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The yapping feminists and the chihuahua effect

17 December 2018

8:13 AM

17 December 2018

8:13 AM

The chihuahua effect. That’s a term coined by Eric Weinstein, the brilliant American mathematician, economist, writer and managing director of Thiel Capital, to describe a small group producing most of the noise. Like our feminists.

No question we’re talking here about a tiny group. Only 19 per cent of Australians call themselves “feminist”, according to the Macquarie University survey that was at the heart of the recent SBS documentary, Is Australia Sexist. Our public broadcaster was so busy pushing the feminist narrative they failed to mention that so very few of us are on board.

But boy, is this small group busy yapping away. Earlier this months I was interviewed about my new book, #MenToo, on Channel 7’s Sunrise programme.

The two hosts, Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr were surprisingly positive about my central message about mothers being concerned about their sons in this male-bashing society. It triggered a huge response from viewers, with nearly 5,000 likes on their Facebook page, compared to only 200 critical responses. Most of the 1,800 comments posted were positive and included many from women supporting my argument that feminism is no longer promoting equality but rather is advantaging women at the expense of men.

Many expressed their outrage at how easy it is for women to ruin their men’s lives with false violence accusations whilst violent women rarely face consequences for their actions. Vicki wrote about her son: “She tried stabbing him, bashing him, taking his kids away. The law is flawed and not fair to men and unless you have a hundred grand tucked away you can’t get help. Makes me soo angry.”

“Women go and do bad things, but if men do the same thing it’s 100 times worse,” wrote Tanya.

My argument that #MeToo has gone too far struck a real chord. Yvonne: “I have worked with women that will play up to men and make them think that it is on so that they can get what they want, then when the men try to take it further the women start crying ‘harassment’. We do need equality and to feel safe but not at the expense of men.”

Here’s Tayla: “All I hear now is I’m being abused blah, blah, blah when they are NOT”… Women should be punished for crying wolf.”

Mothers, like Paula, said they were worried about their student sons: “Like many parents, I fear for my young son & his lovely friends studying at Uni. They are too afraid to chat to any young woman they may be interested in for fear of ever being accused of being inappropriate.”

There’s been no mention of this overwhelming public support in the stream of critical articles being published commenting on the interview. Instead journalists like Stephanie Bedo on news.com.au attacked Armytage and Barr for their “one-sided” interview in which my “controversial views were left unchallenged.” Many other commentators have followed suit invariably saying Sunrise had “copped criticism” for the interview. The fake news took over as other media sites promoted this minority view as if it was the main story.

Inevitably key points in the interview were conveniently omitted. Like my #MeToo story of the Canadian MP who spoke out about an incident involving a photograph she had taken sandwiched between two of her male colleagues. One of the men quipped that “this wasn’t the sort of threesome he had in mind.” What was lost in the retelling was the fact that this female MP, a woman elected to make decisions about her country, claimed to be traumatised for six months by this comment. Is it surprising most people saw this as a classic example of why #MeToo has gone off the rails?

The Sunrise story is a classic example of the chihuahua effect. A small, noisy band of feminists attack a mainstream television programme for an interview overwhelmingly endorsed by the bulk of the programme’s audience. But it is their yapping about the shameful, one-sided television interview which attracts all the subsequent media attention.

Roll on the day when the Great Dane, the sensible majority concerned about what’s happening to men in our society, puts a stop to the antics of this irritating creature and takes it on.

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