Professor Sinn, who has studied the situation in Italy. He presented statistical data which showed that GDP in Italy has declined by 9 per cent since 2000. It’s unimaginable! I don’t think communist Czechoslovakia would have survived such a long-term decline. At the same time, industrial output declined in the same period by 25 per cent! One quarter of the economy simply disappeared.’

Klaus believes the EU is beyond reform and has called for it to be replaced with an ‘Organisation of European States’ — a simple free trade association which would not pursue political integration. He recalls his own experience at the forefront of Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution in 1989. ‘When we started to change my country we quite deliberately did not use the term “reform” — we used the word “transformation”, because we wanted a systemic change. Such a systemic change is needed in Europe today.’

It’s not just on the economy that Europe has got it wrong, says Klaus. He doesn’t agree with the western elite’s current hostility towards Russia, which he believes is based on a false and outdated view of the country. ‘I remember one person in our country who at one moment was minister of foreign affairs, telling me that he hated communism so much that he was not even able to read Dostoevsky. I have remembered that statement for decades and I am afraid that the current propaganda against Russia is based on a similar argument and way of thinking. I spent most of my life in a communist Czechoslovakia under Soviet domination. But I differentiate between the Soviet Union and Russia. Those who are not able to understand the difference are simply not looking with open eyes. I always argue with my American and British friends that although the political system in Russia is different from the system in our countries and we wouldn’t be happy to live in such a system, to compare the current Russia with Leonid Brezhnev’s Soviet Union is stupid.’

He says, with finality: ‘The US/EU propaganda against Russia is really ridiculous and I can’t accept it.’

Klaus wants to transfer other democratic decision-making powers back to the nation states. ‘I’m not just criticising the EU arrangements — at the same time I’m very critical of global governance and the shift to transnationalism. A week ago I was in Hong Kong and I criticised the naive opening up of countries without keeping or maintaining the anchoring of the nation state. Doing this leads either to anarchy, or to global governance. My vision for Europe is a Europe of sovereign nation states, definitely. But we have already gone well beyond simply economic integration. The EU is a post-democratic and post-political system.’

Klaus has spent his political career standing up for sovereignty and rejecting the dominant orthodoxies of the day. Unlike other leaders in the former Soviet bloc countries, he did not feel inhibited about criticising western policies when the Berlin Wall came down. He was one of the few to oppose the Clinton/Blair ‘humanitarian’ bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999 (he was also strongly critical of the Iraq war).

Yet he feels the freedom to hold — and express — ‘unfashionable’ views in the West is now under increasing threat. ‘If you ask me whether I think liberty is under huge attack in Europe now, I would say yes. I feel repressed by not being allowed to express my views. I have permanent troubles with this. Suddenly I have discovered, for the first time in 20 years, having been invited to be a keynote speaker at a conference, that the organisers find out I have reservations about the EU, about same-sex marriages, about the Ukraine crisis, and they say, “We are very sorry, we have already found a different keynote speaker, thank you very much.” This is something I had experienced in the communist era but not in so-called free Europe. Only a very narrow range of opinions is now considered politically correct.’

It’s to fight this worrying trend that Klaus has decided to launch a new project. ‘I am planning, if we can get the money and people together, to start a new quarterly journal in 2015 called Europe and Liberty.’

It’s hard not to wish him well. In the not too distant past, Europe did have leaders who had clear and distinct visions: on the left, the likes of Sweden’s Olof Palme and Austria’s Bruno Kreisky; on the right, de Gaulle and Margaret Thatcher. You could agree or disagree but you could never say you didn’t know what they believed in, or that the views they held were not sincere. But they’ve been replaced by a generation of bland, uninspiring, consistently ‘on-message’ politicians.

Václav Klaus is different, a throwback to the days when our leaders did stand for something and weren’t afraid to speak their minds. Let’s hope he does not turn out to be Europe’s last conviction politician.

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  • Ben

    ” Let’s hope he does not turn out to be Europe’s last conviction politician”

    Never heard of Nigel Farage then?

    • You can only mention him on alternate days.

    • rtj1211

      He’s a conviction politician on leaving the EU. I’m less convinced he’s a conviction politician about most other things……..

    • Sky Surf

      Nigel Farage has been VERY QUIET and mute – especially when asked if he supports Scottish independence vote since he is so “consistent” about bringing power to the national or local levels.

      Farage, another cheap opportunist.

      • Terry Field

        No, a brave patriot, not scum of the earth like you.

        • Sky Surf

          What debate club taught you this way of debating?
          Or were it your parents?

          • Alan C

            Actually it’s been you, Sky, who has resorted first to insulting others.

  • Fraser Bailey

    A fascinating interview, even allowing for the fact that we’ve known his views on most of these things for some time.

    He is, of course, correct about more or less everything.

    • Sky Surf

      I don’t want to put rain on your parade, but you seem to be one of those who haven’t done their homework, certainly not on Vaclav Klaus and consistent, decades-long fundamental gap between his attention (and some invitation for speaking fee producing appearances in the West, especially extreme right-wing sponsors in the US) and his far from conservative, on many critical isues actually Czech communist party-supported domestic policies.

      As US, even the Catos and Joe Barton no longer need him as useful idiot and supposed “conservative” political leader in post-communist Europe, he and his older son (of the same name) over the last 2 years completely switched their search for opportunities to make money toward Russia (while Lukoil used to pay the cost of publishing his anti-ecology manifesto few years before that).

      His chief sponsor now (when Cato etc. kicked him aside) and even Czech industry captains abandoned him as a burden and his son was kicked out from a lucrative post of a principal of an elitist prep schools) remains Petr Kellner, the richest Czech, billionaire on Forbes list, who, after making fortune under Klaus’ Wild East privatization jungle, has been over the past 15 years, under protection of ex-KGB Putin, doing main business in Russia … all thanks to “old red boys network” where Klaus was under communism at prominent economic institute (Delphic oracle of the Central Committee of Com Party) and Kellner’s communist Papa the boss of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic permanent representation in Comecon hqs in Moscow.

      Klaus deservingly has zero support at home, the Civic Democratic Party which he co-founded in 1990 and lead for 10 years and inflicted with his “I don’t know any dirty money” disregard for rule of law, has been puting him at arms length for years now and only absolutely compromised individuals such as Bobosikova and now only Volfova find potentially benefitial to be seen with him.

      Klaus, life-long opportunist is – with his cies – just hoping to find some niche to feed his ego and potentially earn some money, this time rubles (Keller bought him a small chateau in Prague to house Klaus “institute”, all with blesing of Putin & Co.)

      • Richard Hunt

        well said, Sky Surf.

        Doubt many people on here will be listening though. Any foreigner who identifies himself with thatcher is fine here, regardless of what they have actually done.

      • Sarka

        VERY well said.
        (And the man nicks expensive pens)

      • Robert

        Not very well said. The man put the Czech Republic’s economy on its feet. Best to read Klaus’s own words in detail written in late April on Ukraine: http://www.klaus.cz/clanky/3553

      • Vandenplas

        Zero support at home? Not quite exactly. Privatization? What choice did any of the Eastern European leaders have at that time? It was a legalized robbery by the Western powers. You can see in eastern Ukraine what happens if you don’t succumb: You get killed by freedom and democracy. Still today, try doing business with a large Czech corporation and you end up talking in New York, Frankfurt, London and Paris to some overinflated cowboys.

  • rtj1211

    This bloke should run to be the first EU President on a very simple manifesto:

    ‘I will abolish the EU lock, stock and barrel.’

  • Jose Martins

    God bless you Václav Klaus.

    • Sky Surf

      It will not happen.
      Believe me.
      Even 98% of Czechs do not take this pathetic ego-driven opportunist seriously.
      Only Czech communist, Putin and UKIP etc. still find him useful.
      Even Cato was not willing to pay him after he finished his 2nd (yep again thatnks to communist MP decisive votes) presidential term in March 2013 …

      • sssvvv

        because no man is a prophet in his own land 🙂

      • Dasa Jarosova

        you cannot know how many Czechs take him seriously….I am Czech and I do take him very seriously….as well as I take our president Zeman seriously and I know many others who do too….I also lived in the communist era and …..sorry, but what I see is that it is EU and USA that are becoming very marxist – neomarxist I would say and not Russia. Russia is not ideal, but it definitely is not communist and alas, EU and USA are much much worse right now and will be even worse…more and more laws and rules are now being drawn both in USA and EU, which will take away our freedom….as someone who grew up in the communist regime, I am watching all this and I am scared of what is happening…all this propaganda, all these things we experienced in the Soviet era are now coming from Washington and Brussels…..how terrible…and when silly Europeans finally wake up, it may be too late….the topic of Russia seems designed to distract naive Europeans from what is really happening at their home. And so many people just swallow it without even trying to think about it.

        • xjert02

          Spot on!

  • John Croston

    Klaus is the only European leader who actually gets it. This is what he said about Islam –
    “The enemy is the anti-civilisation spreading from North Africa to Indonesia. Two billion people live in it.”

    • Gabriel Svoboda

      No, this was said by his successor Miloš Zeman.

      • Terry Field

        Two wise Czechs
        A country spoiled for talent. Britain is wall to wall political cretins, except for the very brave Mr Farage.

        • Sky Surf

          Do you feel enough of relief after spewing such primitive insults? Do you realize that you actually reveal quite a bit and nothing positive about yourself and perhaps how bad job your parents have done raising you?

          BTW: What you really know about actual politics Klaus have been delivering over the years?

          Concerning Mr. Farage: Why he was so mum and not supportive of Scottish campaign for independence? Or he is not serious or consistent in his calling for national independence and bringing the power closer to local levels?

          • Terry Field

            No insults, just reality. Your personal note is in place foe any convincing response that addresses issues. I know a great deal more of European politics than, i suspect, you do.
            I will not project silly insults as you have. You are lightweight; not worth a full response.
            As for UKIP, the clue in in the UK bit.

          • Sky Surf

            You might or you might not know more of Euopean politics than I do but with all due respect, attaching adjective “wise” to Mr. Klaus clearly suggests that you – for whatever reason – haven’t done your homework on him.

            Thats all, nothing else.

          • Anette Mor

            Practical politics is just a set of choices. Never perfect. Never 100% reflecting own views of the politician. Because if peaceful evolutionary path is chosen compromise and national concensus is an aim, not pressing for own agenda. Pressing for own agenda at any cost is the way to power abuse. Chech politics was perfect as people did not go through a trauma of national conflic. That is the only really big achievement at the time if a big change.

          • Anette Mor

            Nobody insulted you Sky.

