We can't afford to let Isis run wild in Iraq

A successful military intervention isn't just possible; it's essential

16 August 2014

9:00 AM

16 August 2014

9:00 AM

Iraq is a bloody mess. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has extended its hold from eastern Syria into western and northern Iraq, massacring Shi’ites, Christians and Yazidis wherever it can. Meanwhile in Baghdad there has been a constitutional crisis, with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki threatening to cling to power even though his own political bloc has chosen a different candidate.

The situation is now so bad that it has impinged on the holiday arrangements of our own leaders in the West. President Barack Obama, as he relaxes in Martha’s Vineyard, is at the same time somehow meant to be directing US warplanes back into action to succour tens of thousands of trapped Yazidis and to relieve the pressure on Kurdistan’s capital, Erbil. David Cameron, for his part, had to take time out from his holiday in Portugal so as to order the RAF to drop humanitarian supplies to the Yazidis.

Displaced Iraqi families from the Yazidi community cross the Iraqi-Syrian border Photo: Getty

But these are small steps that will hardly shake the newfound power of the Islamic State. What more are Obama and Cameron prepared to do to deal with the growing threat from Isis — which, left unchecked, would not only be a strategic disaster for their countries but a political disaster for them?

Faced with these troubles in a strange, far-away land, it would be natural for many westerners, including Obama and Cameron, to despair. No doubt many on both sides of the Atlantic are concluding that this latest spasm of ugliness is a natural result of the misguided Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq, that Iraqis simply like to massacre each other and that there is little the West can or should do about it. Didn’t our previous intervention just make things worse?

This is alluring but wrong-headed. In point of fact, while the US and Britain did create a disaster in Iraq by not doing more to maintain law and order after Saddam Hussein’s downfall, the situation turned dramatically after the success of the ‘surge’ in 2007-2008. Violence fell more than 90 per cent and Iraqi politics began to function again. The situation was stable enough that in 2010 Vice President Joe Biden bragged on CNN that Iraq would be ‘one of the great achievements of this administration’.

An Iraqi child from the Yazidi community rests at the Fishkhabur crossing Photo: Getty

The wheels came off only when, after failing to get a Status of Forces Agreement with Maliki, Obama pulled out all US troops at the end of 2011. With no Americans looking over his shoulder, Maliki was free to unleash his inner sectarian. His victimisation of Sunnis made them receptive to Isis, which was being reborn in the chaos of Syria.

This history is worth reciting to refute the common prejudice that Iraq is a hopeless basket case condemned to perpetual violence. Remember how dire the situation was in 2006 when even senior American military officers were convinced that Iraq was lost and when senior British officers were sheltering in their Basra bunkers from incessant rocket fire? Yet within a year there was a nearly miraculous turnaround brought about by an increase in the number of US troops, a change in their strategy and the mobilisation of the Sunni tribes against al-Qa’eda in Iraq (as Isis was previously known).

Similar success could be possible now even without dispatching 170,000 western troops, because Isis has a major weak spot that we can exploit: it is unpopular even with its Sunni constituents. Already there have been rumblings of discontent from Mosul among Iraqis who are not happy to have jihadists destroying their ancient monuments, such as the tomb of the prophet Jonah, and telling them how to live. (Among other things, Isis is fanatically opposed to smoking and drinking, two activities that ordinary Iraqis love.) Unfortunately, past tribal uprisings against Isis were brutally snuffed out until in 2006-2007 US military forces came to their aid. The US and its allies, including Britain, need to mount a similar campaign to mobilise tribal fighters once again.

President Takes Time Out From Vacation; Speaks On Iraq
President Obama speaks from Martha’s Vineyard

It won’t be easy, because Sunnis are intensely suspicious — and understandably so — of the sectarian leaders in Baghdad. There should, however, be a decent chance to form a government of national unity under Haider al-Abadi (who, unlike the more insular Maliki, speaks fluent English and earned a DPhil at the University of Manchester) that would have more credibility with Sunnis and Kurds. Then it would be a matter of giving the vast majority of Iraqis, who detest and fear Isis, the means to fight back without having to rely, as the Shi’ites have been doing lately, on help from Iran’s notorious Quds Force.

What this means in practical terms is that the US and its allies will have to beef up their presence in Iraq. That doesn’t mean sending ground troops but it does mean sending more advisers, more intelligence personnel, more aircraft and more special operations forces. Obama has already increased the US presence to more than 1,000 troops and set up two joint operations centres with the Iraqi military in Baghdad and Erbil. He has also begun air attacks on Isis, which are being carried out from the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush. The CIA has apparently also begun to arm the Kurdish peshmerga, whose resistance to Isis had been hindered by lack of ammunition and heavy weapons.

This is a good start but only a start. The US and its allies, Britain foremost among them, need to expand their goals and their means to achieve them. So far President Obama has talked only of containing Isis, of preventing it from massacring Yazidis or taking Erbil. That’s not enough. We should not tolerate the existence of a terrorist state similar to Taleban-era Afghanistan sprawling across Iraq and Syria. Already thousands of foreign jihadis, including many Europeans, have been drawn to Syria. If left unchecked, this terrorist playpen is likely to generate attacks not only on neighbouring states such as Lebanon and Jordan but on western targets too. The West’s goal should be rollback, not containment. In for a penny, in for a pound. If we’re going to bomb Isis, let’s do it right. Or, as Napoleon aptly advised, ‘If you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna.’

Defeating Isis will require boosting the western advisory and special operations presence in Iraq to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10,000 to 15,000 personnel and sending aircraft that will be based in Iraq, rather than at sea or from distant bases, to facilitate a more sustained bombing campaign. Advisers should be evenly distributed between the Kurdish peshmerga, the Sunni tribes and some of the more capable units of the Iraqi security forces in order to make clear that we are not playing favourites among Iraq’s sectarian groups. Simply having western advisers present alongside anti-Isis fighters will greatly enhance their morale, professionalism and effectiveness.

The CIA have apparently begun to arm the Kurdish peshmerga Photo: Getty

With more American (and, one hopes, allied) eyes on the ground, it will be possible to call in more air strikes with greater effectiveness, as occurred in Afghanistan during the autumn of 2001. Western commandos such as Seal Team Six, Delta Force and the British and Australian SAS should also expand operations to carry out the kind of intelligence-driven leadership targeting that was an important part of the 2007-2008 surge. Such actions in Iraq must be complemented with greater aid to the Free Syrian Army in order to fight Isis on the other side of the rapidly disintegrating border with Iraq.

It will not be quick or easy to reverse the gains that Isis has made. But with the right strategy, appropriate resources and a little determination, Mosul and Fallujah can be retaken before the self-styled Islamic Caliphate solidifies its hold on a region larger than Jordan. However much they may want to avoid further entanglement in the messy Middle East, Obama and Cameron have no choice but to act unless they want to leave a new terrorist state as part of their legacy in office.

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Max Boot is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

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  • Dutchnick

    Though boots on the ground is to be avoided A10 Warthogs, Apache helicopters with drones overhead can dramatically degrade these terrorists.

    • obiwan

      Yes, this. I don’t understand why both Britain and the United States are so firmly against stepping up to an aggressive air campaign against ISIS. There might never be the need for ‘boots on the ground’ with western forces owning complete control of the skies. It surely must be possible to annihilate ISIS militia from the air..?

