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A culture war? It’s about time

10 July 2017

7:38 AM

10 July 2017

7:38 AM

‘Culture war’ is a phrase often used by sections of the commentariat to describe the ongoing battle between conservative and liberal values.

It is a misleading one. A war is a ‘state of conflict’. Instead, it is more accurate to talk about a cultural massacre.

This massacre is concerted and comprehensive and unless conservatives respond with our own ideological radicalism, our time will soon be up.

For years, conservatives have sought to ‘rise above’ ‘divisive’ talk of cultural conflict and appeal to wider ‘societal interest’ over narrow partisanship.

All the while, the left work tirelessly and effectively to dominate every inch of our societal fabric.

We face an urgent choice. We can continue to offer economic liberalism and cultural Marxism lite or, we can be radical, unapologetic activists for our faith our families and our communities. To do this, we must acknowledge leftist cultural domination, especially in the following areas and counter it through a combative, radical vision and meaningful policy.


A UK study, conducted this year by the Times Educational Supplement, revealed that only seven per cent of the nation’s primary and eight per cent of secondary school teachers identified as conservatives. Similarly, Econ Journal Watch found that for every conservative history professor in the US, there are 33.5 liberals.

We must reduce the number of students studying social sciences at university. ‘Commonwealth support’ for these subjects should be abolished with the money instead, invested in technical education and apprenticeship schemes. Further, teachers should no longer require a formal qualification to teach. Those with experience in industry and the real world should be encouraged to enter our classrooms.

If we’re going to have a national curriculum, it must be parents not ‘expert advisory groups’ responsible for its formation.

Most importantly, we need a homeschooling revolution, to reinstate the supremacy of the family unit over the state. Despite NSW Board of Studies’ analysis revealing that homeschooled students score 70 marks higher than our state average, only two per cent of Aussie students are taught at home. Families who choose to homeschool should receive every cent of their tax contribution to the education sector refunded. Britain’s ‘Free School’ initiative, in which community groups can educate, free from local-authority control should also be replicated.

Mainstream Media

Time and again the MSM has demonstrated that it will lie and deceive to discredit its opponents. Only last week, a CNN producer was caught admitting that the networks Trump/Russia coverage was ‘bullshit’, peddled for ratings.

Nonetheless, online platforms have allowed conservatives to make real progress in countering liberal hegemony. Alternative online news sources in the US and UK continue to eat into the dying establishment media. Similarly, social media allows politicians to communicate directly with voters, bypassing the dishonesty filter of many agenda-driven career journalists. There is a large gap in the Australian market for another grassroots, online based conservative news source.

President Trump has shown the potential effectiveness of a combative media approach. Take the concept of ‘fake news’ for example. Originally designed by the left as a mechanism to shut down non-liberal, establishment media sources. A mainstream conservative President might have responded with a conciliatory plea for responsible journalism, legitimising and solidifying the attack. Instead, Trump grabbed the term, made it his own and reversed it. It is now the liberal media that is synonymous with ‘fakeness’.

Big business

The economic sphere is where we should be most radical in confronting our biggest enemy.

Today there is no greater threat to conservative morality than a big business empire entirely invested in a culture of individual hedonism and instant gratification. The hysterical, multi-million-dollar corporate push for same-sex marriage, led by the 700 businesses who have publicly demanded the redefinition of our oldest institution, is just one of many global examples of the economic war on conservatism.

We must use our democratic control of the state to fragment them. Why is Senator Bernardi so outraged by the idea of higher banking taxes for organisations who despise you, me and him?

Small business must be the undying economic focus of conservatives. It’s simple – If a business becomes so big that it feels empowered to trample national interests in favour of its own globalist greed, it must be forcibly broken up.

Establishment politics

The Liberals are dead. What’s more, the self-declared leftist mob who now ‘run’ the party adore Tony Abbot, the man who gives false hope to the many impressive conservatives, particularly in the Young Liberals, who continue to cling to a party who detest their every principle.

Tony, your time is up. You’ve chosen ego and comfort over conservatism. it’s now the duty of all real conservatives to oust you and every one of your colleagues.

While I don’t see eye to eye with Mr Bernardi economically, the Australian Conservatives appear to have real momentum and already enjoy truly remarkable membership numbers here in NSW. I was very excited by the intellectual credibility and decency of the party’s supporters at a gathering I was invited to last week.


Life’s too short to spend it sitting on a boring fence.

Yes, we might have to suffer a little bit for our principles. That attractive liberal girl you meet might be less inclined to give you her number when you question what exactly it means to be an ‘Androgine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale’.

But seriously, we abort thousands of beautiful babies every year, our oldest institution is on the verge of its desecration, our children are being indoctrination, our media, political and business elites hate us and our cultural identity slides towards extinction.

We’ve not got much left to lose.

It’s no longer enough to play the game more effectively, we’ve got to change the rules. Then and only then will this culture massacre become a culture war.

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