    • The Russian people appreciate how lucky they’ve been for Vladimir Putin to be around at the right time, in their worst…

      From the 1990s , The war mongering maniacs in the West were planning to asset strip, and plunder Russia, claiming its natural resources while funding serial inter-ethnic tribal wars (between Muslim ethnic groups Tatars,Chechens,Kazakh etc…talibans) just like in Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria,Congo,Angola…

      In the 1990s, Russian people were driven into starvation ,prostitution and suicide under pro American Yeltsin (who sold the industry to oligarchs berezovsky,abramovitch ,derigpaska,Khodorovsky .. ), but Putin kicked the CIA EU Mossad lunatics out and has been re-building a Russia into a world power ever since.

      The West is now asset stripping Ukraine , enslaving it into IMF debt , and its people will be driven to mass poverty and extreme hardship.

      Putin effect on Russian demography : lower premature deaths, higher life expectancy


      Let’s hope Putin saves Western White European Christian civilization and the children of England and the West from abuse caused by state sponsored neo Marxist multiculturalism and Islamic third world immigration .

      • Terry Field

        How will Putin do this???????

        • Aleksandr Romanovich Podgaets

          Technically, Putin won’t. “Putin” is just a common word for everything Russia does, plus for most natural social and physics laws that some (a few) Western politicians cannot attribute to a material source.

          What’s StJohnMalta is right about, is precisely this will happen in the coming decade or two. Certainly with some participation of European nations, including a Russian one.

      • Sky Surf

        It is not even FUNNY, but again more or less tragic how Kremlin ruler, this time Putin, like Stalin or czars before him are presenting themselves as saviors of humankind.

        After Stalin etc. used communist ideology as a ruse to Russian imperial ambitions and expansion, Putin, deeply regretting collapse of the USSR as the “greatest tragedy of the late 20th century” and doing all what he can to restore the Russian-led USSR now on pro-forma non-communist basis.

        Now it is, under Putin and semi-democratic but more and more authoritarian Putin, like under backward czars, again the mission to “save Christianity” from “decadent West” as communism and Marx and Lenin proved to be obvious no attraction getting promps.

        But not only Czechs – who remember well when primitive and backward “Big Slavic Brothers”, Red Army and USSR crushed their Prague Spring hopes with 1968 invasion and subsequent 20 years of occupation and Soviet installed Husak puppet totalitarian regime – now Ukrainians who also wish to reorient their country toward West while having enough experience from Big Slavic Brother’s embrace learn how ignorant ansd self-serving Russian imperialism is.

        Like in 1968 and until 1989 communism collapse, when they justified their invasion and occupation of Czechoslovakia saying that they came to “save Czechs from counterrevolution” which was to “take away benefits of socialism” and justifying the invasion by “duty to provide fraternal help”, Russian aggression and land grab in Ukraine are build on the same pattern: You, Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, etc. and now Ukrainians, do not know what’s good for us, We, backward Slavic Big Brother are again ready to save yiu from yourselves.

        That Klaus is among those who helps these affords has nothing to do with democratic conservative politics.

        • syncher

          80% of the defenders of Novorossia are local residents . Russian officials repeatedly have rejected Novorossian request to re-join Russia. Ukrainian soldiers have received medical treatment in Russian hospitals. Russian volunteers fighting on the side of the Novorossian freedom-fighters have criminal cases filed against them by the Russian prosecutors for that.
          WHAT RUSSIAN AGGRESSION??????????
          You are either a truth-hating troll or one from the herd of zombies dumbed down by the the mainstream media NWO brainwashing.

        • Michael Bobylev

          Sometimes I really feel bad about Stalin saving Europe from nazis. Some people just know no gratitude

          • Anette Mor

            He did not. There was a hand full of nations in Europe who opposed nazi. Serbs, some Spanish, some French, some Greeks. Majorities accepted and enjoyed full employment at the little price of handing over jews to gas cameras and taking thier possessions. Nobody in Europe will never understand what a nation that opened these nazi mass graves feels. They had never produced a plea to watch over own conscience as the biggest treasure to never fall into the same sadistic insanity as germans and half of Europe did. They never cleared themself from a dream of superiority. We are seeing just another cycle of return for the white supremacy madnes in Europe. But it never really died. Stalin only saved Russians themselves. Europe is still to be saved.

          • xyz

            Russian army have liberated Serbia, and chase out German soldiers. Yes, Serbs fought nazis in several movements, communist partisans, royalist chetniks, etc. and they were fighting germans, italians, bulgarians, hungarians, croats, albanians, who all were Nazis themselves. Croat nazis called ustashe murdered nearly one million Serbs living in what is now known as (Great) Croatia – Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia and Istria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina (croats and muslims from B&H served in croat ustashe nazis). That is the main reason why Serbs reacted (overly) defensive in last civil war, they were trying to make shure that catastrophe from WW2 would not occur. Also, since Croat Communist Dictator Tito tried to bury Croat Ustasha crimes (it was forbidden to investigate Ustasha crimes), a lot of Serbs there were frustrated, at least, because a little number of ustasha nazis among croats and muslims were prosecuted (in part because of Vatican, USA and GB helped them flee to S.America at the end of the war), so cases of long awaited revenge were not a surprise, at least to domestic people.

            All in all, Russia saved Yugoslavia, or to be precise, Serbs and Serbia…Croats and other nazis were not pleased I guess…Since independence, Croatia is full blown nazi country, no doubt there…

          • nello

            What a Nazi dominatrix we have here. Slashing Europe with her whip and giving history lessons. We should spread the gospel, history according to dominatrix. So wild

        • re.diez77

          USSR humilate your freedom? You never has one. At least 450 years. Look out your window. 85% of what you may see was built under “Soviet occupation”.Not to mention that eastern europeans and balts enjoyed higher living standards and much more freedom then russians. I remember perestroika times when i was happy to bought your music magazines. I don’t understand a single word just looked at the pics of Cure and Clannad, and Bjork smile makes me happy.(yeah I’m old dude) We bought cheh guitars in black market for 3 month salary as well. “Occupation”, ha! Did you forget what side you fought? Or 1/3 Nazi panzers built by your factories? Only one thing you can accuse us is that russian boot is not so tasty as american one or german one you’re licking for centuries. Now you recieve orders from Brussel about cucumber length and dog’s feces utilisation rules. And YOU dare to talk about freedom?Ok. Sure you happy living in the state painted on map by Comrade Stalin. I hope you don’t expect from russians follow your steps.Period.

        • Natalia Yasnaya

          Like many others you make a mistake equating the USSR and Russia. This is exacly what Mr.Klaus warns against. The same goes about the interpretation of president Putin’s words “greatest tragedy of the 20th century” concerning the collapse of the USSR. In fact, he was talking about the dramatic consequences of the fall.

          • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

            About the interpretation of president Putin’s words “greatest tragedy of the 20th century”:
            all sensible people understand that Pres. Putin was talking about, inter alia, the sudden loss of one’s frame of reference, with its cortege of fractures and turmoil – and all that is emotionally and mentally destabilising and very painful indeed.

          • Natalia Yasnaya

            You are right, sensible people do understand, but politicians,
            probably intentionally, misinterpret Pres. Putin’s words as though he is longing for and is planning to resurrect the USSR.

          • aumrichin

            Whether the new Russia, Czarist Russia or Soviet Russia, Russians are incapable of living in freedom preferring a paternalistic government no matter how ruthless.

          • Natalia Yasnaya

            No wonder you say so after dozens of years of anti-Russian propaganda in western media! People of so-called “civilized nations” are always shown a distorted picture of Russia. But it is surely your right to keep sticking to false statements and stereotypes. We, Russians, know how really things are and don’t care too much for russophobes

          • aumrichin

            My Mother escaped from Russia in WW2. My Fathers’s parents barely excaped during the revolution. My father fought with Vlasov and had not my Mother somehow saved him would have been “repatriated” to a stinking country he had never lived in. Fellow “Russians” executed my Great Grandfather because he was a Priest. My Maternal Grandfather was exiled to Siberia. My Maternal Grandmother was imprisoned for a year because her brother was on Stalin’s purge list. The Russian immigrants that find their way to the US all think that they are due something they didn’t earn. My opinion of Russia, whether Czarist, Soviet or Putin’s brand of repression, has always been low and will not change and judging by the reproductive rate Russians will cease to exist as a meaningful group in another couple of generation.

          • Natalia Yasnaya

            My paternal grandmother’s brother was killed by Germans during WWI, one of my maternal grandma’s brothers was killed by Germans during WWII and her second brother died early due to wounds. The grandmother herself lost four little kids during WWII and a couple of years after it due to starvation and poor living conditions. Her three sisters became widowed due to the war. Does it mean that I should hate Germany and all the Germans? I don’t respect people who have nothing but hatred in their hearts. But this it surely your choice!

          • aumrichin

            Hate them, or you, no. I just have no respect for either and I can’t say I like Germany much more than Russia. Most of the misery and death in the world during the 20th Century can be laid at their doorstep. And both had the great talent of enslaving, starving, imprisoning, killing their own people.

          • Natalia Yasnaya

            Luckily, Russians are not revengeful, otherwise we would have to hate Mongols fot their yoke, Sweds, Poles for their invasions, Brits for the Crimean war, the French for Napoleon’s war, Germany for two World Wars, the USA
            for fiighting against the USSR along with The Triple Entente, and for the Cold War, for setting up hundreds war bases around Russia and so on, and so forth. But we don’t want to cherish hate and centuries-old hostilities. We want equal partnership and beneficial cooperation with all countries. Those who do not want it are shooting themselves in the foot. It’s their choice. We will survive and develop anyway, with their participation or without it.

          • Charleen

            somehow people like you never think of native americans, or native Australians, or European and America colonies and the lives of people in them, or all the war crimes of the US of A and UK and The Netherlands in the past few decades. You are so one sided, by the way you story doesn’t make any sense doesn’t form strait time-line, please revise.

        • Anette Mor

          How exactly what you say is different from any other standard hate speach? The past is relevant for learning lessons, but then facts are essential. not these deams of what somebody could dream of if he/she had your shape of brains. This rant about the past is only useful in building enough hate to justify atrocities and unfair treatment at present. Witch hunting. The usual. That is how Russian teens trying in pop music were bood by entire Eurovision audience. Banal racism it is. No matter how long as if historical essey you present us here.

      • warisaracketbysmedleybutler

        “Neo Marxist multiculturalism” is a very polite euphemism you choose to use when referring to Zionists and Zionism.

        • StJohnMalta

          I know but it will get moderated and I ll be blocked….the JIDF has eyes everywhere…

      • Natalia Yasnaya

        Just one remark – Yeltsin did not sell the industry to oligarch, they actually got it for free as a result of so-called privatization. And yes, we have gone through tough times in 1990s. Life in Russia has really improved very much since then. The country is no longer in debt to IMF and it certainly irritates the west. Politicians are sure that the Ukrainian crisis is only a pretext to bring pressure on Russia, if it were not Ukraine, the west would have invented anything else.