      • toumanbeg

        Because it won’t accomplish anything. It is a waste of money. Muslims have been murdering Muslims since the religion was invented. We can bomb them until the heat death of the Universe and they will still be killing one another. Meanwhile, that bomb being dropped costs the taxpayers 20,000$US (for a cheap bomb, the expensive ones can go 250,000 or more. It costs less then 100$US to build that dumb bomb. So the billionaire selling it to the government makes 19.900$US every time a bomb gets dropped.
        OF course he wants an eternal war.
        Mr. Boot and the pundits are also making the living off the war. The MSM (News Vultures) makes a profit off pictures of the bomb exploding and of the human results of that explosion.
        There are better ways to deal with the problem of ISIL but they don’t fill the coffers of the MIC or MSM like killing 3rd world goat herders does.

      • ken_lov

        “It surely must be possible to annihilate ISIS militia from the air..?”

        Why do people keep assuming this must be possible, when a century of historical data demonstrates conclusively that it is not? Britain proved in the 1920s that airpower alone was not sufficient to control Iraq. The US and its allies couldn’t “annihilate” conventional armies in Germany or Korea despite having command of the skies; they lost the Vietnam conflict despite dropping enormous quantities of bombs against negligible opposition; they have steadily lost ground in Afghanistan despite having complete mastery of the air; and the attempt to manage events in Libya using airstrikes alone failed dismally. Yet lots of people continue to have blind faith in the efficacy of dropping bombs. It’s bizarre.

      • Rogsie

        “It surely must be possible to annihilate ISIS militia from the air..?”

        Is it? I’m old enough to remember Vietnam and operation Arc Light: YEARS of saturation bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail by B52s. Then there was Agent Orange and all the misery that caused. Loads of shock & awe, but in the end the little men in sandals with AKs still won.

        • Michel van der Hoek

          I have now seen several posts from people who claim that “little men in sandals” won the Vietnam War despite superior US air power. This persistent misrepresentation of the Vietnam War is pernicious. Apparently, people in the US and the broader West have been so brainwashed as to think that America was indeed powerless in Vietnam and can only remember the ignominious pictures of embassy personnel fleeing Vietnam in a helicopter. Does nobody remember the fuller context? Has nobody remembered the fact that America brought North Vietnam to its knees, exactly by the use of superior air power and a superior army in general? Is there no-one left who remembers that South Vietnam collapsed because vindictive Democrats who won Congressional elections in the US cut off all funds for South Vietnam and allowed the North to rearm and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? If you want to learn military lessons, you should at least know something of the military facts and not fall into the trap of political propaganda; otherwise all your expertise about specific arms and materiel is worthless show-offery.

          • Kennybhoy

            “Has nobody remembered the fact that America brought North Vietnam to its knees, exactly by the use of superior air power…”

            Correct. Linebacker I and II.

          • jernfrost

            People like you don’t see the bigger picture. It isn’t about whether the US could have destroyed the military of the north or not. The question is how much destruction and death was it worth to bring upon Vietnam to “win”. It was an entirely pointless war. Vietnam is already well on its way to capitalism. The south did not represent democracy so there was no fight over democracy or dictatorship.

            Given the enormous amounts of money, resources and years being spent in Vietnam and still it failed suggest that this was just not worth it. You cling to this idea that if they just kept at it for some more years you would have been crowned with success. But the fact is that since the US could not defeat a primitive iron age country in a year with all their superior economic and military power shows the futility of the whole war.

          • Michel van der Hoek

            This is just untrue. America not only COULD defeat a primitive iron-age country, but it actually DID. Do you even realize that North Vietnam surrendered (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Peace_Accords)? America’s military might worked: they won the war.

            The rest of that sordid tale has NOTHING to do with military might but with petty internal politics in the US. Democratic politicians sat on their hands and refused to ratify the necessary agreements that would have re-armed the depleted South-Vietnamese military. As a result, North Vietnam walked away from the peace negotiations, went back to war and conquered South Vietnam, all because America essentially walked away. Vietnam was lost by politicians in Washington and they have blood on their hands. It is estimated that at least 165,000 South Vietnamese died in reeducation camps in the five years after the communists captured South Vietnam.

            Your response is beneath contempt because it is based on the lie that America was unable to defeat the military of a “primitive iron age country.” It was able and it did. You do not know anything about history and yet you have opinions about the military and US power. Based on ignorance. Shame on you.

          • jernfrost

            I fail to see how this wiki link describes a surrender by North Vietnam. It did not involve an American occupation of Vietnam alla Japan and Germany. This wiki describes a peace treaty where war stops but both north and south Vietnam remain.

            If the north had surrendered to the US then there would have been an American occupation force in the north. I see no description of this. Sounds more like you are twisting the facts to fit with your democrat hating world view.

            Even if this had in fact been a real surrender. It doesn’t change the fact that the US spend unusually long time to get there at enormous cost. That in itself shows the pointlessness of the Vietnam war. It should have been stopped much sooner.

            Keep your ad hominem attacks to yourself, and learn to deal with the fact that not everybody agrees with your Fox news version of history.

          • Michel van der Hoek

            This is pathetic. You say it’s not a surrender because no troops occupied North Vietnam. That’s rubbish. As if Saddam Hussein did not surrender in 1991, even though American troops never occupied much of Iraq (except a small bit in the south). America’s mission in Vietnam was to defend South Vietnam. America did that.

            Of course the Vietnam War was hugely mismanaged and both Vietnamese and Americans were exposed to terrible atrocities. But it doesn’t change the fact that North Vietnam was brought to its knees in 1973 and they SURRENDERED. I never read anything anywhere to suggest that the goal was to occupy North Vietnam and merge it with South Vietnam to create a unified country. That only happened in the years after when North Vietnam conquered the South and committed heinous atrocities there. No matter how belatedly, America did achieve the goal that was set.

            Your arguments are irrelevant.

            (And I don’t even have FOX News on my cable subscription. Who even mentioned FOX News? What the heck do you know about me? Who is being ad hominem here?)

          • KK

            What now? ” and both Vietnamese and Americans were exposed to terrible atrocities” How many Americans civilians were living in Vietnam that suffered the terrible atrocities???? What a load of crap.

    • toumanbeg

      No bases. A-10 don’t have the range, neither do Apaches. IT’s Navy (F-18) or Air Force Bombers. The closest bases are Israel or Turkey. Serious political problems with using Israel. Turky is an ally of ISIL and the mortal enemy of the Turks. Air Power destroys targets. To be of any use, it HAS to have targets. No targets no air power.
      Hamas built all those tunnels to avoid the IAF. Worked, didn’t it?

      • Negotiating for a base in Kurdistan might take 5 minutes. Having the base means we can use the aircraft most suitable for close air support, namely Apaches and A-10s. The only reason not to have a base is to avoid embarrassing the Smartest President Ever, who declared victory in Iraq in 2011 and withdrew.

        • toumanbeg

          And if a frog had wings, they wouldn’t bump their arse when they jumped. And if your Aunt had testicles, she would be your Uncle.
          If we are going Sci-Fi, I can do much better then bases in some god forsaken place that doesn’t exist. There is no Kurdistan. Kurds live in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. They have no nation to call their own. So what you are saying is the USA needs to create an nation to build air bases in. So who’s land do we steal? How will stealing land help solve the problem? What is the problem that you think can be solved with bombs?


