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Help the government stand firm against fake rape crisis activists

27 November 2018

11:01 AM

27 November 2018

11:01 AM

My fake rape crisis tour seems to have put the cat amongst the pigeons. The Sydney Morning Herald last week revealed that my activities had derailed the feminist goal of a Federal Government task force aimed at bullying universities into doing more about sexual assault and harassment on campuses.

“We were so close”, wailed the SMH headline which blamed me for the set-back in the feminists’ plans. The journalist claimed Education Minister Dan Tehan postponed making a decision about their taskforce, instead prioritising an inquiry into freedom of speech at universities, triggered by the violent protest against me at Sydney University.

It’s great news that High Court chief justice Robert French has been appointed by the government to conduct a review of policies to uphold free expression at our universities. Last September, just after La Trobe University tried to ban me speaking on campus, French gave a speech in Darwin’s parliament house where he warned universities face the risk of legislative intervention unless they provide a robust defence of free speech. Mr French said the threshold test for restricting speech on campus should not be the feelings of others and should be invoked only for matters that amounted to a breach of the law.

After the Sydney protest, Tehan expressed his concern about left-wing protests shutting down events on campus and advocated new policies to force protesters to pay for security at functions they disrupt. “We must ensure our universities are places that protect all free speech, even where what is being said may be unpopular or challenging,” Mr Tehan said.

Meanwhile, the complaint I have to Sydney University about key organisers of the protest is being investigated. We supplied the university with hours of video footage showing these protesters in action and numerous witnesses gave evidence about violent, abusive behaviour from these people, clear breaches of the university’s code of conduct and bullying and harassment regulations.

But the concern is that we may never be informed about the outcome. Last week NSW Labor MP Greg Donnelly made a speech to the NSW Legislative Council regarding Sydney University’s failure to address a complaint made about unruly students harassing Christian anti-abortion people on campus last year. Funnily enough, this harassment against the Christian group was led by the key organiser of my Sydney Protest, Madelaine Ward, who flashed her ample breasts at the Christian group.

Work Dynamic, the firm which investigates such matters for the university, suggested Ward be given a semester’s suspension for misconduct. Yet the university apparently dropped the charges against Ward and refused to release details of their decision.

It will be interesting to see whether Sydney Uni chooses to be more transparent with the outcome of my complaint. It may help that the university is now facing questions from TEQSA, the Tertiary Education and Standards Agency, which regulates our higher education sector.  This followed a wonderful performance in Senate Estimates by Senator Amanda Stoker grilling the bureaucrats about the protest against me. During Stoker’s performance, it was interesting to observe Labor Senator Louise Pratt who made snide comments and then, when she had the floor, slagged off at me, talking about people hiring rooms on campus to promote “academically spurious” theories and equating me to a tobacco company promoting the health benefits of tobacco. She then launched into a long series of questions about why the universities aren’t doing more about the rape crisis. I was most amused to discover that she is the shadow assistant minister for universities and equity.

Such attacks on me are increasing – I’ve been subject to ferocious negative social media campaigns over recent weeks – which does suggest my campus tour is making waves. I’ve just spoken at Macquarie University and am making plans for talks across Australia next year. I welcome all invitations from student, staff or alumni groups.

But news of the proposed task force is extremely worrying because it shows the government is under great pressure to force universities into further action on the manufactured rape crisis. The ultimate goal of this taskforce will be to persuade universities to get involved in adjudicating date rape cases – as has happened in the US with disastrous consequences for many young men and for the universities. I’ve written an article for the online journal Quillette explaining the truly frightening consequences if the feminists get their way.

The trouble is that governments and education authorities only ever hear from the feminist extremists and rarely from sensible people warning of the risks to universities if they head further down this path.

We must all get active and persuade Tehan to permanently shelve this idea. Email the Education Minister or lobby your own MP and Senators and warn others about what’s going on here. We need to protect young male students from this madness.

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