      • Anette Mor

        Lets hope Putin and Russian culture contines showing the way to equal respect to all races and religions. Two second biggest Russian natiobalities are muslum tatars and chechens. And so it be. I apreciate you might like Putin, but could you please do not mix Russians into your white christian exclusivity agenda. We mix and we accept all as equal. And will carry on being that way as that is the type of identity Russians love the most. And thanks Putin for keeping up with this core principle.

        • Aleksandr Romanovich Podgaets

          It’s interesting that no likes are on this one. Yet this is a key feature of Russian world – protecting and preserving each culture. ^_^ Let me put my like.

    • Sky Surf

      As Gabriel Svoboda correctly writes, the statement (I am not sure if you quote/translate it exactly, though) was made by his successor, the current President, Milos Zeman.

    • RogerP77

      The reason that he “gets it” is because he isn’t controlled from the shadows (the secret society network). Many others get it too but they have been blackmailed via NSA/ CIA/ MI5, etc and /or bribed into silence.

      • Sky Surf

        Not so.
        Klaus remaining chief sponsor, Petr Keller, #1 Czech oligarch on Forbes list, son of communist era chief of Czechoslovak office at CommeCon’s Moscow headquarters, continues, with exKGB Putin’s blessing doing big business in Russia, after making his initial fortunes, as other members of communist era nomenklature under Klaus’ Wild East lawless early 90s.

        As even the extreme right in the US no longer needs him or finds it profitable to pay his speaking engagements and as Cato Institute in the end decided against having him over after his 2nd presidential term expires (as he hoped for and actually announced) …

        he got bitter and true to his family and his traditional pro-Soviet/pro-Russian orientation he (and his older son) doubled their efforts to seek some funding from promoting pro-Russian positions.

        • Host8

          Havel had his sponsor as well. I thik it was Bakala.

    • ra232

      Not really. Nigel Farage gets it very well and is very possibly going to be the next UK PM.

  • Jacob R.

    Vaclav Klaus is just so spot on. Literally everything he touches on from the absurdity of EU centralization, to same-sex marriage, to getting it wrong on Russia to linking the Soviet Union with the EU is just right on the money.

    He’s not wrong about the “humanitarian” bombings of Serbia and Iraq either. The only problem is the Czech Republic is not one of the “core” EU states, so he can be easily silenced as he alluded too. We need a man/woman just like this in one of the core states to become elected to really shake things up.

    • Sky Surf

      I feel sorry for you that you – obviously not knowing Klaus and his real policies – not opportunistic and calculated rhetorics aimed at naive audience as you. But here you come …

      • xjert02

        Are you some kind of troll? Do you really have need to comment every post? It is calvary to read your comments.
        There is large difference between economics and politics. As economists you are able to put accross only a few economics ideas into action through Parliament. People do not care about politics and economics today, so most of them do not understand some long-term/hidden effects of current legislaiton. There is a huge problem. Larger and larger bunch of people are not free in their minds. And there are no such a third ways. http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/no-third-way-to-the-market .Free Market or Socialism – nothing inbetween. Only slowly decline.
        The biggest problem of Vaclav Klaus is his nature/behavior, but that does not mean that he is not right about what he says.

      • Charleen

        oh here you go again with your nonsense, are you mentally challenged or something?

  • Dalibor Rohac

    It is perhaps not completely irrelevant that the ‘hearty Serbian lunch’ in question was served at a conference organised by this venerable group, led by Vladimir Yakunin, the chairman of state-run Russian Railways, and that the list of speakers was heavy on Russian government officials: the http://www.st-andrew-foundation.org/en/news/post/27

    • Jacob R.

      Yes, very important noting this hearty Serbian lunch. What the hell is he doing in that godforsaken barbarian country anyway?

      It’s not like we armed Bosniak and Albanian radical Islamists who in turn invited thousands of guess who? The travelling Jihadists today known as ISIS. It was in fact Serbia that first dealt with this phenomenon that we are seeing manifest in Iraq/Syria. The West supported all of Serbia’s enemies.

      Now look:



      • Simon_in_London

        Yes, the West (really the USA) has a consistent record of supporting the jihadis right up until we drop bombs on them.

      • Christian

        We’ll said. Th very worst murderers and sociopaths of Chechnya began their careers in Afghanistan for the CIA, who then shipped them to the former Yugoslavia. It’s all in the book ‘wolves of Islam’ if anyone is interested. Fascinating reading

        • Terry Field

          An equally good book is ‘Piglets of Christianity”, covering the freedom struggles of Peppa Pig. Fascinating reading.

          • Christian

            Oh dear…..

      • kat karsecs

        The Wahhabists were never invited: they forced their way in. Izbetgovic accepted aid from the Saudis, yes, but he never wanted their jihadiyya–they came anyway and the Bosniaks tried to distance themselves from them, even expelling most of them afterwards. He accepted aid from them because the WEST wasn’t doing jack to help them–because they were ‘Muslim” and the West doesn’t care about European Muslims. Lost opportunity there.

        Same in Albania: after Communism ended there the Albanians accepted aid from the Saudis because they were very poor and the WEST was not offering anything. The Saudis started opening madrasas and teaching Wahhabism, but it did not fly and the Albanians said basically, keep your aid, get your ideology out of here, we want to be part of Europe and you will get in the way. Same in Kosovo too. If you read that article you linked to, you’ll notice it says far fewer fighters have gone to Iraq from there than have come from WESTERN European countries, and the government is doing MORE to deal with the few who have. That hardly supports your position.

        In Macedonia they have a problem with Wahhabiyya but the Macedonian government won’t do anything about it because of political pressures put on them by the Greek, Serb and Bulgarian Orthodox patriarchate–in other words, by Christians. The native Musims in Macedonia, the Bektashi especially, have been trying for years to get the government to help them expel the extremists but so far, nothing doing.

        The West gives far less help to those countries than you think: if the West did more, the problem would resolve itself. All those places want very much to be part of Europe and it’s Europe’s unthinking, reflexive, shortsighted hostility towards Islam in general that creates the problem. Albania and Kosovo in particular are the two LEAST likely countries for radical Islam to take root. You should stop listening to Serb nationalist propaganda, it is a far greater threat to stability in the region. Notice how many wars were started by Serbian nationalists in the ’90s.

        • Jacob R.

          Well it seems you are working overtime to defend pretty much everyone only to finish with “Serb nationalists started the war”. Obviously the situation was much more complicated than that. Obviously the Yugoslav Communist state placed hundreds of thousands of Serbs in Croat and Bosniak dominated states. When those states wanted to break apart from Yugoslavia, the Serbs wanted to remain in a state-union with Serbia. It was tit-for-tat.

          Go pick up the “Islamic Declaration” by Bosnia’s first democratically elected President, Alija Izetbegovic. In there, it says Bosnia should become Europe’s first Islamist state based on Sharia Law. Serbs wanted to part of that fate and defended themselves. As far as Albanians being so-called “tolerable”, hundreds are flocking to ISIS as we speak. This was reported by Albanian media itself. Apart from Islamism, Albanian ultra nationalism is still a problem in Kosovo where non-Albanians are forced to live in nazi style ethnic ghettos. Go find out for yourself how Serbs are being forced to live in Kosovo today.

          I’m just bringing you the other side. For decades we’ve heard about the so-called Serbian barbarians committing atrocities, but in reality all sides committed atrocities. And given that Serbia fought radical Islam in the 90s, the West should not have supported her enemies.

          • kat karsecs

            Ah, yes, the old “poor Serbs are the victims of history, oppressed and kicked around by everybody, we’re just defending ourselves” gambit. I keep trying to have sympathy for the Serbian point of view, I listen to what they say, I read what they write, I keep an open mind, but inevitably the nationalist vision that Milosevic championed, and its legacy, just becomes something I want no part of, something that is too ugly to try to justify or defend, just as I would never try to defend the Taliban, or even American fundamentalist Christians. It’s a poison, like every extremist ideology. Like the lady said, ain’t nobody got time for that!

            Serbian nationalists that I read don’t/didn’t even want to be part of Western Europe, the EU, NATO, all of that. All of their problems are someone else’s fault, always and forever. The Serbs have never done anything wrong. But here you are complaining that the West supported all of Serbia’s enemies and left the Serbs to fend for themselves? So they want nothing to do with Europe until they had to deal with a problem that they played an important role in creating for themselves in the first place, then they complain that West doesn’t do anything for them.

            Hmmm, in the Bosnian war the UN did nothing to intervene, were under strict orders not to fire even if fired upon. While the Serbs there were getting supplied who was supplying the Bosniaks? Not the West, that’s for sure. If they had, there would have been no space for the mujahedeen to infiltrate. To claim, therefore, that the West supports your enemies is to overlook some important facts. Maybe you had to fight them alone because your position was indefensible? There is that possibility.

            You know, if Milosevic had played his cards right, he might’ve been able to keep Kosovo. But the only course of action he could come up with was to drive out or eliminate 2 million people. Naturally, those people and much of the outside world thought that was a bad idea. As a result, Kosovo is now lost to y’all. If you were smart now you could work towards accepting that this is how it is and effecting some reconciliation and understanding; perhaps you could work out something that granted you access to your cultural legacy in Kosovo instead of being estranged from it. Then the Serbs there would be able to be a part of Kosovar society instead of having lines drawn in the streets and over bridges to designate “their” side of the city. Unless you meant by “non-Albanians” the Roma that live there? Yep, they live in pretty bad conditions there. How are they faring in Serbia? Are y’all above reproach? How about other non-Serb minorities? Do they have equal representation in your government? Do they get fair protection under the law? I’m not making accusations, I’m just asking because, you know, glass houses and all.

            But I’d guess y’all would rather just gripe about the loss of your glorious medieval kingdom and cast dark looks across the border while you mutter dark thoughts. Don’t get me wrong there: the kingdom WAS glorious and is worth being proud of. But it’s gone now and you can’t go back to the past. Rather than dwell in hatred and anger and self-pity about how y’all have been cheated and betrayed and abandoned by a West that the nationalists didn’t even want to be a part of, you could put all that energy towards creating a glorious PRESENT that you could be proud of, maybe even one that doesn’t rely on killing other people to be glorious. Sound crazy, right?

            Yeah, I’ve read most of Izbetgovic’s declaration. It strikes me that, in a way his vision was not in principle that different from the dream to restore the ‘ancestral lands’ of the Serb kingdom of 600 years ago, as a culturally ‘pure’ nation with its devotion to the Orthodox Christian church as a cultural pivot. And Alija was misguided in his ideal. Just as Milosevic was misguided in his vision for Serbia. Still, it should be pointed out that of all the events in the aftermath of Yugoslavia, there is one common denominator: Serbians. Sorry, but there it is. Even Montenegro broke away because they didn’t want to be associated with that strain of militant nationalism. Seems to me that the fact that Milosevic was eventually voted out and the succeeding presidents chose a different path clearly implies that a majority of Serbs themselves didn’t want that anymore either. Kudos to them! I hope it leads to great things for your country.

