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The grip of feminist ideology on our key institutions

12 May 2018

9:30 AM

12 May 2018

9:30 AM

Australia has a reputation for caving into feminists. Look what happened when Cassie Jaye released her documentary on men’s rights, The Red Pill, some years ago. We became the first country in the world where feminists succeeded in closing down screenings of the movie.

Since then the feminist grip on key institutions has strengthened even further. Rob Tiller, a young Perth-based counsellor at Relationships Australia WA has been forced to resign from his job after posting on his private Facebook page an article which l wrote two years ago for The Weekend Australian, Always Beating Up On Men. The article summarised the latest official statistics and research on domestic violence, providing evidence that most family violence is two-way, involving women as well as men.

Rob Tiller is an experienced, well-respected counsellor who worked for this counselling organisation for the past eight years. He was much in demand as the only male counsellor working in Perth, running their workshops in addition to seeing his clients.

In March he was told by Relationships Australia WA that he had to ‘resign or be fired’ for talking about his own experience counselling couples who exhibit two-way violence, as part of an email discussion with a professional men’s network about my Weekend Australia article. Relationships Australia WA (RAWA) boasts promotes a ‘feminist framework’ on domestic violence which, contrary to the international evidence, denies women’s role in family violence.

How can this key government-funded organisation justify such an ideologically-driven policy which lacks support from the broader community? As I pointed out in my article, for every child who grew up in a family fearful of a violent father, there are just as many who tip-toed around an aggressive mother. A major 2001 national survey, Young People and Domestic Violence study, involving 5000 young Australians, found 23 per cent of young people were aware of domestic violence against their mothers or stepmothers but an almost identical proportion (22 per cent) were aware of domestic violence against their fathers or stepfathers by their mothers or stepmothers.

Tiller has taken RAWA to the Fair Work Commission claiming unfair dismissal. The organisation is claiming that Tiller wasn’t dismissed but rather that he resigned. Yet he was told by the HR manager that he had to “resign or be fired” and that being fired would mean a black mark on his record. He took a day to formally resign but, in the meantime, the organisation cancelled his clients and told them he had already resigned.

A has been launched, including a crowd-funder for money for his legal fees and the costs of establishing a full-time private practice offering counselling and workshops. I’ve made a YouTube video where Tiller explains what happened to him.

Protest letters are flooding in to the Relationship Australia WA board and colleagues have expressed their dismay at this rash decision from an organisation claiming to provide unbiased counselling to both men and women.

This is only one example of the wide-spread bullying by organisations promoting distorted feminist views on family violence. Last year Queensland police were required to participate in White Ribbon Day, making public pledges to end violence against women. At one Brisbane station, White Ribbon organisers were filming pledges from police when a number spat the dummy and said they would only agree to make pledges promising to end violence against everyone. There’s growing unrest amongst members of the police force across Australia who object to the promotion of domestic violence as a crime with only male perpetrators – given all have the experience of being called out to homes where both males and females are involved in family violence. White Ribbon filmed the pledges but those from police who told the true story have just disappeared.

Rob Tiller’s story highlights how easy it is for our community to be silenced on these important social issues. Join his campaign to stand up and show we’ve had enough of this dangerous social engineering.

Illustration: Bettina Arndt/YouTube.

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