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When Triggs goes, so should the Human Rights Commission

19 June 2017

7:30 AM

19 June 2017

7:30 AM

In another of the left’s attempts to pat its own back – the retiring president of the vestigial Human Rights Commission has recently accepted her Voltaire Award; the nation’s ‘premier’ award for free speech.

In her acceptance speech, Triggs called to disarm the Government’s anti-terrorism measures, arguing for “[resistance against] laws that give ministers non-renewable discretion to overturn the decisions of our tribunals or to cancel visas on character grounds.”

In a comment that bleeds insensitivity for the victims of former refugee Man Monis, Triggs’ also called for Australians to “reject indefinite detention without trial, and enactment of disproportionate counter-terrorism laws and secrecy laws that restrict freedom of speech”. Now, the irony of Triggs’ last comment is not unavoidable, given the mud-dragging the names of the late Bill Leak and five QUT students went through, but it is not the most significant point.

Triggs’ comments are symptomatic of the left’s denial about the very real and pertinent threat of Islamist terror. Who, in less than a fortnight after the contemptible attacks on London and Brighton, could have the gall to call Australia’s counter-terrorism laws ‘disproportionate’? The very same laws that thwarted a Christmas Day plot to detonate explosives in Federation Square. Laws that have twelve times bulwarked Australian citizens against the threat of an ideology that wants to subvert our way of life.

Gillian Triggs, that’s who. Shame.

What the Human Rights Commission and its admirers can’t seem to comprehend is that Islamic fundamentalists are more than aggrieved lone wolves. They are part of a transnational culture war that has been raging since the 732 AD century Battle of the Tours, when Charles Martel of France halted the Islamic conquests of Emir Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi Abd al Rahman and the Umayyad Caliphate. Make no mistake – this is a cultural war – a clash of civilisations that demands a fight, but Triggs’ and the like would have us disarm what few weapons we have at our disposal.

It’s a disgrace that taxpayers are paying $22 million annually for the AHRC tell us to cover our eyes while we watch nail bombs kill little girls.

We are talking about the same Human Rights Commission who would have your head on a shining silver plate for daring to speak the truth about the perversion of Islam and its obvious links to terror.

There is however, a beacon of hope. The shrieks of these ‘saboteurs of the West’ are falling on deaf ears. Essential poll released figures that suggest 74 per cent of Australians believe the threat of terrorism at home has increased, with 54 per cent believing the government should implement further restrictions on rights and freedom for terror suspects.

There is a great divide between the action that real Australians want to see on terrorism and the disarmament that the bureaucrats at the AHRC call for. A chasm.

The Australian Human Rights Commission is the appendix in the body of Western democracy. Perhaps it once served a purpose; now it exists only to cause unnecessary grief. It’s time for the government to call the doctor – this vestigial organ needs to go.

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