            As for the “hundreds” of Albanian fighters “flocking” to ISIS…here’s a report that puts that in perspective (link below). 70-90 people from Albania and about 150 from kosovo–does not “hundreds” make. The majority are from Bosnia, but even there the number is about equal to the average from Western countries. Oh, look–there’s some from Serbia too! In fact, as many have gone from Serbia to Iraq as have gone…to Ukraine?! With the same kind of religious fervor as the Iraqi ones. So I guess Serbia is supporting Islamic radicals almost as much. At any rate, the Albanian and Kosovar governments been taking steps to stop this, with the Bosnian gov and Muslim leaders there condemning it and working to curtail it, so it can hardly be some insidious conspiracy going on in those countries. On the other hand, the majority of Europeans who’ve gone to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS have come from Western Europe. So for you to try to make it out that there’s some wave of islamic radicalism sweeping from the west Balkans to the Middle East is to both misread the facts and a bit fear-mongering.


            That said, all the above points to why the argument that always gets made, that it seems you are trying to make too, that “They committed atrocities on US and we just defended ourselves” or else “they commit atrocities too!”, is ultimately meaningless. Why, you ask? For one, because it’s exactly the same thing as a school child crying “But they did it too!” And Because it doesn’t justify anything, it doesn’t actually help us to understand anything, doesn’t resolve anything, and it never ever ends in anything except destruction, death, and a never ending spiral of vengeance and violence that does no one any good, whether Serb, Bosniak, Albanian, Muslim, Christian, whoever.

            Rather than just rehashing the same old tired “they did it too”, I’m really only interested in moving forward. The wars are over, we should be looking to see what we can do in the present to build bridges and start communicating with each other. If radical Islam in southeast Europe is of such concern, the best and most effective way to combat it is for people to start talking to each other, working with each other, finding their common interests and goals. That will give any radical ideology less and less ground to take root in. Is that not so?

          • Jacob R.

            This is an extremely long reply. I wont be able to sit here and read all of this because it will take too damn long, so I will respond only to your first paragraph and stick to the facts.

            I did not call Serbs “victims of history”, nor am I even sure what that really means. I am talking about the immediate events leading up to the Bosnian civil war.

            Fact #1: when democratic elections were held in Yugoslavia, the republic of Bosnia with a majority Bosnian Muslim population elected a radical Islamist by the name of Ali Izetbegovic who among other things wrote the “Islamic Declaration” where he called for a homogeneous Bosnian Muslim state that would be based on sharia law, the first of its kind in Europe.

            Fact #2: After his election, he went on to pursue this goal by separating Bosnia from Yugoslavia. Serbs did not care much for Yugoslavia itself, but did not want to break from a state union with Serbia and be governed by an Islamist government.

            Fact #3: The Bosnian war was not an act of one-sided systematic violence. Both sides committed atrocities, the Bosnian Muslims with the help of Mujahadeen who if they are alive today are fighting for ISIS. 67, 000 Bosniaks were killed during the war, 23, 000 Serbs and 17, 000 Croats. The Croats fought for independence too, so not all of that 67, 000 Bosniak casualties can be attributed to Serbs. Secondly, a moderate Bosnian Muslim militia led by Fikret Abdic took up arms against the new Islamist gov’t in Sarajevo, so they too can be held responsible for at least a portion of Bosniak deaths.

            Fact #4: The Bosnian Muslim capital of Sarajevo had over 100, 000 Serbs living there before the war. Today there are less than 10, 000. The rest were expelled but thousands also murdered. If the demographic make-up of Sarajevo isn’t indicative to what would have happened to Serbs if they did not defend themselves, IDK what is.

            Sorry I could not take more time to read your hate comment. But I am not presenting either side in this war as perfect, you and the Western media are. The war was unfortunate and bloody and all sides committed atrocities. This means there wasn’t genocide on any one population, and Serbs aren’t the evil barbarians which is exactly how they were portrayed by Western main stream media both in the 90s and to some extent present day.

        • Terry Field

          I like wahabi with my sushi, do you?

          • kat karsecs

            Yes, I very much do.

      • Richard de Lacy

        Ah, come on, Jacob, you’re being inappropriate!
        One of those little helpers in Bosnia, under the leadership of convicted nazi war criminal Izetbegovic (beloved friend of our moist-eyed wimp, Paddy Ashdown), was Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, a charming gentleman whose presence added a touch of cultural diversity to the nation.

        OK, he also personally planned the September 11th, 2001, incident in the United States, but I’m sure that the EU supporters on here would say that society was to blame.

  • Miguel Larrain

    In Chile, we remember Vaclav Klaus as the visiting Czech President who stole a valuable pen during a press conference. His shameful action was captured in a video that is now in YouTube and has been watched by two million people. He never apologized.

    • kat karsecs

      I remember that video! That was hilarious, the look on his face like he just stole a cookie without grandma noticing. What a winner, right?

      • Sky Surf

        Klaus, a “conservative” whom Czech communist never criticize, agree on critical policies and thus TWICE their MP caucus delivered decisive block of votes to make him president (2003 and 2008) was, alone, only with communists, always AGAINST (not for) restitution of property stolen by communists.

        Yet some in the West naively believe that he is a model conservative.

    • Terry Field

      The pen is mightier than the biscuit.

    • Jaka

      Not steal ..

    • Sky Surf

      SPOT ON!!!

      That precious-stone layed, custom made pen for Chilean presidential office was – according to Klaus, 2 days after the fact and back in the Czech Rep and appearing before university students in Brno “just a simple ball pen”.

      Like a primitive thief, Klaus, not denying that he should not “privatize” (steal) the pen, tried to minimized by saying that it was just a cheap ball pen.

      When the Chilean side came up with the facts – while graciously declaring that it is, after all, ehm, OK for him to keep it (thus not risking international snafu any more about it) – Klaus didn’t repeat his “just a simple ball pen” assertion.

      As that TV clip clearly shows: he noticed the pen in front of him, on the desk as he was sitting there with Chilean President. The pen was left there by ministers of foreign affairs of both countries who signed some bilateral agreements. Czech Foreign Minister (Count) Karel Schwarzenberg (main ideological opponent of Klaus who was close to President Havel and served as his Chief of Staff) left it there.

      Diplomatic protocol says that either 1) Host offer the pen(s) to guests or 2) less sophisticated, crude, but still acceptable that guest SIGNATORY keeps the pen w/o being invited by host to do so,

      But Klaus DIDN’T SIGN anything, was not party to signing ceremony.

      He just saw that it is valuable writing instrument. Thus “not obviously” (to him but not to rolling TV cameras) he examined it, put it into hand, under the table … and into his pocket. Then smiling and at last turning to his host, Chilean President.

  • Jarda K.

    I find it very funny that the politician who is responsible (alongside with many others) for huge looting of Czechoslovakia (after 1993 Czech) public assets in the 90´s by corrupt and greedy authorities is actually talking about transformation. It was revealed many years later that many of those who made their fortune from stealing in those times were his close friends.

    You can´t even imagine how many factories and companies owned by a state were closed during his era, just because CEOs of the companies were there just to suck out the money.

    And I could go on and on till his last famous act as a president- amnesty which liberated most of the people from the 90´s corruption affairs.

    Despite the massive damage he caused to my country I agree with some of his opinions about EU, his thesis and theories but that´s all he is – theorist. Every time any real power was given to him he used very badly. So as a EU citizen I beg you do not ever give him any power. We can listen to his opinions, discuss them but this man is only good at theory.

    • Paddy Kilshamus

      Tell me Jarda, how is it that Prague is not blessed with ethnic diversity? I was there last week and I only saw maybe twenty non whites, and most of those were tourists. I would like to live in a country with majority white people. Is it the same in all of the Czech republic?

      • The Hun

        I have heard this, have no proof. When Czechoslovakia broke up, the Czechs bribed lot of the Romas (gypsies) to move to Slovakia.

        • Paddy Kilshamus

          Interesting. Thank you.

        • Jaka

          Untruth !

          • Sky Surf

            Jaka: Here you are right. According to my knowledge and facts, what I have been able to observe over the past 2+ decades I didn’t register any (certainly no significant) effort in “bribing” Czech Romas to move to Slovakia and for various reasons, including economics and comparable welfare systems in the CR and SR, only very few Romas would move from CR to SR.

          • Jaka

            Od rozdělení republiky ČSR k nám do ČR přibylo velké množství Romů ze Slovenska. Za svými příbuznými. A zákony EU už nedovolí se tomu bránit.

        • Sky Surf

          Not true.

          The fact is that after WW2, when 1/3 of 10 millions of inhabitants in Bohemia (Czech part of Czechoslovakia) were due to Potsdam agreement kicked out, i.e. German-speaking citizens of Czechoslovakia, hundreds of villages and dozens of cities n Sudetenland, such as Zatec (Saatz in German and home of the best beer hops and in 1945 still 95% German) were empty.

          So the government brought in a) adventurers and communist party opportunists from inland to get free real estate property. 2) Ethnic Czechs from Volhynia, part of Ukraine, where there forefathers settled in 2nd half of 19th century as Big Slavic Brother, Russian czar, let them farm and do business as they claimed “oppression” from Habsburgs. Experiencing bucolic neighbours, czarist way of doing things and then Stalin’s harsh hand, they eagerly returned back to Bohemia 2) Gypsies from eastern Slovakia, homeless and scraping by in tens of thousands were encouraged to come over and take up abandoned houses as well.

          It is obvious that the above -mentioned new inhabitants, on top of that with communist regime, were not able to maintain economic and cultural level that the region has been traditionally able to maintain, not to mention to develop it and keep up.

          Thus untold thousands of houses and other building were irreparably ruined, dozens of villages razed (due to general decay or as communist regime claimed they serve as “hideouts for Western agents”.

      • meltwaterfalls

        I’m sure there was someone in European history that had some good policies on keeping countries majority white, alas the name escapes me. Best of luck in your search for racial purity I’m sure it can only turn out well.

        • Paddy Kilshamus

          Thanks I will do a search on him. Definitely a good idea though, he sounds like a chap with foresight.

          • kat karsecs

            Uhhhh, pretty sure he’s referring to Herr Hitler. Or perhaps some of the British developers of Eugenics theory, from the same country that gave the world the notion of concentration camps. He’s playing with your gullibility to make a bit of a fool of you. Looks like it worked. Cheers!

          • Paddy Kilshamus

            This is why i want to go to a majority white country. You honkeys are so clever I am sure it will rub off on me and even if it doesn’t i can rub one off looking at your ladies. Who this woman Eugene Hilter you mentioned?