          My fantasy is better then yours. Cheaper too. The USA needs to GM (Genetic Manipulate) the mumps virus. In it’s natural state mumps causes infertility in young males. The theory is that it damages the sperm so it cannot get to the egg. GM it so that it just damages the “Y” chromosome sperm. The “Y” chromosome determines sex. You got one, you are male. No “Y” and you’re female. Spray it from drones. When nothing but females are born to Muslims, There will be no more Islam.
          Nobody dies. There are no young men to be ‘holy warriors. Problem solved.
          This would be cheaper and faster, not to mention actually working. It will not be done because it doesn’t put a penny into the pockets of the Merchants of Death.
          I see that as a feature. Politicians see it as a bug.

          • The polite fiction is that the provinces under Kurdish control in Iraq are really part of Iraq. The actuality is that they are de facto Kurdistan. Baghdad does not control them. Baghdad does not even control their oil contracts. I am well aware that the Kurds got screwed when the lines were drawn after World War I. That’s part of the problem now. ISIS is a bunch of murderous thugs who claim divine authority for their atrocities. They kill men, women and children indiscriminately and put the video of their crimes on the internet. They literally have victims dig a trench, line them up next to it and then machine gun the victims into the trench, just like the SS in WWII. Your solution is germ warfare. Neat, but outlawed by several international conventions. My solution, kill them before they kill us, is the more traditional way to handle things. By the way, perhaps you should lay off the recreational hard stuff. A trip to Colorado to calm down might be more advisable. Conservative Ruckus Blogspot

          • toumanbeg

            So both solutions are illegal. That means the difference is mine works and your doesn’t. Just because I’m curious, how Do you plan on murdering 1.6 Billion people?
            You do realize that every ISIL fighter you kill will create at least 1 and probably 2 more.
            Way before you get the fist 500 million killed America will collapse.

          • Are you with the U.N.? Because otherwise, self defense is legal. Your assumption of endless jihadists is amusing, but not bl@ody likely.If we follow the money, we can discourage their donors. We killed at least 10,000 jihadists in Iraq during the surge. How long did it take for ISIS to come back from that? It’s been over 4 years of neglect from the Golfer in Chief for ISIS to come back. If we mow the lawn like the Israelis do every 2-3 years or so, we can stay ahead of them. Conservative Ruckus Blogspot

          • toumanbeg

            Bombing Iraq IS NOT defending America. That is the Big Lie you are selling. ISIL will burn out. Fanatics always do.
            Let Assad kill them. With the Kurds on one side and Assad on the other. ISIL is between a rock and a hard spot. No need for the USA to do anything.
            Assad will just gas them if they get to frisky.
            No, the Merchants of Death want to bomb Iraq so they can add more tax dollars to their already bulging bank accounts.
            Here is an offer. If we bomb or otherwise go to war against Iraq, then All pundits, Journalists, and employees of any defence firm become dollar a year men.
            During WW2, to prove that they were not working for profit, a lot of wealthy men worked in the war effort for 1$US per year. Do that today and see how fast the war in Iraq becomes a bad idea.
            Or we nationalize the corporations on this list;
            That will put a stop to all the warmongering.

          • How many people will ISIS murder in the process of burning itself out? Because they aspire to kill everybody who is not a devout Sunni Muslim according to their very strict specifications. After the Holocaust and again after Rwanda, we all said we would try to protect people from genocide. Was that just a way of saying, “If you like your life, you can keep you life, period?” By the way, I thought Barry the Magnificent had removed all of Assad’s poison gas, except for some chlorine.gas used to clean Assad’s swimming pools and a few small towns. Where’s he going to get enough gas for ISIS. Have you ever watched a documentary on World War I? You seem to be enthralled by germ warfare and poison gas. Poison gas is horrendous. A friend of mine, who was in a horse drawn artillery unit in World War I, liked to tell stories about how hard it was to put a gas mask on a horse. The point is that the gas killed everything, men, horses, dogs, cats, farm animals and anything else in the area. If you didn’t get your mask on and then your horse’s mask on, you or the horse were agonizingly dead. You REALLY don’t want to go there. Conservative Ruckus Blogspot

          • toumanbeg

            “How many people will ISIS murder in the process of burning itself out?
            Because they aspire to kill everybody who is not a devout Sunni Muslim
            according to their very strict specifications.”
            Wrong question. The right question is; “how many AMERICANS will SISL kill?” The answer is, no more then are sent there to be killed.
            I’m not a bleeding heart liberal and don’t really care how many Muslims die. Or how. I would like to point out that If saving lives was the goal 1,000 a week are dying in Syria. So obviously there is another reason why you want to bomb Iraq.
            Yes ISIL wants to kill everybody. I want Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba to have an orgy with me. My chances are better then ISIL’s.
            Why does ISIL scare you? Intent is nothing. Look at capability. ISIL has gotten themselves surrounded by bigger stronger foes. They have no place to go. ISIL will be done in a year. Syria won’t. Nothing America can do will change the fate of ISIL. Except maybe nuking them, which will create a worse problem then it solved.
            No, the Merchants of death see this as a chance to add a few million to their billions.
            Please list the ships in the ISIL’s navy. Where is their Air Force based and what sort of aircraft do they operate?
            Prove that ISIL has the capability to harm America.
            The citizens in Furgeson are more dangerous to America then ISIL. Whoops, now you will want to bomb them too. Anything for a buck, right.

          • Peter L

            How would you prevent a plague decimating everyone in the area, and then everyone? Theres a reason we dont use germ weapons, its called the Seige of Caffa.
            If you dont know the story, “hurled plague-infected cadavers into the besieged Crimean city of Caffa, thereby transmitting the disease to the inhabitants; and that fleeing survivors of the siege spread plague from Caffa to the Mediterranean Basin”
            Then 1/3rd of the world died.

        • Larry_Gavin

          Bloody hell, the miltary bigwigs know that RAF bases are just offshore in Cyprus…problem solved if they wished.

  • Babs Capone

    The FSA is dead in the water. Negotiate with Damascus and Tehran in order to seal IS off in Eastern Syria. Always remembering that it wass USAID that has armed and financed ISIS. Remeber the photo op with McCain?

  • Roger Clague

    Our intervention, “in good faith”, made Iraq worse. More military intervention cannot be the solution.

    • daniel abineri

      Then what to do about ISIS? Sit back and wait for them to come for our heads. There is no confusing their motives and aims. We must combat this vile ideology..

      • BlazesBoylan1904

        After this army of 18,000 defeats the US military and starts conducting it’s head lopping operations here in the States it will have to contend with a citizenry armed to the teeth. It’ll be rough going, especially down South. Some scary folks down there.

        • Once the Religion Of Peace gets up into the business of the well-armed Bubba Baconator demographic, we’ll see who is more terrifying. Mohammed, meet Deliverance.

          • Dave Cockayne

            You can’t tell a muslim to squeal like a pig, it’s racist.

        • Roger Hudson

          Looks like the UK will be easier to attack, far less guns.

          • BlazesBoylan1904

            Yes, very true. It’s only matter of time before Prince Charles is forced to convert.

      • NotYouNotSure

        Have a look at the world map, check which countries are bordering ISIS, they include Turkey and Iran. Do you see these countries going into hysterics like you are, clearly not. Both countries could defeat ISIS if they had to. ISIS is just as much a threat as Saddam was, which means none at all.

