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An inopportune time for the Greens to go to war

14 August 2017

6:51 PM

14 August 2017

6:51 PM

Paul Keating famously said “two blokes and a cocker spaniel” don’t make a family. Yet Malcolm Turnbull can hardly bring himself to say that a four-year-old boy shouldn’t have his genitalia removed, should he prefer a Ken doll to an Action Man. The same-sex marriage debate has proven that there is scarcely a frontbencher on either side with a spine. Bill Shorten failed to even boycott the same-sex survey. Small Business Minister Michael McCormack failed to defend his old editorial on the issue. The only people up for any fighting appear to be the Greens.

They’re tearing themselves apart at a rather inopportune time for a key part of their constituency. The party lost its two deputy leaders in the dual citizenship debacle and are now fighting over the scraps. The ABC seemed to think a few mealy-mouthed insults from Greens staffers counted as serious controversy. Somewhere between the demise of Paul Keating and the rise of Bob Brown this nation seems to have become a pack of browbeaten wowsers. It doesn’t really matter if the Greens collapse at this point, they’ve already turned the parliament into a Montessori pre-school where all the children want to hold hands.

The green strip at the centre on the seven band rainbow flag will remain long after the last Greens Senator has been evicted on grounds of dual citizenship. What the same-sex marriage lobby and their progressive friends have in store for the country is already playing out in real time. The Australian experience will not be like the United States, which at least has constitutional protections for free speech and religious liberty. There will be nothing to stop progressives on the right and left from using this issue as a great cudgel against anyone who strays beyond the LGBTQI orthodoxy.

They are already digging up musty editorials written by the likes of McCormack. They won’t stop at MPs, in a few years it will be the old Facebook posts of ordinary citizens. Everyone will have to grovel like the conservative MPs currently tripping over themselves to apologise. McCormack has pledged to support same-sex marriage should the vote run counter to principled conservatism. He was a fitting initial target, given it is precisely small to medium sized businesses that will suffer as their large corporate suppliers and customers pressure them to conform.

Right wing progressives like Turnbull run the Coalition, the Labor Party has fallen far since Keating and the ABC is systematically advancing Green Party doctrine. The education sector, police, military, labour movement and public service were all lost years ago. Not even John Howard dared to seriously undermine the reforms instituted by his progressive predecessors. There was a time when conservatism meant something. In the last century, conservatism has mostly meant slowing down the inexorable advance of the Left.

Instead of sticking the knife into the Greens while they’re down and campaigning against the leader of the opposition’s social policy we have a conservative government eager to apologise. McCormack failed to provide any substantive values-based evidence for his change of heart on same-sex marriage. Besides his strong desire to keep his job and please the media. Taking gender out of marriage will inevitably mean the removal of gender from other spheres. If MPs can’t muster the backbone to defend the biological reality of gender they probably shouldn’t be in Parliament. As it is MPs are as excited for this sitting week as a cocker spaniel whose fur-dads just returned from a whimsical weekend getaway.

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