          • kat karsecs

            Uhhh, it’s “cracker”, actually. So, you want to go to a majority white country so you can masturbate in public while leering at white women? Why go to Czech Republic for that when you can do it just as well in the UK? Oh, you don’t want any of your ‘own kind’ to interrupt your view. Got it. Good luck!

          • Paddy Kilshamus

            Ok cracker. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. You are a good old redneck cracker boy not like them white supermeists who chased me out of Denmark last year. You couldn’t lend me a few dollars could you? As reparations for enslaving my noble forefathers.

          • kat karsecs

            No, not redneck, just cracker. I can’t possibly imagine why anyone would want to chase you out of their country. Sorry, us crackers don’t gots no money honey, thas wha we call “crackers”, haw haw. Surely you can find some white honey in ol’ Prague to make you her “exotic pet” and pay you handsomely for your, uhhh, “generous services”. If you pick up what I’m layin’ down. Anyway, if you’re a Brit, sorry but you need to talk to your government ’bout that–I’m too busy trying to get reparations from the ones who stole my other ancestors’ lands in Merica. If you need money, have you considered just getting a job? (Hahaha, see what I did there? 🙂 )

          • Paddy Kilshamus

            Thanks boss. You good white man. I remember you when I get rich from my rap record I am making called ‘Gimme dat. U know I need it. ‘ Listen out for it. Later bro.

        • Ace

          Turning Europe into Khartoum North will be a big advance for you. Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Internet, goat barbeque, FGM tourism, beheadings, third-world slums. Your utopia.

          • meltwaterfalls

            So Khartoum is responsible for the internet, thanks for letting me know.

            Either that or reply was so foaming and rabid you forgot what your point was half way through?

      • Warren Clarke

        The Czechs never had an Empire, whereas Britain did. The UK invited migrants from its former colonies and the commonwealth to settle in the UK in the late 40s, 50s and 60s. If you don’t like Black, Brown and Yellow people go outside and do something about, whinging on the Spectator comments section will achieve nothing.

        • Paddy Kilshamus

          You don’t understand. I am black as the ace of spades as the English say. I want to move to a majority white country because the women will treat me like an exotic pet. I think you are a white supremacist colonialist dog. I will flag your comment if you do not issue an apology to my noble race.

          • kat karsecs

            So you’re a ‘mandingo” then. When you find that woman, don’t forget to wear a collar. And don’t crap on the rug, white women hate that.

          • loneshark

            You’re probably an old white hag, bored witless somewhere in Wyoming, and out to cause outrage on an internet chatroom.

      • Warren Clarke

        Also in the 70s, the UK accepted Asians that were expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin – he like you did not like foreigners who had a different skin colour or religion.

        • Noa

          Why would India not accept them, one wonders? They were, after all of Indian origin. A country which of course had obtained its own independence in 1948.

        • Terry Field

          It is no matter of skin, that is a stupid criticism; schoolboy stuff. It is a matter of the compatibility of what lies between the ears. I see no compatibility; If you do, please tell me what it is!

    • meltwaterfalls

      Good point Jarda, the journalist responsible for this piece usually shares your views on stripping of Czechoslovak public resources, as evidenced by his article blaming Vaclav Havel for them: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2011/dec/19/vaclav-havel-another-side-to-story

      Alas it seems that when he was confronted by the ideological and functionary driving force behind those policies he was just happy to put forward Mr Klaus’ views against same sex marriage and green legislation.

      Speaking the truth to power indeed.

    • RuzickaZ

      Jarda is very wrong with the role of Vaclav Klaus in the 90’ and later. Vaclav Klaus’s leading of transformation was excellent and give him more power would be very lucky for Europe today.

      • Sky Surf

        The one who is very wrong on Klaus …. is you.
        Even Czechs, including captains of industry and even his ODS party knows that.
        Klaus was the person who committed – by far – the most damages in economy, public trust in democracy …. all the way public trust in conservative or right politics.

        Justly, he is now of interest only from such losers and desperados as Volfova and not even Bobosikova finds association with him to be in any way useful.

        Klaus, delusionary self-important opportunist under any regime has nothing to offer to anyone. Not to the Czech Republic and certainly not to Europe or even Euopean conservatives.

    • loneshark

      Yes, Jard, and his party ODS was cheating the state out of millions in tax in the late nineties. Klaus is a colourful and outspoken character. Keep him on the chat-shows by all means. But don’t let him and his gang of crooks get their hands on public money again.

      • Sky Surf

        Klaus is not even colorful, he is by his over-dotting Mama for life spoiled, ego stroking opportunist, half-educated, who seeks attention and some speaking honoraria.

        Since Cato Institute denied him post-presidential arrangement there in spring of 2013, he and his son (same name) started to push even more to seek money making opportunities on Russia’s behalf.

        His main sponsor, the richest Czech and Forbes Billionaire List, Petr Keller, son of communist era chief of Czechoslovak office in ComeCon hqs in Moscow, remains his chief sponsor (bought him a small vhateau in Prague 6 last year to house Klaus “Institute”, all with blesing of Comrade Putin, exKGB, who knows that old Keller was good commie and real friend of USSR. Therefore Petr Keller can -a after making initial fortune under Klaus Wild East privatization, for 15 years now do BIG BUSINESS in Putin’s Russia).

    • Jaka

      Nesmysl ! Ukaž mi jedinou zemi z rozpadlé RVHP, kde to proběhlo lépe !
      Většina podniků byla nekonkurenceschopná ! Nebyli tu zkušení manažéři. Tak šílená rozsáhlá stoprocentní privatizace nabídla možnosti lidem, z nichž mnozí byli vychytralci s dobrými informacemi, a další lidi, kteří měli velké oči, solidní úmysly, ale neměli schopnost své podnikání dovést k prosperitě.
      To, co jsi napsal, je obrovsky neobjektivní !

      • Sky Surf

        When Klaus was – at last – kicked out from Strakovka in fall of 1997, Czech Rep GDP was still LOWER than in 1989, last year of communism.

        Statistics show that all other post-com countries: Slovakia, Poland, Hungary were doing better as far as GDP is concern and compared to 1989, the year of communism collapse.

        Czech Republic had in 1989, by far the most advantageous initial position among them all. But Klaus policies of wild privatization (with infamous voucher privatization, Wild East, “We need more Kozenys” (Pirate of Prague), his privatization into hands of communist nomenklatura, hundreds of billions of swindle loans, his disregard for rule of law, his refusal to start moving from nationwide rent control etc. etc. were some of the causes for the fiasco and his discreditation: abroad and at home alike.

        • Jaka

          Nesouhlasím, protože jsem ekonom. A tuto etapu znám velmi dobře. Jenže neumím anglicky a to se dobře diskutovat nedá.
          Zapomínáte, že v RVHP nikde nebyl majetek tak 100 % znárodněný, jako u nás. Statistiky nikdy nevystihují všechny okolnosti a možnosti.

    • Sky Surf

      Being Czech and following Klaus and his REAL policies at home, not only his calculated, ego-stroking rhetorics in the West – is right on Klaus.

      Only naive one or those (extreme right in the US, such as Cato, Glenn Beck, etc.) who have him serve them as “useful idiot” might believe that Klaus is really a conservative politician.

      Where else, in what other country communists (on top of that not reformed ones like in the Czech Rep) would in critical points (no return of communist-stolen property to victims of communism etc.) agree with “conservative” and :thatcherite” as Klaus?

      No wonder than that communist MP votes twice (2003 and 2008) decided that he got his presidency …

  • altsegel

    An excellent chap – can we not rename him Santa Klaus ?

  • Danilinho

    He is completely correct and that is why he will never be asked for his opinion… its easy to have consensus if you only ask your fellow cronies… an organisation of independent European states that is focused on the economy is exactly what needs to replace the EU… i guarantee more than 80 percent of people would approve.. but it won’t happen… instead the EU is a lot of good mixed with a lot of bad and the elites are adamant that the bad must stay and anyone leaving wont have the good… like someone giving you a piece of garbage and a chocolate bar and saying “if you eat one you must eat the other” when you ask why you cant just have the chocolate they say “it’s just my rules”

  • Diggery Whiggery

    A brilliant man and one that any lucid person should listen to very carefully.

  • Nick Watson

    corrupt, deluded, former KGB informant given b&*w-job interview by deluded, Milosevic stooge – a winning combination!

    • Jaka

      Why are you lying?

  • Katerina Pavlitova

    Oh please – this dude is not a “leader”. He’s a bitter has-been of little relevance.

    • Sky Surf

      Katerina (or Kathy:)

      you are right.
      Including Klaus bourgoing and out of control narcissism.

  • global city

    There is a great vid on youtube of Farage ripping into all the stupid MEPs who grossly disrespected Klaus when he gave a talk to the EU parliament.

    • citizen_Quartet

      Long liven king Nigel Farrage!
      We know UKIP only ever wanted out of the EU.
      We all saw how popular the UKIP tour was up north in Scotland.
      Is it far fetched to say that UKIP would likely mean UK out of Europe and Scotland out of UK?? What about Wales?
      Will it ever stop at leaving the EU and how far down the deconstruction path is too much?

      • Sky Surf

        Opportunist Farage was very meek and mum when asked if he – such a promoter of national independence and bringing power to local level – supports Scottish vote for independence.

  • Simon_in_London

    Good article. I had not considered it but I think perhaps he is right that the EU needs to be replaced with a Confederation of Independent States on the post-USSR model.

  • Eric Kraus

    The quotes: “‘I remember one person in our country who at one moment was minister of foreign affairs, telling me that he hated communism so much that he was not even able to read Dostoevsky. ” will live on with me for many years! John McCain himself could do no better! thank you

  • jan fleur

    I wish him well in joining the Russian system on exit from the E.U.

    • arway

      Why should he join the Russian system? It is a different opinion banned within the EU? You modern-day democrats resemble communists more than you are able to imagine.

      • jan fleur

        An error on my part; I should never reply, react, to Mr Klaus.

  • Monty Dean

    The Africanized, Arabaized and Islamized West is not attractive anymore for Eastern Europe.

    • Terry Field

      Peppa Pig is not very happy with it either!

  • Martin Gust

    Although I do agree with some of Vaclav Klaus opinions on the EU and global warming fraud I can´t overlook the fact that the publication of his books and some of his lecturing tours have been for years sponsored by the Russian oil company Lukoil (joint venture of the Russian state, ex-KGB and mafia, if anybody can tell any difference between those, that is). Also his close personal friend and sponsor of his favourite winter skiing holidays in the 1990´s used to be certain Alexander Rebyonok, man who first appeared in former Czechoslovakia (then Soviet-occupied) in the 1970´s as one of Soviet supervisors in uranium mining industry, which means that it would be next to impossible for such a person not to be a rank GRU (military intelligence) officer.

