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Absent fathers matter

6 June 2020

12:19 PM

6 June 2020

12:19 PM

The surest remedy mankind has to turn around a wayward society is to address the issue of absent fathers from children’s lives. It is astonishing that in both America and Australia, protestors complaining about the relationship with black people and the law have not raised this issue.

Absent Fathers Matter.

Girls who grew up with absent fathers are more likely to suffer depression as adults. In the US 71% of high school dropouts are fatherless. Boys who grow up without fathers in their house are more likely to struggle academically and be absent from school.

Fatherless children are far more likely to use illicit substances at a young age. Research dating back to the 1800s shows a clear link between absent fathers and crime rates among their children.

Although these facts buck the leftist agenda of removing government support for traditional families, these facts cannot be ignored. 

If the Black Lives Matter movement wants to be taken seriously then it should demonstrate a commitment to their own cause. Black fathers need to show that black lives matter and stay at home with their kids.

Both Aboriginals and African Americans are far more likely to be raised without the presence of a father than white Australians or Americans. 

It is very easy to protest when you want someone else to change. It is very difficult to protest when you hold the keys to your own future.

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