        • daniel abineri

          You’ve missed the point. The Islamist ideology is not contained with Isis in Iraq. Islamist groups now stretch over vast swathes of the globe. From Asia through the Middle East and across the northern half of Africa. Same ideology, same world view. Terrorism works when it is appeased. I wish you luck in the Caliphate.

        • silencedogoodreturns

          what makes you think Turkey and Iran are NOT going into hysterics?

  • girondas2

    Judging by the reports of racist abuse being levelled at jews in this country and in mainland Europe maybe we should deal with the problem here first.

    • Bonkim

      No one is hurling racist abuse at Jews – although many wonder whether Israel remembers its own history of persecution and genocide in Europe. Nothing to do with Jews but everything to do with the state of Israel that has forgotten humanity.

      • IainRMuir

        I should think being surrounded by people who want you dead serves as a very efficient reminder.

        • Bonkim

          Not sure – Bulk of the present day Israelis emigrated to Palestine knowing fully that they will be hated there. The tragedy is that prior to the 20th century and Jewish immigration into Palestine, Arabs, Jews, and other ethnic people of different religious and cultural persuasions co-existed despite periodic tribal conflicts and blood feuds. In nature every action has a reaction and Israelis will live a precarious existence for ever – the zeal and vigour of the immigrant will not last forever and the US and Europe will tire of constantly having to support the antics of their artificially created Jewish island in the midst of a hate-filled Islamic sea.

          • Liza Jones

            Well, only if we in North America are not ourselves islands in the middle of a hate-filled Islamic sea. Coming to a theatre near you, the Islamisation of America, or hadn’t you noticed!

          • MikeF

            Are you saying that Muslims can be ‘hate-filled’ – I thought only ‘white racists’ could be.

          • Bonkim

            Racial and sectarian prejudices exist worldwide – in various degrees and increasing as the sense of well being and certainty in the second half of the last century diminish.

            Why do you question whether Muslims can be hate-filled – as any other humans and depending upon the degree they may have suffered from hate/racial and sectarian prejudice.

            It is only in the past few decades that deep-seated prejudice between human groups has diminished because of faster travel, communications and exposure via the media. I suppose with exploding populations and fast depleting resources, and competition to survive the world will see a resurgence of ethnic and sectarian divisions, hatred and conflicts.

          • Baron

            Racial and sectarian prejudices have existed, still do, are like to be there in the future amongst the multiplicity of the great unwashed everywhere in the world. The question is whether these are unchallenged, let be, even backed by law i.e. institutionalised by the polities the unwashed inhabit.

            Anti-semitism have been around for a long time, still exists despite travel and stuff, the difference between today and the recent past is most states don’t follow the example of the Tsarist Russia, Nazi Germany except Hamas, other Muslim states in the ME.

          • Bonkim

            Yes Baron – the question is how do you reduce/eliminate such things – and there is a lot of persecution/exploitation in many parts of the world (not just Muslim lands) far worse than the Israel/Hamas conflict.

            If you follow the present deliberations in the US and Britain the reality is that the West has to do business with many states which we would consider criminal/corrupt and exploitative. there is a limit to what any nation however powerful can and would wish to do and bear the financial and human cost to achieve the desired end. Much of the world today is knitted together with economic and communication/transport links and most are powerless to change social organisation in the offending countries. Gone are the days one could just flatten everything you ddidn’t like. Israel is still living in the past and Hamas is bankrupt and brainless. given Israelis are a sophisticated and clever need to work out a strategy to win over their enemies at least cost – military route may not be the most cost effective or likely to achieve the desired end.

          • ayeinfidel2

            I agree with you Again. The Palestinians have a right to protest their lands being stolen from them because a jewish god claimed the Jews his people,” the chosen ones”, it’s irritating to anyone who has a basic education. The Bible is a regional, ethnic myth and it has become to many,THE only true religion.I am not mentioning Islam or xianity because they are jewish sects also, but they don’t know it.

          • Bonkim

            Allah = Elohim = Jehovah one and only true God – that is if you believe in God or religion.

          • ayeinfidel2

            Easier for humans to hate than to love. basic psychology. BUT, if we are to survive as a human race, we better learn to cope with one another’s differences and skin colors. White doesn’t make you superior or Overlords. Bonkim is right!

      • girondas2

        Ah! “anti-zionism”
        The last refuge of the scoundrel.

        • Bonkim

          Don’t believe in God and God-given right to territory. Anti-Zionism no different from ISIS ideology of a Caliphate. You have to accept ISIS if you accept Zionists. Both evil.

          • girondas2

            “You have to accept ISIS if you accept Zionists.”

            Nonsense. Zionists are simply defending themselves. They are not rampaging around Iraq killing anyone who refuses to convert to their religion. Equating the two is simply a transparent attempt to hide your true motive – racial hatred.

          • William_Brown

            I dunno…last time I visited Israel, you couldn’t move for crucifixes.

          • Bonkim

            They have already driven out masses of people to make space for themselves and importing millions of Jews from the rest of the world to settle.Not sure if the invitation to settle includes non-Jews in Israel.

            Zionists always justify their actions and anyone criticising Israel or criminal activity of settles in occupied lands is a racist of course. No different from Muslims that shout racism whenever actions of their bigots are criticised.

          • toumanbeg

            Again with the lies. Who was driven out and by whom? Any evidence? Or just vague allegations.

          • MissDemeanor

            LOL, comparing zionism, to ISIS….only an Abdul could do that.

            how about you lovely muslims and your 57 countries conquered by blood and wars?? ANd counting!

            or do you think the 57 countries were previously unoccupied?

          • Bonkim

            I suppose you are right. If you dig deep you will find all present day nation states came into being through wars, revolutions and settlement of foreigners. In which case you are suggesting ISIS can rampage through and murder and pillage the present day occupants into slavery – what is wrong with Hamas aiming to get rid of Israelis – unless you are claiming Israel is O.K when it occupies and kills but not ISIS or Hamas.

            You have to be even handed you know to remain rational – unless you want to be partial to Israel or your God. It is free not to have a God so you can be even handed and see the idiocy of political bias and supporting your side which you are trying to do but getting caught. The Jews shout Yahweh is all powerful and Islam – Allah the one and only true God – and the Christians have their own saviour. What a silly concoction.

          • MissDemeanor

            comparing Israel to ISIS, is like comparing a Lalique vase to the Trainspotting toilet

            it just shows your brainwashed sense of reality; like most terrorist supporters and secret jihadis: undereducated, overaggressive, primitive sheep, who foam at their mouths, compare the incomparable and defend the indefensible

            if only those naughty Israelis were as peaceful as you lovely Muslims….

          • Bonkim

            Can see the level of your brain – bigoted nationalist only seeing your angle.

          • Moto X Forum

            You do realize that Jews and Christians lived in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem long before Islam was even invented. Islam came about 2000 years after Judaism and 600 years after Christianity. It is Muslims that chased Jews and Christians off their middle eastern lands not the other way around. Funny how you forget that. Go take a look at the lands that constituted biblical israel. It contained not only present day Israel but Jordan, Lebanon, half of Syria, half of iraq, a nice chunck of both Saudi Arabia and Egypt. So who stole who’s land again???

          • Bonkim

            Good point – get Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians and produce Moses’ tablets as evidence. I bet the Hague Court will admit the evidence. Call God as witness for the Israelis.

          • MissDemeanor

            if only everybody was as tolerant as you peaceful Muslims..