    All in all, I would take any Klaus´ view on Russia with a busload of salt, at least. He suffers from hyper-inflated ego and can thus get easily manipulated this way and Russians have obviously been grooming him for decades now.

    PS: And as I see from this comment here – “It is perhaps not completely irrelevant that the ‘hearty Serbian lunch’ in question was served at a conference organised by this venerable group, led by Vladimir Yakunin, the chairman of the state-run Russian Railways” it seems that Spectator has been probably groomed by Russians as well…… So it goes 🙂

    • Sky Surf

      You are right with Lukoil sponsoring Klaus pamphlets against climate change and other facts.

      As I wrote before, as even the extreme right in the US (starting with Cato) finds Klaus no longer of value as “useful idiot” being presented as “real conservative” politician in post-communist Europe thus no arrangement for him arrived as he announced it as coming (in Cato Institute, specifically) he and his older sun tuned their now full attention to serve Russian and pro-Russian agenda.

      His main sponsor, Petr Keller (son of the last communist era chief of Czechoslovak representation at ComeCon Moscow hqs) abillionaire on Forbes list and the richest Czech who made his initial fortunes under Klaus Wild East privatization jungle and for 15 yrs now doing BIG BUSINESS in Putin’s Russia (where memory of pro USSR orientation of Keller’s father are still alive) bought Klaus a small chateau in Prague 6 instead to house “Klaus Institute”.

      Spectator’s conservative and journalistic capabilities seems to fail badly in reporting on Belgrad event and “conservative” Klaus, a life-long opportunist under any regime and situation.

  • hdb

    “Klaus has spent his political career standing up for sovereignty”. That and arguing for open markets. Even a fresher in the first year of politics course could tell you the two are completely antipathetical. For good or ill globalisation had destroyed the nation state.

  • Fritz123

    He is probably right on Russia but wrong in the case of the Kosovo. Something had to be done. The rest are illusions. The EU is there and we can only stop it from becoming bigger. On the other hand the EU does also great things for consumers etc, there is an european law of consumer sale, and gives smaller contries veto power valid in all of Europe.

  • Terry Field

    He is correct, but the only reality that will impose change in Europe will be an economic collapse.
    If it is as dysfunctional and internally destructive as I and many consider it to be, then it WILL collapse.
    The damage and bloody violence will, however, be enormous in scale and profound in its horror.
    This madness will not end well.

    • Sky Surf


      Klaus, like that proverbial broken clock which is “right” twice a day, might be right here and there.

      But he and his policies, his actions, and wast majority of his opinions and “consistent” (only if) believes were and remain so wrong … fortunately no longer at great expense of the country as he is a marginal character now.

  • “Vaclav Klaus: the West’s lies about Russia are monstrous”

    When did the West verify the collapse of Communism in Czechoslovakia? It never did! How about any of the other East Bloc nation? Not one either! Surely the West verified the collapse of the USSR, since the survival of the West depends on such verification? Nope!

    You’re probably thinking to yourself you weren’t aware that the West never performed the above mentioned verifications, and shocked the media never directed your attention to this fact.

    Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

    It gets worse–the West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested and detained the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

    The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

    There can be no collapse of the USSR (or East Bloc nations) without…

    Verification, De-Communization and De-mobilization.

    The West never verified the collapse of the USSR because no collapse occurred, since if a real collapse had occurred the West would have verified it, since the survival of the West depends on verification. Conversely, this proves that the political parties of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the fraudulent collapse of the USSR, since the survival of the West depends on verification.

    Now you know how Bolshevik Russia survived in 1917; how the West “lost” China to the Communists in 1949; why the Eisenhower administration turned a deaf ear to the anti-Communist Hungarian uprising in 1956; why the Eisenhower administration in 1959 was indifferent to the Castro brothers’ Communist fidelity, actually used the CIA to overthrow the Batista government; why the Nixon administration abandoned Taiwan for Communist China, and signed treaties/provided economic aid to the USSR; why the Nixon administration refused to tell the American People that over 50% of North Vietnamese NVA regiments were actually Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers (attired in NVA uniforms), thereby (1) ensuring the Vietnam War would be lost; (2) destroying the prominence of the United States abroad and at home; and (3) securing Communist victories in Southeast Asia. Working in the background within the political parties of the United States and Great Britain were Marxist agents doing their best to (1) ensure the survival of Communist nations when they popped up; and (2) sabotage any policies that would bring down a Communist nation.

    • Part II

      “Vaclav Klaus: the West’s lies about Russia are monstrous”

      Here are some of the monstrous truths the co-opted West’s political parties and media don’t want you to know…

      For those not in the know, the so-called Ukrainian “separatists” are actually Russian Spetsnaz and Guards Airborne troops, which is why a Russian colonel, Igor Strelkov, is in command and not a Ukrainian.*

      These disguised Russian military units entered the Ukraine last February when the Ukrainian population, nationwide, revolted against the Communist government in Kiev,** the cause for the revolt being the weakened security apparatus within the nation, where most of the Ukrainian Army was in either Syria or Iraq, or preparing to enter Iraq from Turkey, pretending to be Muslim “Jihadists” (Islamic State). The Islamic State “Jihadists” wearing the silly masks are the Ukrainians,*** hiding their pale Caucasian/Slavic identities. Russian special forces posing as Ukrainian separatists are allied with the remnants of the Ukrainian security apparatus in the nation and are attempting to restore Communist “order”.

      Moscow & Allies tasked the West to create Islamic State in southern Turkey (using Ukrainian troops to augment the fake “Islamists”) in order (1) to continue spotlighting the chaos the West causes around the globe, though it’s actually Moscow & Allies causing the chaos via their Marxist puppets in Western capitals; thereby (2) decreasing the prominence of the West in the eyes of the world; and (3) further weaken the United States Armed Forces via never ending wars per Moscow & Allies’ tasked “War on Terror”; the United States Armed Forces will be re-deployed to Iraq.

      Now you know why up until 2013 the “electorates” of Russia, Ukraine and Georgia had been “electing” for president only Soviet era Communist Party member Quislings, except for the first president of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, a true dissident who didn’t even last nine months in office before he was ousted in a coup, later said to have committed “suicide”. Zviad Gamsakhurdia was a failed test run to see if a non-Communist Party member president could be controlled.


      * https://spectator.com.au/features/9298982/the-frightening-face-of-russias-future/

      **As hundreds of statues of Lenin were being toppled throughout the Ukraine, statues that were supposed to have been toppled back in 1991 if the collapse of the USSR were real and not the strategic ruse it is…



      Those are professional soldiers (1) cradling their weapons in the military stand down position, with trigger finger kept just outside the trigger guard; and (2) marching in disciplined, two-row, tight formations.

      • Baron

        You should urgently ask to be re-admitted, Dean.

        • “You should urgently ask to be re-admitted, Dean.”

          I did, and given the red pill by Dr. Morpheus, which allows me to see a picture of Lenin’s head and four Soviet nationality emblems next to the masthead of the Russian Ministry of Defense’s official newspaper, which is STILL called “Red Star”. I’m also now capable of seeing the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s emblem–the distinctive Soviet Red Star emblem–still on Russian military aircraft and naval vessels. I also see the thousands of hated statues to Lenin still standing in Russian villages, towns and cities, never destroyed. I also have positive cognitive functions that knows what the following proves…

          ‘There can be no collapse of the USSR (or East Bloc nations) without…

          Verification, De-Communization and De-mobilization.

          The West never verified the collapse of the USSR because no collapse occurred, since if a real collapse had occurred the West would have verified it, since the survival of the West depends on verification. Conversely, this proves that the political parties of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the fraudulent collapse of the USSR, since the survival of the West depends on verification.’

          Would you like me to ask Dr. Morpheus to contact you, so that you too may take the red pill and disconnect yourself from the Matrix?

    • AlexZhukov

      How would you go about de-communizing Russian military? Did Russian government invite you somewhere to do something???
      Did anyone invite you anywhere???
      Who are you to de-something anything???
      Learn to appreciate it when someone actually truly invites you somewhere, as opposed to dropping in uninvited somewhere they aren’t capable of kicking your arce back where it belongs.
      You and your bun€h of g00fb@lls already more than once miserably failed to appreciate our genuine invitation for a friendship simply because it isn’t friendship that you are looking for, but rather something more tangible.
      So forget about de-communizing anybody until after you de-lice your unkempt misguided ego.

      • “How would you go about de-communizing Russian military? Did Russian government invite you somewhere to do something???”

        Simple, the West and the “freed” Russian people would have implemented the De-Communization program, which would have taken approximately twelve-years to carry out. There can be no “collapse” of the USSR where the “freed” Russians fail to carry out a de-Communization program, with the assistance of the West. If the “freed” Russians objected to the West’s assistance and oversight to the process of de-Communization, then we have proof there was no “collapse” of the USSR.

      • “How would you go about de-communizing Russian military? Did Russian government invite you somewhere to do something???”

        Simple, the West and the “freed” Russian people would have implemented the de-Communization program, which would have taken approximately sixteen-years to carry out. There can be no “collapse” of the USSR where the “freed” Russians fail to carry out a de-Communization program with the assistance of the West. If the “freed” Russians objected to the West’s assistance and oversight to the process of de-Communization, then we have proof there was no “collapse” of the USSR.

        Of course, the fact that the West refused to make her conditions known to Russia regarding de-Communization proves that the political parties of the West are co-opted by Marxists, otherwise the West would have submitted its de-Decommunization program to Moscow, since the survival of the West depends on such a program being carried out. On the other hand, the fact that the “free” Russians themselves refused to request the urgent assistance of the West in implementing the de-Communization program itself proves that the “collapse” of the USSR was a strategic ruse.

        By the way, I’ve read you Disqus comment history, and you’re a Kremlin troll, since all Russians know that the collapse of the USSR was a strategic ruse, which is why not one statue to Lenin was destroyed 23 years ago after the “collapse”…

        “Almost every town in Russia has a prominent statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, father of the October Revolution…”


        …and those statues that were taken down in Russia, and other republics that make up the USSR, are safely hidden in parks or museums, to be eventually returned to their former locations after the defeat of the West.

        The only statues to Lenin (and other Communist heroes) taken down in Russia were located in those areas where Western tourists visit the most. Those statues were carefully lifted and relocated, in the case of Moscow, to Fallen Monument Park…


        …and why the official newspaper of the Russian Armed Forces is still called Red Star, including maintaining the same four Soviet emblems next to the masthead, one of the emblems containing the image of Lenin!

        Google: ‘Krasnaya Zvezda’

        • AlexZhukov

          Dude, relax!!!
          Don’t you worry about Russian people, we don’t need your patronizing, we don’t need your recipes or advising, we don’t care for your lame arce educating us – we are No.1 most educated nation on this planet and we could teach you a thing or two, and you clearly need some, although you are obviously already full of yourself, and there’s no more room left for knowledge.

