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So much for free thought at Sydney University

8 November 2017

2:01 PM

8 November 2017

2:01 PM

It’s fine to intimidate elderly Jewish women and cosy up to blood-soaked socialist dictators at the Univerity of Sydney.

Indeed, it seems Australia’s oldest tertiary institution hasn’t just gone to bed with the totalitarian left, but is pursuing their agenda.

With news emerging that a conservative-leaning student society will now be forced for fork out security fees for campus events, free thinking students have no option other than to accept that this is another in a series of steps to quell the dissident voice on campus.

Outrageous security fees will be imposed as a precaution against the violent protests that free thought attracts. It’s apparent that we now live in the kind of Orwellian society that not only threatens the dissident with violence, but slaps them with the bill too.

Our universities should nourish the dissident voice, not suffocate it. The progressive left, founded in the spirit of recusant thinking, have become the boot stamping in the face of free thinking.

The intelligentsia have forgotten their roots. Move over Bolsheviks, it seems the conservatives are the new revolutionaries.

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