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We can’t talk about unethical transgender medicine involving children?

19 August 2018

7:06 PM

19 August 2018

7:06 PM

Here we go again. Now the University of Western Australia has caved in following protests by the LGBTI lobbyists and cancelled a talk by Quentin Van Meter, an American paediatric endocrinologist who has been visiting Australia this week, speaking out about unethical transgender medicine being practised on children. Dr Van Meter is a clinical associate professor at both Emory and Morehouse Schools of Medicine and he trained at John Hopkins, which did much of the early work on transgender.

The Perth talk was to have been the last in a week-long tour sponsored by the Australian Family Association.

I have just made a video of Dr Van Meter’s Sydney talk, which was very brave and extremely worrying, exposing how academic medicine is kowtowing to the trans lobby and is allowing ideology to take priority over proper care of children.

He paints a very alarming picture of how academic medicine has been manipulated by this powerful group into ignoring decades of excellent research showing that almost all children with gender confusion do grow out of it. Key medical bodies are now side-stepping medical ethics and proper scientific procedures to advocate extraordinary medical interventions with young children, including potentially dangerous hormones to delay puberty, and removing the breasts of 14 or 15-year-old girls, prior to full sex change procedures.

The Sydney talk included an introduction to an equally brave soul, Dr John Whitehall, a professor of paediatrics at the University of Western Sydney. Whitehall has been conducting a lonely battle speaking out about similar trends in Australia. Whitehall has written a series of articles for Quadrant spelling out his concerns.

The problem, as always, is these minority groups are extremely active and focal, whilst the general community doesn’t bother or doesn’t dare support people who are standing up against this dangerous bullying. The protest campaign against Van Meter’s talk ended up with nearly 10,000 people signing a petition, whilst less than 400 signed another petition supporting the university’s initial stance of supporting free speech. Is it any wonder that the university eventually gave in?

One day we will look back and wonder how it was possible that we allowed children to be abused in this way. Have a look at Van Meter’s talk, good people. We have the numbers to stand up to this dangerous nonsense.

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