          • Lydia Robinson

            Read “Jihad in the West” by Paul Fregosi for a comprehensive historical account of 1,300 years of bloodthirsty Arab invasion and occupation of other people’s countries. The book that an English publisher was too scared to print.

          • Bonkim

            invasion and occupation of other peoples’ countries was the norm until WW2 and establishment of the UN in mid-20th century.

            Other peoples’ Lands – not many nation states according to present definition either pre-20th century. World was inhabited by multitudes of tribal communities and petty kingdoms that were conquered by various Empires – and the present situation you see arises from the break up of Emlires in the 20th century – still some festering sores.

            No guarantee that the present political entities will not change due to external and internal factors. As you say Central Asian (mainly Mongol and Arab to a lesser extent) Islamic tribes were the military, technological and economic super-power for over a thousand years founding all the Great Empire of the Middle Ages until the 1700s when European powers expanded militarily and technologically setting up the systems we see today.

          • Moto X Forum

            I find it interesting that you fail to be aware that tens of millions of people had to relocate and emmigrate from country to country when most of the arab national boundaries were drawn after WWI. Same goes with the nearly 16 million that had to move between Pakistan and India when Pakistan was carved out of India. This is far, far, far more than the 30,000 that were forced to leave when Israel won a defensive war in 1948 against invading Arab armies.

            The reality is that the entire Gaza and West Bank situation is fomented and created by the arab states as a way of deflecting their own miserable, oppressed population’s anger away from the dictators and totalitarian governments they live under and instead direct it towards the innocent Israelis. 98% of the land in the middle east is controlled by Muslim states. The 2% of the land that Israel has is inconsequential. The arabs that live in Gaza and Jordan are Jordanian arab citizens. Anyone that actually followed the history of Transjordan knows this. There never was and never has been a separate ‘Palestinian’ people. They are simply arabs. ‘Palestine’ was a name created by the Greeks for the region in the middle east where jews, christians, muslims, bedouins and others lived. It was Arafat that coopted the name ‘Palestinian’ as a way to make the arabs in Gaza and West Bank seem like some sort of ‘separate’ people which is completely false. They speak arabic, eat arabic foods, listen to arabic music, have arabic history and Muslims holidays and rituals. They have none of the key traits that define a unique ‘nation’ of people.

            Compare this to the Jews of Israel which do possess the traits of a unique nation of people. They have a unique language (Hebrew), unique rituals, holidays and customs related to their Jewish faith, Unique music, art and oral and written history as seen in the Torah, the Hatikvah, etc etc.

            Too many people…yourself included have been hoodwinked by the insidious PR shaping of the Gazan arabs story that have made you actually think they are the underdogs in this situation. The reality is that the arabs of both Gaza and the West Bank are simply arab pawns of the larger arab muslim governments in the middle east as a way of diflecting Muslim rage of living under such oppressive, corrupt, totalitarian leaders by channeling all that frustration towards Israel, which frankly has from the day it was created wanted nothing but to live peacefully and be left alone.

          • Bonkim

            Yes if you backtrack history we will all end up in the Garden of Eden – Now where is it and is their a BA flight there. No need for visas and immigration control – our homeland and we should resettle it.

          • Lydia Robinson

            There’s nothing that unites them more than hatred of Jews.
            Palestinians who go to live in other Arab countries are treated far worse than Arabs living in Israel.

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            Doesn’t that make God some sort of real estate agent?

          • Bonkim

            God gets his 10% whichever side wins.

      • Liza Jones

        Rich! Forgotten humanity? Don’t you mean Hamas? Oh, wait! You are going to tell me that building tunnels underneath civilian dwellings, herding people onto roofs to protect them from IDF bombing, firing rockets from residential areas, controlling media coverage, executing so-called collaborators, etc, etc. show humanity? You have your wires crossed, methinks!

      • Alienwoman

        Egypt understands very well that the MB in Gaza has morphed from being plain Hamas to ISIS. ISIL, is the same terrorist group that includes Cyprus [Muslim], Israel, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria in its widening Caliphate.
        Israel is just in the way. Does nobody else see that?

      • Moto X Forum

        You mean Hamas who has forgotten humanity. Israel is simply defending itself as it has every right to do.

        There, I fixed that for you.

        • Bonkim

          You have fixed it for me – good – question is are you able to fix it for Israel and their blood feud with their neighbours.

    • Dave Eboch

      Israel is genociding Palestine with US tax dollars and we are sick of it. You have only yourselves to blame for all of the criticism. Your victim card no longer works because Israel is a zionazi state. You should be ashamed of yourselves for acting like Israel is right. They have commited a massive holocaust against Palestine and are actually far worse than Germany was.

      • girondas2

        Hysterical nonsense

      • James

        How have they genocided Palestine, Dave?

    • Dave Eboch

      You talk about hate but you are a racist and a bigoted hater yourself. Sick of your Prima attitude! You have been not well liked I now believe for a reason.What Israel has done to Palestine is wrong! And people speaking out about it is called FREE SPEECH!

      • girondas2

        I haven’t denied you FREE SPEECH, or indeed, free speech.
        I don’t hate anyone: I simply view Islam with contempt because of the way the adherents of that religion so often behave and I support the right of Israel to defend herself.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Iraq is no longer our problem…however, any organization who declares that they wish to see Americans dead, to include Muslims within our own borders stating that their Koran dictates that Infidels do not deserve to live, need to be dealt with in a surgical manner. NOT by putting tens of thousands of “Boots on the ground,” continuing to throw good $$$ after bad $$$, or blindly following the “Lets go to war” crowd. Again, we cannot continue to pursue adventurous military disasters while our borders remain wide open & Illegal Immigrants break our laws wantonly.

    • toumanbeg

      Exactly! The greatest thrat America faces today is the defence budget.

  • Chris Duffy


  • toumanbeg

    All those bandwidth busting words without says anything. What is important is the national security interest of America in Iraq.

    Yes, ISIL is a bunch of religious fanatics that kill people. So? World is full of murderous fanatics that kill people. If you want to bomb them, we can find some much closer. Ferguson comes to mind.
    If you want to portray ISIL as a threat to America, first explan how they will get here. How big is their Navy? What sort of fighter cover can the ISIL put up over their invasion fleet?

    Muslims have been killing Muslims since the inception of Islam. So What?
    How long do you want to bomb them? 10 hours? 10 days? 10 weeks? 10 years? 10 centuries?
    Where is your evidence that bombing will change anything?

    In the history of Aerial Bombing, has any enemy ever been forced to surrender? Why will it be different this time?
    No, the purpose of the warmongering here is to put some more tax dollars into the pockets of the billionaires that make bombs to be dropped on 3rd world goat herders.

    • How about we just bomb the snot out of them wherever we find them? If Sunil kills a soldier, we kill his family. If Abduhl sets off a bomb in a day care center, we flatten his neighborhood. Mohammed blows up a plane? We wipe out his town.

      I think the Religion Of Peace would get the message pretty quickly if we had that kind of resolve. And if they didn’t, before long they would so degraded that they won’t be much of a threat.

      • toumanbeg

        Who is them? Your approach has NEVER worked before. Religious fanatics wouldn’t worry about trading a jet full of infidels for a village. They would consider it a victory.
        The latest dust up between Hamas and Israel cost Israel about 90 dead. IIRC the arabs in Gaza lost about 2,000. Sounds like Israel won. Maybe not. There are a claimed 1.6 BILLION Muslims. There are 8 million Israelis. So Israel has to kill 500 Muslims for each Jew to break even. So at 90 to 2,000 Israel got their butts spanked.
        If we are not willing to kill them all (Genocide) it is better to not start the killing at all. Go big or stay home.
        Besides Muslims are very good at killing each other. Sell them weapons and stay out of the way.

