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Covid’s jiggery-wokery

George Orwell’s clock strikes 13

24 April 2021

9:00 AM

24 April 2021

9:00 AM

Given government’s infinite capacity to get things wrong, it’s extraordinary how the public continues to accept more of it.

The international response to the current pandemic has surely highlighted the duplicity, incompetence and conceit inherent in those who govern and the naivety of those governed.

For instance, in February 2020, amidst spiralling infections, the World Health Organisation counselled, ‘This is a time for facts, not fear.’ It advised against  imposing travel or trade restrictions on China. Such measures it said could cause ‘fear and stigma’. Apparently, appeasing Beijing overrode public health responsibilities. The Italians took the ‘racist’ warnings to heart and refused to quarantine thousands of returning Chinese workers. The result was a hundred times more infections than otherwise.

Human health also took a back seat when  New York ‘Luv Gov.’, Andrew Cuomo, rejected President Trump’s offer of a vacant hospital ship, preferring instead to return 6,400 Covid-19 positive patients to nursing homes. More than 15,000 people died as a consequence, almost double those initially reported.

Closer to home, a similarly conceited Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, also refused federal government help. His decision exposed the sheer incompetence of his state’s contact tracing and quarantining bureaucracies. Their ineptitude led to 90 per cent of all Australia’s coronavirus deaths.

Throughout the pandemic the Australian public has witnessed incessant blame shifting between federal and state leaders, each eager to escape responsibility for poor outcomes. After months of preparation, the latest battleground is a clumsy and painfully slow vaccine rollout.

These delays have meant postponing a return to life as normal. But why? Compelling multi-country evidence from randomised controlled trials and frontline doctors, confirm ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are safe and highly effective in Covid treatment. Surely with the vulnerable being vaccinated and these medicines readily available, most restrictions can now be lifted?

But then, given its appalling record of political cover-ups, fraud and incompetence, maybe the global health complex is determined to keep control? It knows political leaders have ducked accountability by reverentially relying on their scientific advice. Many prominent health experts, like America’s flip-flopping Dr Anthony Fauci, behave like dictators in lab coats. Queensland’s authoritarian chief medical officer, Jeanette Young, admits, ‘Sometimes it’s more than just the science and the health, it’s about the messaging.’ Perhaps the nation’s now CMO, Paul Kelly, had control in mind when he forecast Australia’s ‘best case’ scenario would be 50,000 Covid deaths? Twelve months on, the count is 910.

Well intended or not, the political class exploits this fear-mongering. Even a mere handful of Covid infections is enough to capriciously close borders, shut ‘non-essential’ businesses and mandate home detention.

Ominously, in Victoria, the fine line between dictatorship and democracy was crossed when, in front of her terrified infant children, armed police officers arrested and handcuffed pyjama-clad and pregnant, Zoe Buhler.  Her crime? Allegedly ‘inciting’ on Facebook a protest against lockdowns.

Yet, there has been no outrage. No one has been held to account for abuse of power, avoidable loss of life and, economic carnage. Twitter, Facebook and the media cartel have been complicit in that. They use their platforms to censor counter-narratives, support political delusions and excuse political incompetence. Having bullied critics into silence, politicians and health authorities act pretty much as they please.

So when credible research across multiple countries finds ‘While small benefits cannot be excluded… there was no practical difference in effect between countries that locked down and those that didn’t’, it is buried. To publish it would educate the world that lockdown benefits are dwarfed by their enormous costs.

Former Russian president Boris Yeltsin knew all about  censorship, bullying and lost liberties. ‘We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone,’ he said. ‘Freedom is like that. It’s like air. When you have it, you don’t notice it.’

The pandemic emergency has given rise to much jiggery-wokery, including highly problematic claims that ‘racism, not race, is a risk factor for dying of Covid-19’. Despite the risk of infections, this has allowed Black Lives Matter rioters to universally receive sympathetic treatment. As a Seattle public health spokesperson rationalised, ‘We can’t let Covid-19 distract us from our (BLM) resolve’. Translated, this means, mass demonstrations against institutional racism are not a threat to public health but vital to it. Truly an Orwellian moment.

With CNN detecting ‘Covid fatigue’, a ‘Great Reset’ is already underway with plans to shift the political focus back to global warming. Fortuitously, scientists have discovered ‘a mechanism by which climate change could have played a direct role in the emergence of SARS, the virus that caused the current Covid-19 pandemic’. Similar studies are sure to follow.

Keen to be in the Reset’s vanguard, global warming alarmist Time magazine has just weighed in with a cover story, The Pandemic Remade Every Corner of Society, Now It’s the Climate’s Turn, replete with a world map consisting of 50,000 green match sticks set ablaze to create a horrifying  spectacle for the cameras. The climate challenge includes everything from national security to racial justice, with government the undisputed driving force. Pandemic-style coercion is clearly on the table.

Meanwhile, having inflicted serious damage on the global economy, officials are now employing reckless monetary and fiscal policies to justify bigger governments and their growing grip on power. Without this stimulus the world would be contracting. Indeed, even at projected accelerated rates of activity, the UN predicts ‘the world economy will still be five per cent below its pre-Covid-19 trend by the end of this year’. Ahead is a day of reckoning but, as bubbles burst and, economies unravel, the people will be assured, ‘the ends justified the means’.

Sadly, the enduring legacy of this pandemic is the political class’s betrayal of those whose freedoms it has sworn to protect. Despite the tragic and avoidable loss of life and economic carnage, there have been few consequences. Frightened into submission, the West appears to have surrendered without a fight, unaware of the underlying agenda. It will find, as  Orwell foretold, ‘No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.’

Orwell’s clock is  striking thirteen.

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