          • “…Russian people, we don’t need your patronizing…”

            Since the Russian people aren’t in control of Russia, obviously, as you know comrade, that means the Communists, like you, never left power in the USSR.

            I just love the way you refused to reply to anything I had to say, preferring to distract with a deceptive reply. And that’s always the case when I do battle with Marxists, since there is no reply to my observation except for agreement with those observations.

  • Ladislav Kozák

    If we had applied what Mr. Klaus says about Ukraine to the Czech Republic (two) decades ago we (Czechs) would not have become a member of NATO/EU…ever…and the funny thing is that at that time one of the most agile advocates of these organisations was Mr.Klaus himself.

    This kind of interviews are good example how central-european myth about Klaus is being created by Mr. Klaus too. 😀

    • Jaka


      • Sky Surf

        He is righ. Right on mark. All evidence support his assertion.

    • Sky Surf

      You are right and all evidence, starting with Klaus politics support your assertion.

      But like extreme right in the US (Cato or Joe Barton) needed Klaus as “real conservative” politician in post-communist Europe and Klaus’ rhetorics (by far not his real domestic policies) fit that superficial ciche, he was useful to them and was eagerly accepting – illegally and in conflict of interest as a high level politician – speaking honoraria there.

      But since no one, including Cato, in the end actually offer him no post-presidential arrangement in the US, he and his older son doubled their efforts to get some money from pro-Russian orientation.

      Klaus value in the West started to decline years ago and in August 1997 Forbes article called for “Time to Czech Out”, declaring Klaus-led transformation, no rule of law, Wild East, “tunneling” of assets and favoring “Pirate of Prague”, Viktor Kozeny, nothing but.

      Czechs paid great price for getting over infatuation with Klaus who now can fool only some naive in the West (but for more than a decade now now Western leader).

  • DB

    Vacla Klaus is very unpopular figure in Czech republic. He was always very good at presenting himself as conservative politician but when in power he did the oposite. In recent years he supports far right obscure organisations and most people in Czech republic do not understand this. The party he openly supported and campaigned for in last year general elections gained only 0,5% of votes, which shows his real support in Czech republic.
    He would criticize any minor flaw on EU but never has said anything against regime in Rusia. That’s make his reasoning very inconsistent.
    Most funy part is how he expects that everybody must listen to his ideas and when somebody refuse to he speaks about censorship.

    • Jaka

      Untruth !

      • DB

        Which part exactly is untruth?

        • Sky Surf

          Of curse, you are right, right on the money, and the facts support your assertion.

    • Sky Surf


      Your comments are on mark, reflecting the fundamental facts “on the ground”.

      As he discredited himself in the West and then at home and as NO offer for job after his March 2013 end of his presidential term came from the West (while he was signaling that and offer is coming from Washington-based Cato Institute), not only him but also his older son, also Vaclav (who was kicked out, no longer being seen as an asset bit only as a burden by Martin Roman, millionaire who previously donated Kc 100 mil to Klaus Jr. elite private prep school) with full force oriented themselves to seek their fortunes in the East and promoting pro-Russian and Russian interests.

      Klaus is a life-long opportunist -under any regime and situation – with an outsized ego and burning desire for attention and praise.

      Yet his record, including that of a politician, Minister of Finance and Prime Minister doesn’t support it and he is – justly – seen as by far the largest “skudce” (damage causing person) in the entire post-communist era. That applies to economy, politics, rule of law, public trust in democratic system etc.

  • roman

    It clearly shows what ever Czech knows. Vaclav Klaus is a paid russian agent. He’s anti-EU and pro-russian and has been for quite a while. He’s also almost the only voice in the Czech republic who thinks so.

    All he’s after is to destabilise EU so that Putin can achieve his goals more easily. Please, don’t take seriously what he says.

  • Hagen69

    Vaclav Klaus was a politician with clear vision and strategy in the beginning of 1990′, when he was leading transformation of economic system in the Czech Republic. However, he was against regulation of financial markets and privatisation of banking sector. This led to massive debts of newly created investment funds (often managed by crooks like Viktor Kozeny) at the state owned banks, which they could not pay. Banks had to be bailed out by state in 1998, after fall of 2nd Klaus government due to corrupt financing of his party. Tax payers were left with massive bill and a lot of businesses were privatised by dubios people without business know how but with good political connections. Klaus has turned against his former coalition partners and supported social democratic government of current president Milos Zeman in power pact called ‘Opposition contract’, which helped to fixate climate of corruption and nepotism. Klaus was elected president twice in famously scandalous elections, when he was supported by communists because of his anti German retorics and when members of parliament were. threatened and blackmailed. Later has Klaus turned against his own party, which helped him to become president and his steps have become unpredictable, bizzare and often embarassing (stolen Chilean pen, support of Russian aggresion in Ukraine, presidential amnesty for economic criminality). Klaus has become ‘expert’ on virtually everything from climate change to gay rights or european integration. His own actions led him to total obscurity and rejection. Klaus is currently surrounded by people who believe that US are responsible for 09/11 bombings, who are against liberal democratic system based on tolerance and respect of human rights, and who are more similar to BNP than Conservative party or UKIP. His own journey in the last 25 years is a journey of bright politician, whose own will to stay at the power, arrogance and narcissism led to effort to create clientelist network of politics, business,media and legal system, reminiscent of Orban’s Hungary. It will take years to dismanle this parasitic network in the Czech republic and i find it sad that Spectator is not questioning the true legacy of Vaclav Klaus.

    • wordblender

      Thank you for your accurate description of this embarrassment of a person called Vaclav Klaus.

    • Sky Surf

      I second WordBlender in his thanks to presenting actual Klaus and is actual politics … i.e. not his calculated, attention getting (and some speaking honoraria seeking) statements to some naive people abroad.

      Not only desperado Bobosikova is abandoning Klaus while only even more desperate Volfova (150 kg weighting?) as the last person in the country hopes that photo-op with Klaus can be beneficial … Klaus has managed to made himself not only irrelevant but an embarrassing burden at home.

  • wordblender

    Self pretentious p***k that in his own words in 1990s “turned off the lights (meaning paralysed the country’s legal system so that any theft of the state property could not be prosecuted) to re-create the capitalist class” after the communists destroyed it. In other words, as the minister of finance and then prime minister he sold the country to western corporations and let criminals rule the country. The consequences are with us until today. As a president he was voted in (twice) with the support of the communist party he always secretly admired and supported, but luckily he couldn’t do as much damage apart from stealing expensive pens at conferences. No wonder he gave the country to thieves if he’s one himself. Every time he opens his mouth it’s just about him and how he’s superficial. Narcissist attention seeker is the proper description.

    • Sky Surf

      Your observations are true and on mark.
      I hope that next time Spectator will present Klaus more as who he really is.
      When even the Cato Institute and Glenn Beck no longer see him as an asset to be used for their agenda, it is time for the Spectator to rethink if their cause is being served by giving space to people such as Mr. Klaus.

  • oratis

    its very sad that in a so called free specch western democracy EU only a narrow range of opinions are regarded as being politically correct, its disgraceful and disgusting.

    • DB

      This is typical Vaclav Klaus. He is fighting enemy that does not exist. Never ever anybody banned him to speak up. He was prime minister, chairmen of parliament and president. For the last 25 years he has opportunity to express his opinion and he did it very loudly. Now he is pity that people are not impressed.

      • Sky Surf

        You are – again – right and on the money. As typical, self-serving opportunist, Klaus manufactures “enemy” and then “heroically”, mostly in rhetorics, fights it, supposedly saving and defending some noble cause.

        While the Western leaders, on the right and left from the center alike, including American presidents, British, French, and German leaders etc. ignored him for almost 20 years now, Czech somehow late, but for quite a few years now left him as well.

        And the improbable loser, Bobosikova, and her “party” that Klaus decided to ally himself with in the last general elections gathjered only 0.5% of popular vote.

        So even Bobosikova dropped him while perhaps for 0.01% of electoral vote hoping Volfova remained the only one who still thinks that there is some vote or attention getting value to having Klaus on one’s side.

        Lifelong opportunities under any regime nd situation, someone whom now even Cato no longer needs is diligently, now with his not even masked pro-Russian rhetoric wasting whatever miniscule relevancy and support for him is left.

  • Sky Surf

    Klaus had and still has zero positive value to anyone, his home country, the Czech Republic, Civic Democratic Party which he co founded in 1991 and which – after many years of unprecedented corruption and scandals has been now teetering on extinction, specifically barely making it to Czech Parliament and EP. The same applies to EU or European conservative politics.

    Only if you think that people such as Glenn Beck (who interviewed Klaus and both were padding on each other shoulders) relevant and true conservative, then Klaus seem to look as someone worthy to listen to for a minute or two.

    His father, hardliner communist from Transcarpathia, ardent USSR’s fifth column in communist Czechoslovakia, have him admitted to Stalinist Prague School of Economics in the bloody terror of the 50s. Only the regime collaborators were admitted especially to that university as it has alway been an institution where the regime trained its nomenklatura cadres for communist foreign trade monopoly organizations. As a rule, most of them thus also worked tor StB, Czechoslovak version of KGB (see the current Minister of Finance and vice-Premier, Andrey Babis, oligarch-$$$ billionaire on Forbes list).

    After the Velvet Revolution Klaus – who enjoyed decades of privileged life under communism, where regime entrusted him sensitive agenda of “studying class enemy” (Western economies) and sent him – and his wife – several times to the West, including US (Rochester) for “study stay in capitalist country” – played a leading role allowing communist nomenklatura, including managers of state-own companies to enrich themselves and provide for their families for generatios, while under his Wild East “turn off the lights before lawyers come” privatization the economy and assets were plundered, “tunneled out” and taxpayers were forced – when he left PM office – forced to save banks due to their criminally bad privatization loans to the tune of 300 billions of crowns. His close relationship with “Pirate from Prague” and his tennis buddy, Viktor Kozeny (now for a decade hiding in Bahamas from extradition to US where he swindled American investors, including former US Senate GOP leader, Mitchel in Azerbaijan privatization swindle of about $250 mil) typifies Klaus intentional or half-educated disregard for rule of law and appreciation of the fact that capital and vital economy can be sustained only under the said rule of law.

    As there has been, mainly due to Czech entry into EU and years of harmonization of law with EU guidelines, Czech political leaders and industry captains left Klaus to margins of political stage years ago now. Only Czech communist – with whom he always shares pro-Russian orientation and anti-EU integration rhetorics still support him and twice – in 2003 and 2008 – their MP votes put him into Presidential office (naturally, when say interviewed by the said Glenn Back in spring of 2008, see YouTube) he lies that his re-election was expression for his on-the-margin anti environmental and antiEU rhetoric, but that was thanks to Communists who – so many years after fall of communism, still get in the CR the most votes in all post-communist countries.