        • Who is them? Your approach has NEVER worked before. Religious fanatics wouldn’t worry about trading a jet full of infidels for a village. They would consider it a victory.

          Fine. Let them be victorious to extinction.

          So Israel has to kill 500 Muslims for each Jew to break even.

          The she should get started. Time’s a wasting.

          Besides Muslims are very good at killing each other. Sell them weapons and stay out of the way.

          I agree. Arm them to the teeth and then drone whomever is still standing.

          • toumanbeg

            When the sands are all dry,
            he is gay as a lark,
            And will talk in contemptuous tones of the shark:
            But when the tide rises and sharks are around,
            His voice has a timid and tremulous sound.
            Lewis Carroll
            Alice’s Recitation
            From “Alice in Wonderland.”

        • Who is them? Your approach has NEVER worked before. Religious fanatics wouldn’t worry about trading a jet full of infidels for a village. They would consider it a victory.

          Fine. Let them be victorious to extinction.

          So Israel has to kill 500 Muslims for each Jew to break even.

          The she should get started. Time’s a wasting.

          Besides Muslims are very good at killing each other. Sell them weapons and stay out of the way.

          I agree. Arm them to the teeth and then drone whomever is still standing.

        • Dave Cockayne

          Actually, that approach has worked splendidly for all of recorded history up to this post WWII era where the west decided to turn war into policing and social work.

          You are not supposed to build schools for your enemies children in war you are supposed to kill them all, occupy their land and claim the resources as your own.

          The only reason Europe hasn’t fallen to Islam for the last 1400 is because we engaged Islam on an equal footing and fought to the death kicking Islam out of Europe 3 times. Now in a 40 year period of insanity we have allowed this toxic evil to spread throughout the entire continent.

          • toumanbeg

            So name one.

  • Callsign Viper

    Is blackmail a tactic of allies? http://bit.ly/1pplZy2

  • Michael

    The world didn’t seem to learn enough from its shameful silence in the past when millions innocent lives were simply slaughtered by despot regimes, yet it prefers to keep silent as another storm of death is smelling right now Iraq and Syria.

  • TRAV1S

    And to think the BBC claim ISIS are like the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War. The Arab Spring is going so well, I suppose.

    • amy roth

      the International Brigade was a fiasco — its naive volunteers hardly knew which of the many sides in the Spanish Civil War they were on. To that extent there couldn’t be less comparison with ISIS, which seems to know exactly what it’s doing and who it’s fighting.

      • Roger Hudson

        Weren’t more International Brigade(leftists) killed by Stalin’s NKVD than by Franco’s troops? We should be told the numbers.

        • amy roth

          I wouldn’t be surprised. Stalin abandoned them once he got them there to fight his battle for him, whereas Hitler remained loyal to Franco, which is why Franco won.

  • ttaerum

    This is what happens when an administration has no policy… As if each crisis was somehow a new crossword puzzle to be solved by typing in the right letters. Every good administrator realizes you have a budget (except this one) and every good administrator realizes you need policy (beyond using the IRS as a private political army).

  • Cyril Sneer

    Time and time again reporters and commentators seem to miss this simple fact: the west (led by the US and its Sunni arab allies) colluded and supported rebel factions in Syria to depose Assad an Iranian and Russian ally, prolonging the Syrian war, increasing instability whilst across the border a fledgling Iraqi state is trying to fight off insurgents and the last thing it ever needed was a 3 year war going on next door.

    The short sightedness of Obama, his incredible incompetence has brought us here. It’s either that or he knew precisely what he was doing and its no secret that Maliki was no longer favoured as he was too close to Iran.

    Perhaps this is the reason why the US held off against conducting airstrikes against ISIS. Across the Middle East it seems that Obama is furthering the cause of Sunni extremists at the expense of the Shias which I’m sure his Saudi paymasters are most pleased about.

    And don’t even get me started on Ukraine…. I feel we are in for a real sh tstorm – republican/democrat it doesn’t matter, America is looking to isolate Russia and the wartime propaganda we now have to endure in the western media indicates that we’re heading for conflict with Russia.

  • Peter Stroud

    IS or ISIS, or whatever it is called is the most violent, ruthless and fanatical set of butchers so far to fight, with the Koran in one hand, and a knife in the other. And among the insane mob are hundreds of, so called, British Moslems. It is the duty of the British government to ensure none of this vile scum should live to return to these shores. Furthermore, every other Western country should similarly deal with its bunch of home grown jihadists.

    • Roger Hudson

      Actually the ‘so far’ is totally wrong, they are behaving exactly the way islam was spread rapidly out of Arabia in the beginning, fast spread using amazing brutality to terrorise everybody and then slaughter those who won’t submit ( that’s what ‘islam’ means).
      The war must be fought everywhere, from Iraq to China to Niger to Britain and Scandinavia.

      • Lydia Robinson

        Islam mean submit. They are only doing as their psychopathic leader Mohammed ordered them to do.

  • jack

    To win we have to do a deal with Russia over the problem with Ukraine, enlist their help in the Middle East and together with funds from the rest of the world annihilate the butchers of IS.

    Then take a very close look at all the financial interests of Saudi Arabia to warn them off from spreading right wing fascism throughout the world, and make clear to the house of Saud that the likely outcome for non co-operation would be the closure of all routes to Mecca through Western facilitation of travel; thereby, choking their only likely income from pilgrimage/tourism they are likely to have once their dirty oil runs out.

  • U Nderwater Glockenspiel

    Thank u magic mulatto Hussein for all you do, and your zulu-bummed nutrition moomoo too.

  • Bonkim

    No doubt that ISIS is an evil cancer in the Middle East. The question however is what those closest to the infection are doing about it. The US and Britain thousands of miles away appear to be running hot and cold. The oil-rich states of the region if they had any sense would mobilise their forces and hit ISIS where it hurts. Iran made a song and dance early on to come to the rescue of their Shia brothers in Iraq should Shia shrines be threatened. The Holy men of Baghdad raised an Army of volunteer-Zealots prepared to die resisting ISIS.

    What has happened to all these brave Muslims that were prepared to lay down their lives just a few days back to oppose ISIS? What happened to the brave countries of the EU that were coming to the rescue of Ukraine being bullied by evil Russia? May be Muslim or Mid-Eastern Christians just not worth the trouble.

    Come on Guys – Obama has the right idea. You won’t go to save anyone in the region unless they show they are willing to join together and die for their cause. The only lot coming out with some credit are the Khurds. Good luck to them and hope they get the help they need and overcome the evil of ISIS.

    • Dave Cockayne

      Almost all of the oil from Iraq in the last decade has gone to China, put paid for with our blood and treasure.

      My vote is that we send in the Chinese to stabilise Iraq and see how the Jihadi’s like playing with people prepared to run over their own students with tanks to restore order.

      • Jack

        Interesting idea. Do you want China’s email so you can send ’em in?

        • Dave Cockayne

          Do I have to cc all 1.3 billion Chinese people, that might take a while…

      • Bonkim

        Commercially traded – you could have bought it if you wanted. The Chinese will intervene if their vital interests are at stake. No one asked the US/Britain to intervene in Iraq. Self appointed Policeman paying the price.

