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Conservative bigot on campus tour

8 September 2018

9:00 AM

8 September 2018

9:00 AM

Last month a bedraggled bunch of chilled protestors gathered on the frosty lawns of La Trobe University protesting the proposed talk on campus by ‘conservative bigot Bettina Arndt’. Funny that. Here’s a conservative bigot who spent her early career being accused of being a sex fiend and was once banned for two years from live TV and radio for mentioning unmentionable topics.

I’ve come the full circle, previously in trouble with the conservatives for talking too openly about sex and now in strife with the fainting-couch feminists who control our universities and deny women any agency in determining their own sex lives. These social warriors are presenting our campuses as unsafe for young women, claiming they need protection from predatory males – even in the face of the dismal failure of the Human Rights Commission’s million-dollar survey which found not a skerrick of a rape crisis. The survey found 99.2 per cent of female students reported not a single incident of sexual assault in the preceding two year period, not even an undesired touch or grope from a stranger on the train en route to campus. The only real complaint was an excess of unwanted staring.

Yet they have bullied the universities into endless virtue-signalling exercises pretending the emperor still has clothes, with 24-hour rape help lines, counselling services and sexual consent courses.

When La Trobe cancelled my scheduled talk about the rape crisis to the student Liberal Club, the administration claimed my presentation failed to align with the values of the university and its campaign against sexual violence. The talk is now going ahead. But as I write, Sydney University has been stalling for twelve days, claiming that the Liberal Club’s application for a venue for my scheduled talk on September 11 was still being processed. Normally clubs are given venues for such talks within days. No doubt the university is hoping that if they stall the problem will go away but when I alerted the press to what was happening, VC Michael Spence announced the student group would be charged for extra security. So, the conservative students are to be punished for the aggressive actions of the feral activists.

We now have a generation of students being indoctrinated through sexual consent courses to believe every sexual interaction, the slightest kiss or touch, or progress towards further physical intimacy must be preceded by a yelp of enthusiastic consent – otherwise we’re talking rape. Never mind that this means that the intimacy most of us enjoy must be rape.

This is preparing the groundwork for pushing these ‘yes means yes’ concepts into law. Already the NSW Law Reform Commission has been asked to consider enthusiastic consent requirements as part of a review of sexual consent laws. The Commission has been flooded with submissions, particularly from women’s groups and academic lawyers supporting these changes, with only a handful of brave people speaking out against them. Yet legal authorities across the United States are now expressing concern about the damage to due process rights for the accused from these new affirmative standards which have been adopted a number of American states and an estimated 1,400 universities. Recently 28 of the Harvard Law School faculty published an open letter denouncing the shift in the burden of proof that has resulted from such laws.

Enthusiastic consent laws are only one tiny plank of the feminist campaign. In the past year, we’ve seen universities caving in to the pressure to have committees take on the role of investigating and determining sexual assault cases, using ‘victim-centred’ investigative practices. I spent eight months last year supporting a PhD student at Adelaide University under investigation by one such committee which had the power to withhold his degree if he failed to cooperate.

Earlier this year over 150 American criminal lawyers, law professors and scholars signed an open letter denouncing these victim-centred investigative practises. ‘By their very name, their ideology, and the methods they foster, “believe the victim” concepts presume the guilt of an accused. This is the antithesis of the most rudimentary notions of justice. In directing investigators to corroborate allegations, ignore reporting inconsistencies, and undermine defenses, the “believe the victim” movement threatens to subvert constitutionally-rooted due process protections,’ said the letter.

Last month, at an international conference on men’s issues in London, a chilling speech was given by retired social worker Patrick Graham who, along with four elderly men, spent years living with the fall-out from false allegations from a delusional woman accusing them of being part of a paedophile ring. Graham had never met his accuser who has admitted to making multiple previous false rape accusations. Her bizarre accusations against the men included torture and forced abortion, never investigated by the police. The case collapsed when defence lawyers were finally given access to communication between the police and the accuser showing how readily the police were duped by her absurd delusions. Despite the case being dropped the false accuser retains her £22,000 victim’s compensation.

This was just one of a series of notorious UK rape cases dropped before trial last year following revelations of deliberate withholding of key evidence by prosecutors and police, as part of feminist promoted victim-centred justice. In the ensuring scandal which followed, the former DPP stepped down and it was decided all rape and serious sexual assault cases should be reviewed. The police have now announced they are ditching their previous practice of ‘believing all victims’.

Whilst overseas the feminist push through the institutions is occasionally coming unstuck, here it continues unabated, with our universities as the breeding ground for a new generation of young women set to see themselves as victims, to tilt laws, rules and regulations in favour of women and demonise and deny basic legal rights to men. Speaking out on university campuses is intended to alert ordinary students, and perhaps staff as well, to the fake rape crisis as one small example of how the universities are being manipulated by feminist ideology so divisive to male/female relations and so dangerous for men. We have talks in the pipeline at University of Queensland, Canberra, and Murdoch, with many more student groups interested in hosting the events.

We’ve received a strong response to my crowd-funder to help student clubs with venue and travel costs, as more universities come on board. (https://www.gofundme.com/h9qp7) Please spread the word for more free speech on campuses.

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