    Klaus was – contrary to his self-serving attempts to present himself as a Thatcherite or Reaganite – as Finance Minister and then PM and “architect of transformation” acting as the worst socialist: When he was at last kicked out as PM (fall 1997) there was still nationwide rent control, stock market was completely dead (as for 6 years he dodn’t even bother to create SEC-like Czech equivalent and Forbes was calling on investors “Time to Czech Out”.

    Klaus’ record gives him zero right or credentials to criticize Western conservatives (or anyone else for that matter). Now, when Czech industry captains left him (and his son) behind for about 5 years now and NO arrangement from the US arrived (as he was finishing his 2nd term as president in March 2013), and even Cato Institute found him not worth the money, he as his son have been re-orienting themselves completely to work and be paid by Russian interests (Lukoil paid for his anti-environmental protection pamphlets for years now).

    Klaus, a person spoiled by his Mama for entire life, has been – under communism and after its collapse – preoccupied with his ego, an opportunist who will do anything to be at the limelight. He has been wrong, badly wrong (at huge cost of entire country as well) on so many things.

    Here, for example, he takes cheap shots at digital economy … a fact of life which already changed global economy (and helped China to rise as B2B etc. huge data exchange affords to make the country manufacturing center of the world) …. while he, Klaus, went on record, several times, actually, stupidly pooh-pooing internet as a marginal phenomena.

    Yet, like Cato Institute and extreme American right, Putin’s Russia and UKIP find him, along Czech communists, still of some value.

  • Caribbean Critic

    Screw this dumb Nigga Obozo

  • Sky Surf

    Who (really) is Vaclav Klaus?

    His father, who came to Bohemian part of pre-WW2 Czechoslovakia from Transcarpathia (now Ukraine, at that time Czechoslovakia) was a life-long and hardliner communist, adherent supporter of USSR who brought with himself true Bolshevik’s conviction.

    Thanks to him Vaclav Klaus – barely 17 years old – was admitted to the Stalinist Prague School of Economics (VSE) in the 50s, while communist totality was bloody and thousands of political prisoners suffered in uranium mines etc. VSE was grooming nomenklatura cadres for communist foreign trade monopoly organizations (Klaus was to be placed in Libya). He and his wife, Livia, (also VSE student and prominent communist and it turned out recently, a daughter of WW2 Slovak puppet state secret service official, Gestapo-partner, in charge of compiling list of Jews and Jewish property to be confiscated and used to pay Nazis for transportation of Slovak Jews to concentration camps) enjoyed trust of the regime and many privileges of nomenklatura, both repeatedly sent to the West on “study tours” (inc; Rochester, NY). Klaus worked at Economic Institute, a Delphi Oracle-like of the Central Committee of Communist Party), next to his look-alike, from USA for A. Sharansky exchanged Stb (and KGB?) spy, the infamous Karel Koechler.

    There he and others, after collapse of communism members of his “team of governmental economists” (Dyba, Dlouhy, etc.) planned how communist nomenklatura will privatize state companies a) at great cost to the economy while b) for generations providing for nomenklatura families.

    In assigned role of “real conservative” Klaus pretended to be Czech thatcherite, but his policies were generally exact opposite. Therefore Czech communists never ever criticize him and agree with his many policies, such as his and them leading opposition to any return of communist-confiscated property to victims of communism.

    Where else communist are so soft on a “conservative”? Where else communist MP votes twice (2003 and 2008) were decisive in putting “conservative” Klaus into presidential office?

    Only those naive ones who do not at all bother to learn something about real Klaus and his real politics and those who sponsor him can see him as some kind of genuine conservative or somehow who can be actually helpful to conservative politics.

  • Robert Müller

    Pitty Mr.Klaus was not asked to deliberate on the “US/EU propaganda” against Russia. Perhaps the venue, a conference organised and sponsored by Russian President Putin’s close associate did not allow for this?

    • Sky Surf

      Very good and pertinent comment indeed!

      Klaus is and always has been a fake conservative.

      He remains a life-long opportunist and – fortunately, while at great cost to national economy, public trust in post-communist era democracy and to conservative and right political parties in his home country in particular – he has been now on the very margin of influence in the Czech Republic for quite a few years now, when even Czech industry captains and the rich (who are not tied to communist era and his nomenklatura at cost of anyone else enriching privatizations, moved away from him as well.

      Now, after no announced and hoped for arrangements in the West, stating with no offer from Cato Institute left him high and dry, he (and his older son) put even more of desperate emphasis to stay relevant, in some limelight and with some income coming, to represent pro-Russian and Russian interest, thus only returning in full force to his father’s and his own communist era orientation.

  • Sky Surf

    Mr. Clark, like that improbable Glenn Beck or Cato Institute, etc. is clearly and naively, without doing any real homework on Klaus and his real politics, buying into and swallowing Klaus bait pretending that he is a bona fide conservative. Nothing is further from truth and – therefore – Czech communists never ever criticize him, agree with him on many key issues, starting with his and their consistent opposition to return of communist-confiscated property to victims of communism, enriching and providing for communist era nomenklatura families for generations to come via privatization of companies which enriched them at huge and devastating cost to the entire economy and the rest of the population. No wonder that communists, still – unlike in any other post communist era still numerous in the Parliament – never criticize Klaus, supposedly an arch conservative and their supposed ideological opposite. On the contrary, they support him, starting with their decisive MP votes which twice (in 2003 and 2008) put him at the presidential office (from where he could still help communist era nomenklatura and his era “Wild East” privatizations by issuing amnesty to thousands of them as he was to leave the office.

    Any real conservative and conservative political in the West should (and did) turned away from Klaus many years ago (starting in 1995 to 1997) ignoring him. No wonder that he never got invitation to Bush (or anyone else) White House or to Downing Street or Elysee Palace. Only Putin and Kazakhstan autocrat, etc. invited him over his 10 years in presidential office.

  • The West and their intoxicated media have jumped the shark.

  • Sky Surf

    Mr. Clark:
    Did you, in research for the interview and this article, where Klaus oh-so-bravely also pooh-poohs agenda of various EC Commissioners, as it relates to digital economy, found his repeated and infamous statements from early 1990s where he declared internet to be absolutely marginal thing, waste of time and resources, only good perhaps for online gaming?

    At that time he met with forceful reaction which also compared his “wisdom” to Stalin’s pooh pooing importance of cybernetics which Stalin made in the late 1940s.

    What a semi-educated “visionary”, economist or conservative Klaus always been!

  • Sky Surf

    When Minister of Finance and then PM, Klaus have been doing all he could to preserve communist-era centralism.

    He for years (“successfully”) denied regional administrations and cities being able to take over collection of some taxes. Everything had to remain in FM hands.

    For several years he boycotted first Constitutional amendment creating the second chamber of the Parliament (the Senate) then actual election and creation of the Senate.

    He also sabotaged creation of “kraj” (regional administratives), again – contrary to his supposedly conservative rhetorics, defending the communist era centralism.

    Only communists were also so consistent in all out resistance and fight against returning of communist confiscated property to victims of communism.

    No wonder that as the only “conservative” in the wold Klaus enjoyes quarter of century of no criticism from at Parliament still numerous communist MPs or from Communist leadership. As their many interests, including the above plus pro-Russian orientation, anti EU integration, etc. are similar, communist MPs votes twice (2003 and 2008) put Klaus into presidential office.

    He “paid them back” with his actions including he infamous wholesale amnesty and stop of criminal proceedings of many thousands who were investigated or charged with or served sentences due to their “wild privatization” era under Klaus and other blue collar crimes.

  • He lost me when he got angry at us being angry with the Ruskies. It is not our fault in the west that Russia sucks.

    • AlexZhukov

      It’s nobody’s fault either for whatever it is you $uck

  • I part company with the former Czech President over Putin. When it comes to the shenanigans perpetrated since the hammer & sickle was lowered from the Kremlin flag pole the last time, it is no mystery as to why Moscow & St. Petersburg are ahead of the rest of Russia in leaving the baneful legacy of the Soviet Union behind, especially when it comes to the economic sphere.

    Sergei Magnitsky is championed, even though he is in the grave, and frankly as long as Russia under current management is its own worst enemy, shifting borders, or Putin retiring (as well as those who tow the line that he communicates) is the best route forward.

    As for all the rest, we are on the same page.

  • NickG

    Great article, thanks!

  • Anette Mor

    Thank you for the article. The modern divide is not really between concervatives or more “modern” politics but between these who are still able to produce own cognitive output and these who think any notion repeated by majority become “true” and a new witch hunt is the only possible collective action. Any own raw thinking has to be made heard. As different as better. these who are ready to fight for freedom of expression of views opposite to own, do it for a good reason – it helps to stay sane and form bias free views. For that matter there is far more freedom in Russia now than in Europe or US. In Russia they still study math, world literature and history in school and enjoy thinking as a process. The west long replaced old good thinking process it by a digital immitation.

  • Patriot Insquare

    Guys. YOU have no time to make YOUR OWN children. (Time is money: it means you are poor. It means YOUR economical situation is worse then in Niger: In Niger they have a time). Putin Obama zionism communism capitalism Russia USA: there are MYTHS first of all. It is not about YOUR reality. Sad reality.

  • Davy de Verteuil

    Most of Europe under US tutelage lives in a bubble they hope will replace reality, that bubble keeps expanding into thick reality and a false pragmatism. Truth always have a living testimony that makes it back. The US will soon be isolated as a bad virus dwarfing the trumped up fears of ebola cancer & war put together.

  • serguei_p

    Yes, Russia is not yet fully back into the Soviet Union state, but this is where Mr Putin is trying to get it.
    So Mr Klaus is seriously wrong about Putin and where he leads Russia.

  • glupy

    No he’s not. He’s a corrupt authoritarian dingbat

  • Grreger Hoffa

    This man has balls!

  • Czech Republic is not part of the west.

  • burberryblue

    I really liked Klaus until he declared that he had “no choice” but to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.
    Now, I see him as a person to be admired in many ways, but not to be emulated in others.

  • Anton Bruder

    Gosh this man is a dinosaur. Sovereignty has had it’s day I’m afraid, and if he doesn’t want the Western world to plunge into decades of petty half-wars we all need to pull together and transcend the restrictive rhetoric of the nation-state. Also having ‘unpopular/differing views’ regarding same-sex marriage is merely thinly veiled euphemism for backwards homophobia; it is no curtailment on his Freedom of Speech to have platforms denied him; Klaus’ is not a voice at risk.

  • I met Klaus personally. He is the only European leader who actually gets it but he has the guts and independence to speak out.

  • Marc Sainte-Marie

    I dont get how we are not heading towards a major crash soon, some are pushing it until they are ready….