        • Dave Cockayne

          Please tell me you are not one of those Ayn Rand types that thinks that a network of advanced global trade and communications will spontaneously arise from a bunch of warlords hacking people to death?

          Without some form of global framework and enforcement, chaos and anarchy fills the power vacuum and the world turns into Somalia or Iraq.

          We have been waiting for anarchy in Somalia to turn into a dynamic engine of world growth and innovation for a few decades now, when exactly will the illiterate pirates start producing Nobel winning scientific advances?

          The world needs a policeman, like it or not the US was pretty good at that role until it decided we should all sing Kumbaya, smoke pot and have a big gay orgy instead.

          • Bonkim

            I bet the US is weighing up the cost and effects of intervention and non-intervention. However those affected most by ISIS in the region will have to join their act together or perish.

  • Pepe Turcon

    It’s time for a nuclear war, from Tripoli to Teheran except Israel of course, turn them where they love to be: back to the Stone age.

  • john

    Mr. Boot, all good ideas but there are any number of hurdles to overcome. Bush could not reach a SOFA agreement with Iraq and Obama failed also. Analysts reported that if Maliki had signed a SOFA agreement with the US his government would have fallen. Why would anyone hold out hope that one could be negotiated today?

    The American public is definitely not supporting putting boots on the ground in Iraq again. We have an election less than three months, I doubt that there are votes in Congress to support or fund such an undertaking.

    Air campaigns in non A2/AD airspace are generally safe and only moderately expensive. Boots on the ground generate significant casualties in urban environments and are horrendously expensive. Air campaigns can be escalated rather easily, however withdrawing ground troops tend to be messy and protracted.

  • Kruton

    Obama will f*#k up a wet dream.I vote run away.

  • Terry Field

    Getting anywhere near defeating ISIS requires a deployment every bit as large as that required to defeat Saddam Hussein.
    The reality is that the borders are disappearing, and the caliphate will grow whatever we in the West do.
    They have the force of self-belief behind them as did Alexander, and all others who drive all before them.

    • Jack

      They don’t quite have the brains of Alexander.

      • Terry Field

        Nor do we, quite clearly.

  • Roger Hudson

    Kurdistan has 200,000 men under arms, how large is the British Army?
    We may have some fancy kit but they have the boots on the ground.
    We must concentrate on stopping ISIS in the UK.

    • Bonkim

      Spot on.

  • Bonkim

    ” the growing threat from Isis’ left unchecked, would not be a strategic disaster for the US and Britain nor a political disaster for them. In a democracy the public want their home-interests to be addressed by their elected politicians. Foreign policy, wars, and genocide in distant lands is way below their list of priorities. The carnage in Gaza or the evil doings of ISIS have not quite reached the scale of the ethnic and sectarian wars that have taken place (and still continuing) in Africa, South and South East Asia, or South America in recent decades or the death and destruction unleashed by Assad of his own citizens.

    ISIS will be a spent force soon as its Jihadists tire off having to defend themselves and not being able to set up any political and administrative organisation essential if they are to survive. For the present they are on a murder spree – and however bigoted and zealous their members – will not survive for long. Whilst there will be carnage and they will destroy all where they have taken hold – no bacteria can survive long after the patient dies.

    • Dave Cockayne

      We tried that in Afghanistan and it lead to terror training camps and 9/11.

      When you ignore a bunch of psychos raping and pillaging their way up your street on the basis that haven’t reached your house yet so it’s nothing to worry about what do you think the inevitable result is?

      • Bonkim

        I bet US and British intelligence are evaluating the cost and effects of any action and also no action.

  • evad666

    The Government needs to focus its attention on the islamists here in the UK along with their illiberal left wing appeasers.

    • Augustus

      Quite agree. Perhaps some forced community service might be an appropriate measure. like helping to build Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

  • William_Brown

    “We can’t afford ISIS to run wild in Iraq”
    Why not? It seems that Oxford Street is acceptable as such a place.

  • Ram Zhee

    In a related story, Egyptians have filed a criminal complaint against Obama in the international criminal court: http://bit.ly/1BbITOa

    • Terry Field

      And that is understandable.

  • Terry Field

    This article ignores the central reality. For a thousand years, the Sunni Shia relationship was settled.
    The one man one vote nonsense changed it.
    That fantastical nonsense is being reversed.
    Wakey wakey.

  • Peter L

    WWIII begins… in the comments section of every news story.

  • Where was The Spectator last December as long columns of ISIS trucks moved south in Iraq? And where did those long column come from in northern Iraq? The only place would be Turkey, but that would mean that ISIS is an American construct then, which explains why the Iraqi Air Force and the United States’ Air Force refused to touch those long truck convoys as they moved south in Iraq during BROAD DAYLIGHT.

    So what’s going on here, you ask? Well, Moscow & allies need to place an incompetent, chaos-causing West, back onto the headlines (after Russian was forced to eat some its ‘America the bully’ finger-pointing PR, when it had to assist Kiev in restoring Communist control of the Ukraine back in March*), and further weaken the United States Armed Forces by re-deploying the already dilapidated American military.

    Now you know why the West never VERIFIED the collapse of the USSR (let alone East Bloc nations), because the political parties of the West were already long co-opted by Marxists. in fact, the West also never demanded the (1) de-Communization of the Soviet Armed Forces officer corps (90% so officered); and (2) de-mobilization of the six-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Ministry of Interior and police control the populations in the larger cities.


    *By the way, about those masked Islamic State combatants, they’re actually Ukrainian troops, which is how Kiev lost control of the Ukraine early this year, necessitating the Russian presence in Crimea and Spetsnaz in eastern Ukraine posing as Ukrainian “separatists.

  • Iran Tehran

    you cant stop ISIS groups unless you stop many radical Muslims in Saudi Arabia ,Yemen and checheniya in south Russia , most of these people are rapists ,Killers with horrible faces

    • zabada

      The mind of Mut,ah.

  • Iran Tehran

    The ISIS or Al qaeda groups are result of billion dollars investment on Radical Islamic groups in Middle east by Saudi leaders

  • jesseventura2

    Forget containment and drop modern day versions of little boy and fat man on these vermin.

    The western politicians who allowed this infestation of islam will pay the price along with their children a few years down the road.

  • Augustus

    Yes, a few international droppings of water, food and blankets for the Yezidis, and that’s about it because of the ‘improved situation’. As for wanting, let alone winning, a war against ISIS, Obama calls them ‘folks’ whom he hopes we can all learn to understand a little better.

  • Bob339

    Wow a century after WW1 we have the same old same old. Who could possibly be responsible? Some rich jew? Nah………..

  • mikeandle

    Foreign treachery knows few bounds: http://bit.ly/1pnMvry

  • johnallen919

    Nothing like Chickenhawks saber rattling and playing armchair general again.

  • James Thomson

    I wonder if commenters stressing abstention would do so at the hands of an isis cleaver at their or families neck?

    People are the product of their situation, let’s move beyond that.

  • Innit Bruv

    Great video!! Peter Hitchens the voice of reason.
    What qualifications does that foolish little boy Douglas Murray think he has to discuss these matters?
    He is way way out of his depth.
    Self-appointed “experts” like him and Max Boot and all the fools who supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq are partly to blame for the current mess.

