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In praise of whistleblowers against the surveillance state

8 May 2017

8:26 AM

8 May 2017

8:26 AM

Despite being film illiterate I recent found myself watching Oliver Stone’s Snowden, simply because alternative entertainment options are limited at 39,000 feet.

It got me thinking. How many of us would be brave enough to give up our career, our security and even our freedom for that vague ideal – the truth.

In March of this year, Wikileaks published the biggest expose in their short but eventful history.  Within the 9,000 secret documents contained in ‘Vault 7’ was the revelation that American and British intelligence agencies had developed the capability to hack and invade widely owned consumer technology, to spy on their own people.

The most developed operational element was the CIA’s ‘Weeping Angel’ project. This focused on infiltrating a new generation of ‘smart’ TV’s, deceiving the owner into believing the set was turned off, before monitoring conversation that would then be returned via a covert internet server.

Let there be no doubt. If we do not fight the emerging ‘state within a state’, we risk losing everything.

What is most terrifying is that those who are exposed in their attempts to control deceive or manipulate no longer even feel the need to try and justify their behaviour. Instead, they relentlessly smear those who have revealed their sinister game-playing and screech in indignation as information is communicated beyond the approved, all-knowing establishment to the dangerous mob of the people, who cannot possibly know what is best for them.

Democrats have been obsessive in their accusations that ‘Russian’ Wikileaks set out to manipulate the election. Indeed, Hillary Clinton insisted that if it hadn’t been for Wikileaks: ‘I’d be your President.’

In other words, if only she could have kept the truth regarding the DNC’s own manipulations, her corruption and most importantly, the true ruthless nature of her character hidden for a few weeks longer, her career of deception would have been rewarded.

Of course, the establishment is quick to threaten, bully and intimidate any individual who has already illuminated their activities, while making it abundantly clear that the truth will come at great personal cost for any others considering joining them. Witness the sinister accusations of ‘treachery’ and promises of swift and immediate ‘justice’.

Whistleblowers are our soldiers on the frontline in the battle for openness, honesty and transparency. We must do so much more to create a culture of whistleblowing above partisan political divides and in the name of our shared higher values.

It is the efforts of these selfless individuals that will be integral in the fight to ensure ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth’.

So the quote goes: ‘Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.’ Let us hope that there are many more among us brave enough to do just that.

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