  • thomasaikenhead

    “A successful military intervention isn’t just possible; it’s essential”

    Oh is it really, Max Boot?

    After all the blood and treasure squandered in Afghanistan. Iraq and Libya are you seriously suggesting that the UK returns to Iraq for a third military intervention?

    Do you not recall people advocating that the UK intervene in Syria to help the rebels against Assad and only the efforts of the likes of Ed Miliband prevented that happening and what a disaster that would have turned out to be!

    Now is the time for the UK to stop trying to a world policeman, after all the interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have not freed those countries from tyranny but rather turned each of them into a failed state and cause untold misery for the vast majority of the inhabitants of each one.

  • Augustus

    “America is not, and never will be, at war with Islam.”
    -Obama (6.03 min.)


  • tolpuddle1

    Nice article, but it comes perilously close to saying we should get the anti-IS Iraqis to bleed and die on the West’s behalf.

    They’re not going to sacrifice their lives fighting IS just because IS has stopped them smoking and boozing.

  • Jennifer Prestash

    President Barak Obama deserves a very large share of the blame. No matter what you think about the original war in Iraq once the West was in it, the West should have been committed to staying there to keep the peace that was so hard won. President Obama wasn’t interested, and, in 2008, ran on a platform of bringing the soldiers home. He made clear that the war was America’s fault (and George Bush’s in particular) and taught that if the West exited the religion of peace would be peaceful. But he was wrong (and everyone knew it). So he failed to negotiate an agreement that would keep enough troops there indefinitely so as to maintain relative peace and stability. So now we have ISIS. The West is tired of fighting, and so will not fight. And Islam and the proponents of that religion of peace will kill or subjugate us. Did anyone notice that the most common baby name in the UK for 2014 is “Mohammad”? The United Kingdom, if it does nothing but somehow manages to keep the peace, will be a majority Muslim nation in a generation, and Sharia Law is up and running.

  • Oded Greenberg

    Excuse my naivety but why should we worry about ISIS creating a caliphate. Does that not mean that they would then be governing a territory and dare I say a state? Well if that is the case dont they shed their invisibility cloaks and arent they now the visible governers and soldiers of a defined state. They can no longer blend into the population as they are the population and lest they chain their subjects to their homes, they are fair and open game to being ruthlessly destroyed. Being a ghost militant blending in with an indigenous population can only carry you so far. I say let them define their own kill box and then rain justice upon them. They have an expiration date they just dont know it yet.

  • “Another Iraq war is coming…”

    As I predicted once American forces were removed from Iraq. Not at all hard a prediction when we know that the political parties of the West were long ago co-opted by the USSR & allies (what did you think the KGB and allies were up to all those decades?), which is why…

    The fraudulent “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn’t have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan’s favorite phrase, “Trust, but verify”.

    Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification of the collapse of the USSR, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the “alternative” media. When determining whether the “former” USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the “former” USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it’s the fate of the West that’s at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

    It gets worse–the West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested and detained the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of “Perestroika” (1986-1991)!

    There was no verification, de-Communization and de-mobilization.

    Now you know how Bolshevik Russia survived in 1917; how the West “lost” China to the Communists in 1949; why the Eisenhower administration turned a deaf ear to the anti-Communist Hungarian uprising in 1956; why the Eisenhower administration in 1959 was indifferent to the Castro brothers’ Communist fidelity, actually used the CIA to overthrow the Batista government; why the Nixon administration abandoned Taiwan for Communist China, and signed treaties/provided economic aid to the USSR; why the Nixon administration refused to tell the American People that over 50% of North Vietnamese NVA regiments were actually Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers (attired in NVA uniforms), thereby (1) ensuring the Vietnam War would be lost; (2) destroying the prominence of the United States abroad and at home; and (3) securing Communist victories in Southeast Asia. Working in the background within the political parties of the United States and Great Britain were Marxist agents doing their best to (1) ensure the survival of Communist nations when they popped up; and (2) sabotage any policies that would bring down a Communist nation.

    Notice how the West allowed Islamic State to move about Northern Iraq earlier this year, where long armed columns of trucks moved about in broad daylight without fear of areal annihilation. Of course, those trucks didn’t just miraculously appear in Northern Iraq, they came from Turkey where the United States trained and supplied the “Jihadists”.

    By the way, those Islamic State combatants that wear masks are Ukrainian troops. Now you know why throughout the Ukraine late last December the Ukrainian population rebelled,* taking advantage of the weakened Communist security situation there.
    *Toppling hundreds of hated statues to the Communist dictator Lenin (statues that were supposed to have been toppled back in early 1992 IF the collapse of the USSR were real and not the obvious strategic ruse it was), who invaded the Ukraine in December 1917, creating (1) a one-party Communist State; then (2) destroying the Ukraine’s independence by incorporating the Ukraine into the new nation of the Soviet Union, the purpose for the Soviet Union to “liberate” the world via (i) revolution; (ii) conquest; or (iii) infiltration of political parties/religious denominations/sundry institutions.

  • ericb

    U.S needs to go to war with these sand niggers. for killing an american

  • I need to point out some of your deceits.

    1) It was Bush who signed the SOFA which pushed American forces out of Iraq by 2011: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S.%E2%80%93Iraq_Status_of_Forces_Agreement

    2) The surge wasn’t what reduced violence. It _barely_ pushed U.S. troop totals over their pre-surge maximums. We started paying the Sunni rebels off and al-Sadr backed down for a while and Petreaus was much more competent than Casey. http://www.languageandpeace.com/blog/surge.gif

    And I don’t think ISIS means Iraq is a basket case. I just know that the addition of additional US military assets or firepower is not part of the solution.

  • Michael Wolfert

    interesting how this is leveled against the “Jews” when ISIS is killing it’s own people ie. other arabs.

  • jamesbanville

    Max Boot. Yet another muddle headed armchair general who thinks the Middle East is a human chess game designed for his amusement and ego. His arm everyone and bomb the bastards strategy may get his juices flowing but a few years down the line the Middle East would be more of a Hell on Earth than it is now.
    By the way Max, is there any chance of your boots being on the ground? I thought not.

  • jamesbanville

    jamesbanville • 2 minutes ago
    Max Boot. Yet another muddle headed armchair general who thinks the Middle East is a human chess game designed for his amusement and ego. His arm everyone and bomb the bastards strategy may get his juices flowing but a few years down the line the Middle East would be more of a Hell on Earth than it is now.
    By the way Max, is there any chance of your boots being on the ground? I thought not.

  • kivenaberham

    let all the middle east king and princes and so call democratic elected leader and juntas get their act together and fight for their land.
    it’s time american and European step aside let the REAL indigenous people who’s blood line and family linage defend their home land.
    it’s not our fight.
    if they don’t, let the psychopathic juntas take over.
    if it become just another faceless north korea in the middle east. so let it be.

  • Ian

    The Jews are set against each other by the same as the rest of humanity is set against each other Those nations who lied and went into IRAQ have a lot to answer, the lies in the name of so called freedom, look at the terrible mess now, It was not about freedom but to create misery. How dare the ignorant bastards of the us and England do this. War criminals should be held accountable for their crimes. The Bushes the Blair, Chaney, Rumsford and the rest of that sheep that supported them, should be thrown into the deepest pit.

  • zabada

    Ask America to call UFO to take part in coalition.I guess America will win.

  • zabada

    only Havard University lecturers and their students who are really love books..America politicians are not..they love guns.